that face! xd

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You're not alone Paps!! Sans still has his sticks! *realizes Sans kind of has it hard too* Oh for crying out loud, *pages the best psychotherapist in the Underground* THERE. We should've done that since the beginning for the brothers xD

Who is even a psychotherapist in the Underground? I bet brothers wouldn’t trust them anyway…

It’s better that way, right? They can do it, right?

I needed to draw to get shet outta mah mind so I drew my two beans. Just imagine Rain talking about something he loves or is telling him how amazing something is and CA has no idea what the hell he’s talking about cus he cant even see it either.

my face hurts i’ve been sneering so much today!!! i’ve had like~ a constant look of disgust on my face! HAHAHAHHA!!! XD you’d think i was having a terrible day! but no! LOL! quite the opposite!!! between @crackedverbosity filling my head with APPALLINGLY lovely FFXV headcannons, working on my Kimi to Boku fluff, and the STAGGERING amount of gorgeous work i’ve seen on my dash today i’m just like~ “UGGGGGG!!!” constantly! HAHAHAH!! i am utterly OFFENDED by how much cuteness and beauty are in my life today! HAHAHAHAHAH!! (-^   O ^-) thank you!!!! thank you all so much!!! HEHEHE!!!