that facebook status generator thing

rhewkath  asked:

What makes you think shitpostgenerator is fake? (genuinely asking)

  • no proof it is true 
  • big benefits to making the claim that it is (“found humor” is considered funnier, see horse_ebooks or how silly it-really-happened tumblr tales wouldn’t be funny on a sitcom)
  • all sentences make grammatical sense thus far, don’t seem to be random chunks of text pasted together (remember how the facebook status generator things turned out?) combined with
  • extreme variation of sentence structure (see difference between “attempting to avoid unacceptable beef” = gerund + correct preposition + verb + adjective + noun and “half mailman, half mailman” = adjective + noun + comma + same adj + same noun) with no (or very little?) repetition of said sentence structures. if it was using an algorithm to pop them out you’d expect to see patterns arising
  • no (or very little?) repetition of the nouns, adjectives and verbs used either
  • not associated with someone’s personal blog or with anything external at all (i would find it credible if i could see the person’s other projects on JAVA)
  • no “about” the project, asks disabled, submit disabled

by all means, it COULD be real. i don’t know. but so far i don’t have anything to convince me it is, and i feel skeptical about it.