that facade he put on to fool everyone around him

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Can I request headcanons for a badboy/delinquent! AU for Bokuto, Kuroo, and Ushijima with a top student/goody-two-shoes s/o ??

I live for this AU, you guys have no idea. I might take the time to run this into an official AU one day. ;) When I open the ask box again, please send more like this.

Bokuto Koutaro

  • Everyone can’t understand why you’re dating someone like him, the students are terrified of him, but only you know how much of a sweetheart he is. He does anything he can to make you smile, even if he looks stupid, but he’ll send a death glare to anyone who gives him a funny look.
  • If you thought he was hot already, imagine those muscular arms and back covered in tattoos, and a piercing here and there. He has the cliche bad boy image, but you love it. He knows you do too.
  • Often times you end up eating lunch on the roof where he knows no one will come to bother you two. Rather than eating lunch he ends up trying to convince you to fool around with him a little bit, but being the good girl you were it took a lot of convincing.
  • One time Bokuto got into a fight because he caught a perv looking up your skirt. You had no idea that seeing him get all jealous and possessive over you would be that attractive. He left the fight with hardly a scratch except bruised knuckles.

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • He goes out of his way to try and corrupt you, to see what you’re hiding behind the facade you put up. I means there’s no way that you haven’t smoked weed right? Everyone has.
  • Kuroo has a habit of of dragging you into the janitor’s closet or to the empty stair corridor to initiate a hot makeup. Despite your protests deep down he knows you enjoy the thrill of doing something bad.
  • I don’t know why, but in my mind Kuroo rides a motorcycle and takes you for a spin for lunch. When he knows that it’s time to go back he purposely takes detours to get back knowing it irks you.
  • Honestly, you think his tattoos look really good. Especially the one that starts at his shoulder and runs down the length of his arm. You sometimes trace it absentmindedly with your fingers.

Ushijima Wakatoshi

  • Can you just imagine this tall and buff man in leather? Well you’re blessed with the sight everyday. You can see the beginnings of a tattoo on his neck peeking out from the skintight black shirt he wears and he’s caught yu staring more often than not. You can’t help it, he’s hot.
  • One day Ushijima was getting a bit hands with you in the hallways, more often than usual. Finally you let him kiss you albeit hesitantly only to find that he got a new piercing…on his tongue. Hell was that hot.
  • He’s still the same stoic and quiet person as he was, no one dares to mess with you unless they have a death wish. Your lover is extremely protective of you and will throw hands if anyone bad mouths his princess.
  • He skips school quite often (but he always seems to maintain his grade) to which he tries to get you to tag along. One day you finally gave into hims nd admittedly it was the best days of your life. He took you out to a fair where he won you this huge stuffed animal. If he didn’t win the competition the shopkeeper still would have given it to you because of how intimidating Ushijima was. 
Killer | Part. 2

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Summary: “When two people from two different worlds get stuck with each other. To trust someone is overrated. To like someone is platonic. In the end, we are just two people.”

Genre: Angst, Mafia au, Romance.

Pairing: Jungkook x OC

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 (The End) |

Chapter 2: Reason

Aurora has been asleep for two whole hours. She was tired and she didn’t hear the door open and someone walking in, despite her in the same room. She was lying on the couch with the television still on with the news about a massacre that happened in a club nearby Busan. Nobody knew what exactly caused the massacre. Was it murder? Was it a impulsive  vengeful act? Or just a fight between two gangs, since that place was nortorious as a meeting point for maffia.

The person that had walked in, hooked his gun behind his belt on his back. His eyes met the small figure of Aurora on the couch and he couldn’t help but trace his eyes up from her bared legs to her face.

According to him, Aurora was beautiful. He hadn’t seen someone like her before in his life. Most of the girls he hooked up with were barbie dolls. The blond haired ones that are only in for a night stand and the next morning complain about their messed hair and make-up. And it was the first time, Aurora attracted him on a whole different level since their meeting at the bridge. She was brave and down-to-earth. Humble and shy at times, and crazy and funny when it comes to cooking dinner.

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Title: Carry Me Home
Pairing: AsaNoya 
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Word Count: About 1k
Summary: He sees it now. Sees the cracks in the fragile dam, angry fissures spidering out until there’s nothing left but to let it break.
A/N:  For Day 3 and 6 (Angst and Expressions) of Azumane Asahi Week. I blame this song.

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Asahi’s jaw clenches and Noya reciprocates. Pain brims behind brown eyes he knows as well as his own, their warmth now igniting to flames that lick, that stretches, burns. Noya sees the glass heart shatter, sees the last of Asahi’s control disintegrate. Desperate, bewildered, a house of cards toppling down, down, down into a rabbit hole and Noya falls with him. To catch him. To tether. To lead him back where he belongs. Even as Noya’s insides writhe and strangle him; his silent burden dull and heavy in his chest.

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