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swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

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Crawling Chaos - Part One - Void Stiles

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Void Stiles/Reader

Word Count: 3,496

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female receiving), Fingering, Riddles

Notes: My first Void smut? My first Void smut. Not sure how well this will really go tbh because I don’t think I’m good at portraying Void. But let me know for sure if you do like it. This idea has been in my mind for a few weeks now, and all because I was listening to one certain anime opening at work called Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari. It kind of gave me the idea for what to do with this, even though it has NOTHING to do with the song. Also, side note, i did use Google Translate for one small thing in here. Don’t blame me if it is wrong.

Part 2  Part 3

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25 Lives: Part 3

Author: @sincerelystiles
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Word Count: 1,428

Warning: from this part and onward, this series is going to take a turn and get very dark and emotionally traumatic for some. Also, i wrote this in like three hours, so i apologise in advance. 

A throbbing pain drummed through my head, my eyes battering open and a wince escaped my lips as I struggled to sit up on the ground. “Whoa, hey. How are you feeling?” My head snapped up at the sound of a familiar voice, panic and fear surging through me as I frantically scatter off the ground and to my feet.

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Celebrity Pretend Relationship AU: Three Arguments

Their first fight is about craft services. He takes the last of the hot water that she wanted for tea, and she chases him down to give him lecture about the importance of her cuppa. He gives her an odd look, squeezing lemon–and just lemon!–into the styrofoam cup, like he’s taunting her.

“They can boil more water for you,” he says evenly. 

“That’s not the point,” she huffs, put off by his lack of anger at her confrontation.

Cassian leans in, closing in on her personal space, and he almost jerks away until she remembers there are eyes on her. “Remember, we’re supposed to be pretending to fall in love on set,” he says. “This doesn’t look good.” 

She grits back, “It’s a enemies to lovers thing then. People love that shit.”

He pulls back, but then reaches out and caresses her face, leaving her reeling in surprise. “If that’s how you want to play it.”

She finds a Starbucks instead and sucks down a skinny vanilla latte, still fuming, her cheeks still burning.


The second time they butt heads is off set.

“You lied to me!” she says at the entrance of his house in the Hills.  

“You’re drunk,” he says tiredly, rubbing his eyes. “I’ve seen this before.” But she’s not drunk, and he knows that.

They’ve been fake dating for three weeks now, except it would seem that Cassian forgot about that part and was photographed kissing another woman during a hike earlier this afternoon.

“When you said to Bodhi that you couldn’t do join me for this charity drive this afternoon because you were feeling ill, you were, in fact, making out with yet another twenty-five year old at a dog park!” 

“I was getting some air. I ran into an old girlfriend.”

“And found her tongue in your mouth?”

Even the crickets grow quiet at the pitch of Jyn’s anger. 

“Are you jealous?” he asks incredulously, and sees her face shift from rage to shock to disdain.

“You humiliated me,” she says. “It doesn’t matter that this is fake. It’s real to everyone else. And when this gets into the tabloids, it’ll humiliate me again and again until this contract is over.”

“Come inside,” he tells her. “If we’re going to do this, let’s not draw more attention to it.”

She’s still furious, but she walks into his house.

“The event was important to me, Cassian. And you being there could have given it a lot more attention. And instead, all people are going to talk about when they talk about me tomorrow is not the charity work that I do, but that my fake boyfriend cheated on me.”

He hangs his head because he was in the wrong. “I’m sorry, Jyn.” 

But she’s still burning, her green eyes almost black with rage.

“How do I make this up to you?’ He’s thinking maybe another charity event to make up for this, maybe dinner, a show of outward affection that can be leaked to the press–maybe her trailer full of flowers, but she surprises him again.

“Don’t think you can just talk your way out of this,” she says, and she leaves, slamming the door shut behind her.


The third time they get into a fight, he’s the one who’s angry.

They’re in the middle of an intense scene, one of the most intense in the movie, and the room they are in is intimate and small. Their characters–Laura and Javier, are in the middle of an argument, and the tension between them is high. On the fifth take, when Javier is jabbing his finger into Laura’s chest, screaming, Jyn goes rogue and flies off script. She makes Laura push Cassian’s Javier into a wall, and just when Cassian is trying to get back on script and roll with the punches, he feels her hands slide up his back under his shirt and her mouth hot and wet against his. She pulls away then, eyes gleaming, then continues with her lines as though nothing was different from the previous four times they had done this scene.

Draven’s cut sends Cassian into a fury, and he drags her by the arm off the set for a talk.

“What the hell was that?”

She smirks at him. “I was improvising. Draven said I should go with it if I found something I thought might work.” Jyn throws a look back at their director who apparently was happy with the take. “He said he hired me because I was good at that kind of thing. Seems like he was right.”

“That was unprofessional of you, Jyn!” Cassian seethes.

“Mr. By-the-Book angry?” she says, taunting him about his reputation for perfectionism on the set, for being stringent in his interpretation of his roles.

“If you want to improvise, you talk to me first! You don’t just do it!” 

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud, Cassian. It tarnishes your playboy reputation.” She says it with an edge, and he wonders if this is revenge for the way he had embarrassed her weeks ago. 

“I’ve been in this industry since I was six years old,” he says. “Don’t think I don’t know how to do my job.” When she tries to leave, he turns heel and blocks her way. “You want to try something different, just talk to me next time.

“Would you have agreed with what I did?” she says boldly, and she hits on something.

“No,” he says, but not for the reason you think.

“Oh, this should be rich.”

“I don’t like how you played that scene because I don’t like the idea of violence being … sexy like that. You sell the idea that fights like these are foreplay and it sends a bad message. I don’t want that normalized. I don’t think it’s a good choice, even if it feels like it might be for that scene or for those characters. It feels irresponsible. It’s not the kind of movie I want to make.”

Cassian watches Jyn’s face, expecting more anger that he questioned her choices, but there’s something soft that flits across her expression and in the way she blinks at him rapidly. The way she looks at him makes his chest suddenly feel tight, and he takes a step back and takes a breath. 

“Ok,” she says, nodding more to herself than to him. “I’m … glad you explained yourself.” She looks up. “And I’m sorry. Let’s me talk to Draven. We’ll shoot the scene again.” She walks off then, determination in each step.

He watches her go, anger turning to confusion turning to respect, then turning to something new that he can’t quite name yet, something slow and warm, something that he feels like has been creeping up on him so gradually that it had itself wrapped around his heart before he even realized it was already there.

Journey Across The World For You

Moana x Reader, minor OC

Author: Lil Lambie

Words: 1700

Warnings: None :) just a wholesome cute fic enjoy!

Request: @vivere-citta I would like to request a Moana x reader (I’m sorry, I’m obsessed with her) where the reader wishes to help her on her journey to find Maui and restore the heart, but Moana thinks it’s too dangerous. (You decide whether it’s romantic or platonic)

A/N: As always, so sorry this took so long. All the Newt ones you requested are on the way. We are really working on tackling requests and getting them out quickly. Enjoy!

His foot drew back. He measured and analyzed the field in only two moments. Kimo screamed when his foot flew forward, out from under him colliding with the coconut. You and the other kids weren’t sure whether it was an initial scream of dominance or anticipation of pain and regret.

Either way, your brother threw himself on his back and screamed. Monstrous tears pouring down his face. You ran to his side, the other kids clearing a path for you. Moana was right next to you.

“Kimo?” Moana called out. She reached out to your brother and took him in a warm embrace, until your mother came bounding over with a look of disapproval on her face.

“He deserved what he got.” you told your mother as she walked away. She only sneered then returned to comfort your brother and nurse the massive bruise that would be on his foot.

“We could’ve used a ball of tweed or something.” you said walking back to Moana.

She shook her head at you and laughs. “If you kick tweed it’s going to just fall apart. Plus, you dared him to kick it.”

“He didn’t have to say yes.” you laughed.

Moana crossed her arms over her chest and shook her head at you. She tried to force a look of disappointment on her face. You only laughed. She scrunched her nose, raised her eyebrows and bit her lip. She began to turn red. She let out a breath and a smile and laugh broke through.

“I hate you, (Y/N).” Moana tried to say with a straight face, but she only ended up laughing.

You threw your arm around her. “You know you love me.”

The two of you laughed and wandered off to sit on the beach, and let the waves tickle your fit in the sand.



“I’m so proud of you, Moana.” He embraced her and pulled her close. She wasn’t Daddy’s little girl anymore.

“Thanks, Dad.”  Moana said, with a smile. She pulled away from her father and walked towards you. There wasn’t a smile anymore.

She walked past you, the chief crown hanging in her fingers. She walked to the beach and stood on the shore, letting the waves wash over her feet.

You ran over to her. You put an arm around her. “Hey.” you said softly.

“Hey.” she replied, staring at her feet. She kicked up some sand. The crown fell beside it.

“What are you going to do?” you frowned.

The two of you sat down in the sand. “I don’t know.” she shrugged. “I don’t want to disappoint. But, staying here doesn’t feel right.” she pulled at the Heart of Tafiti. Moana glanced up at the tree. The leaves were blackening and it was only spreading. “Everyone is telling to stay and lead.”

“Not everyone.” you raised an eyebrow. “I’m with you, 100% no matter what you do. You know that. But, the real question is what do you want to do, Moana? Who is telling you what’s right? Them?” you pointed back towards the village. “Or you? Don’t forget about that voice inside of you, Moana.”


Your heads turned sharply. Moana’s parents were standing, tearfully.

“Gramma…” Moana said softly.


You stood outside the hut.

Inside, Moana clutched her dying Gramma Tala. You hadn’t gone in with her, because it was personal and she needed to do it on her own. You were just there to make sure it was alright after.

The moonlight sparkled on the water. The ocean was just behind the line of trees. There was a whole world beyond the island and Moana wanted to join it. You would follow her across the world, just to be with her.


You turned to see Moana. Her emotions shattered. You wrapped your arms around her and hugged her. She cried into your shoulder. You held her tightly. You didn’t want to see her get hurt. You didn’t want to never see her again. That seemed like a worthless life.



Moana pulled away. She looked out at the sea. “It’s calling me.”

You looked at her, her hair whipping in the wind. The moonlight cast across her face, making her tears shine. Without saying another word, she jumped off the hill and ran down towards the ocean. Her future.


Moana was ignoring you and everything else as she pulled the sails tight. “You can’t tell me not to go.” she finally said.

“I wasn’t ever going to say that, Moana.”

“Then why aren’t you saying goodbye?” she turned around.

“Because, I’m not letting you go-”

Moana started to shout. “You can’t be serious! You have always said you support me in everything I do. You’ve been telling me to follow my heart. So I am. I’m doing this with or without your support. I’m going to find Maui, show him I mean business and return the Heart and-”

“Alone!” you shouted. “I’m not letting you go alone.” your voice softened.

You stepped into the water beside Moana and stepped onto the sail boat.

“(Y/N), I…”

You shook your head. “Don’t say anything.” you reached your hand out to her. “Now are we coming or what?”

She smiled and grabbed your hand.

You stood beside her and took a deep breath. “Let’s do this.”

She smiled at you then looked at the sail. She took a deep breath. “Yeah.” she sighed. “Let’s do this.” she grabbed a rope and pulled it back. “I don’t know how to sail, but we can do this. I’m going to go find Maui, tell him to put the Heart back, and everything will be saved. Yeah. I can do this.”

You smiled at her with no doubt in your mind.

Moana was going to save the world.


“Moana!” you cried.

Maui flung her from the ship into the sand. You ran and helped her up. He was getting away. “Thanks for the ship!” he laughed.

He pushed it into the water. You jumped and ran at him. You yanked the paddle out of hand. Swung your arm back, full force and let him have it with one swift whack of the paddle. “Hey!” He fell into the water. He resurfaced. Angry.

You grounded yourself. Moana now by your side. You held the paddle threateningly. “We can do this one of two ways. Moan and I leave you left for dead-”

“I can’t die. I’m a Demigod.” Maui laughed.

“You can suffer.” you said firmly. “Either come with us and restore the Heart, or stay here for eternity with only your massive ego to accompany to the end of time. But as the world dies, you will have to live with the fact that it is your fault. When you could’ve done something about it.”

You were fuming.

Maui was left speechless. Moana a little bit too.

Maui sighed. “Humans. So ungrateful. Get on the boat. We’re going to go save the world.”

Moana smiled at you. Your anger softened at her smile and you smiled back at her. The three of you jumped onto the boat. Off to restore the Heart of Tafiti.


You don’t know when you knew it. Maybe it was her laugh. Her smile. Her love and determination. Maybe it was just her. Before you set sail for Tafiti and all the adventures that would follow it. All the near death experiences.

Anytime you had doubts or fears, Moana was there. You were there for her too. There never was a moment that she was truly alone. You wouldn’t let her be.

You can’t put a finger on a point in time when you knew. Maybe it was that feeling that hit you when she laughed, when you knocked Maui out with a paddle. Or her standing courageously, in front of Tafiti, just a moment from death’s touch. As she restored the heart, you felt she had truly touched your heart too.

You are lost in the haze of applause and praise. The hugs that say I-thought-you-were-gone-forever. The way you hold her all the time. Because you’re so afraid that one day it might be true. You are limp when your family smothers you in hugs and kisses. Thinking of the day you met Moana and how she changed your life forever. Replaying your journey across the world you just returned from. From the beginning she was your everything, and you weren’t going to ever let go of that. You were nothing without Moana.

You tear apart from your family and tear through the crowd. You break free of the haze. Your only focus on one girl. Pushing past everyone. Ignoring everyone who was pulling you back. Finally breaking free of the hold of your thoughts. You had a little voice of your own. It was time you started listening to it.

“(Y/N)?” Moana says, as you push her father away from her.

You just grab her and kiss her. You wrap your arms around her, and hold her as she is your everything.

Moana pulls away. Out of breath. “(Y/N)…”

“No.” you say. “I have to say this.” you hold her hands. “Moana. I would sail every sea. I would journey across the world for you.” you laugh. “I just did. Because it isn’t any different. Moana, you are my world. I don’t know when I knew it. Maybe I’ve always known. I guess I just chose to listen to my own little voice for once. For the longest time, I listened to my doubts and fears. But today I’m listening to my heart. Do you know what it is saying?”

“What?” she laughs.

You move in closer. “It’s calling for you.”

Moana kisses you and takes you by surprise. Pulling away from just a moment. “Mine too.”

You kiss with everyone’s eyes on you. But you only have one focus. A girl who isn’t even seventeen. A girl who changed your world and opened your eyes to a whole new world. A girl who is your whole world.

Her name is Moana.

Isaac Lahey | The break up (part one)

Count of words: 884

Warnings: none really, a bit sad at the end

A/N: This is part one and as promised there will be two posts this week. Will post the second one tomorrow.

Part Two   Part Three  Part Four

Requested?: Yes

anonymous  asked:

Hi, could you write an Isaac imagine where the reader and him were dating before he was turned and when she asks what’s changed he lies and she finds out so she breaks up with him. Then Derek ends up biting her because he’s annoyed at Isaac’s sulking but it’ll turn worse because she thinks he made Derek bite her so she hates him. Mabye a fluffy or a sad ending or both?

Author: Katerina ( @littlealphawolf )

requests here

Beacon Hills, 8.00 am

It was a normal day for me. I woke up to go to school and when I opened my door Isaac was standing in front of it waiting for me to walk to school together. He has been my best friend since forever and my boyfriend for a couple of years now.

As I open the door I come across the tired and tortured brunete boy I’ve grown to love so much my whole life. A fresh wound decorating his face once more, covering the scar from an older one. A tear slipped his eye but I was fast to dry it. “It is going to be ok,” I said trying to comfort him, but it felt as though I was trying to comfort my self.

Beacon Hills, 9.30 pm

The rest of these days have been the same. Issac and I would walk to school together and then I would go and hang out with my friends. But, all that aside, Isaac seemed to have changed a bit, acting a bit weird alongside that. Just two days ago the cut on his cheek was fresh but yesterday is was completely gone without even leaving a scar. I tried to ask him about it but every time he would completely change the subject. Just today he told me he was trying out for the lacross team and he was all so confident about it. A sudden rush of confidence seemed to rush through him but I couldn’t explain it.

Beacon Hills, 2.00 am

Isaac finally spent some time with me. He came over at my house earlier and we have been cuddling since. I’ve kind of missed the adorable scared boy I loved and I got him back for a while. I was cuddled up to his side when I finally desided to ask him the only thing that was running inside my head for a while now. “What is going on with you lately?” As soon as I asked his face dropped, he was looking everywhere but me. “Well, tell me?!” I said and looked at him staight at his face. “I-it’s nothing. I’m just trying to cope with my dad’s death. Just stay here and lets cuddle some more.” He said and pulled me closer to his chest never leting me say another word.

Beacon Hills, 8.28 pm

It had been a couple more days with Isaac having this strange behavior, but it didn’t stop there. He became more distant. He kept ditching me on our date nights and tonight I finally desided to follow him. I have been following him for over an hour and just now we reached this familiar creepy old house in the middle of the Beacon Hills forest. It looked not only old but burnt. Black pieces of wood were falledn around it and it seemed nothing but void. The house was actually more than familiar for me. I remember when I was little I would run away and walk through the woods. I would always end up here and this beautiful lady would give me some water and food and then she would take me back home. 

Finally the door opened revealing a tall and muscular guy with black hair and blue eyes. He seemed dangerous but I though nothing of it. That until I heard some extream growling from inside the house. I silently walked towards the window and saw a blonde girl, a black guy and Isaac all tied up with chains, eyes glowing yellow, claws coming out from their finger tips. I accidently gasped and all the attention was turned to me. “Y/N NO!” Isaac yelled as I run away as fast as I could.

Beacon Hills High, 10.52 am

What ever was that I saw last night I tried to forget. I tried to forget it but I couldn’t. All I could think of was how my boyfriend’s eyes were glowing yellow and how he seemed deadly and dangerous. For the whole morning I managed to avoid him but luck didn’t stay on my side for long. When I was walking to my History class I bumped on his chest. All I could do was get lost in the relaxing cologne of the boy I seemed to fall in love with. “Y/N,” he said looking down at me. I tried to avoid eye contect cause what I had to say was not something I was proud of. “Are you ok?” He asked when he saw I didn’t reply. “About what you saw last nig-” “Don’t even bother,” I interupted, “I think it would be better if we are no longer together.” I said looking down ashamed to leave him like this. “No, no! What are you talking about! I lov-” “Save it. If you did you wouldn’t lie to me.” I said and looked him straight in the eye. “But you would be scared!” He said not understanding my reason to call things quits. “Yes, but I would understand. I would take some time to think about it and maybe, just maybe, I would try to help. But I wouldn’t really be able to, cause you seem to have become a monster.” I said, the last few words making my heart break as they left my mouth, but it seemed to be true. He was a supernatural monster.

anonymous asked:

lala is a terrible movie and you have terrible taste. it is so stereotypical and boring and i am honestly shocked someone who claims to know about film isnt insulted by it

[First Girl:]
Ba-ba-da-ba da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-ba ba-da-ba-da-ba
Ba-ba-ba ba

[First Girl:]
I think about that day
I left him at a Greyhound station
West of Santa Fe

We were seventeen, but he was sweet and it was true
Still I did what I had to do
‘Cause I just knew

Summer Sunday nights
We’d sink into our seats
Right as they dimmed out all the lights
A Technicolor world made out of music and machine
It called me to be on that screen
And live inside each scene

[First Girl & First Man:]
Without a nickel to my name
Hopped a bus, here I came
Could be brave or just insane

[First Girl, First Man & Second Man:]
We’ll have to see

[First Girl:]
‘Cause maybe in that sleepy town
He’ll sit one day, the lights are down
He’ll see my face and think of how he…

[First Girl, First Man, Second Man & Dancers:]
…used to know me

Climb these hills
I’m reaching for the heights
And chasing all the lights that shine
And when they let you down
You’ll get up off the ground
'Cause morning rolls around
And it’s another day of sun

[Young Man:]
I hear 'em every day
The rhythms in the canyons
That’ll never fade away
The ballads in the barrooms
Left by those who came before
They say “you gotta want it more”
So I bang on every door

[Second Girl:]
And even when the answer’s “no”
Or when my money’s running low
The dusty mic and neon glow
Are all I need

[Young Man:]
And someday as I sing my song
A small-town kid’ll come along

[Second Girl & Young Man:]
That’ll be the thing to push him on and go go

Climb these hills
I’m reaching for the heights
And chasing all the lights that shine
And when they let you down
You’ll get up off the ground
'Cause morning rolls around
And it’s another day of sun

[Instrumental Break]

[First Girl:]
And when they let you down
The morning rolls around

It’s another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
Just another day of sun
It’s another day of sun
Another day has just begun
It’s another day of sun

[Five car horn honks]

It’s another day of sun!

‘Iron Maiden’ Lyric Starters

- suggested by Anonymous

  • “[But] now it seems, I’m just a stranger to myself”
  • “[And] all the things I sometimes do, it isn’t me but someone else”
  • “Ain’t it funny how it is, you never miss it ‘til it’s gone away”
  • “Don’t waste your time always searching for those wasted years”
  • “Face up… make your stand”
  • “I got you on my mind”
  • “When you can’t find the words to say it’s hard to make it through another day”
  • “I sometimes feel a little strange; a little anxious when it’s dark”
  • “I have a constant fear that something’s always near”
  • “I have a phobia that someone’s always there”

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anonymous asked:

Were Clint and Natasha your first kids that you adopted? And who did you co-parent them with? Was it Hill or Fury?

I suppose you could say that… considering tyhey wanted to shoot Clint on sight when SHEILD figured out who he was. Then many handlers later (many of whom still want to kick his ass, but surprisingly fear me) and many missions later…. we go on a lead for the [infamous] Black Widow. We have a game plan… it’s shot to hell when they tussle a bit, and they both run off. I got hell from another old handler for Clint (someone may have punched him in the face, but there were no witnesses, so it can’t be proved). Later that night, Clint all of a sudden just shows up, bringing Nat in like she’s a lost kitten. He never said “please can we keep her?” But it was written all over his face… And I have never been simultaneously annoyed and amused prior to watching them shoot people in the halls with Paint guns and rubber band shooters. Nat even cracked into the PA system and all you heard was Mad-eye Moody going “Constant Vigilance!” Once every ten minutes. Yes, they were the first “adopted kids” And they guard the others like wolves at times. Other times, they push the others towards danger. They’re both little shits. But there was no “co-parenting,” normally people just stayed a good distance away. Nat has to warm up to people, before she decides it’s not worth it to slice someone from ear to ear.

A special kind of love

This was requested by an anon. Hopefully you enjoy it and I did your requests some form of justice!

Request:Could you do a request based on the song Murder Song (5 4 3 2 1) with Theo? Like maybe he’s in love with the reader and he finds out the dread doctors are going to do something to her but doesn’t want that life for her?

The specific lyric I chose to base this short imagine:
He holds my body in his arms
He didn’t mean to do no harm
And he holds me tight
Oh he did it all to spare me from
The awful things in life that come
And he cries and cries

Word count:1,062

Warnings:None. Just some fluff :)


It had been exactly thirty minutes since Theo rocked up in front of your door, briefly provided an explanation about dread doctors and chimeras, before proceeding to rush you into his car and drive off in the midst of the night.

“I still don’t get why we’re running away from these dead doctor people. And why do they choose me to be their next,what was it again?” You questioned

“Their next chimera. And they’re called dread doctors. I wanted to keep you out of this for as long as possible. I didn’t want for you to carry this burden, knowing that you were in harms way. Until I overheard them talking about their next experiment. About how it was going to be you Y/N.” Theo stated.

“Why me though? I’m an ordinary teenager amongst thousands of others in Beacon Hills? I’m not exactly on anyone’s top 10 list.” You were still curious about this and you wanted answers from Theo.

“Hey don’t say that. You’re not just an ordinary teenager. You’re smart,witty and talented. You think that if you were just another person in a sea of faces, Scott would make me promise that I would protect you until my last breath? You’re not just another teenager in Beacon Hills Y/N, you mean a lot to me. And being someone who never really had a family, I never really got to say this phrase to anyone. I never found someone that I cared that much about. Until you. So I’m just going to say it. I love you
Y/N. And I’m not going to let them take you.” You were taken aback by Theo’s little love deceleration.

“Well I don’t know if I should be flattered that Beacon Hill’s local bad boy, Theo Raeken, just admitted that he has genuine feelings towards me, or worried that I’m about to be a part of some maniac’s psychotic science experiment.” You said, as you turned over to look at Theo in the driver’s seat.

He let out a little chuckle and you felt his hand entangle itself with yours. It felt good to be alone and to able to express your emotions freely with Theo. You didn’t need to hide it from Stiles, who for some reason is paranoid that Theo is some evil mastermind. You didn’t need to seek out places to have secret rendezvous in fear that someone would find out that you’re dating a chimera created by the dread doctors.It was a special kind of love that you felt for each other.

“Hey, I’m not letting them lay a hand on you. I’ll fight them if I have to.“You knew he wasn’t saying it to seem romantic, like you were a damsel in distress in need of saving. He spoke his words firmly, and he was being serious.

"Well maybe you should tell your engine to fight the urges not to shut down in the middle of nowhere.” You said. You felt the car die down, before coming to a complete halt.

“Wait, what the hell.” His eyebrows were furrowed and he was as confused as you were. He turned the key to ignition, stepped on the accelerator, even slamming on the steering wheel, but the car was as dead and immobile as a bone.

Theo’s werewolf senses picked up the familiar whirring before you. He swiftly opened the car doors and dragged you out.

“Y/N! We have to run now!”

You didn’t need for him to say it twice, you grabbed onto Theo’s hand and ran like hell, only to be abruptly stopped when a dark metallic figure stood in front of you. You turned around, desperate to flee in the other direction, this time there were two of them in your path. You didn’t need to put two and two together to realise that these were the so called ghastly dread doctors.

It happened so quickly yet it felt like it was in slow motion. Theo had let go of your grip, attempting to attack the doctor that was in front of you. The doctor took a few steps back but quickly reciprocated, attempting to knock Theo out, but he dodged the punch and gathered all the strength in him to push the doctor down. You were half mesmerised by his combat skills, half paralysed by fear, that you did not realise two pair of cold, lifeless, metallic hands had grabbed you by your shoulders, dragging you across the cement.

“NO!” Theo vociferated.

You felt the sharp tip of the needle that one of the doctors was holding make contact with your neck. Whatever contents were inside of the needle, you felt it enter your veins. You were expecting some form of agonising pain, but you felt normal, until a wave of drowsiness and dizziness swept over you. You felt your knees give in and buckle, and you fell, caught by Theo and you lay there cradled in his arms.

“What did they do to you? Are you okay? Y/N, please. Please talk to me,” He cupped your face in his arms, a look of trepidation that something bad was going to happen to you filled his eyes. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry. I couldn’t save you. I’m so sorry. I was too late. I couldn’t protect you from the inevitable harm. Instead of shadowing you from the supernatural, I should’ve just told you. Maybe you could’ve come up with an idea, considering you always know a solution. Maybe we could’ve saved you. Maybe I could’ve saved you.”

“Stop being so melodramatic, I feel fine. I just feel a little bit sleepy. That’s all. Can you take me home please?” You felt your consciousness slowly slip away at every word that you uttered, your eyelids felt heavy and all you wanted was to go to sleep.

Theo was overcome with relief. As long as you were okay, he was okay as well. He held you closer to him, almost as if he was trying to shield you from harms way, but all 3 of the dread doctors had vacated from the scene.

“Let’s take you home.” Theo mumbled.

Although you were half drifting into a deep slumber, you could make out Theo’s words, and tried your best to form a smile on your face for the boy you loved.

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Great First Game- Brett Talbot

A/N: Happy New Year! I hope you all have a great new year! 

Requested by anonymous: Hi! Can you do a one shot where brett and his team are playing against bhhs and you’re in the crowd watching with Lydia and Brett ask scott questions about you ands asks u out once the game is over, thanks!

“Why are we even here Lydia?” You groaned and tugged even harder at your thin jacket that was definitely not protecting you from the cold weather

“Because” She said looking at you “We’re supporting our team now can you quit complaining?”

You rolled your eyes but obliged, the pair of you sat in silence for a few minutes whilst the rest of the crowd took their seats and the players all formed a huddle around Coach.

“Who are they playing again?” You asked Lydia who rolled her eyes at your ignorance

“Devonford Prep” She told you and you slowly nodded your head even though it meant absolutely nothing to you.

The whistle blew and the game started, you didn’t know much about lacrosse and you hadn’t intended on finding out much either but Lydia had somehow dragged you along despite your protesting.

“Why have the stopped? What happened?” You asked Lydia, utterly confused

“Can you just shut up and watch?” She said and you continued to sit in silence as the game started again

“Why’s Brett Talbot staring at you?” Lydia asked quietly with a smirk

“Who’s Brett Talbot?” You asked her

“The tall, good looking one that’s been watching you all game” She said

“Nope that still doesn’t answer my question” You said shooting her a fake smile

“Him” She said pointing him out when his back was turned momentarily and when he turned around sure enough he was looking at you “See?” Lydia said

“Who’s that?” Brett asked Scott as the whistle blew for half time

“Y/N” Scott told him “Why?”

“What’s she like?” Brett asked picking up his water bottle from the bench

“She’s nice why?” Scott asked seeming very confused

“You really don’t get it do you?” Stiles said as Scott took the space next to him on the bench “He’s been eyeing her up all night” Stiles stated but Brett didn’t seem to hear, his mind was elsewhere

“You don’t stand a chance” Liam said followed by a little laugh

“What makes you say that?” Brett asked, his attention back on the conversation taking place

“Because” Liam started, tightening his pads “She doesn’t do idiots like you” Liam smirked and Brett faked a laugh

“Very funny Dunbar” He retaliated

“Maybe you should focus more on the game rather than Y/N” Stiles said “You’re losing. By quite a lot” and with that the whistle went again to signal the start of the second half.

“So you will say yes right?” Lydia asked as the game swung into action

“Say yes to what?” You asked, keeping your attention on the game

“To Brett when he asks you out” Lydia said with a smug smirk

“Lydia he is not going to ask me out” You said bluntly but she still had a smirk on her face

“Whatever you say” She replied smugly and you just rolled your eyes

After a long game Beacon Hills had won and the crowd surged onto the pitch to congratulate the team, everyone around you was cheering and hugging one another and you couldn’t deny that the optimism was infectious. You pulled Scott into a hug and ruffled his hair with a laugh when you felt a tap on your shoulder, you spun around to see Brett Talbot looking nervously down at you.

“I’m Brett” He said and you smiled shyly

“Y/N” You stated to which he smiled too

“So how come I’ve never seen you at a lacrosse game before?” He asked

“This is my first one” You shrugged and at that moment Lydia tugged on your arm

“Y/N we need to get going” She said pulling you closer to her

“Well it was nice to meet you Brett” You said and let Lydia pull you away from the crowd of people

“Y/N” You heard Brett call from behind you before making his way through the bodies and towards you “Can I ask you something?” He asked nervously

“Sure” You nodded

“Can I take you out sometime?” He asked with a small smile

“I’ll think about it” You smirked before Lydia tugged you away

When you’d got out of earshot Lydia smiled and said: “Keeping him hanging?”

“I learnt from the best” You giggled nudging her lightly

“I bet you’re glad you came tonight then” She said

“I’d say for my first game it was pretty good” You laughed

Theo Raeken | Toxic

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It’s gonna be long, so grab your popcorn and tissues. 

I took a deep breath before starting up my car. I knew I shouldn’t do this, but I needed to know what was going on. Scott hasn’t been answering any text, and Mason told me only a few detail about what happened that night. My hands were gripping the steering wheel as I drove down to the bridge where Theo’s little sister was murdered. I didn’t know any other reason why I should eventually rust him. He chained me that night when he tried to kill Scott. . Theo had lied to me. At first, I thought that I finally had a chance with someone, he was my first kiss, my first everything. He was so kind and sweet. He had me wrapped around his fingers, controlling me whenever he wanted. 

I took a deep breath as I parked near the woods, the area where Theo asked me to meet him. I didn’t even know why I agreed to do this. I guess it was a way just to say goodbye. Or for him to fish me back in. I grabbed my sweater, and pulled it on my body. Taking another deep breath, I locked my car and walked into the woods. Walking alone in Beacon Hills, in the middle of the night wasn’t the wisest choice. 

After walking a mile, I reached the bridge that Theo told me about. His back was facing me. Slowly walking forward, I cleared my throat getting his attention. Theo turned around and smiled. 

“For a moment, I thought you wouldn’t show up.” Theo told me. 

“Yeah, for a moment, I thought I didn’t want to show up at all.” I replied back, placing my hand on the railing. 

“Well thank you for coming. I really appreciate that.” He said, stuffing his hands on his pocket. 

“What did you want to talk about?” I asked him. I knew he could hear my heartbeat. 

“Us. Look just because your friends don’t like me doesn’t mean that it can stop us.” He said getting straight to the point. 

“Are you kidding me? Do I need to remind you that you tried to kill one of my friends?” I choked out. I knew I shouldn’t have come. This was a bad idea. “How could you?” I yelled at him. “You tried to kill all of us, everyone but me. I didn’t know what was going on? You chained me up. It made me look bad. It made my friends think that I was on your side.” I screamed at Theo. He had everything planned out. 

“Look, I know what I did, and I feel bad. But I still love you.” It took a me awhile to realize what he said. but the question was did I feel the say way? My lips parted, and tried to look anywhere but Theo’s eyes. 

“Tell me the truth Theo. No more lies.” My voice was shaky. I needed the truth. 

“The truth is I still love you. I always have. Remember when we first met, our first conversation.” 

I opened my locker for 3rd period, and quickly grabbed my books in a rush. 

“Uh, you left this in class.” I looked up and saw Theo, the kid I sit in front of. I smiled and grabbed my notebook. 

“Thank you so much.” I gushed. 

“No problem.” He smirked. 

“I still remember.” I told him. We’ve been holding eye contact for awhile now. 

“See, if you hated me, you wouldn’t be here. Let alone answer my text. You still have feelings for me.” Theo made a move. He stepped closer so that we were just about 1 inch away from each other. Theo’s hand went up and pushed my hair behind my ear. “You wouldn’t let me touch you like that.” His face dipped down to my neck and left small butterfly kisses. My breath had hitched. He was making me his puppet again, and I allowing him. 

“You’re so beautiful.” My eyes fluttered closed. “Every piece of you is gold. You’re a goddess to me. I’m your slave, my love.” That crossed the line. I couldn’t stop myself after that. I pushed his head up and crashed my lips against his. I could feel his smirk even from miles away. His large hands found themselves at my waist pulling me closer. My hands were cupping his face, pulling him closer, even though from miles away we looked like one person. I moved my hands to the back of his neck and pulled him even closer. We were kids in love. It felt that nothing mattered. There were no things as the supernatural, no werewolves, no banshees, no kitsune, or dread doctors. Just us. The moment that showed who we we really are, what we truly cared about. Each other. 

When your in love, you do everything you can to keep the bridge from falling apart. Even if that means pushing away your friends, ditching your family. People do crazy things when their in love. Some kill, others elope and run away from their hometown. Others pretend they have any feelings and continue on with life. A waste of love. Theo was a drug. A drug that had me addicted. You can’t stop after your addicted. You need more. You want to feel the pleasure. Someone had to stop you, but no one was here for me. I was free to enjoy my drug. 

We were leaned against the railing, making out. Theo’s hand was rubbing my back, as he pulled away and went to kiss my neck, living hickies, or love bites. 

“Theo.” I moaned out. This is not what I was thinking when I came out of my car. Theo’s hands gripped the back of my thighs and pulled me up, so that my legs were wrapped around his waist. Just like how I’m wrapped around his finger. Theo started to walk, removing his lips from my neck. There was a sudden coldness in the area. He reattached his lips to mine. I didn’t know where we were walking, but I didn’t care. When we pulled away, we were at Theo’s car. He parked in the woods, while mine was at the side of the road. He opened the door with his free hand and threw me in the backseat. Theo crawled in, closing the behind him. He crawled on top of me and kissed me again. My hands went down to his waist, to where his shirt was. I pulled it off of him , and my hands now freely roamed his hard chest. 

“That’s not fair my love, I take one off so do you.” Theo whispered and pulled off my shirt. His eyes slowly scanned my black bra, before smirking. Even with his jeans, Theo grinded himself on him, making me gasp. His face, went down to my chest, and pulled the black cup out of the way, exposing my breast. Smirking, his lips slowly sucked and bite the skin. My eyes closed and pulled his hair. His hand reached my back and unhooked the bra, taking it off. 

Before I knew it, we were both naked, and making love again. He trusted in and out of me, telling me how tight I was, while I scratched his back. He would heal in no time. One thing I knew about Theo is that once I told him that I was about to come, he would pick up his pace, and continue even after I come. 

Round 2, was about me. I was riding him, and making out with him. We were telling each other how much we loved each other by our body language. Theo’s hands were at my hips, guiding me. His lips were at mine, our tongues fighting, but in the end Theo won. He quickly picked up my pace and we both came. 

I never knew when we fell asleep, but in the morning I found myself on top of Theo’s chest, with a blanket covering our bodies. Theo Raeken was indeed a drug, and now it was toxic. I was addicted to something that would hurt my friends.It wasn’t healthy anymore. This was bad. I quickly found all my clothes and got dressed, trying my best not to wake up Theo. I looked back and saw Theo was still asleep. Pressing my lips against his forehead, I looked at his sleeping figure. 

“I’ll never stop loving you.” I whispered, just before opening the door and  left him again. 

Hope you liked it & Merry Christmas -A

Aaaand, another prompt from acornshields: Dark Galadriel AU

The fourth age dawns, splendid and prosperous. No being on Arda shall lack for anything, or so She has ordained. She who will weave the fates of all.

It is an age of dance and light and merriment, and no one will want for a distraction. The cities of men gleam in the light, the merchants sing on the road and the farmers in the fields. They all toil enemy and not even in the corners of Mordor shadow has endured.

Celebration follows upon celebration; the exodus of the elves has ended. They walk the earth now, proud and strong, revered and untouchable. What they desire, they will be freely given, and all vie for the attention of the greatest of their kind.

Lord Elrond himself has freely given her his ring, and so has Lord Celegorm. Even the forests have bowed to her will, and live springs where she wishes. Morgoth’s creations have faded, and Sauron himself has been changed. While once a creature of darkness, the Lord or Mordor now burns brightly at the ladies feet, slave to her will.

As is all.

And it is wonderful.

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We'll Work On That - Scott McCall Imagine

Prompt by Anon: Peter had another daughter he didn’t know about, Y/N, and when she moves to Beacon Hills to get closer to him she ends up falling hard for Scott but they can’t date because of Peter and Malia doesn’t like her, so they sneak around and get caught by one of them. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense.

Warnings: Being adopted and not finding the answers about your birth parents. (I think this could be a trigger to some, which is why I’m putting it as a warning.)

Word Count: 1,507

Author’s Note: Because I struggled a lot with this prompt, I changed it up a bit. Well, a lot, but I still hope you like what I came up with it. I’m sorry. This isn’t my best. I just struggled with this one for some unknown reason.

My Teen Wolf Masterlist

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All of my life I felt so different and so out of place with my parents. Don’t get me wrong; they’re great. They love me unconditionally and are very supportive of my goals and dreams. 

On the night of my 17th birthday, something happened that we didn’t understand; I shifted into a werecougar. I was lucky I didn’t hurt them or anyone else.

It was that night my parents told me I was adopted and maybe me being a werecougar had something to do with my birth parents. They thought finding my birthparents would get me some answers.

It’s been two months since my parents found out my birthparents were from Beacon Hills and moved across the country. When I started at Beacon Hills High School, I immediately became friends with Scott and his pack, who all happened to be like me. Well some of them. Things started to make more sense when I realized there were kids my age who were dealing with the same thing.

Within a week, I asked them if maybe they knew my birth father, Peter Hale. With their eyes wide and their jaws hanging, I knew they knew exactly who my father was. In that moment, I found out Malia was my half sister. She didn’t even give me the chance to get to know her. Instead, she stopped talking to me and avoided me anytime we crossed in each other’s path, even though we were in the same pack. We only worked together when it involved the pack, but even then she often wondered off with her boyfriend, Stiles, instead of teaming up with me.

Scott was so comforting and supportive through everything I was going through, emotionally and physically. Somewhere in between, he became my best friend and boyfriend. He knew how important it was to find out who my birthparents were and getting to know my half sister. It was all I could think about. He wanted to take me out on a date and get my mind off of it for a little bit.

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so lead me back; a korrasami playlist
the story of asami and korra falling for and finding their way back to each other

i. i think im in love - kat dahlia (i’m trying hard to trust you when you say “give me a hand”/baby i’m fallin’, i hope you catch me when i land) || ii. thinking out loud (dominique cover) - ed sheeran (and i’m thinking ‘bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways/maybe just the touch of a hand) || iii. calm my soul - paper route (i’ve seen too much this year/i long for it to pass/the type of memories/that turn a heart to glass) || iv. in my veins - andrew belle (everything is dark/it’s more than you can take/but you catch a glimpse of sun light/shining, shining down on your face) || v. human - aquilo (i know that it’s been rough/it shows in your reflection) || vi. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons (you saw my pain, washed out in the rain/and broken glass, saw the blood run from my veins/but you saw no fault, no cracks in my heart) || vii. hero (illa anderson cover) - family of the year (so let me go / i don’t wanna be your hero) || viii. echo - jason walker (i just wanna feel alive and/get to see your face again) || ix. oh sailor - mr little jeans (her face, her voice/sail across the seas with you) || x. let your heart hold fast - fort atlantic (so let your heart hold fast/for this soon shall pass/there’s another hill ahead) || xi. tell her you love her - echosmith (when she says she loves you / tell her you love her too) || xii. aquaman (emma diane cover) - walk the moon (we can stay as long as we want / slow dancing in the darkness / and all I know is I wanna be here with you from now on) || xiii. the legend of korra - jeremy zuckerman (just the two of us / sounds perfect)


The idea just wouldn’t leave me alone and even though I’ve never really written fanfiction, it just wouldn’t leave me alone so I wrote it.  And no one will probably read this, but I didn’t just write 2.5k words to not post it on the inernet (yes you heard that right).  So, if by some magic you do read this, I would really love to know what you think!  It’s Stiles and Lydia, about that nights where Stiles come to see Lydia because he thinks there’s something supernatural.  So I hope you like it (or read it i guess)

The Boy Who Cried Supernatural

The first time it happens, Lydia’s sure she’s dreaming. Because there’s no way- no fricking way- that Stiles Stilinski is standing over her bed, whispering her name so softly “Lydia, Lydia, Lydia” over and over again like a prayer. But Lydia blinks twice, long and hard and reaches without thinking, slowly reaches her hand out to lightly touch his cheek. It’s real and solid and there, and immediacy recoils her hand, a sharp contrast to her previous movements. Lydia’s sense of wonder is almost immediacy replaced by annoyance. 

“What are you doing her” she groans, still half-asleep. She rolls her head to the side, glancing at her alarm clock, “At 2:30 in the morning?”

“I found something,” he says, his voice anxious. The anxiety in his voices wakes her up. It’s 2:30 in the morning and he’s fully awake, and hell, that has to count for something right? 

“What?” She asks, sitting up, slightly terrified. She realizes that her pajamas are slight generous in a certain area on her chest. His gaze shifts for a moment, then back to her face. 

“Something…supernatural” he says, and then quickly corrects, “at least I think it’s supernatural. I need you and you’re all knowing banshee powers to tell me if it is or not”. 

“My banshee powers are not all knowing,” she grumbles, “Look away”. She looks back and he’s dutifully shut his eyes. She climbs out of bed and quickly slips on the nearest dress because of course Lydia Martin sleeps in her underwear. She cautiously looks back (his eyes are still closed, and he’s absentmindedly playing with his car keys) and she slips on the nearest pair of boots and grabs a jacket. 

“You can open them now,” and his eyes snap open. The car keys stop. His gives her a quick once over. 

“Let’s go,” he nods and they make their way to Stiles’ jeep. 


They’re riding in the jeep, stiles’ eyes darting back and forth, even though there’s no one in the road. The right hand is on the wheel, the left absentmindedly tap tap tapping on his left leg while his right one shakes. Lydia slightly smiles. Stiles can never sit still even for a second. She glances out the car, and catches her reflection in the rearview mirror. She pauses for a second, a realization striking her. This is the first time she’s ever been around Stiles without makeup on. 

“Stop it,” Stiles says, as though he’s reading her mind, “you look beauti-fine. You look fine.” Lydia turns away so he won’t see the blush that’s threatening to form on her face. 


The reach the “something supernatural” that Stiles was referring to, a clearing in the middle of the woods. There’s rock forming a perfect circle, and maybe it’s just because it’s 2:30, no 3:00 in the morning, but it looks creepy to Lydia too and she can see and sense Stiles’ worry. 

“How did you find this?” She whispers, touching on one of the rocks. 

“I…uh…” and now he looks embarrassed, and now he’s starting blushing and she realizes there’s only one way that he found something this isolated in the middle of the woods. 

“Do you patrol the woods?” she asks, and it sounds disbelieving but of course, she believes it, of course this idiot boy patrols the woods, looking out for the supernatural. 

“I…erhm…yes?” She laughs, and then the moment turns serious. She walks to the middle of the clearing and sits down. She closes her eyes, waiting. She doesn’t understand how this whole beacon for the supernatural, probably never will but it she sits still, clears her mind, and hopes to whatever god(s) might or might not be out there, usually something will come to her. 

So she sits and waits. And she waits. She can feel Stiles’ impatience radiation off of him in streams. 

“Well?” He asks impatiently, after silence that to his nervous mind was probably an eternity. 

“Nothing,” she says, almost relieved. 

“Nothing?” He asks in disbelief, “but the…the rocks…they…” he spins out pointing, “There has to be,” he whispers, and she senses urgency in his voice even though she doesn’t realize know why. 

“There’s not,” she says comfortingly, “I promise, Stiles. Now can you take me home? I would like to actually get some sleep tonight." 

She starts walking back to the car, and he follows her after a minute, but she notices that he keeps looking back at the forest, at the clearing. 


The second time it happens, a week later, she comes to a lot quicker. There’s no doubt, and there’s definitely no touching although there is a lot of groaning (from Lydia).  

"I think I found something,” he says, pacing the floor of her room. She glances at him skeptically, but she knows he’s not going away anytime soon, so she makes him look away, slips on acceptable clothing, and wordlessly walks to the car. 

“Let’s go,” she calls up to him. He’s still standing in her room, as if in a daze. He snaps too, and almost jumps following her to the car. 

The weird flickering street lamp turns out to be just that, a weird flickering street lamp. She tries not to notice the obvious disappointment that’s so clearly written all over his face. Why would he be disappointed? She puts that in the category of things to be dealt with later. She’s been doing that a lot these days. 


The third through tenth time he comes, she starts to get annoyed. He’s getting more desperate now, she can tell, even if she doesn’t understand why. 

It’s the flicker of the possibility of the supernatural that he overhears from his father’s walky talky one night (or many nights), or the weird behavior that their English teacher is exhibiting during class (“because you can never be too careful after what happened last time, can you Lydia?”).  Each time he’s more panicked, more frantic.  Each time he needs it to be real; she can sense that, even if she can’t sense anything supernatural anywhere he takes her.  


The fourteenth time it happens, she finally asks him.  

“Why Stiles?” she asks, after the leave another failure, a grocery store, where the people going in and out of the back room just a little too much in Stiles’ opinion.  The worst of it?  Spoiled milk. Which is nasty, Lydia thought mentally, but not supernasty (she’s been spending too much time with Stiles to think of a lame ass pun like that), “Why do you keep dragging me all over Beacon Hills?”  They get in his car, and he starts driving.  Right hand on the wheel, left on his left knee, taping, right leg shaking up and down.  

“I don’t know,” he mumbles, and Lydia shoots him a scathing look, “I don’t!” he screams in her face, and he looks immediately taken aback, “I don’t,” he says quietly, and it looks like he’s given up, “It’s just…we’ve been through so much.  One supernatural threat after another for the last four years and all of a sudden everything’s all well and dandy.  Well I don’t buy it Lydia!  Everything’s not well and dandy and you can’t tell me that there’s not another supernatural threat out there, waiting to attack us!  You can’t!”

“You’re right,” Lydia says quietly.  He looks at her, shocked, as if he never expected her to agree with it, “We have been though a lot, and there’s nothing wrong with being vigilant.  But…”

“But what?” Stiles says quickly, almost snapping but not quite.  

“But, Stiles, sometimes seeing patterns when they’re not there is not a good thing,” she says, as gently as she can.  

“So what, you think I’m crazy?” he says, definitely snapping this time.  Lydia licks her lips, takes a deep breath.  

“No,” she says, slowly, carefully, “I think you’re scared.”

“Scared?” he replies, not looking at her face, not meeting her eyes.  

“Sometimes the future is less scary than the supernatural,” Lydia says, giving him a meaningful look. They’re in Lydia’s driveway by this point, stopped, but the engine’s still running, the only break in the silence that forms.  Lydia knows Stiles doesn’t want to talk to anyone about this, much less her, so she does the only thing she knows she can do, leaves.

“Goodnight, Stiles” she says, slamming the car door behind her.


Lydia talks to Scott and Malia the very next day.

“Stiles has been coming to visit me almost every night,” she blurts out.  Scott’s eyebrows raise, and a slow grin starts to form on his face.  

“Well, Lydia, I can’t say this is unexpected,” he starts but Lydia cuts him off.

“Not like that,” she whispers forcefully, hitting him on the arm, not enough to hurt, but enough to know that she’s annoyed, “He’s been dragging my ass out of bed to look at things he think are supernatural every night for the past two weeks!”  Scott groans.  

“I know,” Scott says, and Lydia shoots him a patented Lydia glare.

“You know?” she growls.

“Who do you think he came to before you?” Scott asks, and Lydia feels a pain of guilt that she wasn’t his first choice, but she suppresses it before she can even fully register it, “I said no, of course, and since I’m not exactly a beacon of the supernatural myself, he wasn’t too interested in me.  I think he actually just stopped by on his way to your house,” and he says this as if he knows about the pain in her stomach that just dissipated when he spoke.  

“What do I do about it?” she asks desperately.  Malia, who had been unusually quiet, spoke up.

“Have you found anything supernatural?” she asks.  

“No, of course not,” Lydia shakes her head.  

“What if…you did,” Malia said, “Not anything serious or ‘end of the world’ variety like we usually deal with, but something small,” she adds quickly.  

“A small supernatural problem?” Lydia snorts, “Malia that’s…not actually half bad,” Lydia considers thoughtfully.  

“No way,” Scott says instantly, “There’s no way I’m tricking Stiles.”

“You won’t be,” Lydia says, “I will.”


He comes the next night, just like he has all the others.  There’s a little more spring in her step as he leads her to tonight’s destination…the hospital.  

He leads her to an empty room.  

“They were treating a girl in here,” he says, “They recovered her from a lake.  She almost drowned…but somehow she didn’t.  It was a miracle.”  The word “miracle” sounds like a disease when he speaks it and she looks at him.

“So what do you think it is?” she asks, “Mermaids?  Sirens?” It’s a joking that Lydia’s not used to making, but she’s trying to get rid of the permanent frown that has taken up residence on his face.

“Maybe,” he says quietly. Lydia moves over to bed, smoothing it down before taking a seat.  She closes her eyes.  She frowns. She can hear Stiles’ breathing get faster.

“What?” he asks sharply, “Lydia what?  What it is? What do you feel?”

“I don’t know,” she says, her eyes still closed, “But I think that there definitely could be something here.”

“Bullshit,” Stiles says, and then mimics her, “’I think that there definitely could be something here’. Bullshit, Lydia.”  Lydia’s eyes shoot open the first time he says bullshit, and she licks her lips.  She’s trying to find the words, to say “no I’m telling the truth” but she doesn’t want to lie to him and she’s sure it’s written all over her face.  

“I’m sorry,” she says. She looks down, opens her mouth, but he cuts her off again.

“Fuck Lydia,” he says, “You don’t have to pretend to spare my feelings okay?  I’m not some kid, okay?”

“Stiles-“ she starts.

“You know how I knew you were lying?” he’s yelling now, and it hurts, but she’s a big girl, and she can sit there and take it, “Because it only took you five fucking seconds to come to a conclusion.  If you thought there was something there, you would sit there and make sure because you wouldn’t want to play me like that.  Because you’d want to be sure because you’re always so careful and meticulous about things like this.  So next time you try to screw me over, at least make it convincing!” She stares at the ground.  She doesn’t know what to say.  Finally, she looks up and all the anger has disappeared from his body.  Now, he just looks sad.  

“Stiles-“ she starts again, but he cuts her off.

“C’mon let’s just go,” he says.  They don’t talk the whole ride home.  Lydia was sure that he was going to leave her there in the hospital for a moment there, but he didn’t.  And he wouldn’t, a little voice in her brain says.

His driving habits are the way they usually are, right hand on the wheel, left on his left knee, taping, his right leg shaking and Lydia wonders how many other people notice his driving habits.  Or how many other people know about her habits as well as Stiles.  

Sometimes she wondered if anybody else knows her as well as Stiles does.  But tonight, she knows that he does.  


He leaves her alone for a week after that, but he eventually comes back for the sixteenth time.  

“Lydia,” he says, but this time his voice sounds different.  She resists opening her eyes for as long as possible.  

“What are you, the boy who cried supernatural?” she replies, trying to sound annoyed, but she can’t resist smiling.  She can almost see his face crinkling up to a smile, and sure enough, when she opens her eyes, it’s there.

“Something like that,” he says, almost wistfully.

“Stiles,” she says quietly, “I’m sorry I lied to you.”  The last week, they’d been speaking less and she knew it was because of this sudden weight that had come between them because of last week.  And she missed him.  It surprised her how much at first.  When she walked into school and he didn’t meet her the first day that feeling in the depth of her stomach had returned and taken up permanent residence there.

“I know,” he said, “And I know you did it for the right reason, but Lydia,” she looks at him and he looks at her, “Don’t ever lie to me about this again.  Please Lydia-“ and his voice is desperate now, just like it’s been desperate for the last two weeks, there’s been too much desperate lately, and Lydia is sick of it.

“I won’t,” she promises and he looks at her and he knows that she believes him.  Then the silence hangs there for a minute.  

“Let’s go.”  And she gets up out of bed this time without protesting because she knows he needs this, and she’s here for him, she will always be here for him.  

Because this is their little routine right now, they’re Stiles and Lydia, he’s the human who shouldn’t know better but does, that human who always figured it out, the one who is attracted to the supernatural, and she’s the supernatural.

So they go off into the night, like vigilantes, the boy and the banshee, the girl and the boy who cried supernatural, saving the world from a threat that doesn’t exist.  

So Far Away Pt. 2

Catch Up: Part 1

Group & Member: BTS’ Suga/Yoongi 

Genre: Angst

Warnings: none

“Are you nervous, hyung?” Jimin asks, as he watches Yoongi pack a small bag. 

Sitting down, Yoongi grips his knees with his palms as he turns his head to look at his friend. 

“Yes and no. It will be nice to be home…but I’m afraid of seeing things have changed too much. I just wish I could have gone back sooner…4 years is a long time” Yoongi says, busying himself with folding and organizing. 

Jimin smiles, standing up to leave 

“You’ll be fine. I bet it will feel like you haven’t even left”

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Imagine little faith asking Jaime if Claire really was a fairy and that's why she couldn't stay with them.

Faith sat solemnly, her back against the cool stone of the tower looking over the fields of Lallybroch. A breeze caught her dark curls, causing them to tickle her face. Glaring cross-eyed at the rogue curls, her hands curled into angry fists in her lap.  She hated everything about them: the shade, the untamable springs, and most of all, that they were the exact same as her mother’s had once been.

That’s where her Da found her, knees tucked under her chin, wild hair blocking her tear streaked face, all the while sitting next to the broch. Jamie watched as Faith twirled a dandelion around her fingers, the seeds dispersing into the wind.

“What’s wrong a leannan?” Jamie questioned, crouching down to the girl’s level and brushing her wayward curls from her face.

Faith attempted to turn her face to hide the tears, but it was too late. Big blue eyes stared into her Da’s eyes, the same as hers, searching for answers and hope.

“Why did Mam leave? Did she no’ want me anymore?” Faith questioned sadly.

Jamie pulled Faith onto his lap, rocking her small form from side-to-side, in attempt to calm her down.

“Shhh, a leannan. Yer mam did want ye. She loved ye more than her own life.”

“Then why did she leave me?” Faith cried into his shoulder.

Jamie cradled her close, his heart sinking further into his chest with each violent sob.

“Do ye ken the stories old Mrs. Crook and yer Auntie Jenny told ye and yer cousins?” Jamie looked down and gently brushed the tears off of the one exposed side of Faith’s face. She nodded minutely to his question.

“Which ones, Da? They told a great many.”

“The ones about the Faeries, and the magic Faerie hills,” he responded waiting for another meek nod. When he felt the tiny movement from Faith, he smiled.

“Weel, ye could say yer Mam is akin to the Faerie’s of the stories,” Jamie began. “She’s no’ one of the wee ones, so dinna think of her as small. She wasna too tiny.”

“Da, everyone is tiny compared to ye.” Faith deadpanned.

Jamie tossed his head back, barking out a laugh that startled Faith. “Aye, ye wee fiend, everyone is tiny compared to me…especially you!” As he shouted, he dug his fingers into Faith’s sides causing her to writhe with giggles and snorts.

“Da! Stop!” Faith squealed. Jamie enjoyed the sound of her laughter too much to want to stop. Reluctantly he did, his own laughter calming with hers.

“Now that ye are in better spirits, how about I tell ye about yer Mam? Hmm?” Jamie questioned, hugging his daughter tight to his chest. “Would ye like to know a bit more?”

Faith eagerly nodded, tears from laughter now wet her cheeks, and her sadness nearly forgotten.

“Yer Mam was the most beautiful woman I ever saw. Strong, compassionate, kind, a healer, and stubborn she was,” he said tapping Faith’s nose in emphasis of the stubbornness shared between mother and daughter. “For many years we lived, fought, and loved together. She is my other half, a nighean donn, and ye favor her so much.” Faith’s smile faltered, but curved slightly more upwards when Jamie stroked her cheek.

“I see so much of her in you. Her fiery passion and stubbornness, but also her kind and nurturing heart, it pours out of ye just as it did with her.” Jamie stared off into the distance, visions of Claire flashing before his eyes. “But ye see, a leannan, it’s no’ easy being of the Fae. They allowed yer Mam to be seen, to love us, for only so long. The call to the cursed Faerie stones was too strong. She fought every day. She fought the call hard, a graidh, she didna wish to leave ye or me. I remember the day the stones stole her just as fast as they had gifted her to me. We were on a ride, ye were no’ but a wee one bouncing along in front of yer Mam on the saddle. Yer hands were playfully grabbing and patting the horse.”

Faith watched as her father’s eyes went bleak, and the knot in her stomach tightened. She wasn’t ready to hear the rest of the story, but would not stop him.  

“We were on our way to see what had become of the MacKenzie Clan—yer Grannie Fraser’s kin,” he explained. “We rode just a wee too close to Craig Na Dun. Yer Mam’s eyes glassed over, and next I kent, she had fallen from her horse and in a dreamlike state walked up the hill, all the while carrying you.”

Jamie’s hand flexed and his throat tightened with the tears he was holding back.

“How did I not go with her, if she was carrying me to the stones as well?” Faith asked, her own tears started pooling in her eyes; however, she refused to blink and force them to fall, she could suffer through.

“Ah, now that was an interesting moment indeed. I ran up to her and pulled her to me. The moment her back hit my chest, her head swiveled to meet mine, the trance broken. She asked me how we had gotten there, and then quickly turned to my chest, crying. She placed ye in my arms, kissed yer head, and kissed mine as well. Whispered ‘I love you, and Faith. Please do not think I could do anything less, but they are angry.’ Yer Mam’s face was streaked with tears and beginning to turn red. ‘They are screaming at my disloyalty and insubordination. I’ve broken the rules and for that I must be punished,’ she had said and hugged us to her. Before I could ask her what she meant, ten ghostly hands sprang from the stones and pulled her back into them. She screamed ‘I LOVE YOU!’ and that was the last we ever saw of her.”

Jamie’s voice had gradually become weaker and weaker as he ended his tale. Tears flowed freely down his face and his grip became even tighter around Faith’s small waist. “I fear that I may lose ye to the same beasts that took yer Mam from us.”

Faith leaned into her father’s embrace even more and kissed his chest, just above his heart where a silvery scar in the shape of the letter ‘C’ lay concealed. “I’ll never leave ye, Da. I canna bear to think it.”

He smiled down at her and kissed the top of her curls, “Aye I ken that, a leannan. Yer Mam, didna want to leave either. Sometimes forces beyond our control steal our loved ones away.”

Faith nodded and looked out over the fields of Lallybroch. She ached for her Mam, and knew her Da ached for her as well. Turning back to ask her Da a question, she felt his grip loosen then disappear all-together. The familiar stone of the Broch turned ashen with wild green moss growing up the sides.

“Da?” Faith called out. “Da?!” Her voice became frantic. Just as she was about to stand to search for him, ten pale bony arms shot out from the stone and grabbed her.


“Shhh! Faith! Faith, sweetheart, look at me.” Soothing tones with an English lilt stirred into her consciousness. “Faith, sweetheart, look at Mama. I’m right here. Shhh. Shhhh.”

Faith’s eyes sprang open, her heart pounding in fear.  She frantically searched the room for the stones, the pale hands and her Da. She saw her Mam. Her Mam was there, not stolen by the Faeries, but there beside her. She leapt into her arms.

“Oft!” Claire huffed out, hugging her eldest daughter tight. “What’s wrong, darling?”

Faith shook her head, shaking from the crashing adrenaline high, Claire noted.

“A nightmare?” Claire asked, soothing her daughter’s wild curls down. Faith nodded into Claire’s neck; her tears beginning a cold trail down Claire’s shoulder.

“Da?” Faith asked in a broken, hoarse, sleep addled whisper.

Claire hugged her tighter and lifted her up. Faith wrapped her legs around Claire’s expanded waistline and felt the disgruntled kick of her new brother or sister at the movement.

“He’s asleep in his bed,” her Mam whispered back. “Shall we go cuddle up with him?”

Faith nodded, and Claire smiled, carrying the sleepy girl to the Laird’s chambers. Soon, she would not be able to carry Faith or Brianna. Jamie would have a fit if he saw her carrying Faith now, as it was.

When she pushed open the door, Jamie snorted abruptly and rolled over—hand outstretched, and mouth gaping open in deep sleep. Claire laid Faith on her father’s right side, then crawled in next to her.

Faith sighed and nestled into her Da’s side, happy to be squished between the two verra real and warm bodies of her parents.

“Mmmm, when did ye get in here, mo chridhe?” Jamie sleepily rasped out.

Faith only tucked herself deeper into his side and held on to him, while locking her legs around one of her Mam’s.

Jamie looked over his daughter’s head and at his wife in question.

“In the morning,” Claire mouthed. Jamie shrugged, rolling to his side and pulled two—three—of his favorite people even closer to him and drifted back to sleep.

Faith heard her Mam’s breaths even out shortly after and looked from one parent to the other, both with small smiles on their lips. Neither had let go of each other in sleep. Faith smiled, said a quick prayer to the Lord for having her family still whole, and drifted off into a dreamless slumber.

Written for @puns-n-buns (who is lovely).

(again i would like to apologise profusely for the incredible unwarranted delay, i am terrible and i’m soRRY it’s nOT EVEN THAT GOOD AHHH)

32: “I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.”

“I think I’m in love with you,” Will says one day, when they’re lying next to each other, basking in the sun on Half-Blood Hill, “and I’m terrified.”

“W-What,” squeaks Nico, which is really embarrassing, because he’s supposed to be cool and dark and impressive.

“Well,” says Will, sounding amused, “your friends are the most powerful demigods in America, and they’re pretty protective. Can you imagine if Percy or Jason caught us kissing–”

“Oh gods,” Nico groans at the thought. There’s a reason he hasn’t told anyone that he and Will are dating.

“Not to mention your sister,” Will continues, vaguely horrified. “She’s the scariest of them all. Plus, she’s from the 40s, right? She’d be all concerned about your virtue and stuff, she probably won’t even let us make out until we get married.”

Until. The word echoes in Nico’s brain, makes him dazed and dizzy and euphoric.

“It’s okay,” Nico hears himself say as he rolls over to face Will, lips tugged into a soft smile. “I’m a pretty powerful demigod myself.”

Will grins and reaches over to kiss Nico softly. “You’ll protect me?” he teases, pressing their foreheads together gently.

“Of course,” Nico breathes back. “I– I’m in love with you, too, you know.”

Will’s face lights up with joy, and he rolls over to straddle Nico before kissing him properly, loving and hot and mind-numbing, and Nico thinks maybe, maybe he’s ready to tell his friends.

“Oh my gods!” Percy’s voice screeches from the top of the hill.

“Oh my gods,” says Will, turning pale with actual terror.

Nico laughs and pulls him down for another kiss, and they melt into the shadow Will’s body casts on the grass.

Don’t Shoot! I’m a Teacher.

It’s 1981 and my Mom is six months pregnant. It’s been a rough pregnancy; two miscarriages came before this one and the doctor is already throwing words around like “bed rest” and “high risk.”  My Mom is stubborn, refuses to give in just yet, because her students need her. She’s their only spokesperson at school, the only one who seems to care about the kids with too much anger in their little bodies, the kids who are reading four grades behind where they should be, and the kids who don’t talk and are afraid of anyone but her.

The special education kids don’t get the bigger classrooms; they get the leftovers. No matter. She knows how to make do with just the scraps. The students sit one on top of the other. They pretend it’s cozy. Everyone knows each other’s business. She leans over a student’s desk while handing back papers; there isn’t enough room for aisles for her to easily walk down. The students shout either in joy or defeat when they see their grades. A chorus follows her passing. She gets to Jamie, a fifth grader who is far too serious and angry for a ten year old. He looks at his paper, looks up at her and says, “I’m gonna kill you.”

She pauses for a moment. What do you say to a ten year old whose first reaction is to always lash out? She laughs, a nervous response, then smiles. “Well, come see me after school, and we can talk about that.”

He has it rough at home; he’s not alone. Most of her students are poor and either living with only one parent or being raised by grandparents. All of them have a rage in their chest ready to explode. She chalks it up to the shouting that probably kept him up all night, talks to him about working on his grades, and sends him home. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

The next morning a handful of students come rushing into her classroom early. “Teach, teach, Jamie’s got a gun. He had it on the bus.”

Jamie follows them into the classroom. He slams his backpack on the desk and rests his head on top of it. My mom shoos the students out, then kneels the best she can at his desk.

“Jamie, what’s going on?” He doesn’t respond, just sinks lower in his seat. “The girls told me you had a gun. Is that true?”

He looks up at her and nods.

“Okay. Can I see it, please?” She still doesn’t believe a ten year old could get his hands on a gun so easily. It has to be a toy.

 He reaches into his bag, pulls a revolver out, and points it at her.

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