that entire interview is gold

What’s very exciting about these three episodes is to really play the repercussions of the last season,” says Gatiss. “There are lots of things that come to fruition this season which we have been seeding for a while. We knew we were going to get here. And, with the things that we’ve been planning, the darkness was sort of inevitable. They’re not things that could have happened any time, and where we get to is a very different place to where we’ve been before. He said, elliptically.
—  Mark Gatiss S4 interview, Vanity Fair [x]

“a man who likes yuuri a lot”

this entire interview with the production/direction lead is gold hfdshkjfgskjh pls find more translation excerpts here for more information on all the attention given to everyone’s lips and butts


This entire interview is gold, “that’s the goal!”, Seb’s asshole characters and classmates, Thomas and Seb laughing uncontrollably over Twitchy, and that Seb’s character is once again “broken.” Boy knows how to pick them. Haven’t seen it on here yet, def worth a watch!