that fcking lips of him

Count Down To Jin’s Birthday! 5 days left!!

For those of you who didn’t know BTS’ Jin is my Ultimate bias and his birthday is coming up! (December 4) He will be 23 american age and 24 korean age.! In honor of the pink princess’ birthday I will be posting daily just small appreciation posts for him.💞💞

Things I love about Kim Seokjin.💞 ( I love everything but for the sake of time i chose only some)

💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹HIS BEAUTIFUL LIPS💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹💞🌹

ok..ok I know this one is super basic but you can not deny that Seokjin’s lips are fcking perfect.His lips are always plump and pink and it’s adorable💞 I love him C: 

ps- look at how his lips are as pink as his jacket!! >.< 💞