that dude on the horse is gonna get killed

shit i've said while playing okami | sentence starters

•“I accidentally threw, like, two monkeys off a cliff once.”

•“_________! I’m gonna feed you ’cause you’re cute and I can pick you up in my mouth.”

•“They’re dogs, ________. Dogs get hungry. Dogs are stubborn. Dogs like to not do stuff unless they’re fed.”

•“You keep asking me the same stupid ass questions, I’ll give you the same stupid ass answers.”

•“Can I cut one'a those down and then befriend it?”

•“What the shit?”

•“Oh N O…! Don’t T O U C H me!!”

•“Alright. Guess I hafta go through this shithouse first.”

•“I forgot you get, like, hordes of these bastards comin’ after you.”

•“Oh shit. What’d I do?”

•“Okay. Stop making weird noises, old man.”

•“Aw, bitch please. I was b o r n ready.”

•“Pray to who? Me? ’Cause I’m a g o d?”

•“I gotta kill the gate.”

•“Become one with the horses. Become bros with the horses.”

•“Cherry bomb it, baby.”

•“I gotta go find the fireworks dude.”

•“The things I do for praise…”

•“Ohhhhh. What now, fish breath?”

•“Don’t tell me you’re out or I’m gonna fuckin’ kill a bitch.”

•“I’m gonna run right past this bitch.”

•“I don’t do scrolls, I ain’t gonna do scrolls, never. Gonna. Do. Scrolls.”

•“Oh yeah! I can blow a hole in the ground!”

•“Oooooh. Mermaid Lake!”

•“Oh I will punch this in the face.”

•“I am the master of the bloom.”

•“Yaaaay little piggy family!”

•“Thank you, rock, for giving me praise.”

•“Augh. This asshole.”

•“If you wore more than a thong maybe you’d be okay.”

•“I know what you need. You need medical alert.”

•“Sure thing, numbnuts.”

•“________, don’t stop me or I’ll punch you in the face you little bug.”

•“I have so many trees…”

•“Just your average shit.”

•“I don’t need to eat any more, I’ve got three stomachs full of shit.”

That party scene is hilarious too i mean

Holy fuck

“Dude they think we’re gods if they find out were not theyre gonna kill us so the only thing left to do is FUCKIN PARTY”

And then the art style gets trippier and trippier as they drink more and more.

And it ends with the horse getting so fucked up it passes out

Watch Road to El Dorado