that face tho

…I made a spoder friend today

(bad quality whoops) Her name is Heidi and I love her


@kamauster22 spoder

Can I just say this whole
“Social media/the internet/technology is isolating people and causing anxiety”
Is bullshit?

Whilst this sometimes is the case.

Have you ever considered that these people (like me) find it hard to talk to others, maybe due to disabilities or mental health problems (like my ASD)?

Have you also considered that these people have anxiety or are isolated due to pressure from parents/teachers/bosses?

And maybe that sometimes people want to keep themselves to themselves and just enjoy their own company?

No, you don’t think about any of these and just jump to dumbass conclusions.
Like I said, this is SOMETIMES the case, but not all times.

Sorry if I’m boring you, I’m just sharing something my form tutor said (that was complete bullshit) that’s been bugging me.
(Btw, feel free to add any other reasons)

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Opinion on the Skam finale? I liked the message, but tbh, it was anti-climatic and Sana didn't even get the attention that she deserved! Plus, what is with everyone's obsession with P-Chris?! Nothing against the dude, but I don't see anything special about him either!😐

I actually REALLY liked the ending! I fucking sobbed so hard at the part where Jonas stood up and thanked sana for never giving up. I wish there was more sana too but i think it was acutally pretty cool because the way they directed it, the audience was the main character for the clip. So that’s why it showed everybody and didn’t really stick to one person. I thought it was really cool that they did that (still miss sana’s face tho she is GORGEOUS i loved the part where isak said he was so nervous because sana was so beautiful today and i was like BOI SAME OK). Also lmao i laughed bc i was like “damn good fuck pchris, eva deserved better” but then i scrolled through the YT comments and everyone was pissed at Julie about it? I literally didn’t see any character development with him at all anyway, nothing that made him worthy of my queen and savior Eva. Idgi but w/e i’m happy with how it ended. I cried a lot. i will probably watch that ending 10000 times lets be honest.


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