that face tho

Three different people have told me my Roro model isn’t “Seme” enough. (Literally, all three have used the word Seme. Even the spanish comment.)

Guys this is… This is YYB.
I’m not sure what you were expecting. 

anonymous asked:

That's a different onesie, different hat, different blanket. The baby looks smaller than in the Briana picture. Different pacifier than the one Briana dropped during the first few weeks. I'm so confused as to who this baby is? As to what this family believes? How is it that Briana's extended family (step uncle, aunt, grandmother galore) visited her at the hospital if she was only there for a day? Isn't it a bit much? The whole thing isn't only fake, it's confusing.

Yeah, the dressing is all different (they could say is from different days, but when they posted it was clear they wanted to give the impression they’re all from the same day). The pacifier thing, I remember at the beginning someone saying it was a different type and that babies don’t suddenly change pacifiers like that, so…. And about the size: yes. I think Briana and Austin’s baby is bigger than the one with Ruth and her son. He looks very tiny, way closer to Louis baby then Briana’s.

The baby could be anyone, there’s no way to knowing. Tbh that’s something that gets me very curious: what did they told the family? Do they know that’s all fake? Did they only told some things? Were they left in the dark like cybegranny when it comes to a few things? It’s all very weird (just like B’s side of the family. Where the fuck are they?)
I’m pretty sure they know it’s fake at least at some level, because how would they explain Briana not being pregnant and not having a baby after it’s over? So, they *know* is fake, but how much do they know it’s what I wonder.

Fake and confusing are an euphemism to the situation at this point lol