that explains why he couldn't keep her hands off her since

Anonymous requested: “Tony being a trans guy has been my headcanon for a long time and I would absolutely die if you would write about him supporting Peter…”

Anyway I’ve gotta say I love writing Peter, like idk if I’m doing it in character but I love this

Also I’m definitely down for doing more of this with Peter coming out and stuff if someone requests it, but I wanted to do this scene like the moment it popped in my head

ALSO brevity is NOT my forte and I loved this prompt so it’s long beware of that

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Ghost hunt

Fandom : Dream Daddy

Robert x Dad

This is a fluff. I’m very thirsty.

You are holding Robert’s hand and it’s not all that wonderful.

It’s been a night, that’s for sure. You’ve been through bar hopping, rock shooting and pizza eating, like any other night, but this one was different, since now you were running as fast as you could, clutching Robert’s sweaty palm, not daring to look around. You promised each others ghost hunting and, well, here you were, fleeing from a bloody hell you’ve witnessed an alley back. Seems ghost hunting turned all the way around. Suddenly you heard a painful yelp and turned on your heels to see Robert stumbling and falling on the ground, almost taking you with him. “Fuck,” he says “think I twisted my ankle. I’m hurt”.

“Hi hurt, I’m dad,” you say. You don’t know why you said that, the words left your mouth on their own. Robert looked up at you, pissed. “Great daddy, you ready to die? Because I can’t walk and after that abomination of a joke I sure as hell won’t let you just walk off”.

A loud crash comes from the alley. You both look up, terrified. You do the first thing you can think of – with all the strenght your Dad arms contain, you pick Robert up for a piggyback ride of your life. For a second there you think your spine is gonna break. You hear another loud crash coming from the alley, closer this time. Just gotta get to the car, I can do this! -you think to yourself. Robert digs his fingers into your shoulders and you bolt so fast you might’ve beaten some record if you were taking a part in a short distance dad run.

Unfortunately your pace drops after something like ten seconds and after five more you are on your knees, trying to catch your breath while Robert gives you a dissapointed look. “Pleasured to die by your side” he declares, suddelny looking up. “Holy fuck” he says softly. You looks up as well and finally see the monstrosity. It’s a dark figure, tall, way too tall, hidden in the shadows, coming at them steadily. Robert looks at you again and grabs your wrist – hard. You avert your gaze from the figure. “You have to run. Now.” Robert says.

Can’t,” you answer, still hardly breathing. “You are too heavy, I can’t…”

Shut up and listen” he hisses “Leave me be and run. I’ll be alright.”

I can’t leave you!”

You have to” Robert inssists and something in his eyes shows just how serious he is. You breake the eye contact and glance at the monstrum creeping closer. Suddenly you know what to do.

You stand up and take a step back. Then another. Robert doesn’t look at you anymore. Then, yelling at the top of your lungs, you lounge forward right at the monster. Shock appears on Robert’t face as he tries to grab you in the last moment but fails. You clench your fist and take aim, determined to punch the shit out of the monster. That’s what real dads do, right? Or how real dads die at least.

The monster let out a shriek and fell behined, seconds before you could blast a punch. It fell on it’s butt, if monsters even had butts, and it’s face became illuminated by the light of the moon shining through the clouds. Your eyes widened.

Mary?”Robert shouted from behined, confusion in his voice.

And who the fuck did you think I was!?”

A mothman, maybe…” you said.

And you tried to hit me!?”

You tried to hit Mary?”

I thought she was a mothman!”

I told you, mothman is bullshit. Anyways, Mary, what were you thinking, running after us in that…erm…mothman costume?”

You let out a groan. “You just said mothman is bullshit!”

Robert waved a hand at you. “Yeah, but shes dressed as him, I think.”

Mary winced. “Listen up, honeybee, I’m wearing a fucking coat because it’s fucking cold and fucking high heels because they make me look hot as hell, and you, you dumb shit,” she gracefully pointed her finger at Robert “left your fucking wallet in the last fucking bar your ass has been in. So, as an amazing friend that I am, I left some unfinished buisness…” That has probobly already run away from the city, if he’s not dumb – you think to yourself, “trying to give it back to you”.

Mary tossed Robert his wallet.

Thank you, dove” he responded, casually putting it in his jacket. “Couldn’t’ve put the story more nicely”.

Fucking couldn't” Mary stood up.

What’s the deal with you anyway?” she asks, pointing at Robert again.

He twisted his ankle, we need to get him to the hospital” You said and Mary looked at you as if she saw you for the first time in her life.

Yeah, right…he get’s those placebo injuries from time to time when he drinks” she smirks. “Get up, big boy.”

That’s bullshit!” I say as I rush to help Robert up, but he stops me with a simple hand gesture. I stand back as he stumbles but doesn’t fall. “Well, seems Mary was right” Robert chuckles a little.

Now you are pissed. “I could’ve died for you!” you shout and Robert’s bursting into giggles.

And I appreciate that, my friend. I’m a bit creeped out by it, but I appreciate it”.

You’ve finally dropped Mary home and rode two more housed ahead to drop Robert off at his place.

You both sit in comfortable silence for a bit. He turns to you with actual smile on his face. “Been a blast”.

Surely was, maybe besides that moment when I thought we were gonna die a horrible death” you respond and hear his soft laughter again. You are uncomfortably aware that you are blushing.

I’m also still mad about that ankle thing.” you say, trying to save your dignity. Robert winks at you. “You’ve been lucky. I just remembered that one time I thought I’ve torn my whole arm off. Wasn’t much fun when I tried to explain it to the doctor. He just somehow couldn’t belive I was missing an arm. Maybe that’s because I was waving it around, surely attached and shit.” You burst into laughter as he continue to speak. “Anyways, about tonight…well, I liked every second of it to be honest”.

Robert leans, closing the distance between you. He places a soft kiss on your lips and pull back a moment later. You keep on staring at his parted lips. It’s the first kiss you two shared since Amanda’s farewell party and no matter how fast and delicate it felt, it also felt like the best one you had. The most geniue.

Robert hops out of your car, waving at you. Looking at the back of his head as he leaves you are pretty sure the tips of his ears are a little reddened.

You pull up at your own driveway and upon getting into the house you fall asleep on the couch with the tv on and the butterflies still flying around in your stomach.

Afterward (Day 1)

First read Day 0.

Sara woke early and took a long, hot shower. In her room, she made a beeline for her clothes and retreated to change in the guest bathroom, resolutely averting her eyes from anything of Jacob’s: his suits still hung in his closet, midterms still sat on his bedside table, awaiting a grade. Downstairs, she made coffee, looked in the fridge for cream, then remembered she’d jotted it on her grocery list a week ago. She blinked at the absurdity of this.

Originally posted by tobias-eaton

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The Last to Know

If anyone were to wander into the morgue at St. Bart’s on a Tuesday night, they would expect the silent solemnity that comes from handling the dead and their grieving loved ones.

What they would not expect would be an angry, petite pathologist covered in splatters of blood gesturing madly at a red-faced, somewhat short man in a torn jumper, gesturing just as madly.

The two people in question, one Molly Hooper and one John Watson, were good friends. Not that anyone would assume that, considering the volley of curses flying between the two this particular Tuesday night.

‘And I’m telling you, Sherlock will find out one way or another!’ John shouted, running an agitated hand through his short-cropped hair.

Molly planted her blood-covered, glove-clad hands on her hips. 'And I told you not to tell Mycroft! And what is the first thing you do? You go blathering to His Nibs! Of course Mycroft will not keep it a secret, there’s nothing he likes more than one-upping Sherlock!’

John growled and breathed in five distinct deep breaths, an audible crack sounding as he clenched his teeth. 'I did not go blather- Why am I defending myself? Mycroft looked at me and deduced it.’

'No,’ Molly huffed, crossing her arms over her chest, painting her white coat with more blood. 'That still doesn’t excuse the fact that within ten minutes of promising to not say a word you spilled everything! Thank God you don’t know any government secrets,’ she mumbled the last bit angrily.

Throwing his hands in the air, John groaned. 'How was I to know he would kidnap me today and within two seconds deduce something about you?’

'He’s Mycroft Holmes, you complete tosser! He’s better at deducing than Sherlock, you idiot! If I’d had a warning, I would have called him and explained or… or…’ Molly huffed, flushing redder, if possible. 'Or even gotten a bit of a head start!’

'What the bloody Hell is going on?’

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99 Prompts
  • + this was inspired highly on the lovely @sentence-fragments post “101 fluffy prompts” so, thank you <3
  • + these prompts are tailored to be written in the reader's point of view OR the character's point of view.
  • YOU AND I:
  • 001: "One day I'll sing you to sleep, and you'll wake up in love with me."
  • 002: "If only you knew who I am, maybe... maybe you'll love me like I love you."
  • 003: "We're just two poor kids, from a really rich city. Isn't that a pity?"
  • 004: "(You/I) come in, with mud on (your/my) face, holding a dozen roses. Shouldn't (I/you) be suspicious?"
  • 005: "Just please, please hold me so I won't fall apart."
  • 006: "You don't even know my name, and you're suddenly in love with me?"
  • 007: "I would appreciate it if you would stop taking my breath away whenever you walk by. I kinda need my breath."
  • 008: "You stupid, adorable idiot."
  • 009: "Can you help me with my homework? I figure since you're smart you know what you're doing."
  • 010: "You're fixing me in a way that no one else could."
  • 011: "Please don't leave me when I'm this weak. Please."
  • 012: "You're fluffy, like a pillow... or a well-written fanfic."
  • 013: "I'll make you know love again."
  • 014: "Aren't we passed 'hello'?"
  • 015: "Kiss me as if we'll never see each other again."
  • 016: "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream."
  • 017: "You make me sane again."
  • 018: "Wise men say only fools rush in. But I can't help falling in love with you."
  • 019: "Stay with me. Please, if you'll leave me tomorrow and never come back, stay one more night."
  • 020: "Take my hand. Take my whole life, too because I can't help it that I'm madly in love with you."
  • 021: "We're such opposites, and I couldn't be more attracted to you."
  • 022: "Can you sing to me until I fall asleep?"
  • 023: "I'm tired of being alone. Don't let me go."
  • 024: "You're just jealous because you're the little spoon."
  • 025: "You're cute when you're pouty and jealous."
  • 026: "She doesn't deserve you. That should be me."
  • 027: "You're sitting there, oblivious at the bar, when (she's/he's) sleeping around and you're just letting this all happen?!"
  • 028: "Number one: stop feeling sorry for yourself and get out of that loveless relationship."
  • 029: "I never meant to get attached. Now that I am, I'm trapped."
  • 030: "Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?"
  • 031: "(He/She) won't love you like I would."
  • 032: "(He's/She's) an idiot for letting someone like you go."
  • 033: "I have loved you since we were fifteen. You just never noticed."
  • 034: "While you were chasing her, you were oblivious that I was struggling to get your attention."
  • 035: "It's like you casted a spell on me. And from the start, I was hooked."
  • 036: "The thought of you with (her/him) makes me want to vomit, just saying."
  • 037: "If you want to keep me then you better treat me like a damn princess."
  • 038: "This superficial love shit got me going crazy."
  • 039: "If you like (her/him), go for it. Just stop stringing me along."
  • 040: "You're such an idiot, you've been chasing for the right person when I've been standing here all along."
  • 041: "I think I know (he/she) doesn't love me. That's why I mess around."
  • 042: "I don't want to marry someone who broke me on the inside."
  • 043: "I keep falling for your fool's gold."
  • 044: "I thought it was supposed to be you. That you'd be the one to save me."
  • 045: "You're not the person who gets to be in my happily ever after."
  • 046: "It's sad because I still love you even though you're with (her/him)."
  • 047: "I'm not your side piece. If anything, you're my side piece."
  • 048: "After all these years of not apologizing, you're on your knees begging for my help? After all you did?"
  • 049: "And if one day, you wake up and realize you want to be with me again, you better be ready to slay a dragon to win me back."
  • 050: "I trusted you and you abused that trust. That's not right. You can't waltz in here and think everything is okay."
  • 051: "I had a few drinks now and the only thing on my mind is you. It's always you."
  • 052: "I'm not the same (girl/boy) you left broken-hearted two years ago."
  • 053: "You don't get the glory of seeing me cry."
  • 054: "People may call you a hero, but you're a villain in my eyes."
  • 055: "Sorry, I'm all out of love."
  • 056: "You were the best drug my heart got addicted to."
  • 057: "You left me and went on to become bigger and better."
  • 058: "You saved me from death, and now you want to kill me? You had your chance."
  • 059: "No one came when I was about to die. You left me to die."
  • 060: "I am so done, trying to be your number one."
  • 061: "Every little thing you do pisses me off and it makes me mad because it makes me love you more."
  • 062: "You had no trouble tearing me apart and poking holes in my heart."
  • 063: "You accused me of murder and now you want to go out for dinner?!"
  • 064: "No! Stop feeling sorry for yourself again!"
  • 065: "I'm not the damsel in distress anymore! I. Don't. Need. You."
  • 066: "Don't pretend you're sorry. I know you're not."
  • 067: "You stop being sorry three years ago. Stop saying you're sorry."
  • 068: "You. Don't. Own. Me. You never did, never will. People can't own people."
  • 069: "There is not a single bone of humanity in you. You've turned to the monster I feared you were gonna become."
  • 070: "You're terrible. And to think I actually fell in love with you at one point."
  • 071: "You sicken me, you pathetic low life. Stop stalking me and trying to save me."
  • 072: "I can save myself, thank you very much for your unnecessary and unwanted help."
  • 073: "I don't need you to be happy. I never needed you."
  • 074: "So... you're actually undercover pretending to be a high school (girl/boy)?"
  • 075: "(You/I) just saved (me/you) from a burning fire and now you're asking me out?"
  • 076: "Why are my clothes on fire? Why aren't your clothes on fire?"
  • 077: "What crawled in your pants and made you a fuck(boy/girl)?"
  • 078: "You're sick? I'll be over with lemonade in five."
  • 079: "Stop hiding in the bathtub and eating pizza."
  • 080: "So my dog is a robot that you've been using to spy on me?"
  • 081: "Explain to me why you are covered in marshmallow fluff and Nutella."
  • 082: "Don't tell me you're filling up water balloons with hot tea again and throwing them at your enemies."
  • 083: "(You're/ I'm) (my/your) little sister, so naturally a cold-crazed psychopath man is gonna want to make (you/me) his bride."
  • 084: "Did you just ride on a horse all the way to my house to ask me out?"
  • 085: "Why the hell did you just kick me in the (boob/nuts)?"
  • 086: "You're like a little, shiny potato chip."
  • 087: "Can I dance spontaneously in the rain now?"
  • 088: "Stop using my tooth brush to brush your hair."
  • 089: "What song do you want me to play while you throw up?"
  • 090: "You smell like burps and giggles."
  • 091: "Can you stop rubbing butter over yourself for a minute and listen to me?"
  • 092: "Stop running around the place screaming that you want to be Blue Ivy. We're at a grocery store."
  • 093: "Can you stop hitting me in the butt with a water bottle?"
  • 094: "So you called me over because you poured hot sauce in your hair?"
  • 095: "Am I the first person to tell you that you cannot rap? Because if I am, I'm surprised."
  • 096: "I don't want to know why you're dressed as a banana."
  • 097: "Please don't tell me I just fell into dog poop."
  • 098: "I'm calling you Captain Savage Worm."
  • 099: "You're just an adorable kitten in a way too tight jumpsuit."

Keep Swimming

Beach Biter Dex & Mermaid Lardo
Inspired by this post from @glamwell​ and @dexondefense​ and this post from @dexthecryptid​ and of course the tweets where Dex cannot imagine a manager other than Lardo. 

Dex feels his chest get tight and his hands get clammy. Lardo won’t be here next year. “They have to know our schedules –practice times, game times– GAME DAY PROCEDURE,” Dex sits down to catch his breath. He will not start hyperventilating in front of Nursey, and he will not allow Nursey to tell him to chill. Lardo looks at Dex and pats his knee. “Don’t worry, I’m not gonna leave you out to dry.” She winks at the last bit, and Dex scowls. They’ll have to talk about this later.

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Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

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Magic Chaperones

Because ghostfiish asked for more cute Steven and Connie interactions. I forgot how much I loved writing these nerds.

“Thanks again for driving us, Mr. Maheswaran!” 

Steven was pretty sure he already said it before, but that didn’t make it any less true! He’d thought for sure their trip to the Convention in Empire City was ruined when his dad had an emergency at the car wash (well…they could have used Lion, but Connie said that they needed adult supervision). He was just making sure to be extra grateful.

“My pleasure Steven,” Mr. Maheswaran glanced at them from the rear-view mirror. “Connie’s been going on about this thing for weeks. I’m glad I had a day off for once. We haven’t have had some good father-daughter time in a while, have we?”

“It’s going to be awesome!” Connie bounced in her seat. “I hope we get to catch the panel for Unfamiliar Familiar. I heard rumors that they might be announcing production of a mini-series.” She grabbed Steven’s arm. “A mini-series!

“Books on TV?” Steven gasped. “That’s like two of my favorite things!”

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So, towards the end of TO last season they called something Davina was doing ‘Earth Magic’ and then my brain went, “Hmm, is there water magic? There should be. Because mermaids.” And I figured klarolineauweek was a fine time to test out a little snippet of the fic that I immediately began thinking about. 

Pockets Full of Stones

When Klaus walks into his studio, all he wants is a glass of bourbon and some peace and quiet. Why ever had he thought taking back New Orleans was a good idea? And how had the various factions managed to survive so long, without burning the city to the ground? They were like squabbling children, for the most part, and it was a trial not to slaughter them all and start fresh.

Perhaps next week.

He knows his studio is occupied, before he even opens the door. And he grits his teeth, because a little peace and quiet was just not something he was going to get today, especially since the daggers were all the way on the other side of the house.

“Hello, Brother,” Kol greets him, taking a swig out of the bottle in his hand. He’s at Klaus’ desk, dusty boots propped up on the edge, drinking 80 year old whiskey like it’s water.

“Kol,” Klaus returns evenly, “I thought you were in Greece.”

“Yes, I gathered you were aware of my location, from the messengers you sent. I do hope that one bloke’s arm grows back alright.”

Klaus turns his back to his brother, so he won’t be able to note how tightly Klaus’ jaw is clenched, and  decide to be even more aggravating. Klaus pours himself a large drink. He’ll need it, now more than ever.

“I was told that you were antagonizing the witch population there and that I’d best collect you, lest they decide to put some effort into putting you down themselves.”

Kol scoffs, “They’re welcome to try. I was not. Is it my fault that witches are prone to ridiculous fits of jealousy? How was I supposed to know that they were sisters?”

Klaus walks over to the desk, shoving Kol’s legs from it, leaning down to meet his brother’s eyes, “I need that coven, Kol. They’re the only practitioners of that particular branch of magic who still thrive. Why can’t you confine your carnal dalliances to the myriad of Earth Magic covens?”

“Because they’re dull, Nik. Besides, it seems as though your pet Water Witches have been keeping something from you.”

Kol’s eyebrows rise mockingly, and Klaus straightens, anger flooding him, biting out, “Explain. Now.”

But Kol’s not intimidated, unfortunately. He drains the rest of his bottle, standing and making a show of straightening his clothes.

“Kol,” Klaus growls in warning.

“Keep your knickers on, Brother. This is something you need to see. Trust me.”

Kol heads to the door, not looking back to see if Klaus follows. He does, reluctantly, because Kol’s version of a surprise was rarely a good thing. Kol leads him downstairs, towards the back of the house, and outside into the late afternoon sunshine.

Kol waits for Klaus to come up beside him, smirking and gesturing to the swimming pool. “Don’t say I never gave you anything, Nik.”

It’s only centuries of practice that prevent Klaus from expressing his shock. Because there appears to be a mermaid, huddled in a corner at the far end of the pool.

She’s nearly fully submerged, her eyes just above the surface of the water. They’re narrowed, the cool blue of them scarcely visible to Klaus, alert and watchful and very, very angry.

“Tasty little thing, isn’t she?” Kol murmurs, watching Klaus’ reactions carefully.

Klaus shoots his brother a glare, though he can’t say he disagrees. She’s lovely, from what he can see. Her thick blonde hair tumbles down her back, plaits of it woven together in intricate braids, threaded through with bits of silver and gold. The pale skin of her torso is covered by no garment, flawless, and at her hips scales of the palest blue begin, getting darker and shifting to greens down the length of her tail.

He’s need days, and dozens of paints, to even begin to try to capture all of the colors.

“I’m told she can talk,” Kol tells him, “but I have yet to see any evidence. A bit violent, too. Tore the throat out of one of the men on the ship, before we could subdue her.”

Klaus is watching her, sees her smile at Kol’s words, teeth pearly white, the incisors just a touch too sharp to pass for human. She understands exactly what Kol had just said, and Klaus would bet that she speaks just fine, merely chooses when to.

“I’ll definitely be having a little chat with our witch friends. Because I assume their knowledge is not new, not something that simply slipped their minds?”

Kol throws his head back and laughs, “Hardly. Cassia, that was the first sister, had very loose lips. They’ve known for centuries. Have a bit of a symbiotic relationship, you see. The mermaid’s scales add a certain kick to protective spells, their blood seems to work similarly to ours. Heals wounds and such. She even said you can use strands of hair in love potions, but I think that bit was drivel.”

“And what do they,” Klaus nods to the creature in the pool, “get in return?”

Kol reaches into his pocket, pulls out a bracelet. It’s beaded, wood and shells and polished stone, bloodstone, if Klaus isn’t mistaken. Kol twirls it around his fingertip, and the mermaid’s eyes follow it covetously. “They get these. Some nifty enchantments and they’re not stuck in fish form all the time. Pulled it off of her so she couldn’t run. She needs to stay near water, in this form. The legs are nearly as pretty as the tail.”

Klaus plucks it from his brother’s hand, studies it more closely, notes the symbols carved into the individual beads. He turns back to the girl, who’s turned the full force of her attention to him. She’s wary, like she senses that he’s the bigger threat. It’s fascinating, to Klaus. It’s been a very long time, since he’s discovered something new in this world.

He walks around the edge of the pool, and she tracks him, with her eyes, her body moving with just a flutter of her powerful tail.

He dangles the bracelet towards her, and she moves, quicker than he’d been expecting. Her fingers are slender, topped by lethal looking claws and Klaus only just manages to avoid having his forearm sliced open.

Her eyes blaze with anger. “That’s mine,” she tells him, her voice soft but imperious, edged in threat.

Klaus smiles, because this day had turned just turned far more interesting. “And perhaps I’ll give it back to you, love. In time.” Klaus sinks down into a crouch, cautiously, resting on the balls of his feet, in case she tries to strike again. She can’t kill him, but she likely doesn’t know that, and she seems the sort to try. Klaus almost hopes she does, so he can learn more about the things that she is capable of. “Now, he coaxes her, smiling genially, “tell me your name.”


So, this entire story played out in my head last night as I tried to go to sleep after this episode (who could sleep after that???), and I thought it would just live in my head, but alas, it found a way out. This is an add-on to 5x10. 

What happened when Sharon and Andy reconnected after that terrifying explosion and difficult case?

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  • Luke: It was all your friend's idea. She had dragged you to this summer camp thing 'cause she had gone there last summer and one of the counselors was, as she described, hotter than the sun. So you spent your summer helping her with crazy plans to get closer to the boy she couldn't stop talking about, and funny enough, you had laid your eyes on someone as well. You didn't want to be like all the other girls that followed him around because they were crushing on him, you wanted to be different and keep your cool. But that was hard. Every time you saw his blonde hair, tall frame and blue eyes, you were blown away. And that's why you avoided him; you and hot guys didn't get along well. It usually ended up with you making a fool of yourself. Yet, one day, when you were looking for Y/F/N to know if she had made any progress with her crush, you bumped into the one person you wanted to not have to avoid. "Sorry," you mumbled, looking down. "It's okay, (Y/N), right?", the way he said your name made your heart beat faster. "Yeah, and you're Luke, right?", it took everything in you to look into his eyes. "Yeah, I didn't get to talk to you before," he said, frowning. "Yeah, that's weird, right?", you lied, smiling. Before any awkward silence could make it's way to your conversation, you quickly asked him: "Have you seen (Y/F/N)?". "Oh, yeah," he answered, smirking, "But I can't tell you where she went." Seeing your confused expression, he explained: "Calum went to show her the counselors rooms, since she wants to be one next year...", you instantly got the hint and mentally high five'd yourself for making the plan work. "Oh," you smirked, "I guess she's in good hands then." "Yeah, so you can finally stop hanging out with her and make some new friends now," he laughed and you blushed. "The only reason why I'm here is her, I'm not really good at making friends," you shrugged. "Well, I'm helping you with that, then," he put his arms around your shoulder, "You just made yourself a new friend." With that, you spent the rest of the day talking, and later on you decided you wanted a tour around the counselors room as well.
  • Ashton: "Excuse me," you cleared your throat, knocking on the open door. "Oh, hi!", a tall boy with green eyes smiled, motioning for you to come in, "You must be (Y/N)." "Yeah," you smiled, "And you are?". "I'm Ashton," he shook your hand, "I'll be the one preparing you." "Okay, then," you smiled. It was your mom's idea for you to become a camp counselor, she said it would help you to get your mind of things, and it would be a nice way to gain money and enjoy your summer. "So, what's it like?", you asked him, trying to make small talk. "What? Being a camp counselor?", you nodded, "Well, it's hard. But it's nice, when you see everyone smiling, you know it's because you did something right." "I remember when I used to come to summer camps, I was fascinated by the counselors, they seemed so important...". "And we are!", he laughed, "This camp would be a mess without us." "It wouldn't exist without us," you chuckled. "You're going to have fun, (Y/N). It'll be nice to help you with that," even though he had an innocent smile on his lips, you couldn't help but feel another meaning behind his words. "I'm sure we'll make a great team," you smiled back, using the same tone as he did. "It's nice to have a new face around here," he smirked, walking closer to you, "Especially when it's a face as nice to look at as yours." "Well, your face isn't disappointing either," you smirked, taking one step closer to him. "Oh yeah," he chuckled, biting down on you bottom lip before letting it go, "I'm sure we'll make a great team."
  • Michael: You sat in breakfast looking worriedly around, wondering where Michael could be. The answer, of course, was in bed. All you wanted was to go wake him up and drag him out of his bed, but you couldn't do that. First of all, you were just another camper and he was a counselor; your relationship needed to remain a secret. And, then, you weren't even sure if you could call what you had a relationship. You had a crush on Michael from the moment you got to the camp, and, surprisingly enough, it seemed his feelings were the same. It didn't take long for you to start hooking up, and that's all you did, really. Stolen kisses and touches here and there, and some casual conversation, not much more than that. So, what were you? You were afraid to bring that question up, you didn't want to scare him off or anything. Yet, you couldn't help the feelings that were starting to show. Cliche much? You heard the door open and turned to see Michael with his messy hair and skinny jeans walking fast. He felt your gaze and turned, smiling sweetly at you, which you returned. And that was your usual interaction in public. You stood up, the only reason you were still there was to make sure Michael would get to breakfast in time, and now that he was there, you could go get ready for the rest of the day. "Hey, (Y/N)," you heard his voice when you were leaving. "Yeah?", you asked, turning to face him. He pointed to a door and walked out of the cafeteria. Cautiously, you followed behind, being pressed to a wall the moment you stepped out. "Good morning," he whispered against your lips, before pressing various pecks to them. "Hm, good morning," you giggled, pulling him closer by the shirt with one hand and playing with his hair with the other. Both of his hands wrapped tightly around your waist before he leaned in again, pressing his lips to yours one more time. "Hey, what if someone see us?", you asked. "No one ever comes here, we're safe," he mumbled against your lips, leaning in for another lazy kiss.
  • Calum: "(Y/N), (Y/N), (Y/N)," a young camper tugged at the sleeves of your shirt, pulling you down. "Yeah, sweetie?", you asked. You were the older camper, so you were treated just as if you were a counselor, which you were going to be next year. "Calum asked me to give you this," she giggled, handing you a flower and a piece of paper. You smiled, looking past her shoulder to see Calum standing not far away, smiling and waving, you waved back, laughing. "Well, tell him I said thank you," you told the girl. She giggled, and ran back to where Calum was. You and Calum were the camp OTP, and he only really noticed you like that after everyone started shipping you two. And from them on, you started to have casual meet ups so he could 'train' you. You opened the piece of paper, 'our spot in the woods in five?', was written in his sloppy handwriting. You looked over at him again, nodding your head. The young girl had already left, probably running to tell her friends everything about how she helped Calum to get with you. "You probably made that girl's life today," you giggled, wrapping your arms around his neck when you found him at the woods. "Yeah, I'm pretty sure she was glowing," he laughed, hands placed on your waist. "So, what are you teaching me today?", you stood on your tip toes to peck his lips. "I thought maybe I could tech you mouth to mouth breathing?", he smirked. "Oh, that sounds great", you giggled and he leaned down, capturing your lips in a sweet kiss. It didn't take long for his hands to creep up under your shirt, stroking your sides. "Even thought you're an excellent teacher," you broke the kiss, "I feel like I'm going to need more training sections next year when I'm a counselor." "Yeah," he laughed, "I can help you with that."
438. "Don't give up on us" (Requested)
  • Harry: You've done your best to stay away from social media and gossip but tonight when you were with your friends and someone flipped through the channels and stopped when they saw Harry's name, that changed. 'Harry Styles' new mystery girl.' You heard stuff like this all the time and it wouldn't have phased you if it weren't for the video. They were close, really close, whispering and giggling in some nightclub and then they walked out and he grabbed for her hand and led her into the car. You could feel all of your friends watching you, waiting for a reaction but all you could do for a while was try to blink away the tears forming in your eyes. Eventually you stood up and excused yourself to the bathroom to call Harry. The longer it took for him to answer to harder you started to cry. "Hiya babe!" His voice was sleepy. You couldn't talk, you just quietly sobbed on the other end. "Hello? Love, are you there? You okay ? Are you crying? What happened? Dammit (Y/N) answer me." The fact that he didn't know why you were upset only made you angry. "It's over. I'm done." Your voice was quiet but stern. "What? (Y/N) please. What did I do? You can't just give up on us, please talk to me."
  • Liam: It's been almost a week since you've talked to Liam. They only time you heard from his was when he texted and said 'sooo busy. call soon xx.' You really tried to be understanding but when things got like this it was hard. All you really wanted was to hear his voice but he just didn't have the time. When he finally did call you tried your best not to be angry with him but he wasn't making it easy for you. "Well hello stranger." you teased. "C'mon (Y/N) I've had a long day I don't need your shit too," he snapped at you. "Then maybe you shouldn't have called." "Maybe your right." That's what pushed you over the edge. "Well then maybe this just isn't meant to work out." You could hear him shifting in his seat. "What? That's not what I meant, I'm just crabby..." you cut him off. "I get that. And so am I but I'm not taking it out on you. I'm so done with the excuses Liam, its not fair." You didn't give yourself enough time to process what you were saying you just said it. "(Y/N)" His voice cracked, "Please don't do this. I'm so sorry, really. I'll get better I promise, just please don't give up on us."
  • Louis: It's the longest you and Louis have gone without seeing each other and it's really taken a toll on your relationship. "I miss you so much love. Just come see me." You can practically hear him pouting on the other end. "I miss you too Lou. And you know if I would if I could." But that's not good enough for him. "C'mon, I can get you the next flight out here. You'll be in my arms by morning." You didn't mean to get so angry with him, you just hate when he talks like whatever you're doing isn't nearly as important as him so you should be the one to compromise. "I have a life here Louis. School and internship, that will hopefully turn into a job, sure it's not your glamorous rockstar lifestyle but it's my life and I can't just give it up." You snapped. "I didn't say that." You could hear him getting frustrated. "But it's what you meant. It's what you always mean. I love you but I'm not going to give up my life and future and if that's what you want then this isn't going to work." You could feel the knot building inside your chest. "(Y/N) that's not-I don't-please don't say that. Don't give up on us."
  • Niall: You've been standing in front of the mirror for what seems to be hours; poking, pulling, and prodding at your curves. Whenever you're feeling down on yourself you can always find thousands of people who are more than willing to help point out your flaws. You've been so upset lately and without Niall around to pick you back up, things have gotten bad. You've hardly slept, you can't focus at work, all you could think about was how you weren't good enough for Niall and about everything you're insecure of. When the tears started streaming down your cheeks your phone rang, it was Niall of course. "Hey baby girl! I can't wait for you to come visit...." He was his happy-go-lucky self and you were miserable, he didn't deserve this. "Look Niall," you cut him off. "I think- I just can't do this anymore. It's not fair to you." you croaked. "Whaddya mean?" his voice was small and quiet. "I'm not good for you." "That's for me to decide." He sounded angry now. "Ni, please..." This time he cut you off, "No (Y/N) you can't just...just don't give up on us."
  • Zayn: You've been at each other's throats all week. All you wanted to do when you got home was relax, but Zayn made sure that wouldn't happen. You walked into your house, music blasting, people everywhere and a mixture of alcohol and smoke filled the air. You walked into the kitchen to find Zayn playing beer pong. You stood in front of him waiting for him to explain himself but he never did. "Are you fucking kidding me?" You finally blurted out just when he was throwing the tiny plastic ball, causing it to fall short. "Fuck!" He directed towards you. "What?" He stared at you blankly. You shook your head and ran to your room, you knew Zayn was behind you. You went into your closet and started to pack a bag. "What are you doing?" Zayn stepped towards you. "I'm gonna stay with my sister, clear my head." By now you were fighting back tears. "(Y/N) please. Don't leave." He reached out for you but you pulled away. "I can't keep doing this." You were almost whispering. He stepped closer to you and reached for your cheek, this time you let his fingers brush away your tears. "Please just don't give up on me, on us..."

liangxingxingxo  asked:

OMFG YOUR WRITING IS JUST AMAZING LIKE WOOOWWW ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ I read from your latest scenario to the "toxic" one- and I couldn't read anymore only cause my internet was being a little shit :(( can I request? You can do this whoever you have time~ ^.^ The cheating scenarios with Sehun and Kai really intrigued me, so could you possibly do one with Lay? I know it's hard cause I mean, it's Lay hahaha X3 but you can still make the ending all fluffy and such~~ THANK YOU SOSOSOSOSO MUCH❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Promising ~Lay~ ❤️

This was hard to write considering it was Lay, but I hope you still like it! It came out incredibly cheesy at the end :3 Hope you enjoy! THANK YOU FOR COMMENTING ON MY WRITING SO POSITIVELY BTW, IT MEANS A LOT! SARANGHAEYO! 

“Are you hungry, ____?” Lay asked sweetly and handed over a little cookie to you from the snack table.

You smiled and nodded, taking the cookie from him. “Thank you, Lay.” You kissed his cheek and then went back to talking to your friends.

Lay had asked you to be his date to an awards show that night, and of course, you couldn’t refuse. Now the two of you were at the after party with a bunch of other idols, just enjoying the night.

Lay tapped your shoulder and nodded towards the other side of the room. “I’m going to go talk to the EXO boys, alright? If you need me, I’m right there.”

You nodded and gave him a quick kiss before watching him disappear into the crowd. It seemed that the majority of the boys were already drunk, but Lay remained sober. He refused to have any drinks because he knew what might happen if he got too carried away.

“_______.” Your friend Fay shook your shoulder violently until she got your attention. Then she pointed at someone in the middle of the room and said, “Do you see that girl?”

You squinted your eyes and managed to see whom Fay was talking about. It was a young girl, most likely an idol, judging by the extravagant dress she was wearing. She had bright red hair that was perfectly curled and fell down right past her shoulders.

“Who is she?” you asked.

Fay shook her head and shot her a disgusted look. “That’s Kayla,” she said. You could practically hear the envy in her voice. “She’s one of SM’s new rookies.”

“And she’s already one of the biggest bitches in the industry,” your other friend Rion added while taking a sip of her drink. She stared at Kayla with scornful eyes. “She’s the reason Sehun’s ex-girlfriend dumped him. Kayla started getting all close to Sehun and blamed everything on him.”

“Really?” You couldn’t believe that this was the girl who caused Sehun’s heartbreak. You clearly remembered the day Sehun’s ex broke it off with him for some unknown reason, and it left him completely heartbroken.

“She just loves to create drama between idols for some reason,” Fay explained. “It’s like some sort of sport or something to her.”

“I swear, if she ever gets between me and my boyfriend, I’ma beat the crap out of her,” Rion threatened. She nudged your shoulder and grinned faintly. “You should keep Lay on a leash for a while, at least until Kayla debuts.”

“Why would I? I trust Lay.”

Rion shook her head and set her drink down on the table. “It’s not Lay you should be worried about, it’s her.”

Rion’s words had echoed in your mind for a while as if they held some sort of promise or warning. For the rest of the night, you felt yourself growing more and more cautious for Lay, checking up on him every now and then.

True to Rion’s words, you did manage to see Kayla flirt with at least five idols in the span of ten minutes. Boy, did that girl love to play. You only hoped you wouldn’t have anything to deal with her.


“So how was the party?” Baekhyun asked as the two of you stepped out the doors.

You nodded. “Really fun,” you replied. “I made a lot of new friends.”

“Oh, look at you, being social and whatnot!” Baekhyun clapped his hands proudly. “I feel like a proud father.”

You scoffed. “You’re so strange, Baekhyun.” You unconsciously threw your hands over your arms and began rubbing your skin. The cold air was hitting your exposed skin especially hard at that moment, and you then realized that you had forgotten your jacket inside. “I forgot my jacket,” you blurted out and spun around on your heels. “Baek, tell the boys I’ll be in the car in a couple minutes, okay? I just need my jacket!”

Baekhyun finally reached the bottom step and looked back at you. “While you’re in there, go find Lay!” he shouted. “He didn’t come out with the rest of us for some reason!”

His words made you furrow your eyebrows, since it was strange that Lay didn’t leave with the other boys. Then again, knowing Lay, he did tend to get pretty confused now and then, so it did make sense.

You just yelled out an “Okay!” in response to Baekhyun’s orders and dashed inside.

Nothing could’ve prepared you for what you were about to see in there.


Kayla had sure made no hesitation in living up to her status. She had managed to grab Lay when no one was paying close attention to him and dragged him to the other side of the room.

She sweet-talked him at first, and Lay didn’t want to be rude and just walk away, so he stayed and chatted for a bit.

But then Kayla started to notice some people leaving; she knew she had to make her move soon. She began to seductively touch Lay here and there and lower her voice to a suggesting tone. She slowly but surely closed the gap between them more and more, until there was barely any space between the two of them.

Lay, confused as ever, tried to get away from her, but he couldn’t. She had grabbed onto him at just the right time and pulled him in for a kiss.

Lay struggled to pull away from her, but she gripped onto him hard, not letting go.

And it was right at that moment that you just so happened to have walked into the room. Your jacket lay on the table that was literally right in front of the two of them.

At first you froze, not believing that this was actually happening to you. From your point of view, it didn’t look like Lay was pulling away at all, so you actually thought that he might’ve actually wanted it.

“L-L-Lay?” you stuttered out and gripped the jacket in front of you.

Lay’s eyes went wide and he pushed Kayla off of him. “Jagiyah!”

Kayla smirked and wiped her lips clean. Then she turned around to face you with a sorrow smile. “I’m really sorry,” she said in a bland voice. “He just came on to me.” She shook her head and slowly walked up to you. “Don’t worry, idols are jerks anyway. I feel just as upset as you right now.” Without another word, Kayla gave you an awkward hug and ran away.

That left you and Lay standing there in the room for a couple of minutes, with nothing but silence in the air. It may have been cold outside, but it was absolutely freezing in there. And you knew that putting on the jacket wouldn’t make a difference.

“She’s lying,” Lay said desperately. “Please don’t tell me you believe her. You saw me trying to pull away, right?”

“It didn’t look like you were pulling away.”

“But I was! You have to believe me!”

Rion’s words echoed in your head once more, and you wanted to believe Lay. But for some strange reason, you just couldn’t at that moment. The image of him kissing another girl haunted you, and you could barely even stand to face him at all at that moment.

You started to back away slowly from him, shaking your head. “I’m not dealing with this, Lay,” you said quietly. “I just can’t. Seeing you with her like that was just…. too painful.”

“But ______, I didn’t want to kiss her! Why can’t you see that?”

You just continuously shook your head and backed away until you reached the door. Something about that image of Lay and Kayla tore your heart apart, even though a small part of you knew that it wasn’t Lay’s fault.

“I can’t do this, Lay.” You turned and ran out the doors.


The next few days, you spent alone in your apartment. You needed some healing time for yourself after going through all that pain.

What Lay didn’t know was that this wasn’t the first time somebody cheated on you. Your first boyfriend, whom you thought was your first real love, had cheated on you and carelessly thrown your heart into the trash.

Ever since then you had been emotionally scarred. Even when Lay had first asked you out, you were hesitant because you didn’t want to go through that same experience again.

But something about Lay was promising. Something inside you said that he would never hurt you like your ex did.

But now here you were, experiencing the same heartbreak all over again.

Rion and Fay had heard the news and tried to call you up and explain that it was all Kayla fault, but it was no use. You just couldn’t get past the fact that you actually saw Lay kissing somebody else in front of you. It reconnected with your past too much, which is why it hurt much more than it probably should’ve.

One day you were just in the midst of falling asleep when your phone began to ring. Your heart clenched up when you realized that your ringtone was still Don’t Go by none other than EXO M.

You lazily reached out for your phone and pressed the answer button, not bothering to see who it was. “Hello?”

“Hey, get your ass to the neighborhood park, now.” It was Fay. Only she would call you up and speak so bluntly, even after you just went through some emotional pain.

“I am heartbroken and you want me to go to the park of all places?” you questioned.

“Here, let me talk to her!” You heard another voice in the background say. After about three seconds, you heard the phone go back and forth between two people, and then you heard Rion’s voice on the other line. “Okay _____, if there’s one thing you should trust us on, it’s this. Just get dressed up, fix your hair up a bit, and go to the park. Don’t question it, just go to the park,” she ordered.

“Rion, why should I-“
“Just go to the freaking park, will you? TRUST US!”

You sighed and forced yourself out of bed. “Fine,” you muttered. “This better be worth my time.”

You heard the sound of two hands smacking each other, so you assumed Fay and Rion had just given each other a high five. “You will thank us later!” said Fay.

And before you could say anything, they hung up.


A couple minutes later, you dressed up in some jeans and a sweater and headed for the park. Fay and Rion never said to dress particularly fancy, so you just went with decent. You didn’t look like a complete mess, so it was okay.

When you reached the park, you had already heard all the cheers and happy cries from the little kids that were all playing around. They all just seemed so happy and carefree; two things that you really wished you were right now.

With a sigh, you planted yourself on the park bench and stared at the kids playing on the field. They were all smiling and running around, playing Frisbee.

You couldn’t help but crack a small smile by just staring at them. They were too cute.

“They’re adorable, right jagi?”

You shut your eyes and bit your lip. You knew exactly who that was. “Yeah,” you replied coldly. “Adorable.”

Lay appeared from behind the bench with his hands behind his back. He stood in front of you and stared down at you with sad eyes. “_______, do you remember the first thing I said to you when I asked you out?”

“What?” You were completely taken back by his question. You had expected him to just shower you with apologies, but his words now took you by surprise.

“I said, do you remember the first thing I said to you when I asked you out?” he repeated.

You stared at the ground for a couple seconds and racked your brain for the answer. “It was something very cheesy,” you recalled. “I don’t exactly remember what you said though.”

The first time I laid eyes on you I thought you where a angel, I was wrong, you are even better than a angel,” he recited by heart, remembering the exact words he said to you that day.

You blinked and laughed faintly. “Oh yes, I remember now,” you said quietly.

Lay sat down beside you then, not breaking eye contact at all with you. “Well now I’m saying this,” he began. “You have the heart of an angel; forgive me my love, for I will never do this again.”

“Oh my goodness.” You face palmed yourself, not believing that he was actually saying those words to you. “You’re literally the cheesiest guy I’ve ever met in my life, Lay.”

“It’s not cheesy if it’s true and sincere,” he argued.

You drew a breath and looked deep into his eyes. “You’re also the most passionate guy I’ve ever met in my life,” you added.

He smiled faintly, his dimple beginning to show. “I know apologies don’t come easy, but I don’t want to risk our relationship, ______. Which is why I am straight up saying this right now with as much confidence as I can possibly find within me,” he said. “_____, I love you. And please believe me when I say that Kayla was the one who came onto me. I tried to pull away, I really did, but she just held on and I couldn’t.”

You remained silent for a few moments and ran your finger up and down your leg, trying to rethink everything. The difference between Lay and your ex is that Lay had actually built up the courage to apologize for what he had done.

Your ex literally left you there in the cold and walked away after the deed was done.

“I forgive you,” you whispered.

Lay beamed and scooted closer to you. “I love you,” he muttered.

“I love you too.” Your eyes fell on Lay’s hands and you pointed to them. “What are you hiding behind your back?”

He chuckled and revealed the little stuffed unicorn that he was hiding the entire time. He stroked its fur and handed it over to you. “I saw it in the store while I was coming here,” he explained. “I just thought I would buy it for you, hoping it would help make you forgive me. But I guess I didn’t need it.”

You grabbed the unicorn and laughed. “It’s so cute,” you commented.

“I know, just like me right?” He teased and stuck his tongue out. “Maybe you can keep it and hold it close to you whenever you miss me when I’m gone. It can be a sign that shows that I’ll always be with you, no matter what.”

“I love it.” You leaned over and threw your arms around Lay, hugging him tight. After all that heartbreak, you finally realized that Lay truly was promising. You learned then that he would never intentionally hurt you.

And for the rest of your long lasting relationship, he really never did.

Hogwarts: Currently school of big time magical big bang (percy jackson x kane chronicle x harry potter) Chapter 1

Summer was about to end, and it was the same summer that they kicked Gaia’s earthy butt back down into somewhere I really don’t know about. Probably having some sort of augment with Ouranos. I can imagine. But let’s put that aside. Right now we have another problem at hand.

Anyway, it has been a few weeks since their encounter of the Kanes, Leo’s return and many other interesting things.

‘Percy, Annabeth!’ Piper called the typical love birds as they sat by the Poseidon’s cabin. Both of them looked up to see Piper jogging towards them. ’ Chiron is calling for us, it’s kind of an emergency’

Both of them shared a look and the three of them quickly head towards the big house where a meeting is being held currently.

'I got them’ Piper announced as soon as they stepped through the door. Everyone looked up from the ping pong table and then turned their heads towards Chiron. The people who are currently present at the meeting includes, Leo, Calypso, Piper, Jason, Nico, Will and Rachel. Along with a huge Iris Message featuring Reyna, Frank and Hazel at camp Jupiter. Mr D sat silently with his diet coke reading an Ikea magazine. Since when was he interested in furnitures?

'What’s the trouble Chiron?’ Percy asked as soon as they gathered.

'We have received news from a…… friend’ Chiron announced. Percy felt trouble gripping his chest. He hated it when Chiron says that.

'Is it another Demigod issue?’ Jason asked, but Chiron simply chuckled and shook his head.

'I have received news from an old friend about a group of students that has been targeted in his school.. and he would need some help looking out for them’ Chiron said. Percy suppress the serious urge to groan really loudly, he had been looking forward to going college with Annabeth during the school term here in New York. Now it was about to be ruin by another stupid school trip.

Annabeth seems to have noticed Percy’s displeasure and held his hands. Honestly she is pretty alright with the idea.

'What kind of school?’ Piper asked.

Suddenly a grin spread across Chiron’s face. 'The school is located somewhere off coast of Britain and Scotland.’

'Why are we going to some countryside school?’ Leo asked.

'It’s not just a country side school, it is a school called Hogwarts’ Chiron explained. Now Percy resist the urge to snort at the name.

'Why a school that is associated to Pig Fungus?’ Percy snorted. Sadly he couldn’t resist the urge. Well, really no one could.

'It’s not just an ordinary school Percy.. you’ll see for yourself when you get there’ Chiron smirked. Percy immediately felt something is behind that smirk.

'Chiron shouldn’t we know about the school we’re going?’ Piper asked using her charmspeak. Chiron simply sighed as he place a leaflet on the table. Will toss a Snauge at the Leopard head while Nico toss a golden drachma into the IM which extended for a little while.

'Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry’ Rachel read outloud for everyone to hear. Mr D was really bored as he pulled out another issue of FINE. An American wine magazine.

'You’re kidding right?’ Percy sigh a disbelief as his he raise his right eyebrow. Arms folded over his orange camp half blood shirt.

'Sadly he isn’t’ Reyna spoke from the IM. No growling from her dogs, no lies to be heard.

'Not everyone will be able to go there’ Calypso said as she looked up from the leaflet.

'Yes, you lot will be going as Exchange students for a whole year’ Chiron stated. 'You cannot afford to let them know that you’re a demigod’ Chiron turned to Calypso.

'I won’t be joining then’ Calypso stated. Leo turned to look at her slightly pained. Before he can talk Calypso cutted him off. ’ I will blow your cover too easily, besides our origin of magic doesn’t work well with theirs’

'please don’t tell me we had another bad war’ Percy groan, Jason simply patted Percy like I feel ya bro. They had pretty much enough of wars as of late.

'Nope, in fact it’s quite the opposite. It is more of an alliance. Back than, the demigods and Wizards were working close together. We are like schools with a partnership. But we severed the connection when the Romans and Greeks started to divide, it is to keep the wizards safe. The gods wiped their memories too, only one trusted wizard is deem fit to know about it. From than they will pass their knowledge to one whom they deem fit to know of our existence’ Chiron explained.

'So this friend of yours is deem fitted to know about our existence?’ Nico asked raising an eyebrow.

'More or less, he is the headmaster of Hogwarts currently. As the generation passed on, the knowledge got.. simplified.. now he only know that half godlings exist.’

'I see..’ Annabeth said as she started to think. 'But why would Calypso say that our magic won’t work with theirs?’

'It’s of different origin Annabeth’ Calypso explained. ’ Our powers are far more powerful than theirs. Like us, their magic runs in the blood but our has more of godly properties while theirs are just plain mortal with magical blood’

'In other words we would make better wizards?’ Frank suggested.

'I don’t see how our powers don’t mix’ Jason pointed out.

'In simple terms, we will make their spells or whatsoever look weak. Even a simple spell will lead to us doing more than it should’ Calypso said, everyone still had a pretty questionable look. ’ In even simpler terms, we are very destructive with their magic, especially with me as a Titan. I could destroy their school with a flick of a wand’

'I won’t be able to go, I have to look after the Romans. Both their Praetor can’t be away’ Reyna said. ’ Frank and Hazel will go and they should be joining you at camp half blood tomorrow’

'So in total there will be 10 of us? Rachel, Nico, Will, Jason ,Piper, Hazel, Frank, Annabeth, Leo and Me’ Percy concluded. Rachel seems really really excited as she could hardly contain her excitement. Bouncing up and down her seat.

'Very well, I will contact my friend and we shall make arrangements, more information will be given tomorrow. For now this meeting is over. Dismiss’ Chiron stated.

'Alright.. i’ll see you tomorrow Nico’ Hazel said.

'Alright.. see you then.. love you too’ Nico smiled. Hazel smiled in return as they wave off the Iris Message.

'Well.. it couldn’t hurt to have an experience at a new school’ Percy sighed. Obviously very displeased with the sudden change of plans.

'Hey.. it’ll be alright’ Annabeth said as she held onto Percy’s hand. ’ I’m sure we can work something out’ With that she lean up and peck his cheek as the group head out of the big house.

'Nico you coming?’ Will called out to the son of Hades who had been zoning out. Nico followed them out to the dinning pavilion where dinner was about to start. Time went by pretty fast. By then tomorrow has arrive.

Frank and Hazel arrived on horseback by noon. Everyone came by and greeted them as they landed. Hazel and Frank rode on Arion’s back. Nico came out of his Cabin to meet his sister whom he grown close to over the years.

Hazel tackle Nico into a hug which knocked Nico off his feet and they tumbled to the ground.

'Sorry..’ Hazel laughed as Nico wrapped his arms around his sister and laughed too. The both got up and dusted themselves as they helped with the bags. As soon as their bags were settled the gang decided to meet up, Chiron had handed some texts to Rachel.

They sat around Zeus cabin’s table during lunch as they scanned through the text about the school. The things that impressed them was the news article, Daily Prophet. An ancient British type of news paper that has moving pictures. Mainly they had Rachel, Frank and Hazel do the reading since most of them are dyslexic. Calypso wasn’t with them, she choose to help around camp and look after Festus.

'It says here that Sirius Black a serial Murderer had escaped from Azkaban. A special prison for wizard criminals. Apparently he killed 13 people in his life and was sentence there, he broke out 12 years later which is last year and is no where to be found as of now’ Rachel summarise as she looked up from the news paper, she laid the news paper flat against the table as everyone took a look at his face.

'He looks like that guy who acted as the commissioner in the Dark knight trilogy series ’ Will pointed out, Nico gave a little nod of agreement. Percy quickly lean over and inspect the picture, seeing how the boys were total nerds about them made the girls feels slightly more superior.

'Well sadly he isn’t’ Rachel added as she scanned another set of the odd news papers. 'Look at this’ She said as she place this above of the Sirius Black picture. The title read The Boy who lies.

'It says Harry Potter also known as the boy who lived has been spouting nonsense of The dark lords return since last year’s Tri-Wizard Tornament. As a result of Cedric Diggory who had been murdered during the event. No one has been able to identify the source of death as Harry James Potter states He who shall not be name had use a killing curse on poor Diggory. Minsitry of Magic councilmen Fudge has claimed that Harry Potter has been under the effects of GillyWeed after the underwater event nad has been hallucinating’ Rachel read out loud to the group. They exchanged looks with one another feeling slightly uncomfortable.

'The kind of people that we are going to mix with..’ Percy sigh and stabbed his fork into his blue sponge cake. Shoving it into his mouth and chew on them mercilessly, YESZ YOU DO NOT MESS WITH FOOD. Just kidding.

'I know.. and it has a whole other article about him and this Dumbledore guy.’ Rachel said. The stoll brothers came jogging up to them.

'Chiron asks to see you lot’ Travis Stoll said as they jogged off to do some other things. Probably stealing.

Moments later in the Big house around the ancient ping pong table.

'Good, all of you have arrived’ Chiron announced. Mr D was no where in sight, probably he is off drinking diet soda in the forest.

'So what news of the quest?’ Jason asked as they sat around the table.

'There has been change of plans, you will have to leave by tomorrow. Apparently, I have gotten the wrong date about the start of their school term’ Chiron announced. Chiron is hardly ever wrong, well someone has been a good friend.

'I have mix the holidays of this continent and theirs. Their summer will end by the end of this month and their school will start by the first of the next’ Chiron said.

'So it will be on September the First?’ Will asked.

'Yes, someone will picked you up by the evening and you will have to get the school supplies. There will be others who will be joining you too’ Chiron stated. Everyone looked around then outside to see the stoll brothers running from lou ellen. Probably they had prank her or something.

'No not them’ Chiron added, everyone gave a sigh of relief. Knowing the Stoll brothers are there, will surely blow their covers within one day. Just then Mr D walked in.

'Let me add on to something’ Mr D said looking around. ’ Hogwarts has been attracting dark energies as of late. Ever since last year.’

'The tournament’ Annabeth blurt out.

'Yes yes.. whatever weird things they had last year. Some of the creatures might be at work. It’s just a warning, do not let them know unless you don’t have a choice.’ Mr D said as he stood up and adjust his purple Hawaiian shirt and left. Could have guest who he went with.

'So now what?’ Percy asked.

'Get packing and tell your parents about this school quest’ Chiron smiled and everyone headed out to their respective cabins and got packing. Clothings, Toiletries, their weapons and god knows what else.

They had been told specific instructions to not bring any of their camping shirts, as to not raise suspicions. They had gathered after wards with their bags and stuff, placing them around the hearth. By then it was time for Dinner. People were already wishing them good luck and stuff seeing how it was their last week for the year. The next time they will be seeing each other would be by next year or Christmas who knows honestly??

'Funny how Chiron says it’s a quest while we didn’t receive any prophecy from our oracle.’ Piper mentioned as ate her sandwich.

'I don’t know but i’m excited!’ Rachel exclaimed bouncing up and down her seat. 'By the way thank you Piper’

'Sure no problem’ Piper replied, earning a few looks from the rest except Nico wh was currently busy with his sandwich. Correction sandwiches. 'Oh.. I had Coach Hedge to send a email to Rachel’s dad informing him about a school exchange program through my dad’s agent. In return we’ll look after her’

Everyone else nodded and continue with their dinner. Chiron had came up and inform them of the location where they are suppose to meet.

'You lot are going to meet them in New York, can’t afford to have them know about the camp. Argus is loading your bags in the vans as we speak, there you will meet with the others. Now hurry on and finish your dinner’ Chiron said and went off to his table.

'Who do think is following us to Hogwarts?’ Annabeth asked. Everybody shrugged as they continue their dinner and quickly head towards the van. Argus was already ready to drive when they arrived. He bowed with his eyes all looking at them. Calypso came up and handed Leo a bag of clothings that she made. She gave Leo a long kiss before saying their goodbyes. Leo on the other hand handed her a bracelet similar to the one he is wearing currently.

Everyone piled into the van and Argus took off. Totally ignoring the speed limit as they head towards New York City. Surprisingly no one wanted to puke during the trip.

'It’s happening!! We’re going!!’ Rachel exclaimed as she bounce up and down in her seat, totally acting like it’s her first time going overseas with her friends which she is. She could hardly contain her excitement as she literally rock the van.

'You think this could be better then high school here?’ Percy asked Annabeth who was leaning against Percy’s chest.

'Maybe.. who knows. After all magic sounds fun.. could be better then high school’ Annabeth agreed as she looked out the window at the city that never sleeps. The lights were illuminating every single building showing the structures of the tall skyscrapers. The night sky brilliantly lighted up by the brightness of the city.

'Maybe you’re right’ Percy agreed as he lean down and pecked Annabeth’s forehead. She smiled and continue to look out the window, enjoying the view of America before they head off to Britain.

Nico was staring out the window, twisting his skull ring. Will sat next to him watching the view from another window. Jason and Piper were cuddling at the back of the van. Overall the van was pretty quiet other than Leo tinkering with the small metal scraps he pulled from his magical tool belt.

In about 45 minutes later, Argus stopped the van next to the East River signalling that we have arrived now get your butts off my van. I’m pretty sure that was what he was thinking. We pile out of the Van and got our belongings in our hand. He shook each of our hands wishing us luck. With that he got back in and took off.

'So what do we do now? I don’t see anybody’ Piper asked around. No one seems to know until.

'Hullo~ Annabeth Chase’ came a girls voice. Annabeth recognize it immediately, she spin around to see the family Sadie Kane with her Brother Carther Kane and Zia Rashid.

'SADDIE!’ Annabeth cried and ran to hug her. 'What are you guys doing here?’

'The same as you, we’re just here to pick you guys up’ Saddie said hugging Annabeth back. The girls began to crowd around while the guys went ahead to meet with Carter .

'So where is your ride?’ Annabeth asked.

'It should be arriving any minute now’ Saddie responded, sure enough a boat revealed itself on the East River. Walt and Amos were on the boat waving for everyone.

'Come on aboard’ Amos greeted taking off his hat as he bow like a gentlemen towards the ladies. Shabti came popping out of the boat and helped the gang carry their belongings towards the boat. As soon as everyone was aboard, Amos waved for the trench coat to start the ship.

'Saddie, Zia this is Rachel’ Annabeth introduced. 'Rachel , Saddie, Zia’

They exchanged their greetings and Rachel just got even more excited. Running around the boat looking at how magic is actually working the boat as they sail into the Duat.

They appeared into the night of London, the Big Ben in sight and the London’s Eye. The city lighted up just as brilliant as New York city. Everyone except Sadie wowed since she had live in Britain for 6 years she pretty much must have been here.

'We left New York at 9.45pm it is currently 2.45am. 31 August’ Amos told us as we gather around him. The boat stopped itself at the dock as everyone got onto the pavement. Unknowingly the boat raise the water level around it’s area for everyone to get onto the pavement. Shabtis carried their bags and handed it over to them. Seems like everyone bought their weapons along. Zia had her staff and wands, Carter had his Khopesh and wand, Sadie like Zia but a few extra amulet, while Walt carried around tons of Amulet, a Khopesh, a staff and a wand. Carter carried his and toss them into the air, it disappear into the Duat. The other magicians did the same.

'Man I wish we can do that’ Jason complained, Percy nodded in agreement. The magicians simply laughed and offered to store their belongings in the Duat. Everyone agreed to it. Amos led them through the street of London till they stopped by a road, with stores and pubs line up on both sides. Most of the stores were close already, except for a few with some drunk people in them laughing. Another cafe was holding a party for some lady who just turned into a mother. Yay for her.

Amos walked them down until a man walked out of the shadows. Everyone stopped dead in their tracks. Percy and the Demigods were ready to draw their weapons when they saw the man.

'Sirius’ Amos greeted. The man with long shaggy brownish hair along with a matching brown mustache, in a red suit that looks kind of like what Amos was wearing.

'Amos Kane’ Sirius said. Both men looked at each other before they smiled and hugged each other.

'It’s been too long.. old friend’ Amos greeted as he turned to the group. 'This is Sirius Black, a wizard from the Order of Phoenix’

'The what?’ Percy questioned, still not planning to ease down.

'Order of Phoenix. We are an organization that fight against the dark lord’ Sirius explained. Then he gestured us towards the run down pub. ’ I’m afraid I can’t answer all your question tonight. You should head in and get some sleep, you lot will have to do some shopping in the morning’

'Why are we staying in a run down pub?’ Leo questioned. Sirius simply laughed and motioned the group forward. As they got closer the black sign began to gain coloring. Words painted with gold and a pot.

'The Leaky Cauldron’ Rachel read out loud for us. Since most of us are dyslexic. Sirius came up to the group.

'I hope you have money to pay’ Sirius said. Everyone suddenly looked pretty uneasy as they didn’t have any London currency to pay. The sound of coin jangling caught everyone’s attention. Nico held up a big black bag filled with coins, everyone was silent.

'Seems like you do’ Sirius nodded. 'Go in there and ask for Tom. Tell him this “ The Fat Lady ate the Honey Badger” and he should know what to do. Have a good rest, i’ll send two people to pick you up for shopping later in the morning. Nice to meet all of you Gentlemen and Ladies’ With that Sirius entered the dark and morph into a big black lab. Leo and Jason shot Frank a look and he mouth Don’t even bother. Surely they want to do some comparison.

Amos laughed and signalled us that he had to take his leave. He turn to Walt and Zia.

'Look after them, i’ll see you back at the house’ He stated and he headed straight for the boat. Percy turned to Walt and Zia.

'You guys are not coming?’ He asked sounding a little dissapointed.

'Nope, we’re just here to make sure you guys make it to Hogwarts. The both of us could blow your cover in Hogwarts, not worth the risk’ Walt said he paused as he scanned the surrounding. 'We better go in now’

Everyone entered the Leaking Cauldron. A few people in really odd attire were chatting away drinking beer. Nico didn’t waste any time as he walked straight up to the counter. A tall man with a button up shirt and a vest that hugged his body showing his slightly potted belly. A chain hanged outside his pocket, and it should be those kind of pocket watches.

'how may I help you young man?’ He smiled and eyed the group.

'We’re looking for Tom’ Nico stated quickly. The man smiled.

'You’re looking at him, how may I help you and your group of friends? Spending the night?’ Tom asked cleaning a cup.

'Yes we are Tom’ Nico replied as he looked at the group. How odd that none of the older ones are doing this. ’ By the way Tom. Did you know The Fat Lady ate the Honey Badger?’

Tom’s face showed no changes in expression but his posture and his eyes did. He stood straight up and eyed Nico, before breaking into a grin.

'Is that so? In any case please follow me’ Tom said as he walked towards the old dusty staircase at the corner of the room next to his bar. A few people gave us weary looks, but they didn’t say a thing.

Tom led them to a room located all the way at the top. He knocked on the door three times and stick a key into the key hole and twist, the sound of the lock unlocking itself as he turned the knob right then left then right again.

'Keeps the insects away’ he smiled as he walked into the room. It was big, 14 beds were laid ready. Windows that allowed you to view the outside world.

'Wow.. but the exterior isn’t all that big’ Annabeth breath, her jaws dropping.

'It’s a room charmed with the extension charmed my deary’ Tom laughed. ’ Breakfast will be ready to be serve up here, do send someone down with the orders and we will send it up. The menu is over there and some papers to write your orders. Toilets are located over there by the side of the room through that door. Enjoy your stay’

As soon as Tom left everyone began to pick out their beds. Naturally the girls chose one side while the guys picked the other. But of course there won’t be a fair split since there are 6 girls and 8 boys. Nico and Leo slept at the girls side since It is darker and away from the window.

The magicians got to work pulling out the belongings from the Duat. Nico just grabbed his toiletries and head straight into the toilet.

'What’s up with Nico lately?’ Jason asked Will.

'Don’t know, he doesn’t look like he had been sleeping well’ Will said.

'Really?’ Hazel asked suddenly alarmed at the fact her brother wasn’t sleeping well for the past few days.

'I think so.. he has been zoning out a lot’ Will replied as he pull his shirt off. Percy and Jason did so too and they climb onto bed, inspecting the softness.

'Is it always filled with super Hot guys at your camp?’ Sadie complained to Annabeth and Piper who simply laughed.

'Pretty much’ Piper replied. Nico walked out of the bath with a towel hang over his shoulder. His black shirt and some black long sweat pants. He head over to his bed and fall on it.

'Hey you okay man?’ Jason asked from his side of the bed.

'yea.. just a little tired that’s all’ Nico yawned. Hazel quickly went over to Nico’s side of the bed but he was already snoring away.

'I didn’t know he was that tired..’ Hazel said to herself. She pulled the sheets over her brother and watch him sleep for a few minutes. Sadie came over and place an ivory elephant next to Nico’s head.

'That should help him with the dreams.’ Sadie smiled to Hazel. Rachel was doing a quick sketch of the place on her drawing pad. Will walked over and looked at the sleeping son of hades. He sigh to himself and walked towards the bath room.

'What’s up with hunky over there?’ Sadie asked Hazel. Hazel shrugged in return. She has been at camp Jupiter for pretty much a long time so she doesn’t know about anything that is happening at camp half blood.

'Thank you for the elephant though’ Hazel said as she held onto Sadie’s hand.

'No problem, Walt brought enough for everyone’ Sadie announced. All heads turned to Walt as he open a small bag filled with mini ivory figures. 'ivory helps to keep the dreams away, that was how they helped someone with insomnia back in ancient Egypt’

'Some one has been doing their homework’ Carter snorted. Sadie gave him a glare.

'At least i’m not a full time nerd’ Sadie pouted as she walked over to her bed. Everyone else laughed a little as they got ready to sleep.

'By the way Hazel, any idea where Nico got the cash?’ Jason asked.

'Not sure, maybe Dad had given it to him just in case’ Hazel responded. ’ Or Nico knew that we needed the cash so he changed it early?’ Jason shrugged as he got ready to sleep.

It was really late and they would have to get up rather early in the morning to get their school supplies. That was pretty much how the first night went as the room fell into a comfortable silence of snoring and shuffling around in the bed.

Apologies for spelling and grammar error. It’s bad i know and it maybe boring. Sorry about it.

Winners Get Treehouses 
Or Okay So We’re Doing This (on Ao3)
A sequel to Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks 

Thanks to Caitlin for giving it a once over. Thanks to my Whatsapp girls for talking plot with me always. I’m breaking my own rules and posting a WIP but it feels like the first Winners (which I wrote over 5 days) so I don’t think I’m shooting myself in the foot. brb i’m gonna go outside, turn around three times, and spit.

You definitely want to read Winners Don’t Always Get Lucky Breaks before you read this so you will know what the fuck is going on in this alternate timeline stuff. Then again, I’m not your mom, I can’t tell you what to do so…

“Did you ever read Swiss Family Robinson?” Bellamy asked Clarke as he walked into the makeshift medical tent. Jackson raised his hand.

“I did!” he said and Bellamy clapped him on the back.

“Clarke, treehouses, Jackson agrees.”

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The age of princesses

Beginning of March 2015


“So do you like your dress hunny?” I asked my little playmate as we sat down on the floor of the living room. I was sitting in a full length princess dress, complete with a crown, while she sat next to me in a mini version of my dress and crown.

“It’s purf- purfet.” She told me, smiling at me.

“PurfeCT sweetheart.” I replied, standing up. “Shall we get some tea and cookies?”

“YES!” She replied, jumping up and bouncing around.

While we were in the kitchen my phone started to buzz with an incoming call from an unknown number.

“Hello?” I answered hesitantly.

“Hey Taylor, it’s Adam…ummm…. From the Brits?” The deep Scottish voice said.

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He Leaves When You're Pregnant And Then He Finds Out After You Had The Baby.
  • A/N: Found this request in my drafts from forever ago and decided to try it out with Harry to see if you would like for me to do the rest of the boy's!
  • Harry: You cruised around town the radio blaring songs that you've heard over and over again, but it's better than facing one of your biggest nightmares becoming true. To have to sit and watch as he neatly folded his clothing, stuffing whatever other stuff he could fit into his suit case, not saying a word the entire time. You tried ripping the bag from his grip, taking apart his clothing and stuffing them back into his side of the dresser, but that never stopped him from trekking down the stairs and shutting the front door behind him. Endless calls and texts filled your sent box, to never receive one back, you've come to terms that it was over, and maybe it wasn't working out just as he explained. Pulling over the car to the shoulder of the road, you stared at the dark sky from your windshield before resting your hands over your small, but swelling, belly. "I guess it's just us two," You whispered, looking down at your stomach before engulfing your face between your palms and sobbing--except this time, there was no one to wrap their arms around you to make it all better. Months and months quickly passed. Appointments, shopping and preparations all being done through out the short 280 days, and you were proud that you got through it all alone and so efficiently. "If you need any help just let me know." Your mom said as you gave her cheek a peck goodbye, agreeing that you would call. She worried a lot about you and your son, but you've survived the first year with him, and you could see the ease in her eyes grow every time she visited. Rummaging through the fridge, you groaned under your breath once you picked out the empty bottle of apple juice. Turning towards your son who sat in his high chair, preoccupied by his Cheerios, you unbuckled him and wrapped your arms around him to secure that he was safely out. "Looks like you and mommy need to go food shopping." You said to your giggling child, his smile only two teeth full, but still warmed your heart the most out of everyone's in the world. Weaving from aisle to aisle, you marked off your list as you threw only the necessities into your cart, promising you'd go full food shopping that weekend since your son started getting restless in the cart's provided seat. "Only a couple more things, baby, shhh." You cooed, placing a kiss onto his forehead as you handed him your car keys to play with. As you read the labeled ingredients on a box of fruit snacks, you were skimmed from behind with a shopping cart, and you scoffed under your breath. "I'm so sorry, love." You heard the man say, and you turned to tell him to watch it next time, but your words caught in your throat, almost suffocating you as you stared into the eyes ringed with forest green that you'll never forget. "[Y/N]..It's been so long." Harry mumbled, coughing into his fist as he always did in awkward situations and it took everything in you to not turn around and ignore that he was there, but you nodded, tossing the box of fruit snack into your cart. You watched as Harry's eyes widened at the sight of a child sitting into your cart. "Y-you had a kid?" He asked, his voice sounding surprised, "That's awesome, how are you doing?" He questioned, switching hands to hold his basket of items and you couldn't ignore the intense stare he gave your son. You tightened your hands against the handle of the shopping cart, your palms sweaty as you thought about how you never got the chance to tell him he was going to be a father. There was no hiding the similarities between your son and Harry, they were nearly identical, but there was nothing you could do those few years ago. "I've--we've been very good, holding along as good as we could." You voiced, and he nodded, smiling as your son waved at him. However, you watched as his face flashed with uncertainty, his smile falling completely as he took a few steps closer to your cart. "It's like looking into a mirror." He said with a shaken whisper as he gaped at your son, his gaze rarely leaving him the entire 20 minutes that had passed since he had bumped into you. Feeling uneasy, you started to push the cart forward, trying to leave the situation back where you left it two years ago. "How could you keep this from me, [Y/N]?" You heard Harry yell out before you could disappear from the aisle, his basket now resting on the floor. You stopped, and turned yourself to face him, your heart thumping against your chest. You rehearsed over and over what you would say to him if you had ever saw him again, but today your words ran short. "What was I suppose to do, Harry?" You asked, your voice almost shouting, but the vague exhaustion overran the angry tone. "Was I suppose to keep calling, to just keep having to speak to your voice mail?" You said and Harry's eyes adverted from yours for a second, and you shook your head at him. "If you had given me the chance to tell you those two years ago, what was the promise that you'd be there anyway?" You angrily protested to his audacity to question why you hadn't told him about his child. He paced to close the space between you two but you halted his movement by raising your hand to him and turning back to your cart. "I stopped trying when I realized you would probably leave him--just like you left me." You said before quickly walking away as he stood frozen and speechless in the aisle.

anonymous asked:

I have a drabble prompt for you. I know you have tons still to do, so please take your time, but I couldn't get this idea out of my head. I've read today that for the next week JK Rowling is going to write commentaries for the Quidditch World Cup on Pottermore, and singing them as Ginny Potter. Rowling also wrote on Twitter that Ginny is expected to be joined by her family for the Final. I'd love a drabble about Harry stuck at home with the kids - welcome appearance by R/Hr :D Could you do that?

Thanks so much for this prompt, and I’m sorry it took so long! Since we’ve obviously had some new material the last couple days, I took the liberty of tweaking your idea a bit to incorporate it - hopefully you like it! :)

“For the last time, Hermione, I’m not having our children cheering for your Hogwarts sweetheart,” Ron reminded his wife as they ambled down the path toward the Potter residence, their fingers entwined as they swung their hands between them.

“And for the last time, Ron, that’s utterly ridiculous,” Hermione replied. “And besides, if anybody was my ‘Hogwarts sweetheart,’ whatever that means, it was you.”

Ron flushed, clearly pleased, but still argued: “We weren’t really together at Hogwarts.”

“Not while we were both students, anyway,” Hermione countered, a particular gleam in her eye as she turned to grin at her husband.

Ron beamed at the memory. “Yeah, dunno if we want to use the term 'sweetheart’ to describe those encounters though, do we?”

“Seems a bit tame, yes,” Hermione agreed sagely.

“I’m still buying the Brazilian gear,” Ron said as they approached the doorstep of the house, designed to look like a cottage but far too large to truly fit the term.

“I know,” Hermione affirmed with a roll of her eyes, though Ron knew without looking that she still wore an affectionate smile as she knocked on the door.

They could only make eyes at each other a second longer; the door was opened so suddenly and with so much force that they nearly jumped out of their skin.

“Uncle Ron! Aunt Hermione!”

James flew through the entrance hall on a toy broomstick, performing various tricks that should not have been possible on a child’s broom and, much to his godparents’ chagrin, holding onto his younger brother, Al, by the ankle.

“James Sirius! You let your brother go this instant!” Hermione scolded, racing toward them as Al continued to dangle precariously in the air, looking quite unsure as to whether he should be enjoying the ride or screaming with terror.

“It’s useless, Hermione, just let them be. James will get bored soon enough.” Harry had just appeared in the foyer, holding a screaming Lily in his arms. Though she was already six years old, she hadn’t quite outgrown her temper tantrum phase. “I wouldn’t let her have another biscuit,” Harry explained wearily as he shifted his daughter from one side to the other.

“Place damn near falls apart without Ginny, eh?” Ron chortled, but Hermione frowned.

“Are you really letting your sons roughhouse like that, Harry?” She crossed her arms as James giggled and zigzagged between his father and his uncle. Al had begun to laugh as well, though rather nervously as he swung into Ron’s leg.

“I’m watching them; they aren’t going to be hurt,” Harry dismissed, nodding toward the kitchen. They all followed him, even James on his broomstick. “Did you send Rose and Hugo along already?”

“They went ahead with Charlie,” Ron replied. “We’d have gone, too, but we reckoned you might like a hand with this lot.”

“Yeah, well, maybe the International Portkey will calm them down a bit,” Harry remarked. “James! Al! Get down from there, will you? We’re off in…” He paused to check his watch, but realized it wasn’t there. Lily, seemingly exhausted with her crying, had torn it from his wrist in a fit of anguish and was now shaking it insistently.

“We’re off in ten minutes,” Hermione informed him, using her wand to immobilize James’ broom while Ron took Lily from Harry. For some reason, a stern word or two from her favorite uncle had more of an effect on her behavior than even the promise of ice cream.

As Hermione lifted Al from James’ grip safely to the ground, Harry leaned back against the kitchen table and sighed. “I don’t give a dragon’s snout about the match,” he declared. “I just want my wife back.”

Hermione smiled sympathetically, but Ron laughed. “Nice try, mate, but I know how much you want to see Krum get his trophy.” Ron reached over to grip his shoulder. “I won’t even hold it against you, how’s that?”

“As if you didn’t want to see him win, too. You just won’t admit it,” Harry retorted, and Ron shrugged.

“Ginny said Skeeter’s going to be there. Gotta keep up appearances, y'know, give her a scandal. Otherwise she’ll create something twice as bad.” Ron tapped his head knowingly, and Lily giggled, the trauma of being denied a biscuit seemingly forgotten.

“Why she considers us celebrities, I’ll never know,” Hermione added, patting Al on the head as he dragged his knapsack toward the pile of luggage at the foot of the kitchen table. “We live rather unglamorous lives.”

“And thank Merlin for it,” Harry concurred. The three of them chortled and shared a knowing smile. Twenty years since the first time they’d gone to the Cup, and now they were taking their children.

So much had changed, Harry thought, his grin widening as he watched his best mates talk to his children, Ron reaching for Hermione’s hand with his free one - but the most important things, thankfully, would remain ever the same.

The Little Sister - Requested (Luke)

Hello, this was requested by Anon (can you do a luke one where you’re Calum’s sister and you really like luke but you think he only sees you as a sister?) ENJOY!!!!

‘I still can’t get over Cain fallin off stage’ you laugh a little remembering the look on his face. 'He was defiantly getting laid after that’ Robbie tells you. You nod agreeing 'Your just jealous, he was getting laid before that’ you tease. He smirks a little 'Why would I be jealous? I got to take you home’ he bites his lip. 

'Yep, literally just taking me home’ you laugh a little. But as the laughter does down his lips crash into yours his hand holding the back of your neck, you kiss him back, knowing this was gonna happen from the moment you saw him tonight. The tension between you two has been building up for weeks. You feel his over hand moving higher in your leg. 

You don’t even get chance you register what is happening before your pulled out of the car, 'Keep the fuck away’ Luke growls before slamming the car door, he grabs your for arm but you pull away seeing Robbie driving off you storm off for the house. You slam the door before standing in the first step; you hear the door open right behind you and turn to see Luke had followed you. 

'What the hell was that?’ You shout annoyed with what just happened. 'Me? What were you thinking? Who even is that guy?’ Luke shouts at you. 

'What does it matter?’ You call jogging to your room. You slam the door; you swing the wardrobe doors open and start to pull off your jacket. There is a soft knock and you roll your eyes. 'What?’ You snap, 'Can I come in?’ Luke asks already stepping into your room. 'Looks Luke you already are’ you mutter. He is silent for a second sitting in the edge of your bed. 'You mad?’ He asks, you just give him a blank look. 'You’ve never been mad with me before’ he states. 'Yeah well you’ve never pissed me off before’ you snap. 

'I’m not gonna apologise for looking out for you’ he tells you, you ignore him. Pulling your shirt off and throwing it to the side as you slide into one of Calum’s shorts that you sleep in. 

'He was just gonna use you. A quickie in the car is that all you think your worth. Because that’s what was going to happen. He would have driven in a little further, parked up away from the houses and that’s it. You know your worth more, we both know you do’ he tells you, this only annoys you further. Probably because you know he is right. 

'How do you know I didn’t want that?’ you hit back, he scoffs a little. 'Because you’re not like that. Don’t fucking talk about yourself like that’. 

'Why do you care? What I do has nothing to do with you’ you shout. 

'Of course it does, you’re my friend…you’re practically my sister…’

'YOU’RE NOT MY FUCKING BROTHER’ you scream, shocking yourself a little. You can’t take your eyes off Luke, biting his lip, his eyes filling with water, sending a shock of confusion and guilt through you. 'Just leave’ you tell him softly. 

'Why wo…’

'Get out Luke’ you snap, just as your bedroom door opens a little Calum stepping in. 'Come on man’ he tells Luke. Luke glances from Calum too you before he turns and leaves, the door closing but not fully behind Calum. 

'Luke!…Mate come back’ you hear Calum calling before the front door slams. You sigh flopping down into your bed. Calum comes back in a couple minutes later. 'What was that?’ He asks a smirk playing his lips. 'Don’t fucking laugh Calum’ you snap, he bites his lip as he climbs on the bed next to you. You wrap his arm around your shoulders pulling you into his side. You cuddle into him. 

'So?’ He asks after a moment 'he’s a dick’ you mutter closing your eyes not wanting to talk about it. 'Sure littlen you keep telling yourself that’ he chuckles you sit up. 'I’m not a fucking kid Calum, Jesus you and the boys are always treating me like some toddler that needs looking after. It’s so frustrating.’ You argue, standing up and heading for your door. 'Where are you going now?’ He calls. 'To talk to Mali’

'She’s not here’ he sings 'then I will call her’ you shout jogging down the stairs. 'She’s with Rebecca why don’t you just talk to me’ he shouts but you don’t reply heading to the kitchen and grabbing yourself a can of 7up from the fridge you head for living room. Plopping yourself into the sofa, you don’t bother with the TV instead closing your eyes and resting your head in the back if the sofa. 

You start to relax until you hear Calum coming down the stairs a couple seconds later he sits next to you. You can feel his eyes on you, forcing you to glance at him, you raise an eyebrow. 'Since when can’t you talk to me?’ He asks. 'You wouldn’t get it’ you mutter, closing your eyes again. 

'Sure, I wouldn’t get that you have a thing for your brothers best friend but are worried he only sees you as a sister’ he tells you, you nod, keeping your eyes closed until you realise what he said. 

'How the fuck did you know? Did Mali tell you?’ You half shout, sitting up. 'No’ he defends looking at you with huge eyes. 'Wait Mali knew and I didn’t?’ He asks making you roll your eyes. 'You knew, plus she’s Mali’ you explain as though it gives a good reason but it earns you a blank look. 'I’m your big brother too, you could have told me’ he argues. 

'No I couldn’t Calum, it’s weird he’s your best friend’ you sigh. 'And, you’re my sister first. I’m good at secrets, I have known about Ashton liking Mali for wyes and not told a sole’ he defends himself. 'That’s why I didn’t tell you’ to wave your hand towards him, a confused look pulling his eyes. 

'You just blurted Ashton’s secret out without even realising’ you half laugh, he rolls his eyes. 'Shut up’. 


'CALUM I NEED YOUR HELP’ you shout through the house as you jump the last few steps and turn for the kitchen, you freeze in the doorway seeing Luke and Calum both looking at you. 'Luke’ you nod a little greeting him, he smiles 'Hey’. 

'What do you need help with?’ Calum asks, you drag your eyes away from Luke and glance at the papers in your hand. You look back up shaking your head. 'Nothing’ you glance at Luke 'We can talk later’ you tell Calum before spinning back around.  You spend the day in your room until a few hours later when you leave to pee. You jump back when you open the bathroom door to see Ashton on the landing. 

'Fuck, why you creeping around?’ He gasps making him laugh 'I wasn’t creeping. I didn’t know you were in, why didn’t you come say hi?’ He asks faking hurt, which makes you laugh. 'I didn’t realise you were here’ you tell him. He nod slowly 'I have to pee’ he laugh after a second of you both just looking at each other, you nod moving away from the door and letting him in. You head back to your room but as you open your door Ashton speaks. 

'You better be downstairs by the time I’m out’ he warns you. 'I think I’m going chill up here, I’m half way through a film’ you tell him but he frowns. 'Fuck that, get your ass downstairs, I want a hug’ he laughs before closing the bathroom door. You roll your eyes heading in your room and switching off you TV and heading downstairs knowing Ashton won’t drop it. 

'HEY!’ Michael shouts seeing you, you smile waving 'When did you get in?’ He asks, you shake your head grabbing a can from the table before sitting next to him 'I’ve not been out’ you inform him. 'Then why haven’t I had a hug yet?’ He gasps making you laugh as he throws his arm around your shoulders and pulling you into his side. You hug him a little before pulling back. 

'We just ordered pizza’ Calum informs you 'Sweet’ you smile glancing at Luke and you feel guilty for how awkward he looks. 

About twenty minutes later there is a knock signalling the delivery guy was here, Ashton stands to go and get it and you stand to get some ketchup from the kitchen. Luke walks in as you turn to leave the kitchen with the ketchup. 'I already have it’ you tell him knowing that’s what he was getting he smiles a little nodding and turning back around. 'Luke’ you sigh, he turns back to you, his blue eyes meeting your and melting you like thy have for years. 

'I’m sorry about the other day’ you apologise, he shakes his head 'Me too, do you still hate me?’ He asks sweetly. 'I never hated you asshat’ you laugh hugging home his arms wrapping around your back and his head resting on top of yours. 'Asshat?’ He questions as you let go heading towards the flowing smell of pizza. 


You head to Calum and Luke once you have finished your set; you smile as Cal gives you a hug. 'You were great’ he tells you, you nod ‘Thanks did Ash leave?’ You frown a little looking around but not seeing him 'Yeah, Lauren called him’ Luke explain and you nod. 'Are you ready to go or you staying?’ Calum asks. 

'Actually Robbie asked me to…’ You look over your shoulder to where you last saw Robbie, only to see him kissing another girl who’s sitting in his lap. You spin back to the boys. 'I’m coming home with you’ you laugh a little, Calum and Luke or start over at Robbie making you roll your eyes. 'Guys!’ You sing, catching Calum’s attention. 'Are we going?’ You ask, he glances up at Robbie before nodding. 

'Don’t you need your guitar?’ Calum asks, you nod feeling dumb for forgetting it. 'Two seconds’ you tell him before rushing off to the back of the pub for your stuff. 


'Just do it’ I huff, Luke frowns at me but only for a second, then he is staring at that Robbie guy again. 'Do what?’ He asks. 'Tell her you like her’ I shrug, he spins to stare at me, his eyes wide. 'What? Who? I don’t…I don’t know what you talking about! I don’t like anyone’ he rushed looking panicked and I don’t best to bite down my laugh. 

'Come in Luke, we spend 99% of our time together, how long did you think you could hide the facts you like my sister from me?’ I question him, his lips move and I know he has no reply. 'Seriously just ducking tell her already' 




'Ready?’ I ask the boys, Calum smiles. 'Yeah, I’m gonna Erm…meet some friends so you go back with Luke, he’s staying ours anyways’ Calum explain and you nod following. 

'You are? I am?’ Luke looks confused or shocked as he looks to Calum, 'yeah you are’ Calum tells him, you give them a second as they stare at each other before breaking the silence 'Okayyyyy’ you drag before patting Luke’s chest. 'Let’s go’ you tell him. You walk out to the car in silence Luke looking deep in thought. He climbs in and you open the door in your side, freezing when you hear your name being called. 

'I thought we were going out?’ You see Robbie jogging over to you, you roll your eyes. 'Yeah so did I’ you mutter before moving a little closer. 'Look Robbie I’m good with this being casual but don’t make me look like an idiot’ you tell him, he doesn’t reply for a second, you notice he looks over your shoulder, glancing at Luke. 'You do a good enough job of that yourself, Calum’s your brother, what’s this loser always around for?’ Robbie spits. 

'Don’t talk about him like that’ you become defensive causing him to scoff. 'Wow, okay, are you fucking him too? You get around love’ you’re about to defend yourself when you feel an arm pull you back a little, Luke putting his body in front of yours. 

'I think it’s time for you to go’ Luke’s voice is harsh, in the years you have known him you have never seen him like this. 'No worries loser, the sluts all yours’ Robbie laughs a little as he steps back about to walk away Until Luke’s fist comes into harsh contact with his jaw, you gasp, grabbing Luke’s arm. 'Luke what the fuck’ you hiss, shocked by his actions, the wide look in his eyes showing you he is just as shocked. You glance to Robbie seeing his bent over holding his face, he doesn’t move other than sway for a couple of seconds and you look too Luke. Nodding your head to the car you both climb in silence as Luke pulls away Robbie stands straight and watches you drive off. 

'Thanks’ you sigh ten minutes later, although it was unnecessary he had done it in your honour. 'It’s fine, that’s guy is scum, I don’t know why you were wasting your time’ he tells you, causing you to roll your eyes. 'Let’s not do this again’ you mutter, glancing over you see a smirk tugging his lips as he knows he was right all along. 

You’re sitting under your duvet half an hour later, you only came up to change but ended up climbing into your bed, 'What are you doing?’ Luke calls from downstairs. 'Come up’ you shout back, you hear his feet trampling up the stairs before your door opens and stands in the door way glaring at you. You lift the covers next to you and nod for him to join you. He closes the door shaking his head 'Get the control’ you tell him before he sits down he huffs standing back up and climbing in the bed, he starts flicking through channels and you shuffle down the bed resting your head in his chest. 

'Thanks again’ you tell him, 'you don’t have to keep thanking me, it’s my job’ he tells you, you internally scream but smile instead. 'Yep, as my brother’ you sigh a little hopping he didn’t notice. 

'Not as your brother’ he tells you, 'Come on Luke you know I was just pissed the other day, I love you’ you move your head to look at him he smiles softly but it doesn’t reach his eyes. 'No it’s not that, look I probably shouldn’t do this, I mean it’s just…’ While he starts to ramble you sit up and turn to face him. 

'I hate calling you my sister; I hate thinking of you as my sister, it’s pretty sick to think of you as my sister. Okay….I wasn’t gonna tell you, ever, but Calum figured it out and he told me to man up, I just don’t want you to freak out I mean it’s weird I just….’

'Luke I like you, more than a brother, more than a friend, I like you’ you rush out, interrupting him, he stares straight at me. 'Oh shit, I don’t know why I said that’s, I thought you were…of course you weren’t’ you ramble getting out of the bed and moving towards the door, your heart racing as you feel the heart filling your cheeks. 

He grabs your arm pulling you back to the bed where he is kneeling on the edge not giving himself the time to stand, he pulls you to him, his lips crashing into yours, your mind is racing as you feel his lips move against yours, your to shocked to move, you have been waiting for this for years, this is what you wanted. 

'Kiss me’ Luke whispers before pressing his lips slowly back to yours. 

From Chelsea