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What I hate about Jackson Wang

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I hate that you doubt yourself at times

I hate that you are so breathtakingly beautiful and sometimes do not realize it

I hate that you felt you needed to lose weight to be more attractive because frankly it just isn’t possible

I hate that your laugh is the cutest thing on earth (Sorry Youngjae)

I hate that people sleep on you and you take it to heart

I hate that you have my heart (So does my bf)

I hate the cute way you eat

I hate the way you effortlessly can speak so many languages

I hateeeeee your deep voice that snatches my soul ok

I hate the way you are excited by life and that it excites me 

I hate the fact that you are so generous, caring, and hardworking yet people don’t see that

I think the one thing I hate the most is that not everyone in the world will get to experience the love and appreciation I have for you 


will byers is gay coded → canon evidence