that fan looks so delighted lol


BACKLASH | Leadfoot, Billy, Alias, Edwardo

Yeah so like I binged this comic like two days ago and….I love it??? Like it’s a neat concept, the characters are all great, the art is awesome and y’all should give it a read : D it’s on Tapastic!

Also can I just say that I just love Alias and Edwardo to frickin’ bits?? Alias is the biggest cinnamon roll cutie eVER omg (sunshine child), and Edwardo is adorable birb demon boy, I just want to hug him and not let go. No, wait, I want to hug them both and not let go lol. I think they tie as my favorites in this comic.

Leadfoot is also great I love her XD and Billy is a delight too.

These are my favorites but I do love all the characters shown so far ^^

Great job BITEGHOST! Looking forward to more in the future.

(PS the cat character is my persona as a BL OC I guess? Heh…)

BACKLASH © @biteghost

Ohhh I’m just being informed that RM players chanted “Atleti, decidme qué se siente” in their celebration last night.

Ok I’ll take a few minutes to reply. It feels great knowing that my team, with a budget 4-5 times smaller than yours got to win a Liga against all odds and against the 2 most powerful teams in the world. Without the refs help every week. And you needed all the help in the world to win it in the last match-day. (2 Ligas in 8 years? Lol take a look at that with all that money)

It feels great knowing that Atleti has grown up so much that we’re a thought in your minds while you are celebrating.

It’s amazing to know that our happiness will never be measured by numbers.

And you know, it’s completely delightful to see my team celebrating at all levels as a family. We don’t need titles to celebrate what we feel. I’m sure people in the Calderón yesterday felt things no other fan has felt over winning stuff.

So once again, orgullosos de no ser como vosotros. Now more than ever before.


Ahhh what is it about humanityinahandbag’s Bog and Marianne dialogues. They really tickle my funny bone and I just have images in my head that refuse to go away! So here goes, my brain farts for the delightful headcannon conversation between Bog and Marianne.

This is kinda sorta companion piece to this other fancomic where Clueless Bog is Clueless about Fairies.