that dress that dress that everyone has been wearing lately

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Am I the only one who doesn't like most of the costumes this season? Everyone's pretty much wearing alike and black. I liked the Stark costumes in first season so why not do something similar to that? They weren't looking like uniforms unlike this season. First I thought it was because it's winter and black absorbs the heat but then Dany goes beyond the wall with a white dresses with nothing to keep her head warm lol I didn't like that dress. Also Cersei's outfit in the season finale???...

Hi, I agree that the costumes have been more subdued. I think this is mainly because everyone has been at war, so they are wearing more practical clothes. 

For Sansa since she has been in the North she has been wearing more of a northern style of late with lots of furs since winter has arrived, and I think the idea is she has shed her southern lady-like ways - But Sansa’s storyline is so all over the place who knows.

Daenerys seems to just be wearing practical clothing for war, as for keeping warm I don’t think Daenerys needs to worry about staying war while riding Drogon. But I too have found her outfits a bit underwhelming. But I do love her three headed dragon chain.

As for Cersei, I understand she is in mourning, therefore in black - but…. I honestly don’t think she would put her mourning on display so publicly, I mean she would stay in black for the respectable amount of time, and then would be out for vengeance in her full Lannister red and gold, to display the power of house Lannister, and flaunt her wealth. And I wish they let her grow her hair out, I know it supposed to show she isn’t ashamed or broken, but it seems like she is purposefully cutting it which doesn’t fit her character. She loved her mane and its golden colour and beauty is like a crown itself. 

Without Margaery a lot of flare has been missing in the costume department.

Myojo 2014.01 Cross-talk about Christmas

It was a really fun and easy to read crosstalk. I’ll just write about the most prominent points. Basically, they said they don’t really celebrate Christmas much lately but they really did when they were kids. Shige said he celebrated with Maruyama 3 years ago but doesn’t since. Koyama said last year he went out with friends dressed as “Black Santa” which he for some reason considered sexy. Later, when he talked about celebrating Christmas he said his parents were working so he would buy a cake himself and eat it at home. Shige was like “And that’s how you became a Black Santa…” ))

Then they talked about decorating the Christmas tree and this happened:

Tegoshi: Every year I decorate the Christmas tree at home but setting it up is troublesome. Maybe someone would come and help me? ♥

Boys, anyone wants to come and help me?

They then talked about Christmas traditions such as writing letters to Santa. Tegoshi even had the socks thing. I didn’t think the Japanese would do that. Then they talked about Christmas songs a bit.

After that they talked about Halloween. Massu said he had a mini-car races event, but in costumes. He already did it once 2 years ago but that time he only used fake moustache and everyone got mad at him. Then Tegoshi began to show off how lately everyone’s celebrating Halloween and wearing costumes but he has been doing it every year since he was 20.

Tegoshi: I have been to Halloween parties at different places. I have walked outside dressed as a girl and as Pikachu.

Kato: Nobody recognized you?

Tegoshi: I do it flawlessly to the point where I disappear so I never get recognized. When I was dressed as a girl so many people hit on me so I understood how hard it is for girls.