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The investors are from Japan, they’re going to be completely offended. I mean, this is the game. I blow that meeting, and then A.D. makes the story go away. Meanwhile, the dress pisses off the investors, you lose the business, and Lucas loses a lot of money. Yeah, and it’ll all be my fault. Yesterday, I was so excited for this meeting. I was gonna breeze in there, and be the boss. I was gonna be impressive, and creative, and confident. People don’t always see me that way.

Explaining Molly as a "Mirror"

Since I’ve been asked about this specifically a number of times I thought it would be helpful to just make a post.

So “Molly is John’s mirror” not some clever subtext that someone in the tinfoil hat brigade discovered. It is, in fact, a very old trope of the “Ms. Male” or “Distaff counterpart” that certain fans are applying here.

Basically it means taking a male character, slapping a female signifier on him, and voila! Same shit, new character.

One of the most recognizable examples is Ms. Pac Man. In order to appeal to the female market. Media Execs simply slap a lipstick and bow on whatever they happen to be making at that moment and hey! look! inclusivity! Buy our stuff, dumb ladies!

Here are some reasons why this is problematic:

1. It diminishes the female character’s role to her relationship with a male.

2. It does not leave room for dimension as this character is not her own person. She is merely a “girl version” of someone else.

3. It reduces female identity to shitty gendered signifiers (pink, frills, sparkles etc…)

Usually this goes hand in hand with the “Smurfette principle”. Where women are tokenized as the “girl” in an all-male cast. She may be a character that has other qualities but the one given highest import is that she is female in a way that remains very rigidly within the scope of the social gender binary.

This is not how Molly Hooper was written. She’s being read that way by fans who have a lot of internalized misogyny that they are projecting onto her character.

So far the only overlap I have seen is that Molly likes ugly jumpers and she’s nice.

But Molly wears ugly jumpers far more often than John, yet it’s a characteristic that belongs to him by default?

And let’s be honest, John is really not that nice. I mean sometimes kinda, but only if there’s something in it for him. (eg: getting to be the “hero”, flirting with women, looking superior to Sherlock) but apart from that, he’s just kind of a jerk who treats his non-neurotypical friend like some lovable “idiot savant”. Any one of us who met him in person would probably instantly label him as a “fuckboy” because well… the shoe fits.

Molly has a level of kindness that is completely unprecedented. Her kindness and loyalty are her trademark characteristics and I, personally think, that it’s very not good to hand that off to John just to make him seem better or to apply more validation to a fan-made narrative that actively works to erase female characters.

It’s definitely something to unpack and examine.

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uh... im still really confused. i cant figure out tumblr! i see a bunch of anons leaving question and comments WITHIN each post. How do i do that? i really really care about the story and want to be part of it, but im just too dumb to figure it out! lol. SOS!!! HLP ME PLZ! before some flowers and skeletons get bitchslapped by some purple eyless people. i wanna HEEEEELLLPP!!!

this is how you do it, don’t worry 

WIP custom Archon

Cut around the right knee and filled in with a bit of green stuff for a more dynamic pose.

Cut the huskblade hand free and fitted it to an arm with a pose I liked better

Head from the succubus because it’s dynamic and unique; fitting for a lady Archon

Green stuff boobplate to match the kabalite ladies

(Eldar armor is space magic; elfs don’t care if it’s ballistically sound)

Green stuff fur on exterior of the cape to fancy it up a bit

Waiting on the extended-arm blast pistol arm from the scourges kit

(Didn’t much care for the folded arm pose, wanted something more aggressive)