that everything will be okay i promise you

Okay so I’m home but I’m also really tired so I’ll answer all my asks tomorrow. I’m happy to answer spoiler questions if anyone is curious, but try to ask me off anon so I can reply privately!

But one thing is true, this movie was INSANE! It made maze runner look like child’s play. It’s so much more grown up. The cranks are TERRIFYING. I promise you they are.

Aris is definitely my fav character, bless his everything including Jacob Lofland! He did so well in this movie. (!!!SPOILER IF YOU DONT WANT TO KNOW IF JACOB’S SOUTHERN ACCENT IS IN THE MOVIE) (it is in the movie and it’s the cutest thing ever, I want to cry from how cute he is)

NEWT WAS JUST???? JFC how can one be so hot

And also minho is so freaking hilarious in the movie, just like “what happened, oh cool” BUT HAIR STILL ON FLEEK DONT WORRY

and JFC let’s not even talk about the deaths ok NOPE

ALSO THERES AN EASTER EGG FIND IN THE MOVIE THAT I CAUGHT AND I ASKED WES ABOUT AND HE WAS LIKE “YOU CAUGHT THAT” and than he tried to deny it so that was fun but TS Nowlin knew what was up.

Also I sort of talked to Wes about Gally but nothing too important. (Like I meanIF HE WAS TO RETURN YA KNOW)

I also told Wes that he needs to put page 250 in the movie WORD FOR WORD and he literally just goes “please tommy please” OK WES BALL THANKS

ok I think thats it, I wanted to make sure to get everything out as its still fresh. Goodnight! I welcome asks :o)

shh… ” the boy hushed the panicking girl in front of her, placing one hand against her cheek as he tried to meet her eyes. “ look at me. it’s okay. everything’s gonna be okay. i promise. i promise. ” the last sentence came out as a whisper, his forehead touching hers as he closed his eyes, trying to get her to calm down. “ just breathe… you trust me, right? do you trust me? ”

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Hi, I need help. I love my boyfriend with all my heart but, he's wronged me a lot. He cheated on me the second day we were dating and said he was still in love with his ex then last month I read his texts and he was talking about dating this other girl. And of course I got sad and he says he loves but I don't know how to believe that after everything. I love him though so I haven't done anything about it ugh jsjssjsnsn

ok dump him for real please dump him very much please u don’t deserve that and I know u love him and I know how much it hurts and I know u just want to be the only one for him but no matter how much he apologizes and he says it doesn’t mean anything it’s still not okay and u shouldn’t put up with it and I promise when u find someone who treats u the way u deserve you will realize how terrible he is to u :(

please cheer up

Okay I’m stubborn. I second guess myself and over think everything. I pms. I’m insecure. I never listen. I’m unpredictable and I’ll never do anything right. But I promise you that if I give you my heart it’s forever yours to keep. I’ll be loyal. I’ll always be there if you need me and I’ll love you with all my might. I’ll treat you right and I’ll do anything to keep out relationship together.
—  To my future partner (anonymous)

Holy shit I reached 1.5k?? Thank you to everyone who follows me and puts up with my shit posts and everything, on my last account it took me a year to reach this amount but idk how it happened so fast here. Enjoy the shitty graphic lmao but seriously thankyou!! Here are some quality blogs I follow thankyou for making my dash pretty.Second attempt I’m sorry for the multiple tags before idk what happened??

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shanica, so this year we stopped talking for a bit & I swear I was the saddest shit without you but it’s okay because we are back together n reunited forever ilysm and I promise we’ll meet this year :)) we’re also coming to our 3rd year of friendship and I can’t believe you put up with me because honestly I’m so extra. You are the most amazing ass bestfriend in the world ilyy

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If you also think that Hisoka would totally swoon over Illu’s muscles and him being strong, we are pals now, okay?

New headcanon that whenever Illumi goes to buy anything big like household appliances or something, he just picks it up and walks away and sometimes forgets to pay and the workers are so freaked out by this guy walking off with like, an entire washing machine, clothes dryer, dish washer set or whatever that they just let him go.

The next thing that I post will be very serious, I am promising this to myself.

in my hospital room
struggling on drinking CT contrast
but feeling a tiny bit better; I’m glad I admitted myself in early instead of dragging it on like I did before with the three weeks of hell (they’re only planning on keeping me overnight so far)

thank you all so much for the well wishes and support
I’m so sorry for bothering and worrying you all. I’m so sorry…

truthfully, I just have been in a really bad place mentally / emotionally / physically for what seems like forever, despite everything I’ve said and whatnot. i think I was just putting up a front. forcing myself to seem okay.

I’m sorry
I’ll try to get better soon. I’m still fighting, I promise…

1. Do not call him. While it may be hard for you to sleep at night without hearing his voice, I can promise you that it is not hard for him to sleep without hearing yours.
2. Cry. It is okay to cry, it doesn’t make you weak. Keeping it bottled up makes you weak, letting it out makes you stronger.
3. Love. Love the flowers, love dogs, love cats, love those stupid fucking raisins that you hate, love everything that he hates. Love your life while you still can. Love yourself. While he may have been able to leave you, you cannot. You have been stuck with yourself from the moment you took your first breath, and you will be until the moment you take your last. Embrace that truth with open arms.
4. Take care of yourself, take care of your friends, take care of your family, take care of strangers. If you feel as though you have a heart full of love with no one to give it to, give it to the world. It needs it a whole lot more than he does.
5. Don’t be afraid. Let people in, trust people, stop being scared of your own shadow because of him. Not everyone is going to lie to you and abandon you, but not everyone is going to tell you the truth and stay with you. Be careful, but do not be fearful.
6. Stop listening to his favorite songs or his favorite band, stop listening to those stupid songs that tug at your heart strings and make you think of the first time you held his hand, stop torturing yourself over something that you had no control over. It really wasn’t you, it really was him.
7. Please remember to eat. If he doesn’t love you now, he will not love you if you lose 40 pounds in a month, and you won’t love you either.
8. Stop trying to be enough for him and learn how to be enough for yourself. I promise you that no one will ever love you more than you can love yourself, and I can promise you that nobody deserves your love more than you do.
9. Learn to appreciate the little things about yourself that he couldn’t stand, like the way you pick at your nail polish when you’re nervous, or the way that you twirl your hair around your fingers when you’re trying to focus, or how you tug at the collar of your shirt when you don’t know what to say. Appreciate the little things about yourself that make you different, because they are the only things that make you, you. Never let anyone strip you of your individuality, especially some stupid, hormone crazed, teenage boy who still needs his mother to dress him at 17 years old.
10. Talk to new people and make new friends, you can never have too many. Have a conversation with the quiet girl in your class who disappears to the library by herself at lunch, and then invite her to come have lunch with you, or ask her if she would mind your company at the library. Make everyone feel at home.
11. When he leaves, don’t isolate yourself or turn your body into a walking shrine of all of the memories that you two created. Get out of bed, brush your teeth, brush your hair, put on a nice dress, for no reason other than the fact that you want to look good for yourself. Step outside of your front door, sit on the porch, sit in the grass, take a walk, soak up the sun, fall in love with the world. It is so much more beautiful than he ever will be.
12. Reinvent yourself for the better, and turn yourself into someone you would fall in love with, and then do it.
—  A 12-Step Program on How to Get Over the Boy Who Broke Your Heart

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Regina calls a suicide hotline. Emma picks up.... (Sorry it's so vague, it just came to me and I don't know what I want with it it just seemed really cool)

Thanks for the prompt. 

TW for references to suicide. 

Emma picks up the phone for her first call. It’s her first night as a volunteer for the suicide hotline. She doesn’t know what to expect. All she knows that even if she can help just one person then her job matters. 

“Hi, Emma speaking, are you okay?” she asks. 

“Hi,” a voice comes across the line, slowly, painfully as if making the call is an effort, “I wasn’t going to call…..I just……I need to talk to someone.” 

“You can talk to me,” Emma promises, “Everything’s totally anonymous, you don’t even have to tell me your name if you don’t want to.” 

“Thank you,” Regina says. No-one ever listens. No-one and even if this is a stranger on a phone, someone wants to listen and for her that’s incredible. “I don’t know what to do anymore.” 

“What do you mean?” Emma asks. 

“My life….it isn’t what I wanted. My mother….she wouldn’t let me be with the man I wanted to marry, instead she married me off to one of her business associates….and the marriage….well….it…..”

“It’s not a good one,” Emma says painfully aware of what this woman is hinting at.

“Yeah,” Regina replies, “I just feel like I don’t matter.” 

“You do,” Emma promises her, “Let me tell you a secret. Tonight is my first day. You are my first phone call. Even if you weren’t, even if you were my millionth call you would still matter. You matter and I know you’re strong enough to carry on.” 

“How? How do you know when you’ve never met me?” 

“Because you picked up the phone. You knew when you needed help and you called me. You matter to me…”

“Regina,” Regina admits. 

“Regina,” Emma repeats, “You can call me any time Regina okay? I’m here this time every night, even if you just want to say hi, you can call and I’ll listen.” 

“Really?” Regina asks in disbelief that a stranger is going to such lengths to help her. 

“Really,” Emma assures her, “I promise.”

sheldoncuddlesamyvixen requested: “Hi! Do you think you could write a story where Amy got to the apartment late and all of the seats were taken and Sheldon gives up his spot so she can sit?”

Hi!  Thanks for the prompt!  I think that it would be really sweet of Sheldon to give up something he clearly loves as much as his spot for Amy.  Ahh!  Feels.  Okay.  I hope you enjoy!  (Also, I’m really sorry if the break isn’t working? At least this story isn’t super long.)

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Guys what would you do if you saw your special other sad because of her family? (Noroi I need a virtual hug ;-;)

Ayato: hey… uh.. you seemed upset earlier.. you okay? hey are you crying, wanna talk about it? is it about your mother, i heard she’s in the hospital again.. c’mere you *hugs* everything is gonna be okay, i promise alright? so cheer up

Laito: Bitch-chan.. you’ve been locked up in your room all day long and i’m getting lonely~, whats wrong huh? come on you can tell me… oh it’s your father yes? you texted me late last night saying he was yelling at you and throwing things, why didn’t you let me come pick you up? 

Kanato: h-hey.. don’t be sad.. please don’t be sad! here would you like to hold teddy? normally you can’t touch teddy…but… it’s okay this time, teddy wants you to hold him, we don’t want you to be upset… ne teddy?

Reiji: alright whats the problem? and don’t bother lying to me, i can sense you’ve been stressed all day. now come here and tell me whats the matter, it’s very distracting having you acting all depressed… oh i see… so your grandmother is on her death bed, you have my condolences. follow me i’ll make you some tea… no poison in it this time

Shu: whats with the long face huh? i can tell your upset about something, does it have anything to do with the fight you said your family had a few nights ago?… it was really that bad huh. well come here, lay with me.. do you have any songs you’d like to listen too?

Subaru: *hugs* don’t look so confused. i know very well when your upset, and don’t try any of those stupid ‘i’m fine’ things.. you should know better then to lie to me by now. i don’t ever want you to feel like you have to hold back around me… when i was going through hard times.. i remember no one was there for me…. but… i want to be here for you

Yuma: Sow whats wrong with you? you haven’t spoken to me all day?… oh i see…. family issues.. yeah.. those suck. hey you wanna come out to my garden? i wanna show you this huge pumpkin i’ve been growing for ya! it was supposed to be a surprise for your birthday but i guess you can see it now!

Kou: M-neko-chan! *knocks on door* M-neko-channnnn! open the doooooooorrrrrrr! tell me whats bothering you! Alright i’m coming in… huh? your crying! whats wrong… awww did something bad happen in the family? *hugs*

Azusa: um…. i understand… things are rough…. right now… but.. you know i’m always …here for you… do you want… a hug?…. or maybe… we can just….. cuddle?…. i want you… to feel better….. much better

Ruki: Livestock i heard that there was a huge argument the other day. are you okay? why didn’t you say anything to me? it’s a master’s job to keep they’re livestock happy and healthy. so whenever anything happens i want you to tell me, thats an order 

(Noroi: OH NUUU! i hope you feel better soon! *hugs* i needed a hug too!)

Remember the moment stars died
And sun was not up yet ?
There was a breeze visiting us
From most distant of the places,
And you turned on your right in the alcove
Whispering me in soft rains,
And we promised each other
In kisses and words–
That everything will be okay…

Everything will be okay!!

Remember we were rising higher and higher
You eluriate my soul from somniferous clutches,
We never knew where we will end up drifting,
Magellanic clouds? You call them home
We would probably stay there,
Far and far above from this chaotic rushes…

We did not know much about anything
Except that
I would follow you like my guardian star,
For ever and ever
Loving from light years away
Loving from lips apart far,
And everything will turn out to be–


A/N: Request by Princedorado who wanted a sequel to this imagine (X).

That Saturday, Eggsy picked you up at 7, just like he promised. He took you out to eat, and then you spent most go your time in his car, just talking to him about everything; life, favorite stuff, and random stories. Until you thought of doing something a little more fun. “You know when we first me, I kinda saw that you were quite a flirter.”

“And I kinda figured you’d be turned on by my charms.” he replied.

“I think you’ve go it the wrong way. I’m pretty sure you were turned on my charms.” you emphasized, but Eggsy didn’t look convinced. “Okay, then let’s play a game. Both of us making flirty remarks at each other until one of us shows any sign of embarrassment, blushing, or just can’t think of anything else to say deal?” you proposed.

“All right. You’re on.” he smiled. “Is your name Wi-FI? Cause I’m feeling a connection.”

“You know you look a lot like my next boyfriend?”

“Do you like sleeping cause we should do it together next time?”

“Let’s flip a coin. Heads your mine. Tails I’m yours.”

“If you were a pill I’d overdose.” he smiled. You looked at him for a few seconds and instantly placed your lips on to his, and it was no surprise that he kissed back. When you pulled away, you could see Eggsy blushing like there was no tomorrow, trying to find a way to speak.

“Well. Looks like I win.” you said as you got out of the car and entered your house.

A/N: Hope you enjoyed it! Have an Imaginable Day!

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im so lost in tumblr bc im newb but i really love your fics so can you link me to your last 5 or 3 i cant remember how many i didnt find so better 5 ;-;

my last five fics? thank u for the opportunity for promo my friend i think i love you lmao I have no shame i’m fucking proud of these fics

When The Stars Go Blue - AU. Musician!Dan and Artist/Barista!Phil it’s pretty good i’m not going to lie to you

How To Fall in Love With Dan Howell - this got over 1400 notes it’s done ok

But I Don’t Wanna Dance (If I’m Not Dancing With You) - fucking cute Vidcon 2015 when  they just wanna be alone and they slow dance okay IT’S EVERYTHING. 

Into My Arms, Back Where You Belong -  adorable airport reunion 2015 

And I’ll Be WIth You (or Without) - 2012!Phan angst but sort of fluff it’s actually alright i promise u

things might seem bad and everything seems hopeless now, but i promise youll be okay. in fact youll be more than okay one day, youll be happy, youll wake up and look back on your past and youll thank your past self for never giving up. youll lay in bed with your windows open on a summer night with your partner or your friends or by yourself, and the only thing that youll be confused about is how you ever thought about giving up (and probably taxes, theyre pretty confusing) <3

okay, so I couldn’t resist finishing off my logan x veronica nanny/single parent au, especially when nevertothethird and atartsboudoir gave me such great ideas for how it could continue

The quiet moments were Veroncia’s favourite part of motherhood. Not that she didn’t love the loud moments, when Caitlin was running around in a wide-eyed ball of energy, excited about everyone and everything, but there was something about the quiet moments that were particularly special.

When she was reading Caitlin a story, cuddling her close or brushing her hair, or like now, when she was just watching her drop off to sleep, her feathery blonde hair spread out like a halo on the pillow, Veronica felt more at peace than she could ever feeling at any other time in her life. The quiet moments let her marvel at the sight and feel of her own flesh and blood, let her savour the fact that somehow she, in all her screwed-up, hard-edged glory, had managed to produce something so pure and good – and even better, that so far she seemed to be doing an okay job raising her.

That was what she had been most afraid of – that even with the best dad in the world as a role model, she wouldn’t be a good enough parent. But somehow she was doing okay.

Maybe she had worked extra hard because she had known she would be the only parent Caitlin would have. She and Josh had already split up by the time she found out she was pregnant, and he made it clear from the start he wasn’t ready to be a father. He would pay child support if she wanted, but he didn’t want to be involved at all. Veronica didn’t mind; in her experience an absent parent was better than a bad one.

And she had done her best to make sure Caitlin’s life wasn’t devoid of male influences. There was her dad, who doted adoringly on his granddaughter and never refused her anything. There was Wallace and even Weevil, whose own little girl was a regular playmate of Caitlin’s. And there was Logan.


Logan, who was probably still waiting downstairs. Logan, who was becoming a serious complication.

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Okay, now I know not a lot of you are gamers on here.
However, if you could indulge me for a moment. I wanted to share a little story.
A lot of kids grew up on video games. We all have our “defining game” that we grew up on. Some kids it was Pong, for others it was Mario, I’m sure now it’s Call of Duty.
Mine was Metal Gear Solid.
Like everything I was obsessed with from 8-18, it helped shape me into who I am today. I promise you if you were to play the first Metal Gear Solid from 98, you would go, “Yeah, this seems like a game Stephen would play.”
In 1998 my mom purchased me a PlayStation. I remember begging for an N64, because all my friends had one, however she said, “CD’s are the way of the future.” Being the spoiled brat I was, begrudgingly set up the gaming console. Soon, I choked on my own ignorance.
Of course games were just as expensive back then as they are now so my mom couldn’t afford many. If I’m recalling correctly, I got: Tomb Raider, Small Soldiers and Metal Gear Solid.
I’m pretty sure my mom got Metal Gear Solid for herself (yes my mom played video games…she’s a badass) however, I quickly grew attached to this story of an American spy, of the name Solid Snake, who took on a terrorist organization with nuclear capabilities.
I won’t get into what made the game awesome but I will say this, it was genre defining and ushered in a new era of graphics and storytelling via video games. It was like watching a film but you controlled it.
Metal Gear Solid was THE game that changed all games. Call of Duty, Bioshock, Halo, Arkham Asylum, Uncharted… all of these games sprouted from the unique storytelling of MGS.
MGS showed the world what gaming COULD be and every once in a while a sequel to MGS pops up that shakes the balance of the gaming industry and shows once again that time, nuance and talent make all the difference.
In 5 days, Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain will be released. It’s already receiving near perfect scoring.
It’s a bitter sweet moment for not only me, who grew up on these games, but for the director of these video games: Hideo Kojima.
I won’t get too into it, but the publisher Konami has recently done a company overhaul and they have disbanded the sect of the company that created Metal Gear Solid: Kojima Productions.
They forced out a man who had been their biggest creative beacon and bread/butter of over 30 years because they didn’t like that Kojima, a singular man, be bigger than their own company.
This would be like Universal disbanding Amblin and Dreamworks, forcing Spielberg out of his own company right after making Indiana Jones 5.
Here I present the launch trailer for the newest Metal Gear Solid, which will be the last true Metal Gear Solid. It briefly shows all of the works of Kojima since the first MGS and pays tribute to his own legacy in the gaming world.
If you have any interest in gaming, and you were ever on the fence about this weird, cool and revolutionary game series; then you have my ultimate recommendation.