that episode was pure awesome

can we talk about heidi

she’s such a legend honestly??? like she puts up with cartman’s bullshit and STILL tries to help him, even though he’s the biggest asshole. she even stood up to him this episode!! and she gave that awesome speech which led to craig’s pure and wholesome™ way of helping tweek, which of course obviously led to that A+ ending.

i just want to thank heidi personally for being great okay

Watching TBBT season 10 finale
  • Ramona : *plants a big kiss on Sheldon's lips*
  • Sheldon : *stunned* Excuse me a moment
  • Sheldon : *gets out, gets in a cab, to the airport to fly to New Jersey to show up at Amy's door*
  • Me : *can't stop laughing and crying and shaking from laughing too much the whole way*

my thoughts on season 3 of voltron?… that shit gay

The most recent Steven Universe episodes were AMAZING!!!!! OMG!! Awesome plot development!!

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A critical examination of “Endgame” (1x12)

or “Why I find the Book 1 finale very disappointing”

There are many people who love the finale of Book 1. I’ve read a lot more praise for it than I’ve read criticism. I understand why people love it. There are a number of awesome scenes in this episode. I, however, don’t like it very much. In fact, it’s one of my least favorite episodes.

I want to be clear that I’m not trying to convince others to hate on it. I am simply laying it out here why I find “Endgame” so disappointing.

I thought it would be easy to write this post. After all, it’s just one episode, and I already knew which elements really irked me. However, I wanted to try to understand what was going on, and through making that effort, it only made me more frustrated with the episode.

I am not going to lament on the lost potential of the Equalist plot, express disappointment that Amon is a waterbender, or make suggestions on how certain issues could have been better served if they carried over into Book 2. My criticisms focus mostly on “Endgame” itself and how it works as the finale of Book 1.

This is a very long post – a much longer post than I ever expected to compose. I walk you through the entire episode. It’s not that I hate every minute of “Endgame” that I do this. I do it to help keep things in context.

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anentireuncookedmeatloaf  asked:

hallo friend, can you link me to some of your favorite raywood fics? :) ive read a lot on ao3 but im sure there are more. ps i dont mind if you answer this publicly or privately idk if you want to share them with everyone else while you're at it

Sure, friend! Ok, let’s get started. 

So, I’ll start off with “I’d Like It Better If I Could Win At It”. Though it’s not purely raywood I still thought I’d list it because it’s one of my favourites. It’s got the whole alpha/beta/omega dynamics going on and it’s really sweet, while also being really hot. When I first read it I skipped to all the raywood chapters but then it was so good I delved in to the other ones and I dunno just read it here: (x) Here’s the timeline as it’s not published completely linearly. You’ll see what I mean if you read it but here’s the order to read it in (x) It’s just suuuuper good.

After Hours“ is a cafe au. It’s really cute, the characters are spot on and it’s got smutty goodness (x)

Feeding the Strays” is where Ray is a young criminal and Ryan is an older nerdy high school teacher. They meet and stuff ensues….smutty stuff..and then cute stuff! Read it (x)

put your arm around my collarbone” is a fake ah crew au, ray gets shot, Ryan saves him….sounds angsty but it’s actually really cute (x)

Ten out of Ten”, Ryan is a vampire and Ray likes getting his blood drawn…’s really cute! (x)

Words Unspoken” involves a mute!Ryan and declarations of love and explosions (x)

How I Met Your Mother (AU)…’s a himym au… if you couldn’t guess. It’s based on the first episode and it’s pretty pure awesome (x)

Against Type“ is a genderbent raywood college au. There’s only one chapter so far and Ray and Ryan haven’t actually met yet but I’m excited so see where it goes (x)

Warning: A lot of these fics are smutty just so you now, in case you’re not in to that. 

I hope you haven’t already read all of these and all the links are right! <33

Girl Meets Money Brain Dump

Where do I even begin? This episode was awesome. It’s one of the most purely character-based episodes so far, relatively little esoteric meta stuff (although that’s in there too, it just with a lighter touch than usual).

Best Moment of the Episode (Funny): Riley’s little zombie song. Although it kinda comes out of nowhere and I think some kind of Rilucas interaction over the zombie video game got cut. BOO! Honorable Mention to Cuban calling Lucas “Miss America,” Riley calling Minkus “Minkus,” and Riley’s Knicks bits—more on those in a biiiiit.

Best Moment of the Episode (Not Funny): Farkle investing in Maya, or Farkle and Stuart’s heart-to-heart. Or maybe Riley tearing up in class. Or maybe Corpanga’s duet on the value of teachers. I don’t know tbh everything was good.

Biggest Ship Moment of the Episode: This one goes to Riarkle for “Don’t worry Riley, Pluto will always be a planet it my room.” It’s meta, but if you get it…you get it. Runner up is “I like this little ferret.” Again, meta, but if you it you get it. There are a couple other ship related things in this ep, but I think I might give them their own post.

The Classroom Lesson: This one was more about Farkle’s life and Maya’s life, but only in a relatively broad sense compared to the usual on-the-nose stuff, and the episode is better for it. The lesson itself was more of a straight lesson that a NORMAL teacher might actually teach. I mean obviously still not quite, but closer than we’ve ever seen before from Cory, tbh.

Maya thoughts: It’s easy to criticize the whole “don’t feel bad about your life because other people have it worse” thing. I agree that it’s not okay to dismiss people’s immediate distress with a line like that, but I don’t think that’s what happened here. Maya seemed to come to that conclusion all on her own. Really: Anything that makes Maya feel a bit better about her lot in life is a-okay by me. She deserves to feel better, and it seemed internally motivated, not only because she realized how many people have it worse off than she does, but also because she saw that money wasn’t everything for Farkle.

Aight, that’s just a general brain dump. Got some meta stuff coming later, I need to rewatch first.

Thank God the creators explained the whole reason behind the episode today.

Honestly, I thought it was really good. I mean, it sort of reminded me of the Ember Island Players (aka something silly before the intense finale). Each person’s part of the episode (except Varrick and Bolin’s. That was pure comedy…which  was AWESOME) explained a lot and it was nice to hear their perspectives. It would have been nice to see a glimpse of Mako and Korra’s relationship before Rebel Spirits but I understand why they didn’t show it. I liked the chibi parts too. They cracked me up. This was actually the first time I tolerated Wu.

Overall, despite the episode being filled with flashbacks, it was still really good and funny. Thank you, Bryke.

Now, we only have five more episodes of Korra.

But I know it’s gonna be awesome and intense.