that dynamic



“Alpha and Omega

The beginning and the end of the universe

Eternal beings thrown into each other’s gravity

Pushing and pulling

And slowly colliding.”

Ok but how about some more Galra!AU with an alpha!Shiro and an omega!Keith for the soul?



More Galra!AU featuring:

  • A smol angry bean (Keith). A lot of you asked me what my headcanons for the alpha/beta/omega dynamics in this AU are… and to be honest, I think omegas are the fiercer ones in this universe. They’re the ones to have babies and take care of them, so I think it’s only natural that omegas are - despite being smaller than alphas - are the fiercer ones. Never get between an omega and their family. 
  • A flustered Shiro - he’s all head over heels for his angry bean.
  • And some more Empress Allura. She’s an omega, too. :)

I love drawing these purple space cats at the moment.

Also: I uploaded the pencil sketches in my insta, so feel free to visit my account there!

  • ml season 2 episode 2: adrienette is my favorite side of the lovesquare
  • ml season 2 episode 3: NO WAIT, ladynoir is my favorite side of the lovesquare
  • some episode in the future, with ladrien probably: LADRIEN. LADRIEN IS MY FAVORITE SIDE OF THE LOVESQUARE
  • what will probably be an episode with marichat sometime this season: *inhales* MARICHAT—