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Okay like I get being new(as I am new also) but what is up with my fellow newbies in the bowl being so naive a to think that someone asking for your bank account info isn’t a scam??????? a random man on the internet is asking for your login info/bank information and the first thing that pops in your head isn’t that it’s a scam????? You’re contemplating it enough that you have time to log in on Tumblr and ask someone else whether or not it’s a good idea??????? YOU DON’T KNOW THESE MEN. it doesn’t matter if they say they’re are going to wire you 1mill YOU DON’T KNOW THEM. You wouldn’t give a random strange on the street your info so why contemplate giving some random man on the internet your info.

Let’s be real for a cool minute. Some man on messages you on SA, after a few messages he offers to wire you $10,000 he’s never met you/saw you in person and your alarm bells aren’t ringing? For every 1 sugar daddy on SA there is 3-4 sugar babies, with this mass amount of sugar baby profiles you’re telling me that this rich man picked you, saw your profile, fell in love with your picture and decided that you were the chosen one that he was gonna give all his money to? That you are that special, that unique, that he doesn’t even need to meet/know you to make that decision??? Is that logical?????

I learned this obviously from having common fucking sense and from researching before I jumped in the bowl. One of the most important things I learned while researching is that you should not jump in the bowl if you need money quickly, sugaring is not some quick fix it takes time and if you try to rush it you’re gonna end up putting yourself in dumb ass situations. In the sugar baby tag on the “top” section a few post down there is a master advice post, it’s been there since I joined the bowl a couple of months ago and remains there, it’s for you so utilize it.

Please do your research, think, and use fucking common sense.

anonymous asked:

Why was part of Flowey's health bar green? Did it have something to do with the overheal burns? What does it mean?

if you have ever played an RPG with layered heath bars, then you have your answer right there. 

but yes, part of the health bar is green because of the overheal burns, showing the second later of HP is over the Yellow bar. as it is an extra amount of health. 

The number of HP didn’t change because there is not a larger number count after 99999. 

For Christ sake, I work at a grocery store as a cashier and let me tell you, I didn’t think people could be so dumb sometimes.
This lady came up in my line with a single gallon of milk.
She instantly told me “that’s 2 for $2.00”
I stared at the singular gallon and tried to say as nicely as I could that she needed to buy TWO gallons to get the deal.
She glared at me and said “Are you fucking kidding.”
I said no, and showed her the newspaper with the milk discount, saying that the individual milk is $2.48
She got so pissy and grumbly and threw half a fit.
She saw a couple behind her getting a single gallon of milk and she instantly THREW $2 at them and bolted off with her gallon of milk

Like damn lady, don’t act like a spoiled brat over milk because you can’t read.

Old Hunter A: I heard that Beasthood creeps up the right leg. Better put some straps there.
Old Hunter B: Yeah, they say that’s why Gehrman had his leg cut off! Lend me those straps buddy. And that completely useless and really unconfortable-looking piece of armor.
Lady Maria: Guys, this is dumb.
Henryk: …
Lady Maria: HENRYK

When in doubt, follow Henryk’s example.
Spoiler: Beasthood actually creeps up the left leg. Sorry guys.