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Ghost merch ideas
  • Baseball-style ¾ length sleeve shirts, please.
  • Element symbols jewelry. Aether symbol. Aether symbol y’all.
  • Pet collars with the grucifix and/or symbols. You love cats, make it happen.
  • Papa’s robes bathrobes. 
  • One of those t-shirts that looks like a suit but it’s Papa’s suit with the grucifix patch. 
  • Pajama pants with little grucifixes all over them.
  • Those sweatshirts where it zippers over your face? with Papa’s face on it.
  • Blankets. There’s way too many ideas to choose from - but the backdrop from the Black to the Future tour / Meliora cover art / Popestar cover art are probably my top picks.
  • While we’re at it - sheets with grucifixes all over them.
  • Maybe they can just sell bolts of printed fabric and then we can just make pillows and blankets and shirts and pants and-
  • Official car decals would be real cool.
  • Incense that’s called Secular Haze. 
  • Where the fuck are the official Funko pops already.
  • Turntable mats! Could be the logo, or the grucifix, or the Popestar man. Or all three.

anonymous asked:

What would be the boyband's reaction to their smol s/o having a HUGE dog? (My dog outweighs me by like 30 pounds ;;w;;)

My stepmom has a dog too, but he doesn’t outweigh me. Thank goodness for that, though, he’s a playful ol’ thing. (His name is Jesse and he’s super adorable. I love him.)

Noctis absolutely loves animals. He was super excited when his s/o said they had a dog, and he was eager to meet the pupper. Of course, when he actually meets their dog, there’s very lightly veiled terror underneath all that excitement. Noct and his s/o are pretty close to each other in weight, and the dog outweighs him, too. He’s wary not to get caught under all that bulk (he warped out of the way when the dog tried to jump on him), but the moment the dog calms down enough, Noct’s probably gonna take a nap against his back.

Prompto’s immediately inclined to compare his s/o’s dog to a sleeping chocobo. The size is actually a bit intimidating. Similar to Noct’s situation, Prompto and his s/o weigh around the same, which of course means the dog could topple him with one paw, probably. Prompto’s a bit wary around the doggo, but then he sees his s/o playing with him, and he immediately joins in on the fun. Lots of pictures are taken up until the moment where the dog almost steps on Prom’s camera. Less photos are taken, now from afar. 

As soon as Gladio meets his s/o’s dog, the two become inseparable. That pupper loves Gladio, not only is the guy super big but Gladio is always super enthusiastic to play with him. Finally, a bro who outweighs your dog. So yeah, Gladio plays with the doggo all the time. Tug of war, fetch, racing, you name it, they’re probably off doing it now. Gladio just got really excited when he saw that his s/o’s dog is the size of a small bear. He loves that dog, and has a soft spot for him. Whenever Gladdy’s reading, he’ll let the dog lay his head across his lap, and he’ll rub his ears.

It takes some time for Ignis to warm up to the dog. While he does love animals, it’s at a lesser intensity than that of the other bros. He’s actually momentarily concerned for the safety of his s/o. What if the dog were to sit on them? After he meets the dog in person, Ignis’ opinion improves. The dog, none the wiser however, often gets into many shenanigans that involve Ignis, leading to absolutely comedic situations. The look of utter betrayal on Iggy’s face when his s/o laughed after their dog licked him from chin to forehead was priceless. Another time, Iggy’s s/o walked into the living room to find the two of them in a standoff, each waiting for the other to make the first move to grab the toy centered between them.

I know you’re all wondering about who I love… and this is a list. A love declaration, you may say.

@acelou a pure mermaid
@princesslouis my loving wife
@softlarry has this friend called Sasha I’m not quite sure about
@cmonbemybaby um??? Perfect.
@queerlies a queen
@yatb my party friend who i am visiting for new years
@harry-es has about 3 hearts
@organicstunts my love. We are having a date at taco bell one day
@etheruol ummmm beautiful and lovely no doubt about it
@goldenlouie is literally a golden louie. Like. Literally.
@merrieharrie my daughter i love with all my heart
@april7th screams about harry nonstop. who wouldn’t love that???
@gigglelou the softest and sweetest. A flower.
@fondtweets binch i love you and youre beautiful
@rainbowankles never talks to me idk them 😘
@holosingle literally deserves every bit of love this world has to offer
@babygateisending loves to fight

To the person I once called a friend three years ago,

who sucked the light right out of our friendship with their negativity and deeply rooted lack of trust in me, fears projected onto me recklessly and suffocating my kindness, 

who pedestaled and idolized me after I stopped speaking to them to soften the shame while I held in everything and gaslit myself about the events that had occurred for years,

who sought closure by my partner and then by me only to run away when potentially faced with the truth and called it considerate

who is comfortable convincing themselves they’re taking the “high road” about something that’s really just basic human decency,

who still refuses to apologize for hurting me and stealing the integrity of my work that they intimately know has deep sentimental value to me- knowing in any other situation i’d overlook it because you are hardly the first or the last to do this to me- but you were my friend once and the weight of this disrespect is vastly different and you know that.

Yes, I am the manipulative one. Clearly. 

And blocking me, knowing full well I’d never engage you or confront you again about anything else if you didn’t fucking steal my intellectual work in the first place, just confirms stark awareness of your guilt. 

I am ready to accept I’ll never get closure by you for the other things you did to me. I’ve long since let it go because I doubted it’d bring me any peace anyway, and I was right.

So call this ending whatever you like. Paint me in a rose-tinted memory and dust all the hardships under the rug, because you worked so hard to make it up to me but I didn’t take it. Block me with the thought in mind I was groundlessly attacking you after all you’ve done, if it helps you cope. 

I thought you knew me better. I thought you’d be in a better place after all this time, like you said you were. It’s not so clear cut now, is it?

I really still cared about you, your work, your growth- even though you truly didn’t deserve it. Not from me. Don’t worry, I won’t look after you anymore- we’re strangers once again.

And the ink on your back is not mine.


Good Things are coming

ok nevermind im def not going out today :/ theres this huge pile of mud?? stuff?? in the way of the sidewalk and these two guys are shoveling it out of the way and at this point theres way too much obstacles for me to go out with and yeah…. ,im really sorry guys :‘0


Wait for me to come home. - 24/1/16