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About ships

Boy and Girl: *blush at each other*

People: it’s canon.

Two boys: *blush at each other, hug, think about each other all day, hold hands, stare at each other lovingly, dream about each other, share lots of intimate affectionate moments*

People: look at those bros! Such strong friendship!

People: *brush hands with friends of the same gender* no homo!

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bts reaction to their gf hiding her whole face when she laughs/smiles? and when they ask why she tells them that she thinks she's ugly when she smiles (i have that problem and i know i'm ugly especially when i laugh, lol) thank you unnie! i loveu yuuu~~ hehehe <3


“Jagi don’t say that. You’re beautiful when you smile.”

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“No you’re not. Shut up.”

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“Why would you say something like that?”

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“Say it again jagi I dare you.”

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“I heard you were talking shit about yourself.”

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“That was a funny joke jagi!”

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“Stop lying right to my face.”

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You become a backup dancer for another male group

Going to a haunted house

When you ask for a baby

When you hide your face in their chest in embarrassment

Their pregnant gf/wife being grumpy

When your boyfriend cheats on you

When you grind down on them because your horny

When you get kinky and put handcuffs on them

When a peacock tries to seduce their GF

His apartment

First kiss

Taking their S/O to a family/friends get together

When you playfully ignore their kisses

When you play with your boob when you’re bored

You being a professional wrestler

When you swallow him at the end of a blow job

When you become a back-up dancer for another male group

How they get when their jealous

They find out you quite your job because your boss was harassing you

You give them a love letter and run away

Their crush wants to be on WGM with them

They catch you masturbating

When your too shy to ask them to buy you something

You tell them you’re pregnant

Falling asleep with them after a rough day

When you tell them you’re a virgin

They develop feelings for their WGM partner

A fan hits you

You tell them you’re unable to have kids

When someone doesn’t believe their child isn’t their own because their s/o is a foreigner 

How they react to you being depressed

Meeting your parents

When they get a call from their frightened child

Making out with them  

Waking them up with a blowjob  

When you slap them during a fight and they start bleeding *trigger?*  

When you’re in public and you whisper that you aren’t wearing panties  

How they react to you leaving a love mark on their neck  

How they react to their crush being forced into an arranged marriage  

Favorite sexual positions  

How they react to you being good at puppy dog eyes  

When their toddler runs on stage  

When another idol kisses their gf in front of them and she didn’t want it  

When you tell them you like anal play  

When you give them the silent treatment

When you tease them under a table in public  

When their GF is so short she has to jump up to kiss them  

When you get bitch slapped by a fish

When you have a pet goat that screams if they come near It and their things

When you call them asking to speak to your kid but he lost them

When you swing your hips while giving them a BJ to feel the friction  

How they react to their Korean GF having blue eyes

How they react to you sexually teasing them in front of the other members  

When their child asks if he’s really their dad because they’re absent a lot  

Favorite position for eating you out *nsfw*  

When you tease them by sexting them at work  

When you love each other mutually, but you’re scared they’ll play you

How they react to their GF going all out for their birthday

When your mother starts pressuring you two for grandchildren

When his 4 yr old daughter starts opening a present excitedly  

When their 5 y/o wants to go trick or treating with them

How they react to their BF adopting a child without telling them

When their daughter gets chased by a chicken

How they react to you fangirling over another member

When they come home and find you watching tv naked

When a peacock starts chasing them

When you stick a horn on a horse and call it a unicorn

When you get insecure about your weight because someone insulted you

As sloths

When a peacock wont let them get near their GF

New years kiss

They receive a painting from a fan of him and his GF


This really breaks my heart. Thank you, @dubsdeedubs for this brilliant theory. I hope you like it guys

If you want more FEELINGS better listen Daughter - Medicine

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When I see my not-canon OTP on screen so dreadfully close to eachother

“Okay, can I just… [taps fingers all over the screen] fuck. Get closer to each other you little shits, hug, kiss, do something don’t just stand there.
[pinches the screen] Mother fuckers I swear to God can you just, get like 2 inches within each other please.

That’s it, now something’s going on. [one leaves] WHAT NO GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE AND TELL THEM HOW MUCH YOU LOVE THEM YOU PIECE OF SHIT. [desperately hits the screen]


SEVENTEEN Reaction to Waking Up with their Girlfriend’s hair on their Face {Requested}

“Seventeen reactions when they wake up finding their faces covered by their gf´s long hair”

Here you go anon! :)

S.Coups: Would smile to himself as he slowly rose and tried to move without waking you. Your hair would tickle his nose and he’d try his best to hold his sneezes in just so that you could sleep longer.

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Jeonghan: Would initially be confused and think that it was his own hair, only to startle you awake as he tried to flick it out of his face. “Sorry” He would offer with a blush as you woke up confused and concerned.

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Joshua: Would lay absolutely still and enjoy the soft touch of your hair caressing his face. He would breathe in your favorite conditioner and smile to himself at the sweetness of the moment.

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Jun: Would carefully reach into his pocket pull out his phone and snap a picture. When you wake up later in the day and check IG you would see the picture with the caption “Even when she’s sleeping my girl won’t let me go.”

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Hoshi: “Hey” He would whisper. “Is this your way of telling me you want to sleep on my pillow too?” as you still slept he would pull your body in closer and snuggle you tight.

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Woozi: Would slowly run his fingers through your curls marveling at their perfect spirals, before sitting up and trying his best to put your hair perfectly back in place without waking you.

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Wonwoo: Having you so close to him when he woke up would make him smile inside. He’d brush the hair out of his face and back behind your ear before stretching an arm out over you to hold you secure as you both lay down. He would bask in the sounds of your shallow breathing and scoot up to rest his head on your shoulder.

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Seokmin: “I’m going blind!” Would be his first words as he woke up to the thick mane of hair in his face. “Don’t be so dramatic” You would tell him, eyes still closed. “it’s only hair.” 

“But it’s attacking me!!!” He would scream playfully as he began swatting at your hair. “I can’t hear you” You would call as you pulled your pillow over your head, ignoring his tugs on your hair.

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Mingyu: “I knew she would fall asleep first.” He would smirk to himself. “And now she has her hair all in my eye balls and in my mouth.” His laughter would wake you and he would try to pretend to be asleep as soon as you sat up.

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The8: Once he woke up and noticed your hair in his face he would grin and slowly reach up and tickle your ear lobe. You would jolt awake, nearly falling off of the sofa and he would laugh and apologize as you held on for dear life not to fall.

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Seungkwan: Would feel like a million bucks that you felt so comfortable to lay as crazy as you wanted beside him. When you woke up he would tell you that he thought he was wearing a wig with you practically laying right over him.

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Vernon: Would gently brush the hair out of his eyes before sitting up slightly, leaning over, and giving you a kiss right on the outer corner of your mouth.

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Dino: Would be so surprised that you had both fallen asleep and that you had stayed in his arms the whole time. He would use his face to gently nudge your hair over, but then smile softly and try to go back to sleep.

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ever since i separated myself completely from the ME fandom i’ve found that i like kaidan a lot more

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Oh wow, would you be willing to share the face code and mod list for Aisha in your "When your gf let you borrow her clothes (and tattoos)" post?

This is what Aisha thinks about giving her face code. She doesn’t support the idea. :’D

(*) She talks about her twin sister that died on Mindoir, and the Cerberus clone she often calls ‘Shepard’ too.