that entire outfit

hes a supernatural kid who can levitate things (including himself) and has a third eye


Legolas reports back to his father.

jojo jokes are incredibly bewildering to me, i’ll be scrolling past an ordinary joke and there’ll be a comment added to it like “BEHOLD THE TRUE POWER OF FANTASTIC CHAMELEON” being shouted by a man with an outfit made entirely out of peacock feathers and i just don’t know what to make of any of it


On the topic of layers:

In the “Imagine” clip, we had a very open and comfortable Sana. Comfortable with where she was in life, with how (she thought) the two sides of her identity were at peace, with her friends and family. This is reflected, partly, with her clothes and hijab.
She chose, for the first time on screen, to wear her hijab wrapped only around her head (turban style) with visible earings. She’s also wearing a lighter makeup with light lipgloss instead of her traditional dark lipstick (Sana using her makeup as a shield was discussed before in a meta by @evenandsana here).The style makes her outfit look more open than usual.
She’s also wearing a cream coloured top which is unusual for her. We usually see her rock black and mainly black (although she sports colours sometimes, like that killer orange hoodie) but here, she is wearing a lighter colour as well and not just that: it creates an opening in her outfit.
A “white door” in her black outfit. Straight to the heart.

In the “Ikke Snakk Til Meg” clip, however, she reverts back to the style we saw her in first. Hijab tight around her chin, all black clothes with no top with a personalised type of message on (like BOY BYE) that we can see. Her outfit is entirely closed. Her makeup is the heaviest and darkest we’ve seen her in, I think (at the exception of the first time we saw her on the show, like I said). Heavy smokey eye, really dark and opaque shade of lipstick. Her expression is closed too.

I just felt like pointing out how her state of mind is reflected visually in her choice of clothing and makeup as well. And how obvious the details become when the two most opposite outfits are directly compared.

Sana is now back to being closed-off. Back to trying to protect her broken heart with as many literal and figurative layers as she can.