that dudes face in the second to last pic is the birthday boy

Soooo, I met Thirty Seconds to Mars...

I thought I’d share my Adventures experience in Houston Sept 5 on here since I know y’all would appreciate it more than my fb friends who are lame and don’t care/understand. Reni couldn’t get a space for us at the venue so we met across the street at the Hyatt which was sooo much better cause it was really hot ‘n humid outside. We checked in and went into a conference room and the little AIW dude (Ander) had us sing songs while we waited for the guys. After forever, the guys came in and started the q&a part. We sang happy birthday to this little boy who asked a question and again later to Tomo. Some guy had an old school shirt on and Jared explained that the reason they switched the band name from the number 30 to the word was because people shorted the band’s name by calling them 30 and by switching it to the word they can now just say Mars. Another guy who asked a question was from Mexico and Jared asked if he brought guacamole and he was all like “god I LOVVVVVE guacamole”, he was being a total goofball. He took off his glasses and in a girl’s voice said “OH MY GODDDD, they really are the bluest blue eyes” or something like that. They were really happy too that there were a lot of guys at the M&G. Most of the questions were vyrt related and they said they might consider vyrting the Voodoo Fest show. Jared said Hollywood Bowl vyrt is gonna have tons of backstage footage as well as Linkin Park footage…AND Shannon WILL be doing a vyrt sometime “soon”! We got in line for the signing and they gave us a special LLFD poster with the butterfly, snake, wolf, and zebra on it because the bus with our merch broke down but it sucks cause now our stuff is gonna be mailed to us. Anyways Shannon was first and he doesn’t look at anyone’s poster, he looks right at you and looks for your name tag so he said “hi Patty” in THE sexist voice and I said “hi, you look really great btw” and I gave him 2 thumbs up and he gave me the most sincere look and smile and said thank you in a low voice almost like he knew I knew what everyone thinks he “may” be going through…at least that’s what I think, I’m in nooo way confirming anything at all. By the time all that happened my poster was already at the end of the line with Jared and I didn’t get to say anything to him or Tomo. I heard Jared say “heeeeeey Patty” and I was like thanks/bye really quick, so yeah everything literally happens in 5 seconds. There were these 2 little old ladies in front of me in the picture line and they were the cutest!! I so wanna be them when I’m their age :) When it was my turn I asked Shannon if we could hug and he grabbed me and I felt him wrap his leg up around me and and out of sheer instinct I put mine up on him too, haha. He lost his balance so he put it down and then he rubbed his face all over mine, the way he’s done it to Tomo and Jared. He totally caught me off guard so I’m pretty sure my face is gonna look weird in the pic, I can’t wait to see what was actually caught on camera. I didn’t even get to hug Jared cause I was still trying to process what had just happened lol. Before walking away tho I asked him what the answer to his coffee fact question he posted on Instagram earlier (about antioxidants) was and his face lit up and he got all excited and said “it’s a good one RIGHT?!!” I waited there on the side for my friend to take her pic and when they were done he leaned forward and asked “so which one do you think it is” and I said french press, and he was like “NOOOOOOO” then laughed super loud and winked. He DOES give the best hugs and he smelled sooooo good, just the right amount of cologne. And idk why everyone is flipping out over his weight. He looks perfectly fine in person, he’s not fat and he’s not skinny…IMO pictures never do anyone justice. This was my first AIW and it def won’t be my last. Some people need to stop bitching about the price and how you only get less than 2 minutes with them. Sure that’s true but YOU need to make the effort to interact with them and make the most out of your time. I saw so many people who didn’t even bother to do so and I’m sure those are the same type of people who complain. Yeah I kinda held up the line but in the end no one really cared, not the people in line behind me nor the band. During q&a I was nervous and looked away whenever Shannon would look right at me because I’m actually a really shy person but when I got up close to him, I was like hell no I’m not gonna be like that!! So I guess my point is don’t be shy and you’ll get your money’s worth. DON’T be like the angel stripper from the movie Can’t Hardly Wait who was in love with Scott Baio and choked when she met him ;)
16 Reasons One Direction Are on Top of the Stadium Rock Game
Boy band's performance at New Jersey's MetLife Stadium proves their supremacy

1. For the past five years, the world’s biggest pop group has been the world’s biggest classic-rock band, doing their “Baba O'Riley” remake every night for 60,000 screaming girls. “People like us don’t get to play stages like this,” Harry Styles said last night at New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, and he’s right. Strange but true: One Direction are on top of the classic-rock stadium-band pyramid these days.

2. Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly “damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.)

3. One Direction played MetLife Stadium a year ago to the day, and they were great that night—but very different, and nowhere near as great. 1D are massively better as a foursome, because their personalities all have much more room. Last year they were so competitive for stage time — Niall and Zayn seemed to be auditioning for their solo careers. Harry spent much of the 2014 show with his mop wrapped up in a headband — obviously ambivalent about the onstage traffic jam. (Harry covering his hair onstage is like Stevie Nicks in sweatpants.) Tonight, the hair was free, and Harry’s hair is always the window into his soul. Without Zayn they have to work harder — they’re all singing more lines and patrolling more turf — but they’re needy boys and they like it that way.

4. Harry Styles, master of the power flounce. For a band that formed on TV, 1D are not done justice by video, because Harry is a performer you have to see live. The way he covers space is insane — imagine if Mick Jagger had the warm and benign heart of Paul McCartney, cast under a magic spell by Stevie Nicks, and you’re about halfway there. Every limb of his body is an instrument he uses to express to girls how happy he is to bask in their presence. He uses his arms, he uses his legs, he uses his style and he uses his sidestep. He’s in a pop-star zone where he can seem totally self-adoring and cosmically benevolent at the same time.

5. Literally the first thing Louis does onstage is run to the corner and wave up to the nosebleed seats in the upper deck, a mile in the sky with only a side view. He’ll take care of the fans up front later, but his first order of business is making sure the cheap seats get noticed.

6. Harry announces, “You’re lovely to be in here. We can see you at the top. We can see you up in the back. You’re a beautiful, beautiful bunch of people.” So much of 1D’s brilliance is convincing everyone they can see the crowd, despite all the glaring lights in their faces. The key line in their new smash “Drag Me Down”: “All these lights can’t blind me.”

7. The screaming is like two and a half hours inside a jet engine, but in a good way. Loudest moment: The climactic shriek in “Midnight Memories.” Runner up: when the video screen show’s Harry’s boots.

8. Harry’s twirl game explodes in the second chorus of “No Control” — he romps off to his corner and spins in circles. He’s not singing, he’s not up on the video screen, just going into his happy place. During “Diana,” he went for a sprint down the catwalk and back, for no reason. Dude’s been on his feet 90 minutes at this point.

It’s like watching the footage of Secretariat running the Belmont Stakes in 1973 — he’s 31 lengths ahead of the other horses, but he speeds up madly for the final stretch because he’s so in love with being fast. That’s what it’s like watching Harry work a stadium. You instinctively think, “Dude, save some for later,” but the whole physiology of saving some for later is alien to the Harry lifeform. The harder he works to give every drop of his Harry-osity away, the more of it he has. Watching Harry spit water and touch his hair makes me want to be a better person.

9. Speaking of twirling, we know from the gossip columns that Harry is a hardcore Stevie Nicks fan — he even baked her a birthday cake. Why haven’t we seen pictures of this cake?

10. These boys love the whole 1970s rock thing — they call this tour On the Road Again, which should be the name of a double-vinyl live album from a 1974-era Southern AOR sextet who sing about rockin’ down the highway. The tour program has the size and heft of an LP, full of Time Fades Away–style black-and-white pics of boys near amps. The classic-rock-as-teen-pop thing is so avant-garde, the rest of the music world still hasn’t found a way to imitate it. Their Fleetwood Mac homage “Fireproof” even nails the precise John McVie bass throb.

11. After “Fireproof,” Harry takes a bow at center stage — he bends all the way at the waist and then whips his hair up to high noon. Hair flip of the night.

12. Niall has really grown — his guitar used to seem like a shield he hid behind, but he was killing it from the first song (“Clouds,” where he takes such visible pride in playing the Wings guitar hook and looks around to see if his bandmates noticed) to the last (“Best Song Ever,” where he air-keyboards to the Townshend synth intro).

13. 1D talked a lot about how much they love their best song, “No Control.” “You’re the greatest fans in the world because you all fell in love with a song called ‘No Control,’” Liam yelled. “You made it your own!” When they asked the crowd to yell out their favorite song on Four, everyone in my section yelled “No Control.” Is this even an issue?

14. A year ago, there were basically no males — no dads, no dates. I saw more guys onstage than in the crowd. It’s different now — 1D have achieved their longtime goal of conquering the dads. Maybe it was that Vine clip of Louis and Harry and Ron Wood their daughters made them watch over Christmas — a six-second tutorial in what friendship is all about, a Vine I have re-watched and shed tears over and re-enacted and only rarely felt silly about loving — but the dads were here, often wearing T-shirts their daughters made. My faves were “This 1D Dad Is Larry AF” and “Maddy’s Dad Loves No Control.” 1D have achieved this without compromising their core mission, which is singing to girls about how excellent they (the girls) are and how fortunate they (the boys) are.

(That Vine: Louis shares a mic with Ron Wood, Louis knows how much Harry loves the Stones, so Louis slides over to make room for Harry to shimmy next to Ron Wood. This is one of my 10 favorite moments of Ron Wood’s life and I own three of his solo records.)

15. Favorite fan signs: “You Are Currently Attending My Sweet Sixteen,” “Harry Smile! Your Happiness Is The Most Important Thing In My Life.”

16. When 1D blew up, nobody — not even people who liked them — figured they’d be anything more than 16 to 18 months of kicks. What the band and their fans have built over the past five years is unique. If the girls sound cocky and vindicated when they scream, they should. And 1D are brilliant because they know exactly who’s in charge.


Just Friends, Best Friends (A Harry Styles Imagine)

And applause.

That’s all you can here with a few whistles and shouts here and there. You smile and attempt to look at the crowd. It’s nearly impossible to see them past the bright lights shining at your face. The clapping continues and you smile and wink at the judges looking at you before walking of the stage, hoping to god you don’t trip. You’re off stage now and staff dressed in black are patting you on the back and congratulating you. You smile and say thanks and try desperately to get to your dressing room. You wish you were friendlier and more cheerful, but you’re really stressed right now.  And you’ve never really been a little miss sunshine, to be honest. You’re about to reach your dressing room door when you hear someone call your name. You turn around and there’s four boys you weren’t expecting to see at all. Niall, Liam, Louis and Zayne are all smiling and approaching you with open arms.

“You guys! I thought you were coming tomorrow?” You say and you all join in for a group hug.

“We were planning on it, but Harry cut a couple interviews so we could come watch you. You did amazing.” Niall says and you smile

“Where’s the little shit?” You smirk and the guys laugh and shrug.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” You turn around and there’s Harry. He looks great. He’s smiling and he pulls you into a hug. You stay there for a couple seconds and pull back.

“Interviews getting boring? Decided to stop by finally?” You ask him sassily. You’ve been competing on the X-Factor for over a month now, and Harry, one of your best friends, is just now seeing you. He promises he watches it on TV, but it’s better having him physically here. And he is, and you love it. You haven’t talked to him for a couple weeks. The last thing he sent you was a drunken snapchat of him and another chick in Amsterdam while he was touring. Oh, Amsterdam. So many fucked up things happen there.

“Love, I can’t begin tell you all the shit I had to go through to get the next four days off. For you.”

“You get four days off??”

“For you.” He repeats. You honestly don’t know if that’s true or not. He always claims to do things for you but it’s like he always has an ulterior motive. He’ll go out of his way for you but it’ll be because he has gig in your town anyways. Shit like that happens A LOT. Whenever you complain, he gets mad and says “We’re friends. Nothing more. And I go out of my way for you way more than others.” And you start swearing at him and making it clear he’s the last person you’d ever want a relationship with. And you both apologize to each other, and agree it’s easier to keep things inside the friend circle. But you’ll admit, you’ve cried once or twice seeing him with other girls. And Niall has told you that Harry gotten mad over seeing you with other guys. You’ve actually dated though; Harry only seems interested in hooking up. That’s why you can’t develop any feelings for him.

“Well then. What’re you all doing tonight?” You ask them and they all look at each other for an answer.

“I guess nothing. Whatcha thinking?” Harry says when they all look at each other.

“Hex?” You propose and they all smile and nod. The Hex is a nightclub you all enjoy going to when the boys come to visit you in L.A. You agree to meet them there at nine thirty.  You find yourself stuck on what to wear in your bedroom. You’ve done your hair and makeup, but you’re struggling with an outfit. You throw on a pair of black skinny jeans and a white cropped tank top with some intense black heals. You’ll admit your outfit was driven by your desire to make Harry a bit jealous. You shouldn’t be wanting this, but you’re still so upset with him, even if he did take four days off for you. He sends you pics of him and other girls and it affects you. You’re only friends, yeah, but you still remember the night when you were at his birthday party in his home he had in L.A. His party was a wild one and you and him somehow ended up alone on his balcony upstairs, uninterrupted. You talked for hours and he told you about how he missed his family, and his new music, and how he gets tired of girls sometimes. And you told him about how college is stressing you out and you just want to drop out for a music career.

I’d be there for you. If you chose to drop out, I’d support you” He said in response while staring deep into your eyes and you remember his hand sliding around your waist.

You think I could make it?” You ask, and you’re too nervous to look him in the eyes anymore so you’re looking at the tiling.

Don’t look away.” He begs using his hand to raise your chin “I know you could.” And in that moment you didn’t care about everything you knew about him. You didn’t care about his one-night stands, the hearts he’s broken, the asshole things he’s said to you; you didn’t care. You wanted him. Like this, the Harry he is right now, you wanted him. And then he kissed you. Gently, but passionately; one hand was pulling your face to his, and another was on your back, slowly moving up and down, giving you the good kind of chills. The kisses keep getting deeper, and you’re not sure where it’s going but you’re letting him decide. Honestly this is probably really stupid, because his hands are slightly under the back of your shirt now and you don’t know if he actually meant what he said. But this all was different. He pulls back for a second, breathing kinda heavy.

I can tell what you’re thinking.” He looks at you seriously. “We don’t have to do anything. I just-“ and the door to his room opens and Louis comes in and comes to a complete stop. You both step a good two feet away from each other.

Dude, sorry I was supposed to tell you that there’s a cake now. And a group of about 60 people want to sing to you” He smiles and neither of you say anything so he awkwardly exits and walks down stairs. Harry turns back to you and stares like you’re supposed to say something. But what do you say? He waits a few more seconds and looks away. He straightens his shirt and starts walking out the door. He stops a few steps before and turns toward you slightly, without making eye contact.

“Wait a few minutes until I’ve left, yeah? People will start talking if you come down right after me.” He doesn’t leave time for you to respond before he’s gone and you hear cheers as his footsteps go downstairs. You waited about 10 minutes and headed downstairs discreetly. You were headed out the door when Niall stops you. He’s obviously a little drunk and he’s got his arm around Harry, who’s acting as if you weren’t just making out upstairs 10 minutes ago.

Are you leaving, gem?” Niall asks and Harrys avoiding eye contact now.

Yes. Happy birthday, Harry.” You glare slightly and walk out the door. You guys never talked about that night again. Even though you’ve found yourself on the X-Factor now, you’re still in school. You regretted it, and hoped your friendship wouldn’t be over because of it. After a couple weeks, Niall invited you out with him and the guys and by the end of the night you and Harry were back to your usual love/hate friendship.

You decide to head Harry’s place before you both went the club because you felt like you should thank him. He honestly is still your best friend, and he took off four days for you. Why not see him while he’s up? You park in his driveway and there’s like 10 cars a 3 trailers here. His security recognizes you and lets you in. The house is quiet, but you can hear music, and talking outside. You walk through the glass doors to his backyard and people are everywhere. There are big cameras and you realize, there’s a photo shoot going on. And Harry is the subject. He had just finished having them taken and he was walking across his green yard towards a woman with a microphone and a cameraman. He sits down next to her and he’s less than 10 feet from you, but doesn’t notice you there. You cross your arms and decide to watch.

“Thanks for agreeing to this interview, Harry. And the photo shoot! Your house is beautiful.”

“You’re welcome, glad we could do this today.” He says smiling and winking at her. He looks up and does a double-take when he spots you. The interviewer stops talking and joins Harry in glancing at you. Her eyes perk up.

“Oh my god. You’re Harry’s best friend?” Her mouth is open and you look at Harry and he nods to her question.

“Well come, sit!” She giggles and you sit on the other side of Harry, curious to see how this will turn out. You smile even though you’re mad. Harry lied.

“So… You guys have known each other for a while, yeah?” She asks and Harry nods again.

“Yeah, four years now.” He smiles and looks at you for a moment.

“And you’re just friends?”

“YES.” You say, clearly, but not necessarily rudely.  She hints for further explanation.

“It’s just not a romantic relationship.” And yeah, you sounded a little rude that time.

“But, you guys have chemistry, am I right?” She smiles. Obviously not picking up on how little you like her.

“No, nothing’s EVER going to happen.” You look at Harry once more and walk away. You’re almost to your car and you hear him call you from his house. You ignore him and drive off. Why didn’t he just tell you the truth? He didn’t take four days off for you. You feel stupid you believed him at all.

You show up to the club around 10:30, an hour later than planned. You find the guys and they seemed to have no trouble getting drunk without you. Harry isn’t there, not that that’s a problem, but you still want to know where he is. You find Niall and pull him aside.

“Where’s Harry?” You say and he gets a silly smile on his face.

“Aye, you’re here! Harry went looking for you a while ago. Can I get you a drink?”

“No, I just- never mind.  I think I’m gonna leave, yeah? I’m not feeling too great.” You lie, but honestly a club is the last place you want to be. And you don’t want to see Harry walking out with 1-2 girls like he always does. Why was he looking for you, anyways?

“Awh, are you sure? I’d drive you but-”

“Niall you shouldn’t be driving. Have a fun night. And call me if you need a ride home. DO NOT DRIVE.” You say as straightforwardly, grabbing his arm. He nods and laughs and you kiss him on the cheek.

You’re inside your car when Harry calls. You pick it up, hesitantly.


“Hi” He says and giggles a bit. He’s drunk.

“Harry, what the hell do you want?” You say impatiently.

“I need help.”


“I seem to be lost. I think. I was looking for- never mind. Anyways, can you pick me up?”

“Harry, I have NO idea where the actual fuck you are.” You raise your tone a bit.

“Woah, settle down, princess. And yeah, I don’t know where I am really. There are trees and some cars and some people making out and-”

“Harry! Turn around.” He’s drunkenly stumbling around the outer parking lot. He turns around and when he sees you he smiles goofily. It takes awhile but he finally gets back to your car.

“Thank you. The club is still open if-”

“No, you’re gonna need to get home and sleep, Harry.” You say and he smiles.


The ride back is silent. He looks like he wants to say something every 10 seconds but he says nothing. You’re in his driveway and he’s not moving so you lean over him and crack open his door for him and sit back in your seat.

“Come inside.”


“Please?” He begs.

“No, Harry.”

“I won’t try anything, we can talk. Just stay the night.” He begs again and you’re actually considering it.

“Fine, yeah.” You say and he smiles hugely.

He crashes into nearly everything as he tries to guide you through his dark house up to his room, which is humorous. He finds his room and turns on the light.

“Here. Finally. I can sleep on the sofa and you can take the bed,” He says as he falls back onto his bed. He sits up then and looks at you. “Do you want something to sleep in?”

“Yeah, I suppose.” And he hands you a white t-shirt and a pair of soft shorts. You change in his bathroom and when you come in he’s half asleep on the bed. You walk over and shake him.

“You said you were taking the sofa!”

“How are we supposed to talk then?” He raises his eyebrows and smirks.

“Move over.” You say, rolling your eyes. He scoots over and you both lay face up on your halves of the bed.

“You think I’m mean, don’t you?” He asks breaking the short silence.


“You’re the meaner one, although.”

“I am not!”

“Yes you are!” He says sitting up and looking down at you, smiling slightly. “You haven’t really ever given me an chance.”

“A chance to what?”

“To show you.”

“To show me what?” you sit up, staring at him; only inches from his face.

“To show you I’m not the douche bag you think I am.”

“Harry, you lied to me. You said you came up for me. You could’ve just said you were working, I-”

“ I did come up for you. I scheduled that interview and photo shoot last minute. And yeah, I shouldn’t have. I just figured I could squeeze it in. I’m sorry.” He says, a lot more sober now.

“It’s okay. I don’t own you. It just would’ve been nice to have a little honesty. I forgive you, though.”

“I know this is where we make up and go back to being best friends, but I don’t want that anymore.” He waits for a reply and you don’t say anything. “I know you think I’m all one-night stands, and maybe I have been. But you make me want something deeper. And when I first figured that out, it fucking scared me. But I want you. And not just sexually, and it’s almost always about sex with me. I just want to be around you, and talk with you, and watch you. I think we have something. You keep me sane and level-headed.” He’s silent again and you’re not sure what to say. “Say something” he begs. “Please, what are you thinking?”

“I’m not sure what to think, Harry. How can I believe you? I don’t want to be someone you’re ashamed to be with. And yeah, I like you too, a lot-”

“Then you and me. How about it?” He interrupts.


“Try something. Try us.” He’s crazy, but right. He laughs and looks into your eyes. “I’m asking you to be my girlfriend. Just you and me.” An actual relationship with Harry. I can’t see it working, but I want it to. 

“Fuck, fine. Let’s try it. But we need to go slow, yeah? I mean, let’s go on an actual date, just us two. And wait awhile to kiss me. Slow, Harry.”

“Sweet, I can do slow. So we’re a couple?” He says excitedly, with his adorable accent.

“We’re dating. But not even that yet, we haven’t gone on a date yet.”

“Well tomorrow night then, we’re dating. Bed time?”

“Yeah. Good night, Harry.” You sigh and turn away from him.

“Good night, love.” He says and you both slide into the bed. He wraps his arms around you.

“You said you weren’t going to try anything.” You say, but his body is warm and feels really good against yours. You’d never say so, though.

“I lied. Plus, we’ll be a couple tomorrow, anyways.”

“If all goes well, for you.” He chuckles and leans over and kisses you on the cheek

“Good night, love.”

It’s hard to take in all of this. A few hours ago you wanted to kill him, and here are now; falling asleep in the arms of the boy who made you the happiest and the saddest.


Sorry I haven’t posted imagines for a while. Here’s my (extra long) one I’ve worked on for a while. Request more, loves. I’ll do any celebs I know. Actor or singer, whatever you prefer. Have a lovely day x 




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