that episode was pure awesome

Thank God the creators explained the whole reason behind the episode today.

Honestly, I thought it was really good. I mean, it sort of reminded me of the Ember Island Players (aka something silly before the intense finale). Each person’s part of the episode (except Varrick and Bolin’s. That was pure comedy…which  was AWESOME) explained a lot and it was nice to hear their perspectives. It would have been nice to see a glimpse of Mako and Korra’s relationship before Rebel Spirits but I understand why they didn’t show it. I liked the chibi parts too. They cracked me up. This was actually the first time I tolerated Wu.

Overall, despite the episode being filled with flashbacks, it was still really good and funny. Thank you, Bryke.

Now, we only have five more episodes of Korra.

But I know it’s gonna be awesome and intense.