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Day 3 of MCU FemShip Week

Nemesis - Dottie Underwood & Natasha Romanoff

“Who is she?”
“An old friend.”
“I’d hate to meet your enemies, Romanoff.”
“Shut up and go, I’ll deal with her.”

“Why, hello there Natalia. It has been a while.”
“Are you still upset I left?”
“Oh, sweetie, it was never about you leaving the KGB. It’s about you leaving me behind.”


We Have Seen the Enemy 

Everything I’ve told you was true
So imagine my surprise when I blink my eyes
And realize that I’ve been talking to you
And I’ve told you everything
Even the parts I’d meant to leave out
And I shake my hair, and I look about

And the wild dogs are hungry
And the wild dogs howl
And the wild dogs in the mountains to the north of us
Come down

from Zopilote Machine (1994)

Imam Hussain (as)’s Last Sermon - To Umayyad Army in Karbala

On the 10th of #Moharram in 61 A.H, Imam Hussain (as) admonished the army of Banu Umayyad in Karbala by giving an eloquent Sermon.

“Prophet (saws) raised me up by feeding the Divine Prophecies. I am the son of Prophet (saws) and my mother is ‘Batool’ (as). I have been created as infallible Imam. I have the privilege of being the son of Amir-ul- Momaneen, Ali (as). I am the son of that who holds the key to the future events and sustenance of the whole universe. Hassan (as) has brought me up to his customs. I am the Divine authority, recognise me prior to declaring war against me. Be aware! You will close all the doors of forgiveness by killing me. You are doing this for the attraction of your leader’s promised rewards, but if you ask me, I can bless you thousands’ time more than that. (I know) collecting filth is in your genes. You are unable to comprehend and (debate with doubts) that we regularly travel through the milky ways. (Be aware) Stars are nothing else but aftermath of footprints. North pole finds its direction from us (as). Ours destination is in ‘Qabah Quosaan’ (The highest point in the heavens); and ‘Bait-ul-Mamoor’ (the highest point in skies where Divine Throne is located) is our residence. ‘Bismilla’ refers to our beginning and ‘Yakhamah’ concludes with our (attributes). ‘Innamah’ describes our Divinity and Purity, ‘Allif-lam’ is on our introduction, ‘WalAsr’ is about our glandular status, The Verse of ‘Feel’ is the narration of our past, ‘Walfaj’ has borrowed colours from us, ‘Filqurbah’ (The verse which says that it is compulsory to love Ahlulbayt a.s) is the means to seek nearness to us, the verse of ‘Dahr’ is on our generosity, ‘MinYashra’ defines our rights, ‘Al-Taha’ is about our way of life, the Verse of ‘Muzimmil’ is our outfit, the verse of ‘AlQadr’ authenticate our (Divine) rights, it is in our jurisdiction to change the direction of ‘Qabateen’ (Two directions for offering prayers) we attend to the needs of others in ‘Rukku’ of prayers. Our traditions became the principles of religion; we are the ‘Ibrahim’.
However, those who could not gain guidance from 63 years of preaching will not beinfluenced by my words. You are blinded by the ‘worthless’ rewards and are inclined to disgrace Holy Prophet’s family (asws)-which would result in your eternal punishment.

(Nahjul Asrar, referene, Usool-e-Kafi, vol, 1, chapter 20).

Enemy Characters as things people have said at my school recently
  • Jordan: if you don't do it I'll kill you *10 minutes later* ... joking
  • David: be quiet you're all irrelevant
  • Kyle: *looks over at Ed* he's gonna fuck me, I hope he fucks me
  • Brooke: I aint' your slut
  • Mad Matt: we all live in a black hole and if you don't believe me you're wrong
Ultimate Enemy Character Showdown!
Vote for your favorite Enemy Series Characters in this Tournament Showdown! Round of 32:

It’s here! The Ultimate Enemy Character Showdown! I know I missed a TON of characters, and they’re all awesome in their own way, but I tried to keep it to a nice even 32. I’m sorry if your favorite isn’t here, maybe I’ll do another one of these in the future with totally different characters!

I “seeded” who I think will be the top 8, but other than that, the pairings were completely random. :)

Voting for this round will end Saturday, 23 September at 11:59 pm.

Thanks so much to everyone who votes!! x

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OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN ME TOO I LEGIT THOUGHT THEY WERE GONNA BE A THING I MEAN AKKIE WAS SO READY TO RUN AWAY WITH HIM. but also………..another ryan crack ship of mine….is lowkey ryan x will the whole “you tricked me didn’t you” interaction y’know……….

So I went into London today (for the second time this week, I know) and not only did I see posters for the Natural History Museum, Buckingham Palace, The Tower of London and the Houses of Parliament on my travels; I had the misfortune of going through Green Park four times, Hyde Park twice and Regent’s Park twice.

I also so a guy at Marylebone station that legit reminded me of DogNut and was like; I have found him.