that double bed

so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…


read all 30 days

as if we needed more proof that aaron and robert are the cuddliest shits in the whole entire world that tiny bed just proves they can’t sleep unless they’re tangled up in each other


Shepherd hut in Sussex, England

Submitted by Dave Erasmus

We bought “Betty,” Corcovado’s first shepherd hut on ebay for £7000, built from 100 year old reclaimed solid oak and built on a set of 200 year old cast iron wheels. She knows nothing of the industrial revolution. With a double bed, two singles, a kitchen and bathroom she provides a perfect shelter in this 25 acre wood in Sussex united kingdom. Corcovado is a state of mind, a state of simple living and connectedness.

Follow Dave’s weekly episodes about off-grid life on: / @daveerasmus1

home : hs

Request: Yes (this one)

Pairing: Harry Styles x Y/N

Word count: 1,442

Warnings: Cursing (one or two!)

What are you about to read: Y/N getting inked by Harry

Requests open!

Originally posted by tmlnsn

Harry wasn’t a sap. Oh god, he wasn’t. but when it comes to Y/N, he couldn’t help but feel a tad whipped.

It was when he saw his friend Jeff getting a tattoo of his girlfriend’s hometown coordinates on his arm. As much as it seemed creepy and strange, he couldn’t help but letting the idea of having something from Y/N tattooed forever on his body creep into his mind.  

It was after a week when they managed to take some time to themselves and chill at Y/N’s small but cozy apartment in downtown London. They were sat on Y/N’s tiny bed (it was a double sized bed but Harry’s feet were always left outside) and she had her arms around him. He could feel her warm breath on his neck.

“I don’t want them to see my boobs, ‘s all.” He could almost sense her eyebrows furrowing behind him while she continued stroking his biceps.

“Love, they don’t care ‘bout yeh boobs, they only care ‘bout the money they’ll be receiving” Harry shook his head and a few strands fell on his forehead, making Y/N lean over and kiss his forehead from where she was seated behind him.

Harry was slowly regretting the whole tattoo idea. He knew Y/N liked his tattoos and sure, she had a couple of small ones here and there but he wanted to go and get one together. And not because he wanted to get matching ones, Harry wasn’t into that whole idea of getting hearts and flowers with your lover.

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Random Thought...

…of how I kinda just love how Dean sleeps in a double bed that seems to forever be missing someone to fill that empty space next to him, whereas Cas “sleeps” in a double bed in a room that is the guest room, so it isn’t even Cas’ own room, meaning there’s nothing really tying him to that space at all. So where does he truly belong? Oh, it’s so gorgeously meaningful, so beautifully symbolic of what should be. And of what will be. Because there’s an empty spot in Dean’s bed that’s never been slept in.

Anti-social // Cole Sprouse

Hi ^^ I love your writing and I was wondering if I could request a cole x reader. Like the reader and cole are together for a long time now and she’s like super shy and stuff bc maybe there was something in her past.And cole takes her with him to the riverdale set and all the cast members are super nice but to much for the reader and cole is like really protective about the reader and the others ask him if they did something wrong and cole explains that the reader is just a very shy person. 

 Warnings: N/A

Word Count: 1,554

Characters: Cole Sprouse, KJ Apa, Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes, Madelaine Petsch, Casey Cott, Trevor Stines, Skeet Ulrich, Luke Perry.

 — —

Socialising wasn’t exactly your forte. You preferred to hide away in the shadows and keep to yourself. Your parents didn’t exactly like you socialising with kids that they didn’t know, so you rarely had friends that stuck around.

Your boyfriend, Cole, on the other hand, was much more social than you were. He loved to go out with his friends, but you preferred to sit on the couch with a book and spend the night in. That was half of the reason you hadn’t met his co-stars just yet. But today, he forced you out of the house.

The car ride from the apartment you two were staying at consisted mostly of ‘Cole, seriously. I don’t want to go’, ‘(Y/N), you’re already in the car. Get over it.’, ‘I could jump out the car, you know.’ ‘Don’t be silly.’ So here you were, sitting in the car out the front of Cole’s trailer, your arms crossed over your chest and a pout on your lips.

“Come on, grumpy,” Cole grinned, leaning over to plant a kiss on your cheek, to which you complied with him and got out the car, closing the door and following him into his trailer, which was surprisingly decent. (You mostly paid attention to the Polaroids on the wall, which you and Dylan appeared in most of them). You sat on the double bed that was in the corner of the trailer, frowning a little. “How do you not miss your own bed or mine compared to this? You always say you’re comfortable here.” You put your phone down, falling back onto the bed and staring at the ceiling, which had fairy lights strung across the roof. “You’re so Tumblr, oh my gosh.”

“Do not judge my hipster aesthetic. The rest of the cast love it.” He grabbed your phone from next to you, putting it on charge since you were complaining about not having a charger and your phone was on 7%.

“So, you’ve had all of the cast here, huh? How many times have you and KJ made out on this bed?” You smirk, sitting back up to look at him and biting your lip. Cole turned to look at you, his eyebrow raised as he stalked towards you, leaning forward, his hands on either side of your hips. You had started to lean back, teasing him as his lips tried to attach themselves to yours.

Once your back hit the cold wall of the trailer, his lips had immediately started at your collarbone, sucking on it gently and then he started to kiss up your neck. Your fingers tangled in his hair, tugging lightly at it, but as soon as the both of you started to get into the swing of things, you were both interrupted by someone banging on the trailer door. “Dinner is ready!”

“C’mon. Time for you to meet the cast.” Cole pulled you up with him, making you become a little stiff and frown a bit. “You can always like, I don’t know. Bring the food here?” You suggested, watching him shrug on a coat, since it was a bit chilly outside. “You’re going to need a jumper, babe. It’s going to snow tonight.” Cole ignored what you had said, grabbing his spare jacket and slipping it over your shoulders, letting you slip your arms through.

Following him out of the trailer, you slowly walked next to him, hoping to waste as much time as you can. “Come on,” Cole muttered, his arm slinging over your shoulder and pulling you along, making you move a bit faster. “I love you.”

“I love you…” You muttered back, chewing on your lip. Once the pair of you reached the huge tent where the food was prepared and served, your heart started to beat a bit faster, making your breath hitch. If only your parents hadn’t been so stupid…

“Cole, mate!” You heard KJ call out. You looked up at Cole, seeing the grin on his face as he led you over to a huge round table, where the cast of Riverdale was sat at. There were two seats, obviously where you and Cole would be sitting.

“I’m going to put you next to Trev. He’s more chilled out, rather than KJ. You’ll probably swoon over his accent and leave me for him.” Cole held your shoulders, pushing you in front of him and making you sit down. “What makes you say I won’t leave you for Trev?” You looked at him, raising an eyebrow. Cole looked at you with a glare, but a small smirk was on his lips.

“Guys, this is (Y/N). You all know about her, but this is her. In the flesh.” Cole announced loudly, making your heart beat quickly and your face go red.

There was a chorus of ‘nice to meet you!’, ‘you’re so much prettier than the photo’s!’, and ‘glad you finally decided to bring her’. You smiled, waving a little bit and taking a deep breath, trying to calm down. “Let me guess. Cole forced you here, didn’t he?” You heard Trev whisper into your left ear, making you look at him and nod a little. You could probably become really good friends with Trevor. He seemed really calm and chilled out.

Cole had left you at the table as he, KJ and a few others left to go get food. You bit your lip, fiddling with your thumbs and hoping that Cole would be quick and be back at your side.

“So, (Y/N)! Cole has told us so much about you, but now that you’re here, we can finally get a bit more details!” Camila started, a huge grin on her lips. You picked at your nails, a quiet ‘what do you want to know?’ coming from your lips as you looked up at her, shyly.

“Okay! So Cole never told us how you two met!” Madelaine asked, excited to hear the wacky story of how the two of you got together. You swallowed a lump in your throat looking over your shoulder, seeing KJ and Cole messing around together, still waiting in line for food. You turned back to see two older men, sitting across from you, looking at you with worried faces. “Kids, why don’t you let her settle in first, you’ve probably frightened the poor girl.” You know that Skeet and Cole spent a lot of time together, so they’re on screen relationship wasn’t as awkward, so you smiled softly at him.

“Nonsense! She’s fine! Right, (Y/N)? You’re fine! See, Skeet!” Camila grinned, to which Madelaine and Lili nodded along with, all three looking at you like you were a piece of meat. “Actually. I-uh, I need to go.” You quickly got up, pulling the sleeves of Cole’s jacket over your hands as you turned towards Cole’s trailer, walking as quickly as you can.

-Cole’s POV-

Cole saw you move quickly across the grass area, headed towards the pavement and the cluster of trailers. He looked at the cast, who were all a bit shocked due to your sudden exit. Cole had two foam takeaway containers in his hand, eyebrows furrowed as he walked back towards the round table, setting the containers down.

“Was it something we did?” Casey asked Cole, making Cole furrow. “Uh, well, the girls, mostly. You all shouldn’t have scared her like that. It would’ve been better to ease her into the conversation,” Luke added, looking at Camila, Madelaine and Lili, who all looked guilty,

“Oh, no. Absolutely not. She’s just very shy. Her parents didn’t really let her socialise much, so she’s a bit… fragile.” Cole started, sitting down and taking a deep breath. “Nothing that happened tonight is your fault. I think I protect her a little too much, which is also kind of bad. I want her to socialise with all of you guys. Because, I don’t want her going through life and just talking to people who are very close to her, you know?” Cole finished, grabbing some plastic cutlery and taking a deep breath. “I think I’ll go and take this into her. I’ll see you all for filming after.”

­-(Y/N)’s POV­-

You sat on the bed in Cole’s trailer, leaning against the wall and taking deep breaths. You felt so stupid. Running off like a little kid. You should’ve sucked it up and stayed there. They’re all probably laughing at your stupidity. Cole too.

“Babe?” You heard Cole’s voice break you from your thoughts. “In here,” you murmured, picking at your nails. You looked up, seeing him in all his beauty, carrying in two takeaway containers and placing them on the bed.

“You alright?” He asked you, pushing some of your hair behind your ear and smiling softly. “Luke and Skeet told me what happened. I want to apologise for their behaviour. They never usually act like this. They were just really excited to finally meet my amazing and beautiful girlfriend.”

You smiled, a small blush appearing on your cheeks as you picked up a container, bringing it to your lap and opening it. “Butter Chicken. You remembered.” You looked up at him, grabbing a fork and blowing a kiss.

“Can’t forget what my girlfriend likes, can I?” He winked, making you shake your head laughing.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, but I’m your idiot.”

dan and phil are probably sharing a room

• dan won’t be recording in his bedroom, he’ll be recording in the living room
• they aren’t doing a house tour
• phil has a double bed with two pillows
• dan’s rapidash pokemon bead thing was in phil’s room

Someone else to join - Bucky x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Sooooo I’ve been very very quiet the last months, because I was super busy with my finals but now they are almost over. And while watching some videos on YouTube I got this idea, I had to write this. So let’s jump into it! I hope you enjoy! ♥

Words - 846

Warnings - crying but mostly fluff

Originally posted by jamesbuchananbarnesisbae

As you sit on the double bed in your bedroom, your legs and arms wrapped around a big cushion, you look over to your nighttable, your phone halfway charged. 

Your heart hammers against your chest, you pick up the phone, unplug it and dial Natasha’s number, but before pressing the inviting green button to call her, you delete the number again and stare at the clock on your phone.

It’s 2:36 pm and it shouldn’t take long until your husband is home. And you wanted him to know first. It is his right to know first, wasn’t it?

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Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Pairing: Derek x Fem!Reader

Requested: Yes by @itsall-inmy-head

Warnings: Sex, fingering, Daddy kink, spanking, NSFW 18+

A/N: Enjoy lovies❤️ I also apologize to @itsall-inmy-head because I got an incy wincy bit carried around.

masterlist / coming soon

Originally posted by songsoftheheartless

The growing heat along your body was growing with every passing second, your skin was dancing with goosebumps as you heard the voice of your Alpha through the locked door. Derek was in the middle of a pack meeting, and since you were in heat, he had to keep you in his bedroom for safe keeping.

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Pairing: EXO Baekhyun X Reader

Genre: Smut, Fluff

Trigger Warning: smut af

Word Count: 1711

A/N lol I was so stressed about my exams I went and cried in my bed. then wrote some smut. That’s how you deal with school problems 

Also sorry it literally took me 9 years to write this


A groan escaped Baekhyun’s lips as he lowered himself into the sofa chair opposite you. You looked up from your phone that sat between your fingers. 

“You alright there?” He landed stiffly in the chair, sighing again once the cushion seemed to wrap around him. 

“I’m so sore…” he grumbled. “We practised endlessly today.”

“Oh dear. They really do work you hard, don’t they?” You mused. Baekhyun shifted slightly in his seat, his eyes crinkling and brows furrowing as he winced at the pain. 

“Ahh, it’s my back.” He looked up at you, his eyes drooping in self sympathy. 

“Do we have any pain killers or something?” you asked, standing up from your seat. “I’ll go and look.” You began to turn away but Baekhyun stopped you. 

“Wait. Maybe you could… possibly…” he began. 


"Give me a massage?” His eyes shone pleadingly and you couldn’t help but agree. 

“Okay. Let’s go to the bedroom then." 

After taking a good couple of minutes for Baekhyun to heave himself out of the couch, he lay down on his front, his chest sinking into the mattress of the double bed.

"Be gentle,” he said, his voice cracking. You chuckled. 

“Don’t worry, I will.” You couldn’t help but smile at his innocence, positioning yourself adjacent to him. You kneeled on the bed next to him, stretching out your knuckles and testing your hands’ flexibility. You placed your hands on the cotton of his t-shirt, gently rubbing circles towards the top of his back. Almost instantly, Baekhyun let out a content sigh. You gradually moved further down his back, continuing the same gentle motion. 

You caught glances at his face, tipped on its side. His eyes were shut, often squeezing together in satisfaction.  

“Jagiii…” he mumbled, reaching for the hem of his t-shirt and pulling it up to expose his skin. You couldn’t help but feel distracted by his voice, his sensual sounds igniting something in the pit of your stomach. You tried to ignore it, assuming he was too tense for what you had in mind. 

He stayed in the same position; you presumed he’d wanted the contact of your hands against his skin. He let out a hiss as your fingers pressed into his back. “Your hands are cold,” he stated. 

“Sorry." You worked your hands over his flexing muscles, pleasing Baekhyun with each movement.

As you continued massaging him, he continued to produce unforgivable moans and groans that you tried desperately to distract yourself from. His lips were parted and his eyebrows were furrowed, as if he were concentrating on something. While you were examining his features, he suddenly turned in your grasp, rolling into his back. His eyes gazed up at you, any sense of tranquillity disappearing as a dangerous and cheeky glint seemed to replace them. He half smiled, a cocky grin playing on his lips. 

"Why don’t we do something we can both get pleasure from?” You mirrored his devilish smile. Taking that as a yes, his arms snaked round your waist as he pulled you atop him. Your lips connected and your long forgotten massage turned into a fiery kiss full of passion and want. 

Baekhyun took control and rolled you both over, so your back was lying pressed against the mattress while he held himself above you.

This time, moans escaped your lips as his hands roamed over your body. At your voice, you felt his crotch harden against you. His fingers crept up your t-shirt, cupping your bra. He smiled and gently pulled it upwards, revealing you only in your bra. His hard stomach pressed against yours as he dipped downwards and connected your lips together again. Both his hands found their way behind your back and unclasped your bra, exposing your chest completely.

His lips moved from yours to wander against your cheek, then your jawline and your neck. All the while, his hands were working at ridding your body from your remaining clothes.

“You feeling better now then?” you murmured, soon followed by a gasp into his hair. He was still sucking at your neck, leaving beautiful marks that claimed you as his own. He held his body up with his hands planted heavily either side of you, locking you into his own personal prison.

“Much better,” he breathed against your neck. You arched your back into his body as one hand came to circle your core. His finger coiled around your clit before entering it inside you. You shivered and pressed your hands into his back, feeling your nails indent small curves into his smooth skin. You melted into his touch, your eyes rolling back and your eyelids fluttering shut in pleasure.

Baekhyun’s lips finished sucking your skin and he began gently nibbling on it. You shuddered in response. You began to feel a line of sweat glistening on your forehead as Baekhyun’s arm movements seemed to go quicker and quicker – now two fingers buried inside you. You moaned and whined out breathlessly, repeating his name like a chant.

You could feel his grin against your skin. His teeth grazed across your collarbones as he cockily smiled at the reaction he’d caught from you. You threw your head back as you were dissolved in pleasure – your first orgasm fast approaching. “Baek… Stop…” you gasped. “I want to cum with you-“ you attempted to stop him, you’d wanted to share your orgasm with him. But he ignored your efforts, his right hand coming to lay gently across your lips.

You moaned into his hand as your high suddenly shook through you – a bold of electricity shattering through your veins. Your heart beat incredibly fast while time seemed to slow down around you. You cried out Baekhyun’s name, your nails pressing deeply into his skin even further. You wondered if you’d left deep marks behind.

As your orgasm finally died down, you were left lying breathless on the sheet. Baekhyun pulled his fingers out of you, bringing them up to your lips and letting you clean them for him. You gazed at him adoringly, sweat glistening all over your body. Your legs unconsciously crossed themselves, protecting your burning heat from over stimulation.

While regaining your stability, your fingers found their way to Baekhyun’s belt and undid the clasp. You pushed them down his thighs, pulling his boxers down with them. As his rock hard member slapped against his muscular torso, you smiled hungrily, arousal making its appearance once again.

You wrapped your fingers around him, stroking a finger over the head and running your hand up and down. You started to pull yourself out from underneath Baekhyun, expecting you both to change positions so that you could pleasure him yourself, but his hands flew to your shoulders, his iron grip keeping you in place.

“No, I want you too much. Now,” he stated huskily. Happy to comply, you felt his arms return to your thighs, pulling them apart again. He positioned his hips readily, his cock pressing lewdly against your entrance. He was further away from you now, instead of lying directly atop you he was half kneeling lower down. He looked carefully at you, eyebrows raised in question. It was one of the sexiest things a man could do – you thought – showing they’re asking for consent. You reached forward, wrapping your hands around his neck and pulling him down to kiss him.

With this movement forwards, he entered you. You moaned simultaneously into one another’s mouths, saliva mixing between the two of you. He started slow, thrusting at a consistent pace until quickly he began to charge into you. His hips moved so suddenly against you that neither of you could commit or concentrate on kissing, your lips just lying parted against each other. They both sung each other’s names.

“Oh my god,” you rasped, his dick brushing against your one spot of pleasure. His eyes clamped tightly shut as he repeatedly hit that same place inside you, your moans only increasing. His skin shone with sweat, drops even occasionally falling onto your skin as he continued to rhythmically slam into you.

His pace was soon so fast it was almost unbearable. At this point, you’d become putty in his hands and you were an item for Baekhyun to fuck. He’d moved his head to bury it in your shoulder, growling against your skin as he pounded into you relentlessly and unforgivingly. One of your hands buried its way into Baekhyun’s hair, holding him closely while his hips rolled against you. You felt his breath against your collarbone, ragged and erratic as you could feel he wasn’t going to last much longer. You couldn’t help but wonder if he was in pain – the movement probably being ten times more intense than the dance moves he’d performed earlier on in the studio.

A pool of fire flickered in your stomach, your second orgasm igniting in your body. Baekhyun’s thrusts never ceased to slow down, although the steadiness began to falter as he had almost caught up with his end. He panted and groaned, almost as if he were annoyed at himself, until he thrust into you with so much force that you ended up coming together – one another’s fluids mixing and combining as one. Stars dotted your vision as your voice was stolen from you; you bathed silently in bliss while he repeated your name over and over as if it were a hymn.

He sighed out in exhaustion and pleasure, jerking and crashing his chest against yours, lying still against you. For a few moments you both lay there, catching your breaths and gasping for air. It took a few minutes for the room to stop spinning and Baekhyun rolled to the side, falling onto the mattress beside you.

You both continued to stare at ceiling above you. Satisfied and spent.

“Well,” Baekhyun began, “that was definitely one way to loosen me up.”

Barcelona (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

A/N: A long ass random imagine where you meet him at Barcelona. Inspired by recent current events in SHawn’s life haha

« Bye babe. I miss you. » Shawn sighed into the phone.

“I miss you too babe. I’m flying in tomorrow though, remember? You’re gonna see all of us.” Y/N replied.

“I know, I know. I can’t wait. I haven’t seen you in a month.”

Y/N smiled softly. She can practically hear the small twinge of pain in his voice. Of course this was his dream, this was what he always wanted to do; but it wasn’t easy being apart from your loved ones nevertheless.

“Oh okay I gotta go, we’re driving to the airport. I’ll see you in a couple hours!”

“I can’t wait to see you Y/N.”

“You sure you don’t mind coming to pick us up at 1 am? You got a show tomorrow, we can just Uber to your hotel.”

“No no I want to come.”

“Mkay, I’ll see you Shawn.”

“See you love. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

You hung up, a smile on your face. You had that fluttery sensation in your body again, really excited to see him again.

“Ready Y/N?” Aaliyah called.


You had gotten along very well with Shawn’s family at this point, they had welcomed you very warmly. You often hung out with them, so flying to Barcelona with them was no problem at all.

You dragged your suitcase into the living room to find Manny, Karen and Aaliyah waiting for you.

“What is up with these huge suitcases girls? We’re there for four days.” Manny chuckled.

“Dad us women have lots to bring.” Aaliyah retorted. You nodded in agreement, laughing.

“Happy birthday Manny! Almost forgot to tell you that before leaving.” You said all of a sudden.

“Oh thanks Y/N! And you birthday is coming up too right?”

“In three days.”

“Nice, nice. What can I say, Tauruses are the best.”

“Yep.” You said, high-fiving him.

“Alright alright, let’s go shall we? The flight leaves in 2 hours.”

You guys drove to the airport, you and Aaliyah hanging out in the backseat, taking random selfies on Snap and making stupid’s.

“Shawn’s gonna see these and piss himself of excitement.” You laughed.

“Hahahah I’ll call Geoff and tell him to record everything if that happens.”

You guys got to the airport right on time, with a couple minutes to kill.

“Oh my god are you Shawn Mendes-“

“Yes.” You and Aaliyah both said.

You looked at each other, about to burst out laughing.

“Sorry what were you gonna say?”

“Girlfriend. Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend.”
“Oh then that yes.” You answered.

“And me definitely not.” Aaliyah replied.

“Oh my god aw, you guys are going to visit Shawn?”

“That’s so freaking cute honestly.”


“Oh my god I gotta tell my friend in Barcelona-“

“Um we kinda wanted to keep this private- oh okay bye then.” You weakly ended as the girl ran away without listening to you.

“Well shit.”

“Well shit. But you know what do you expect, people will obviously recognize us.”



“JESUS Aaliyah, you woke up the whole plane.”


All of a sudden all of the drowsiness left your brain as you perked up. Indeed, on the small screen it said you had less than twenty kilometers till the airport of Barcelona.


Shawn checked his phone for the umpteenth time. 12:30 AM. Okay, that was a reasonable time to leave at right? For the past two hours, he had been checking the time and wondering when he should leave for the airport. He ordered a taxi big enough to fit 5 people, and was on his way.

Getting there, his smile of anticipation never left his flushed cheeks. He sped walked to the Arrivals section and waited.

Shawn: You guys landed?

Y/N: Baggage claim!

Shawn: Aah see you soon!

Y/N: real soon x

He put his phone into his pocket and stood there waiting, fidgeting and tapping his foot.


“Alright got everything? Do we have everyone now? Aaliyah, Y/N.. Hahah Y/N jetlag is hitting you huh?”

“Yeah, I think I’m gonna go get a quick coffee. I’ll meet you guys at the exit kay?” You yawned.


Shawn’s eyes lit up as he saw his mom, dad and sister. Aaliyah ran up to him and hugged him tightly, Manny and Karen following suit.

Shawn stood back to the door as he reunited with his family.

“Where’s Y/N?”
“Turn around sweetheart.”

He turned around and saw his beautiful girlfriend, hair up in a messy ponytail and wearing a Harry Potter hoodie with leggings. She spotted him and her face lit up in a huge goofy grin.

He ran to her, catching her and hugging her tightly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and her arms around his neck.

After what seemed like a long time, he let her back down.

“Haha sorry I smell like airplane.” Y/N grinned up at him.

“I missed you so much.” He bent down and kissed her cheek. “And I like this sweater.” He said, pinching her waist, causing her to giggle and writhe around.

They both started laughing rather loudly, kissing each other everywhere on the face their lips could reach.

“Okay, okay you want me to throw up in my mouth?” Aaliyah came in between them.

Shawn just couldn’t stop smiling, and pulled her in a tight group hug with Y/N. He was so inexplicably happy.

They eventually made their way out the airport and into the hotel.

“And yeah it’s two double beds?”

“Yes sir.”

“Alright perfect, thank you.” Manny said, leaving the reception desk with two hotel room keys. He joined Aaliyah, Karen and Shawn with his arm around Y/N in the lobby.

“Well, Aaliyah Karen, room 426. Y/N, we’ll leave you with Shawn.” He said with a small wink.

“Sleep well kids.” Karen waved, before going towards the elevator.

Shawn turned his head towards Y/N.

“Whatcha smirking at.” Y/N said.


“Alright let’s go, its 2 AM.”


Shawn yawned, sensing consciousness approach. Turning around, he saw Y/N; remembering the events of a couple hours ago.

“Helloooooo.” He whispered playfully in her hear.


He chuckled, almost forgetting what it was like waking up next to Y/N. He moved her hair out of her face.



“We gotta go to my dad’s birthday brunch.”


“It starts in half an hour” He sing-songed.


“It’s a really good Spanish food place.”

“MHMM fine.” She said, sitting up. She yawned and stretched her arms.

He smiled at her, hugging her waist.

“I’m only joking it’s in 2 hours.”

“Ugh Shawn.” She groaned and threw her pillow at him.


“Well. Now that I’m awake Mister Mendes, why don’t you show me around Barcelona before this lunch thing?”

Y/N and Shawn walked down the streets, hand in hand; soaking in the sun. Shawn couldn’t keep his eyes of his girlfriend. His eyes wandered from her braided hair, to her sunglasses, to her flowy dress.

“Will you quit staring, you’re making me feel self-conscious.” Y/N giggled.

“You’re freaking beautiful.”

Y/N blushed, smiling stupidly back at him.

They had breakfast at a little café.

“I love this place. And ooh free coffee on your birthday!”
“Which is in two days.” Shawn pointed out.


“Don’t worry, I have a bunch of stuff planned.”

Y/N raised an eyebrow.


“Of course! I asked around about what to do in Barcelona and made a list of things you would enjoy.”

“Aw.” Y/N smiled. “Thank you.”

“There’s no need to thank me! I want to do this. Stop feeling like you owe people something, Y/N. You are worth so much, you just can’t see it. But I do.” Shawn looked at her.

“Thanks. I love you Shawn.”

“I love you too.” Shawn took her hand on the table and rubbed her thumb softly.

They spent the rest of the morning walking around, poking around in shops.

Shawn had missed being with Y/N, missed witnessing her crazy self.

“Aw a street act! Let’s go see.” She took her hand and dragged him to the next street.

It was a violin trio, and spotting the couple, they started to play the melody to “Mercy”.

Y/N laughed and started singing, quite off-key but neither of them cared.

They wandered around a bit more before approaching the street they were supposed to meet Shawn’s family.


Came a bunch of screams. You both turned around, spotting a flock of girls running towards you.

“Hey guys, so I have to go and be with them.” Shawn gestured towards you and behind you. “But thank you, thank you so much.”

He came and held you by the waist and led you inside a colorful restaurant, dodging the accumulating camera flashes.

“Sorry about that.”
“What? Oh it’s fine, I love your fans.”

“I do too, but sometimes it’s just so much.”
“I understand. But hey- why why do you look so down?”

“Well it’s just I don’t know, I love them believe me; but sometimes I just- I don’t know I just need-“



“That’s totally understandable, Shawn. It’s hard being a celebrity and having everyone know who you are. But at the end of the day, you’re living you dream and you’re surrounded by people who love you. Including me.” You whispered that last sentence.

“I love you so much Y/N.” He hugged you.

“I love you too.”

Man it felt nice being together again.

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