that dress has really clean lines

Yuuri is 100% the type of person that–as long as his anxiety isn’t acting up–can sleep anywhere. He doesn’t usually get great sleep at night. Partially because he’s a night owl and partially because he has trouble shutting off his mind enough to allow for restful sleep. Viktor will get excited about long trips, thinking he’ll get the opportunity to have some good one-on-one talking time with his husband, only to have Yuuri conk out after the first twenty minutes.

He gets it, though. He sleeps next to him, after all. As much as he loves being Yuuri’s little spoon, he’s had to adapt his own sleeping techniques to deal with the glow of Yuuri’s phone that seem to light up their room into ungodly hours and his husband’s constant sighs and fidgeting. If Yuuri drifts off in weird places…well, at least he’s getting sleep.

So far, Viktor’s mental tally of the strange places Yuuri has dozed off in include:

- a chair in the dressing room while waiting for Viktor

- at the airport, stretched under the armrests of 4 seats

- on his feet, tucked into Viktor’s side while waiting in line at the grocery store

- the dentist’s chair during a teeth cleaning

 - slumped over his own knees before practice because he thought he could shut his eyes for one quick second while tying his skates

- (once during sex, for which he apologized profusely)

So Viktor isn’t really surprised when he looks across at Yuuri during their photo shoot with Yurio for a mattress store in Russia and sees his husband fast asleep with his mouth hanging open. They’re laying down on a soft mattress. Honestly, it was bound to happen.  

My Top Ten National Costumes Miss Universe Pageant 2015

The Miss Universe Pageant is one of those things I can’t decide if I watch to make fun of, or out of genuine enjoyment. Whether it’s archaic or empowering, it’s two hours filled with incredible women who also happen to be wearing incredible outfits. Here are my top ten for the national costume portion.

10. Serbia

This is one of those rare situations where the risk is wearing less, not more. The gamble paid off. Just a ton of flowers and a very trendy crop top.

9. Ethiopia

I wish I could see this dress without the mike stand digging into it, but I’m so enchanted by her hair and headpiece.

8. Croatia

I think it must be frustrating for those whose costumes are ten feet wide and covered in crystals to be outdone but a dress that looks like it might have come from Forever 21.

7. Dominican Republic

 Am I crazy? Cause I kinda love this. Putting a painting on a dress and then dressing the girl up like that painting seems risky and redundant, but the blue veil flows beautifully.

6. Chile

Oh hey there. I’m just gunna wear pants and blow away the competition.

5. Puerto Rico

Even though the structure of the skirt is kinda awkward and lacking in fullness, you get the point without it being too costume-y.

4. Greece

What can I say. When something works, it works.

3. Norway

Miss Norway looks so clean, simple and downright lovely in such a conservative dress that reminds me of a nightgown I put on my American Girl doll in the late nineties.

2. Myanmar

This is so on-point I don’t really think I have to say much about it. It’s historical, and she has a weapon.

1. Japan

Of course, this warrior goddess was the obvious win of the evening. Who says femininity is measured in soft lines and demure colours? She looks cute and powerful, and I bet she can actually use that spear-thing.

Honorable mentions:


The list wouldn’t be complete without one over-the-top headdress outfit. I like Argentina because it sticks to its theme and doesn’t look like some kinder-gardeners went crazy with glitter and craft paper.


You could think of these flowers as tacky, but I just think they’re fun. Why have so many colours if you’re not going to use them?

anonymous asked:

Hi! Im sorry if this is the wrong person, but do you have any tips on how to incorporate a folk costume into day-to-day fashion?? Im a Pole living in the UK and id love to show off my culture, thank u so much & once again, sorry if wrong blog! xx

Hello there anon ! 
I can’t say I’m an expert on this topic but do try combining traditional and modern clothes as often as possible so I gladly share my ideas.
(Warning: This gets longer than I expected)

There are basically two ways to go folk: using actual folkwear, and modern-day clothing with folklore motifs. I like authentic folkwear more, and I buy more and more over years. I come from Slovakia so naturally most of my clothes are Slovak, but I have some pieces from Hungary / Ukraine / Poland / Germany / others as well. As I travel the world, I also like to shop online (most of the pieces displayed here can be purchased).

And this is just a tiny piece of central European culture which gives you endless possibilities!! (I also have many East-Asian clothes, ranging from Indonesia to northern China, but I’m still missing out on South America and Central Asia and omg, I want it all). Ok. Stay focused.

People tend to view traditional clothes as a whole, thus automatically discarding it as old-fashioned and impossible to wear. I like to break that mental image into pieces which I use separately. I go through every detail of a traditional costume and imagine what could I use on what occasion.
First of all, I usually go with one piece of traditional folkwear only. That makes it look wearable, plus it automatically attracts attention. 

It can be basically anything. What I like most are vests: 

I usually wear them over simple white shirt with some plain trousers. So far, I don’t have any Polish ones (sadly :( ) but there are plenty I’d totally wear:

Sometimes, I choose traditional skirt. My favourites are blueprints skirts like this, as it’s easy to match with white shirts:

But there are endless possibilities ( I even bought some skirts in Poland, and in summer it look terrific). I couldn’t really find any pictures of the whole outfit though as none of them really matches my style. I like to use simple shirts, preferably white / black, with clean lines, to make the outfit look more formal. I definitely don’t want to look like I just left the fields. 

These were all worn with underskirts. If it’s not too hot, I wear them too. That makes the look more dramatic but don’t worry, it’s actually a trend:

For summer, dresses with folk embroidery may be the suitable modern alternative :

Another great thing are the embroidered blouses - both authentic and modern. Ok, this has been a trend for some time now so it’s nothing new. Knitwear could be an interesting twist. Anyway, I like to use authentic ones. Match it with jeans or a plain skirt. 

This might be the most accurate representation of what I’d actually wear. Yeah, the ornaments are clearly folk-inspired but the whole look is very clean and elegant. 

Again, when I already wear something folk-y, I don’t really add folklore accessories but there are no actual limitations :)
First of all, I have TONS of embroidered ribbons (old and new) at home. I use them to tie my hair or instead of a belt:

Number two: Headscarves. No really, they are great for everything. Around the neck / shoulders if it’s cold, over the head if it starts raining. You don’t have to tie it the way old ladies do. Make it look like old Holywood, make it look hippie, whatever matches your actual outfit.

Then there are bags. I mostly use them for shopping or for music festivals and generally more casual occasions, but I have some elegant clutches too. Some of the bags I embroidered myself (don’t have pictures though). Again, blueprint is my favourite:

There are some type of ornaments which have nothing to do with folklore, but they match folklore outfits perfectly. This rule helps me a lot.

What else is there? Well, earrings, hairpins, bracelets, collars… the list goes on and on:

In the end, it’s always up to you. Make it fun, make it elegant, make it as you want. The folkwear should match your style as any other clothes do. 

Tl;dr: Be moderate. One piece at a time. Or not. I’m no fashion expert. Just go through old shops, discover, wear it proudly. 

Anyway, if you decide to wear it, I’ll be immensely happy, because it’s one of my secret dreams, making the old clothes wearable and popular and accepted. Plus it’s your cultural heritage, and it’s been a trend to somehow forget white people have folk culture, too. If you feel confident enough to share some of your pictures, that would be perfect. 
Hope I helped!

Edit: If anyone wishes to add more ideas, you are all very welcomed, I’d also like to know more!

more pilot

Oh Emma, you’re so very pretty in your pink dress and your nice nails and so sad with the little lonely cupcake. 

Tiny Henry is so incorrigible and I totally forgot he was this little, and had a voice this high pitched. 

and soundtrack, you are here for me! (and poor Emma, who has a nice apartment. A really nice apartment, that’s clean. Why does this not make it into characterization for fics? Emma has a classy, clean lines, very modern, clean apartment. That she chose herself. It doesn’t even seem like her.