that door had like three locks!


Ghost Blimp

The legend of the Ghost Blimp began in San Francisco on August 16, 1942. It was early on a Sunday morning when Flight 101 prepared to take off. The pilots were 27-year-old Lt. Ernest DeWitt Cody and 34-year-old Ensign Charles Ellis Adams. Both were experienced and reliable, which made the events of the next five hours even more mysterious. An Aviation machinist named Riley Hill was supposed to go with them on this call but moments before the flight was called back for an unknown reason.

About 1.5 hours after takeoff Lt. Cody radioed squadron headquarters and said; “Position four miles east of the Farallones. Standby.” Four minutes later, Cody called again and reported an oil slick on the water. According to Riley Hill, those were the last words ever received from Flight 101.

After 3 hours of no contact with the blimp and it’s crew, the flight commander got a report saying that the blimp had gone eight miles off course and had come ashore just south of San Francisco. The blimp had landed in the middle of a street, but no one was injured. It’s important to note that while there was no contact with the crew, the blimp remained in sight until it crashed.

When Navy personnel arrived, they were shocked to discover that there was no sign of Lt. Cody or Ensign Adams. The door was latched open, which was a highly unusual in-flight position. The safety bar, normally used to block the doorway, was no longer in place. And a microphone hooked to an outside loudspeaker dangled from the gondola. The blimp had went through the proper prepping and maintenance before departure so none of this made any sense.

Two of the three life jackets on board were missing, suggesting the crew had put them on before take off, as regulations required. A locked briefcase containing top-secret codes was still in its place. It was as if Cody and Adams had opened the door and simply stepped out into thin air. 

Many theories have emerged since then, like they were fixing something and fell out or that they were captured, but none of that makes sense since they were in sight the entire time. 

8 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as alcohol and violence, description of injuries

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innocent filth

summary: Bucky’s always had a thing for the shy ones. || bucky x reader x ivar || fratboy!bucky & shy librarian!ivar

warnings: lots of fucking smut jesus fucking christ, threesome, shy!ivar because that MUST be a warning, sub!ivar, sub!reader, dom!bucky, oral

notes: So these past few days have been a flurry of Frat Boy!Bucky and shy Librarian!Ivar, and @justasunflower sent me something about them including reader and her being shy, also, and then it escalated to Bucky having an absolute field day with the both of them. So, therefore, here is a byproduct of that amazing conversation with my little sunflower. I tweaked with it a little bit, but I hope you guys like it. Enjoy! [There will possibly be a part two, because I didn’t include all the smut oops. It’s late here, sorry.]

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Kiwi: Part Five

A mini-series based in Jamaica during the writing/recording of Harry’s new album. Enjoy. x

Kiwi: Part One // Kiwi: Part Two // Kiwi: Part Three // Kiwi: Part Four

TW: mentions death; loss of a family member.

He woke up to the sounds of the ocean kissing the sandy shore.

He couldn’t remember what time they finally fell asleep the night before. Sleep had already started to overcome him during the last little bit of the night so he hadn’t been fully conscious, but he did remember a few things: stealing soft kisses and gentle whispers, and the sound of her laugh harmonizing with the sound of the waves. 

He’d never seen Cal that relaxed before, and it brought her to a whole new dimension that only made him fall even deeper—it was almost like she was a new person every day. Like she was constantly shifting into new versions of herself. 

He turned over in the bed to look at her—she was laying on her stomach, one of her arms resting by her head as the other remained down at her side. Her shoulders were rising and falling calmly with every breath that she took, and it was almost soothing to see her this relaxed—she had this resilient intensity about her all of the time that he couldn’t quite put his finger on, and watching her sound asleep was perhaps the only time that he saw her with her defences completely lowered.

He groaned inaudibly as he gently rubbed the sleep out of his eyes, sitting up in the bed carefully as not to wake her up. As much as he wanted to stay, he needed to get back to the studio to keep working. He slipped out of the bed and padded across the room quietly, and after some debate, he decided to leave her a note. He didn’t want her to think that he was running off, but he also didn’t want to wake her—he wrote her the note and left it on the bed beside her frame, slipping out of the little home and making his way back to the studio.

Calliope woke up hours later to the beeping of her alarm going off on her watch.

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birthday wishes ;

SO THIS LITTLE DIDDY IS DEDICATED TO MY MAIN BITCH @mermaidsonships!!!!!! we’ll consider it a belated birthday present, even though i’ve been working on it for roughly three days – her birthday was yesterday SO I FELL BEHIND ON MY DEADLINE! AS ALWAYS! but yeah. this is for N! i love you bitch! ain’t never gonna stop lovin u bitch! i also hope the rest of you enjoy, it’s cute and fun whether it’s your bday or not. we all have them at some point 💘 

It’s somewhere around half an hour later, and you feel like the two of you have really only been going in circles, but you never once questioned it. Your eyebrows furrow when Harry ends up just pulling into his driveway, though, and you look over him with a confused expression. “You know it only takes ten minutes to get to your house from my flat, right? And that’s when there’s traffic,” you deadpan, and he just smirks, shaking his head.

“I know. Had to make you feel like we were going somewhere else, though,” he explains, and you’re left feeling even more confused.

“So you made me dress up and drove me around for half an hour just so we could come to your house?” You question, and his bobs from side to side like he’s considering whether or not that’s what he’s done.

“I suppose so, yeah,” he answers, and you roll your eyes.

“There’s not gonna’ be some sort of surprise party when I walk in the front door, is there?” You press, and he laughs, shaking his head.

“Nah, ‘s just us. Just like you told me. I promise,” he assures, and you hold your pinky out and his eyes flicker from the finger to your eyes, just staring at you for a moment, before he locks his pinky around yours.


Harry grants Y/N the birthday wish she’s had since she was thirteen

6k+, fluff, smut, heart shaped sandwiches, and a plot synopsis of 13 going on 30

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Ted Bundy was obsessed with his appearance and would change his outfit two to three times in a single courtroom session. During his trial, he became angry that he had not been given sufficient time to prepare for his defense. On the morning of his court date, he stuffed the lock of his jail cell with toilet paper so the jailers couldn’t open up the door, telling them that “I’ll be there when I feel like it!”

In conclusion, Ted Bundy was such a fucking diva.


Natural Disaster

Prompt: “Stay on your guard.” “You say that as if there has been a time I’ve ever let my guard down.” Your relationship with Captain Rogers is tested when a mission goes awry and you’re stuck in a safe house for a while.

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 2500

Warnings: fluff, angst, language, mild domestic dispute(s)

A/N: we all know i love steve, so here’s another haha. and who doesn’t get enough of the “trapped and stuck with each other” trope? going with BEARDED STEVE again cos i can’t get enough. as always, tagging is open. let me know if you want to be added for future parts.


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“Close the fucking door!” You gave a loud shout as your eyes went from Steve to the door and then back to Steve. It was murder on your vocal cords, but how else were you supposed to be heard with the wind and the rain going what felt like a million miles an hour outside.

Steve said nothing. He only nodded as he closed the door, locking the three dead bolts. This was your idea of a safe house.

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The hallway



Summary : You noticed bruises on your boyfriend Peter’s body, but he refuses to tell you how he got them, which leads to multiple fights.

Characters : Peter Parker x reader

Word count : ~1300

A/N : I’m really nervous because this is the first writing I’m publishing and I’m so afraid about my mistakes since English is not my main language and I’m far from being bilingual. I hope some people will read it and enjoy it despite the mistakes. Don’t hesitate to ask, or request me anything, or even give me advices or correct my poor english if you want. Feel free to be honest with me. Thank you <3

“I don’t care !” you shouted to Peter.

He got your wrists in his hands, and you tried to debate yourself so he’d let you go.

Few days ago, you started to understand that something was wrong with your boyfriend, but you couldn’t tell what. You started to get everything in line in your head, and make suppositions. His pseudostage with Stark was very suspiscious since he sometimes left the work at outrageous hours. He must fill his time with something else, something he wasn’t willing to tell you.

“Let me go…” you tried to say, but your voice started cracking as the tears were filling up your eyes.

Few days ago, you noticed changes on Peter’s body. Few dark marks that you assumed were bruises. There were some on his back, also as scratches. You noticed it when he changed his shirt in front of you, and couldn’t stop thinking about it then. Later on, you discovered that these bruises weren’t only on his back but all over his body. So what now, he was beaten up all nights, fighting with some other random guys in the street ? You didn’t want to live a Fight Club remake, so you decided to talk to him, which didn’t end very well.

The first time you both discussed about those mysterious marks, he only told you that that was nothing you had to worry about -something you couldn’t do so. The second time, Peter assumed he lacked vitamin C, and that was what caused the multiple bruises. The third time, he told you to shut up because you were annoying as you asked him about it all the time. The fourth time, you decided to shout back and not let him play with you since you felt concerned about his situation. You ended so furious you broke up with him. But it seemed like he didn’t want you to be separated.

“I swear to God [Y/N] you need to listen to me !”

“No, Peter ! You already said what you needed to say last time. I don’t wanna hear from you anymore until you stop treating me like a fool !” The tears drowned your face and you refused to even glare at him.

“[Y/N], love, I can’t tell you, that’s too much for you to handle but I promise… I… [Y/N] look I’m sorry but you have to trust me.” You were trying to push Peter out your apartment not wanting to talk about it anymore, you just needed him to understand that you had to stay alone even for a few minutes.

“Leave !” you shouted “Or I’m going to become more serious than I’ve ever been and you don’t want that Peter Parker.”

Peter’s eyes were red, and you could tell that he held himself back from crying. It was a real torture to see him in this bad state but he plunged you into similar mood so many times this couple of days you couldn’t just stop the fight by wrapping him into your arms like nothing happened. Even if you needed to cuddle him at this time.

After your last words, he stopped and let your wrists free again, but they were a little red because he didn’t noticed how strongly he held them. Peter was wondering what you were thinking while saying you’d become more serious afterwards. He didn’t really wanted to know the answer, at least not if the only way for him to know was by trying. He stepped back, staring at you.

He wanted to tell you his secret, so much, he wanted to tell you that he was Spider-Man. But that would include putting you in danger, and he didn’t want that. His heart was torn apart, he knew he had to make a decision real quick. Either he tells you about his secret identity or he loses you. This was a brand new battle he needed to focus on, all by himself.

As soon as he passed the door, you shut and locked it. There was no way he would enter in this apartment any time soon. Your breathe took control of your body, all of your members shaking. You felt so vulnerable right now, so many tears had fallen from your eyes and it hadn’t stopped yet. Your back met the door and you let yourself fall to the ground. Sat down, you thought about what just happened. The blood in your wrists had trouble coming to your hand since Peter grabbed them. You only dated for three months but you never saw him acting like that. It seemed like violence was taking him, as you thought.

Knock knock knock.

Peter hadn’t left. He was still in the hallway and not quite ready to leave the building.

“[Y/N] I’m sorry babe, just let me in..” You could tell by his voice that he was crying too, so by this image standing in your head a flood of tears more powerful than the last ones overrunned your face. You moaned. Why hadn’t he left yet. “I don’t want you to be mad at me.” He was more calm now in the hallway than he was in front of you. “Love, please I wish I could tell you.”

A sudden urge had you violently punch the door. You were already mad, and those words wouldn’t be enough for you to calm down. “I can’t trust you Peter, not with all those marks you always come home with ! Plus I bet no one knows, not even May !”  God you were so pissed at him. “You don’t understand Peter, you don’t understand that it hurts to see you in such a state. What would you say if I had so many bruises ? I can tell you would care just like I do !”

“That’s exactly why I don’t want to tell you [Y/N].” Now he was totally calm. His voice was slight and you could barely hear him through the door. “I don’t want you to get involve in this crazy story.”

“So you’re in trouble, just like I thought ! But what did you do Peter ? I need to know, so I can help you. We can find solutions. I’ve always supported you since we met.”

“There’s no solution, love. I’m begging you, you need to trust me.”

Everything in your brain was mixing up, you couldn’t think anymore. Maybe it was because you cried too much, and you were tired of this eternal fight with Peter. A silence was instaured since you didn’t answer him, but he soon broke this calm.

“I love you.” You didn’t answer. “[Y/N] open the door…” You didn’t answer. “[Y/N]…” You didn’t answer. You couldn’t even find what to tell him anymore. “Please at least come kiss me I really need this special love only you can give me.” Okay, he was totally trying to get you by your feelings, and the thought of you two kissing almost messed everything up in the ’[Y/N] being mad program’.

“No Peter.” Your voice was strict as ever. “We’re not together anymore, we don’t get to kiss.” These words were painful to say but you knew it was the right decision. If you failed, he would take advantage in the fight.

“I love you…” Peter seemed so sad it broke your heart even more.

“I’m not going to open the door, not until I know what is happening with you.”

There were a little silence before Peter talked again. “Then I’m gonna stay in the hallway forever.”

Never Have I Ever - A.I

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Somebody stop me.  I shouldn’t be allowed to do this anymore. Also, I don’t like how this ends so I’m sorry for that…this also goes from 0-100 really quick

Warning: Spanking, choking, daddy kink

“Never have I ever choked someone or been choked,” Michael said watching as two of his four friends took a shot of tequila, Michael not surprised at all that y/n had, but was very surprised when Luke was the one joining her for the shot. They were seated in Ashton’s hotel room that he was sharing with y/n on her two week stay with the boys during their break.“Jesus christ, Luke.”

“What?” the youngest of the group asked laughing as he high fived y/n, neither holding shame in their eyes. “I wasn’t the one into it. I just aim to please.”

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What Comes Next || Kim Taehyung

Originally posted by mvssmedia

Word Count: 1.7k

Genre: Angst/Fluff

He was surprised when you first told him, and then he was fine with it. It wasn’t what you were expecting but you were grateful he understood. When you told him the news about you being pregnant, you were sure he was going to judge you, he was going to leave, but then he stayed.

Jungkook was your best friend, and someone you could always count on. So when you told him that Taehyung, your boyfriend of three years now, had gotten you pregnant, he accepted it. He didn’t say anything bad, nothing along the lines of “you’re too young”. He told you that it was okay and that he would support you the entire way through.

There were some things you didn’t want to talk about, and that was when you would break the news to Taehyung. At first you had been scared, and there were a lot of times Jungkook would have to come over and calm you down. You were terrified that you being pregnant could ruin everything for Taehyung.

The last thing you wanted to do was ruin his career. You knew he had worked so hard tog et to where he was and you weren’t going to be the reason he stopped. There was a part of you that felt bad though, because Jungkook was the one who was helping you, even though it had nothing to do with him, and for that you were thankful.

He had promised to keep it a secret from Taehyung, not wanting to worry you anymore than you already were. For now it was a secret between the two of you.

It was two months into the pregnancy, and you had already started to notice the baby bump starting. There was a little bit of a belly forming and you found yourself holding your stomach anytime you had the chance. When Taehyung would come over you found yourself moving his hands to your stomach even though he had no idea what was going on.

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Selfless Love - part 10 END

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: A journey toward recovery and the story of a broken man falling in love with a woman.

Word Count: 976

Warnings: Language 

A/N: The end! Thank you guys for your support, I adore you. I hope you’ll enjoy this last part :) The last line is a quote from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry bc why not

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You strode down the hall to Bucky’s room, squealing internally as you finally reached the door. Your three-month assignment ended a lot sooner than expected and when Tony told everyone they could go home, you decided to surprise your boyfriend. You slowly opened the door, giggling to yourself.

“I’m ho-” You barged into the room, arms extended, but you cut yourself off, brows furrowed. Nothing could have prepared you for the sight in front of you.

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“Heirs: The Scent of Revenge” - [ Tom Hiddleston / Jeremy Irons - One shot].

Based on: Imagine: Tom’s reaction when you get home late one night, and after falling asleep on the couch waiting for you, he opens the door and as you walk past him, he catches a whiff of another man’s cologne.

Imagine: Tom cheated on you with one of your best friends before getting married. So your revenge is hooking up with his father, Jeremy. Tom feels guilty, apologizes and begs you to get back with him. Jeremy walks in and looks at Tom saying, “My son, what a huge mistake you made.”

Written by: A.Wölf.


Not even the high levels of caffeine in his bloodstream could keep Thomas awake.

One, two, three. One, two, three strong cups of coffee later and he still felt his eyelids heavy, his blue eyes not maintaining focus anymore until they finally defeated what was left of his willingness around 3:15 am, and closed as he fell asleep on the couch. Not having slept the previous night made it easier for his body to give in, not to mention the emotional pain he had felt which now resided in his back in the form of multiple knots, thus turning into physical discomfort as well.

He had been waiting for her to return home, but after the recent events, it’d be a miracle if she did. After a terrible indiscretion was committed by a friend, she found out that her husband had cheated on her before their wedding, which had taken place no longer than five months prior to the unfortunate discovery. The sleepless night was spent arguing until she locked herself in their bedroom and left Tom in the living room.

“You bastard!” the wife had cried against the door as she sank to the floor with a broken heart.

On the other side, Tom did the same thing but remained silent, accepting the consequences while running his fingers through his hair, looking hopeless.

A couple hours after the sun came out, he could hear her moving things inside their bedroom, he wasted no time and made himself useful in the kitchen. He washed and diced some fruit, cooked eggs and waffles, even made freshly squeezed orange juice before setting the table. And just as he finished, in perfect timing, his wife came out of the bedroom, already dressed and with her purse hanging over her shoulder as she wrapped a purple silk hair scarf around her head.

They locked eyes in utter silence, and Tom tried to show her a friendly smile but she broke eye contact to glance at the perfectly set table. Tom cleared his throat and shifted in his spot. And just like everything had abruptly changed between them, so had the weather; gray clouds had covered the sun and a heavy summer rain had started to fall.

“Uhm, I thought we could have breakfast together”, he said timidly.

The wife let out a breathy chuckle and walked towards the door. But before she even reached for the knob, Tom had already taken three long strides to block the exit.

“Where are you going?” he gently asked, trying to remain collected.

“You have no right to ask me anything”, she said in a quiet yet firm tone.

Tom looked away and sighed, looking upset for a split second but trying to come up with any reason to make her stay.

“It’s raining”.

“Get out of the way, Thomas”.

“Please don’t do this. Let’s talk”.

She ignored him and brushed past him to finally open the door. If the situation hadn’t been as serious, perhaps he would’ve touched her, grabbed her gently by the arm to stop her but he knew it wasn’t a wise thing to do. He wasn’t giving up anyway.

“I made breakfast”, he insisted.

She turned around to face him again and frowned while blinking several times before showing him a sarcastic smile.

“I do wonder, my love. If things had been the other way around… if I had slept with another man and made you an apology breakfast, would you have forgiven me?”

Tom’s lips parted, he was hurt but by nothing but the truth, so at last he let her go.

He spent the whole day waiting for her. The sun had set and she was nowhere to be seen. He tried calling her twice but there was no answer. By 11pm, the lack of sleep caught up with him, and he decided to make some coffee.

The sound of her keys woke Tom.

He sat up on the couch, looking confused, and glanced at his watch. He got up in a rush but his drowsiness made his movements clumsy, and yet he managed to beat her at opening the door. She looked up at him as soon as he did and seemed startled.

“It’s almost 5 in the morning”, Tom said sounding utterly displeased.

“Yeah, so?” She challenged.

Tom pushed his hair back trying to feel awake.

“I was worried, I-” but he stopped talking when she walked past him.

He frowned when he caught her scent, an unnerving mixture of the perfume she used and he loved, notoriously eclipsed by a man’s cologne; Her notes of pink pepper, lilac, peach, amber, and patchouli, stained with strong bergamot, nutmeg, clove, sandalwood and lemon.

A man had marked his territory.

Tom’s first instinct was to reach out and grip her arm.

“Where were you?”

“Don’t touch me!” She said trying to break free in vain.

“Where were you!?” Tom repeated between gritted teeth, “Who were you with!?”

His wife let out an amused giggle, somehow, it scared him and he absentmindedly loosened his grip around her arm for a split second but didn’t really let go.

“Jeez, Tom, your true colors are showing”, she said.

Tom pulled her closer to him in a rough manner.

“Quit fucking around”, he warned.

“Do you honestly believe you have the right to ask me that?”

“I know you were with someone. Just tell me the truth”.

Of all the weapons she fought with, her silence was the most violent. It was torturing him, and the more he stared at her the more details he picked on about the change in her appearance from the time she had left the house until then; her hair and clothes looked different, even her expression of anger seemed to have softened and turned into pride or something else.

She showed a demure and empty smile.

“You’re projecting, darling”, she whispered, and Tom let go with a clenched jaw.

She walked towards the bedroom but stopped and stared at her husband one last time.

“But then again”, she added, “There are some things in the world better off not knowing”.

Tom was beyond confused, he knew that his wife was mad but this was something else. Something had changed and she was acting out of spite, deliberately trying to hurt him back.

“What are you talking about?” he asked.

She shrugged.

“Goodnight, darling”, she said sweetly while blowing a kiss in his direction before locking herself in the bedroom again.

Tom made tight fists, and felt like punching a wall, like trashing their place and even thought about going after her, kicking the door down and forcing her to tell him the truth. But this was his punishment, he knew. He didn’t really know whether she had been with someone or not. She was playing mind games. The uncertainty would eat him alive until she decided to speak, that is, if she ever did. But how could he demand answers after what he had done? And what could he do about it anyway?

“Perhaps, not knowing is better…” he thought.

“You look good”, Tom said as soon as he walked into his father’s bedroom, and leaned against the doorway with his hands in his pockets.

He hadn’t seen him in a couple months. Father and son never had the best relationship. Daddy had been absent most of the time, working, and the few moments he shared with his son, had always been characterized by a peculiar coldness. The more Tom grew up the more he tried to impress his father which wasn’t an easy thing to do, especially when he already had it all; prestige, money, a family.

The family was incomplete and had been for a while now.    

“I feel like a million bucks”, Jeremy said with raised eyebrows and in a playful tone.

He was standing before his mirror, fixing his bow tie and getting ready to attend an awards ceremony. He glanced at his son’s reflection.

“Surprisingly though”, he added, “I didn’t really get much sleep last night”.

“That makes two of us”, Tom murmured.

Jeremy walked towards the bathroom.

“You don’t have to come if you don’t want to”, he said.

Tom walked towards the unmade bed and sat down before grabbing a picture frame from the nightstand. It was a photograph of Jeremy and his late wife, Tom’s mother, on their wedding day.

“Mother would have never allowed it”.

Jeremy smiled to himself as he applied cologne on his neck. Then he grabbed his watch and put it on.

“She’d also go bonkers if she saw this mess”, Tom said while his eyes traveled around his father’s bedroom, “Whatever happened here?”

“Ah… yes. The maid will take care of it when we leave”.

A familiar scent suddenly invaded Tom’s nostrils, and he stared at his father who was standing before the mirror again, putting on his jacket. It had to be just his mind playing tricks on him, the sleep deprivation. He rested his elbows on his knees and shut his eyes briefly while running his fingers through his hair and taking a deep breath to shake away the malicious thought but the smell wouldn’t fade. And then he saw it; right there on the floor, next to his left foot.

“Ready to leave?” his father had asked but Tom had gone deaf, and his fingers trembled as he reached for the purple silk fabric.

“You son of a bitch”, Tom whispered.

Jeremy’s lips parted when he noticed what his son had found. His mind flashed back to the previous day.

He had put on his trench coat, ready to leave the house to attend a work meeting when he opened the door and found his son’s wife standing on his porch, soaking wet from the rain, about to knock. Jeremy furrowed his eyebrows, looking worried and confused.

“What are you doing here, child?” He asked looking over her shoulder to find no companion.

She was trembling, so he took his coat off and put it over her shoulders as he let her into his home.

“What happened?” he asked, “Is Tom with you?”

“Y-your son…” she stammered, “He cheated on me”.

Jeremy froze, and surprise and disappointment were evident in his expression. He dragged a hand down his face and looked around, expecting to find the maid standing there.

“Carol? Carol!”, he yelled.

“Yes, sir?” the old woman asked joining them in the foyer.

“Change of plans. I’ll be eating here”.

Tom’s wife stared at her father-in-law as he told the maid to prepare them a special soup or any warm meal. She had always liked Jeremy, and he had always been nice to her, but she was there for other reasons, and the nervousness made her stomach clench. When the woman left, he gave her his whole attention again.

“Good God, I don’t know what to tell you”, he said looking genuinely concerned.

Jeremy placed his hands on her shoulders and looked straight into her eyes.

“You’ll tell me all about it later, alright? First, we need to get you out of these clothes or you’re going to get s-”

She suddenly pressed her lips against his, interrupting him with a long and slow kiss. And when they pulled away, Jeremy was speechless, just swallowing hard and staring at her lips while the taste of her urgency traveled down his throat. She hadn’t come to find solace, or to tell on his son as if they were children. She had come for revenge. And for the first time in years, Jeremy, hard-working, routine-driven, widower Jeremy… was thrilled.

Tom carefully rose up from the bed, his eyes still glued to the hair scarf in his hands. He was speechless, outraged by his wife’s actions, by his father’s. Jeremy tightened his jaw, put his hands inside his pockets and took three slow steps closer to him. If he had never been warm towards his son before, this certainly wasn’t the moment to change that but to shamelessly emphasize it instead.

“My son, what a huge mistake you made”.

Tom had gotten his answer, and confirmed what he had wondered in the midst of chaos with his wife at home the previous night; it would have been better for him not to have known a thing.

anonymous asked:

If you were having a depressed day, what do you think tom would do?

you’d be having a bad day and you shut everyone out. your phone was shut off because too many people had texted you asking you too many questions (really they were just generic ‘how are you’s’ and ‘are you busy’s’). you were walking out of your last class, thinking how glad you were the day was over and how much better you’ll be once you get home and settled in your bed reading from your favorite poetry book (that you had just gotten a couple of days ago, you had been walking around with it everyday since but had not gotten the time to read it). but, alas, the universe had decided to mess that up for you, too. you had walked out straight into the rain. you forgot your umbrella and had decided to walk to class considering you lived fifteen minutes off campus. you cursed loudly but your voice was muffled by the rain. without thinking, you hoisted your books above your head and began your jog/slow run to your apartment. the fifteen minutes seemed to have lasted what felt like two hours. you tripped over everything, almost landing on your face.

you finally arrived at your complex, rushing to the elevator and hitting the fourth floor. you thought back to your week - your boyfriend, tom, had been away filming for the new avengers film (he was due back any day now but you couldn’t remember when and it felt like years since you’d seen him), you had failed two tests because of lack of sleep of trying to make the deadline of three essays from different classes, you were homesick (you knew you shouldn’t have moved so far away from home). remembering the shield you used for the rain, you quickly looked at your books. the elevator reached your floor and you quickly made your way to your door. after locking yourself inside you glanced at your books again, your heart breaking as you saw your new poetry book at the top - the rain had completely destroyed it. you looked inside and saw the ink running and seeping through the pages, most of them ripped. everything from the past week had built up into you and you started crying - you were tired, weak, hurt and angry.

when tom hadn’t received any text or call from you, he assumed you fell asleep after coming back from your class, you had probably fallen asleep reading the new book you ranted about all week. he smiled at the thought of you curled on your bed with the book between your arms as you hugged it close to your chest while sleeping, and then he thought about how surprised you’d be when you woke up to him sleeping next to you. that’s what he expected to walk into as he took out the extra key he had to your apartment and walked in through the front door. but when he walked in and saw you collapsed i the middle of the living room, he immediately dropped his things and slid on his knees, pulling you toward his chest. “darling, darling” his fingers carded through your hair “what’s wrong?” your sins came out broken, your sentences sounding the same way. tom only made out a few things about how bad your week had gone. he saw the tattered poetry boo on the ground and his heart sank. he effortlessly picked you up and his heart swelled as you curled into him. he walked you to your bedroom and placed you on the bed. he let go of you and started to head out but stopped when he heard a soft whimper leave you and your hand clenching around his. he turned around and kissed your forehead, your cheek, and then a soft one to your mouth. “i’ll be right back,” he promised quietly. you nodded, and curled into your bed, reluctantly letting him go.

he came back not twenty minutes later, walking into your room with a bag in his hand. “where did you go?” he wordlessly asked you to sit up in your bed, crawling behind you. he placed a leg on either side of you, beckoning you to lean your back on his chest. you scooted yourself against him, allowing him to wrap his arms around you. he picked the item he placed on your desk up and held it in front of you - it was another copy of the book that the rain had destroyed. “tom,” you whispered, your voice shaking as you felt your eyes well up with tears, “sh, baby. do you want to read to me, or should i read to you?” you craned your neck back and pressed your lips against him, a hand coming up to cup his cheek and a hum of appreciation leaving tom



A mouthful of a name for the compulsion to pull out your own hair. All hair, the hair on your head, arms, your eyelashes, eyebrows. Lots of people have it, it’s usually paired with anxiety and other lovely issues.  

Mine got worse when I felt anxious, my fingers would just curl up in my hair and I’d pluck a strand out. Then another one. And another one. During high school I’d beg the principal to allow me to wear a hat to school so no one could see the bald patches but he told me ‘Just stop pulling out your hair.’

Needless to say, I got picked on. A lot.

I suppose it was a learned habit though.

My mother pulled out her hair too.

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Polysanders cuddling maybe Virgil had a bad day so they all cuddle togther and fluff fluff fluff pleaseeeeee

Yaassss!!! I love Polysanders!! Let’s go! (Unedited, sorry for mistakes)

Time seemed to stand still as Virgil sat at the dinner table, doing his very best to hold back the flood of tears threatening to spill from his eyes. That day had been a bad day, which was really bad. To put it in perspective, a good day for Virgil was like an okay day for you and me. An okay day for Virgil was like a bad day for you and me. And a bad day for Virgil was even worse.

“May I be excused?” Virgil asked for what seemed like the millionth time. He kept his voice at a low mumble so he wouldn’t give his sadness away.

“Aww, come on, kiddo!” Patton said with a smile. “You’ve spent all day cooped up in your room. Don’t you wanna spend time with us?”

He did. He actually did want to spend time with his wonderful boyfriends. He wanted Roman to hold him tight so he could feel safe. He wanted Logan to give him reassuring facts and statistics that shot down all his unreasonable worries. And he wanted Patton to remind him how much they loved him.

But Virgil was too embarrassed to show his vulnerable side to them. He needed to keep up his chill charade.

The other sides were continuing their conversation about who knows what—Virgil was too focused on trying not to cry to listen—when a soft whimper silenced them. They all turned their heads to Virgil, who had his head hanging low, his hood up, and his eyes watery.

“Virgil?” Roman said in almost a whisper.

“Virgil, what’s wrong, love?” Patton asked.

“I’m sorry,” Virgil squeaked out before standing up and running to his room.

His boyfriends didn’t hesitate to run after him, concerned for their anxious emo smol baby I love Virgil so much what?

Logan was the fastest one there, knocking on the door way more than his usual exactly three knocks.

“Go aw—“

Roman didn’t allow Virgil to finish his plea before he pushed Logan aside and burst through the thankfully unlocked door.

“My love! What ails you? Tell me so I may bring it an unforgiving death!” the fanciful side exclaims, sweeping Virgil, who had gotten up to lock the door off his feet.

Virgil was genuinely surprised that Roman wasn’t laughing at his tears or calling him weak like his mind told him he would do.

“You… You’re not laughing?” he said.

“Oh, my dear, of course not! What kind of prince would laugh while his loved one suffers? The only thing I’ll be laughing at is the destroyed face of whoever hurt you,” Roman said.

“Please tell us what is troubling you, dearest, so we can help aid you in improving your emotions,” Logan said, walking up beside him.

“Yeah, tell us what we can do to make our little ball of moonlight feel better,” Patton added, skipping towards them and planting a small kiss of Virgil’s nose.

Before Virgil told his boyfriends about his horrible day, Roman set him down on the bed and sat next to him, both their legs dangling off the side and Roman’s arm wrapped protectively around Virgil.

“Aww, well I know what’ll fix that!” Patton said after Virgil finished explaining. The others looked at him curiously. “Cuddles!”

“Brilliant!” Roman exclaimed, scooping Virgil back into his arms and heading to his room. That was where they always cuddled since Roman had the biggest bed.

Before Patton could follow them, Logan picked him up as well and carried him just as Roman did with Virgil.

Roman and Logan set the other two in near the center of the bed before climbing in themselves and hugging the trait closest to them.

Patton smiled at Virgil from where he lay in Logan’s arms. He reached out and grabbed Virgil’s hand, holding it as tightly as he could without discomforting Virgil.

“I love you,” Patton said happily.

“As do I,” Roman added before Virgil could respond.

“I do as well,” Logan said quickly.

“I love you guys too,” Virgil mumbled happily before closing his tired eyes and allowing himself to drift off, knowing he was safe and that his magnificent boyfriends would always be there for him.
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Plans (Pietro x Reader) ( Avengers x Reader)

I have a super specific request! Could you do one where all the Avengers(including Bucky and the twins) get Intel on a girl that supposedly has powers of being able to control elements, who was kidnapped by Loki, so the Avengers try to rescue her and offer her a spot? And maaaayyyybee Pietro has a slight romantic interest in her? Thank you!!
(Y/N) was already having a terrible day. Her mind was scattered as she wasted her day away at the dead end cafe she had been working at to pay for her average New York apartment. The customers were generally nice, but as always there were a few stragglers pushing her limits.

A woman complained and screamed at her because her food wasn’t coming fast enough, like (Y/N) even had anything to do with the wait! Another person had come in for a cheeseburger, but then sent it back because it had too much cheese. Seriously, how were these people even considered smart enough to be left alone?

And now there was a tall slender figure silently watching her from a corner table. He never ordered, and somehow, wasn’t asked to leave. She had only made eye contact with him once during his stay, but when she did, shivers ran down her spine. His eyes reminded her of the deep, green pines on the fir trees of her hometown. His cold eyes never left hers as his lips tilted up into a smirk, causing (Y/N) to flit her eyes away.

She glanced at the clock and noticed she had about three minutes until her shift ended. She cleaned up her area and hung up her apron as she grabbed her phone from her locker. Her apartment was in walking distance, so she didn’t really feel like wasting the money on a taxi or uber.

As she walked home there were sharp tingles on her lower back as she had the sensation of someone watching her. She shook it off and speed walked to her apartment.

She slid her keys into the lock and twisted, feeling the resistance of her door give way. She walked in and rested her back against it, breathing out a sigh of relief.

(Y/N) slid off her shoes and scurried to her bedroom, still full of jitters. She changed out of her work uniform into an oversized sweater and tall socks.

The soft fabric of her sweater brushed against the tops of her thighs as she maneuvered her way to the kitchen. She dug out a ceramic mug and set it on the edge of the counter, before running back to her bedroom and grabbing her phone off the charger. With her circumstances, she always had to have it near her, in case she had to leave quickly.

Ever since the chemical accident of her father’s lab she had when she was five, (Y/N) could control the elements. As her memories washed up in her mind like the ocean’s shore, the crash of a fallen object fell on her ears. (Y/N) went into panic mode, and silently, she crept into her kitchen. As she turned the corner, she quickly conjured up ice as to freeze the intruder.

When the ice touched his skin he just gave a small smile with a quirked brow as he stopped the ice in its tracks. “Wrong choice, little one,” He sauntered towards her and, in her shock of someone just blowing her powers away, she let him. He was very tall compared to her stature and had to lean down to whisper in her ear. “The beautiful ones are most often the most breakable, shall we test that?” His voice, as soft as it was, only made her more terrified.

She spun away from him quickly, throwing a blast of fire at the man, she recognized him now of course, who would not recognize the man who destroyed New York? As the flame enveloped him, he simply disappeared. She quickly began to back up as he reappeared as soon as the heat was gone, marching towards her. She did not hit her entryway, as expected, but a solid chest, and a green mist was the last the thing she saw.

The New York Super Squad as Clint called them was enjoying a rather boring day, until that is, Thor crashed through the damn roof. Tony stood to the side, motioning greatly to the now gaping hole in his fabulous tower, “Do Asgardians have a dictionary? Because I don’t think the word door is in there! Are you too cool to knock, or just say ‘Hey bro let me in?’ It’s not that hard!” Thor stood straight and tried his hardest to look sheepish.

“The reason I have entered so suddenly is of great care,” He pronounced to the now gathered team. “Loki has escaped, and seems to be holding a young enhanced Midgardian captive,” He finished, looking at the now attentive friends.

“Doesn’t mean a door was hard to use though!” Tony snarked. Steve glared at the inconsiderate Stark, as he stood to grab his gear and rally the team.

“Alright! Thor, I want all the information you got! Everybody else, suit up!”

(Y/N) quickly raised her pounding head from the luxurious pillow, quickly regretting her decision as she looked over to see her abductor looking out over the window which viewed the- Well, she didn’t really know where she was. There was just an expanse of foliage stretching for what seemed to be miles. “Ah, you have awakened,” His voice was soft, which surprised her. Shouldn’t he be murdering her by now?

“I did not go through the struggle of abducting you, just to murder you. Not to say I will not go to that extreme if you do not comply, but that is not my plan,” He swiftly turned, facing her with those cruel green eyes.

“Then why? Why did you take me?” Her voice cracked at the end, even though she tried to hide it. He had already proved her powers were no good against him.

His rich laugh made her flinch. “Do not let your head swell. The only reason you are not dead is because I can use you,” The God of Lies smirked, making his angular face appear sharper than usual.

“You gonna try and take over the world again? Cause last time that didn’t go over so well, in case you didn’t notice,” She mouthed with a curl of her lip.

The smirk on his mouth promptly dropped and twisted, turning into a snarl. He stalked towards her on the bed, her hands now finding themselves bound to the oak bed frame. She immediately tugged against them, eyes going wide. “Don’t touch me!”

He pursed his lips and narrowed his eyes in disgust at what she was implying. “Do not flatter yourself, little one,” He talked sweetly, the opposite of this situation. “I could have you begging on your knees if I wished. I would never take someone unwilling.”

She averted her eyes as his own raked her face. “You never answered my question,” she veered the conversation. “Why are you trying to take over again? Because I won’t help you!”

His eyes never left her face as he gracefully sat on the edge of the king bed. “I am not trying to control your little Midgard, I am trying to rule Asgard. And from what I have witnessed, you are so very lonely. Always having to run from governments and regimes, much too fearful to try and make an acquaintance. Think of it, no more running. You can be at peace, ruling by my side.”

For a long moment, there was an expression of pure longing on her features, but to Loki’s chagrin, soon dissipated. “Murdering innocents to get what you want is not peace!”

Just as Loki was about to turn to the use of threats, there was a large crash in what she assumed was the main part of the residence. He assumed a defensive position as the noises of chaos came closer.

“The Avengers and my brother will come for you. But this will not be our last meeting, little one,” He chuckled as if he knew a secret which did not inspire much confidence.

He dragged his hands over her wrists; the bindings falling away with his touch. He stood back, laughing as his whole menacing figure quickly snapped out of existence.

Right as she lost sight of him, a speeding blur of blue rushed into the room. She quickly raised her now free hands up in defense; the shivers of fear from the previous encounter lingered. “Who are you?” She asked, her voice tight with exhaustion.

His face snapped towards her so fast it was like he had never moved at all. He rushed to the bedside and her breath caught at the beauty in his face. He lowered himself towards her, an accented voice asking, “Are you alright?”

She nodded swinging her legs to the edge of the bed, and attempting to stand. He quickly pulled her into his arms before she could fall all the way to the ground. “Sorry,” she mumbled as the blood rushed to her face. “I swear I’m not usually this helpless, I just-”

He smiled then, a warm show of white teeth as he assured her, “It’s fine. Trust me when I met his brother I was on the ground for a while, too,” he recalled the failure of stealing mjolnir with a grimace.

“The others will want to know you are alright, we should go,” He carried her through what she now knew was a remote cabin somewhere.

He carried her until they were in a stealth aircraft, what he called the Quinjet. Setting her on the bench seats, he started introducing himself, “I am Pietro Maximoff, and my twin is Wanda, although she isn’t here right now. The rest of the team is on their way out. Do you have any idea where Loki went?”

Processing that information she tried to navigate through her jumbled thoughts. “He said he would see me again, but that was all he said. So I doubt, you’ll have to look too hard to find him.”

He furrowed his brow. He knew why Loki wanted her on his side. It was the same reason they would try to recruit her. But why would he give her up so easily? His thoughts were interrupted when the rest of his team entered the jet.

Thor was the first to come up, bending on one knee and apologizing with utmost sincerity for his brother’s actions. He asked if she was okay, and then the rest of the team introduced themselves, the tension in the air melting away.

Steve was the only one standing when he started giving the recruitment speech that the others should have known by heart by now. Before Steve could thoroughly confuse her, Pietro quickly burst in, “(Y/N) we would be more than happy to help you harness your abilities and to have you join us.”

(Y/N) looked to him before smiling. “I’ll do it, but I need a lot of training,” she looked back on her fight with Loki, that proved she had lots of work ahead of her.

“You’re still pretty kickass, Avatar.” Were the words Tony decided to chime in, making her smile turn into full fledged laughter. She was going to like it here very much.

COLD SHOULDER | Seb x Reader (Request)

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@lelewright1234 asked “can you do me a request It’s when Sebastian cheat on the reader and she finds out so she gives him the silence treatment to teach him a lesson. So he then treat her like a princess until he is forgiven from her. Thank you”

I tweaked it a little but I hope you still enjoy!

You danced around in your trailer to music playing. The sound of bacon sizzling in the pan next to you was intoxicating as you felt the hunger in your stomach bubble. You checked on the eggs, making sure not to cook them too long. Three raps on your door startled you. “Come in,” you shouted from your position in the kitchen.

“Good morning beautiful,” you heard your cast mate behind you. “What are you cooking me for breakfast?” He snuck up behind you, putting a hand on your lower back. You rolled your eyes, sliding your breakfast onto the plate in front of you.

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Stupid older siblings

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Words: 1336

You were in your room putting on your shadowhunter gear. You were so excited, it had been a long time since you went on a mission. You had been training hard the whole time. Last time you went on a mission, you had to stay behind Alec the whole time, while Isabelle went beside you with her whip ready. Jace was walking in the front with Clary, making sure every corner was free. And yet you still got bitten by a scorpios demon.

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The Braves - Chapter 1.

Today is a very special day.

It’s @titaniasfics birthday.

Everybody knows what she did for the fandom, how she helped, beta-ed, encouraged so many of us, how she believed in us, every single day.

So today, please, let’s join into celebrating her.

My dear C, here is for you … the WW2 story I told you about.

@akai-echo just surpassed herself with the banner (it’s so perfect !!!) and @dandelion-sunset did the beta-ing part :)

Un très joyeux anniversaire !!!

With love!


Chapter 1.

“God not only plays dice, he also sometimes throws the dice where they cannot be seen.” Stephen Hawkings.

April 1942, Panem, France.

Rain was falling heavily on the trees, clicking on the roofs, echoing in the streets of the town, soaking the man’s shirt.

But he couldn’t move.

One single move, and the sentinel standing closeby would undoubtedly see him.

He just couldn’t get caught.

There were barely two hundred meters left to reach Peeta’s house, to get to the safety of his home. Two hundred meters, but they were always the longest and most dangerous.

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-warning: kidnapping and rape mention-

Zarkon was gone. He had left once again for a certain 4 hours. The next 5 hours after that would be touch and go. Lance learned that the hard way.

He was 17 now. He missed his only friend for the past 10 years. Zarkon had killed her when she refused to let him rape her in front of Lance. She fought back. Lance admired that about her.

Zarkon kidnapped Lance first. He was 10. He was with his mom and his 4 other siblings at the playground where Zarkon snagged him.

He’s never set foot outside the house again.

Princess came a year after. She was half a year older than Lance and was waiting for her dad outside of a bowling alley. Zarkon gave her the name after he found that she acted like a noble. So he called her princess.

Lance now had 3 ½ hours to make another attempt to escape. No more dilly dallying. He had to get out. It was probably Wednesday. That was Zarkon’s day to put his mouth on Lance. Lance protested every time.

His restraints were handcuffs on an old metal bed that allowed minimal movement. Lance found a chink though. He broke the headboard over months of deterioration and used this to rush down stairs.

He reached the door and found there were three different locks. 2 needed keys he didn’t have. He unlocked the turn lock and jiggled the door to see if it was open with no such luck.

He ran into the kitchen to look for a hammer he could bash the others in with but quickly realized that was not going to be an option. He was running on bad adrenaline. Zarkon had drugged him up after he had his way with him that morning.

Lance hated the basement. There was no way he was going down there. He didn’t even know if there was a way out so he stuck to the first floor.

All of the windows had bars across them so he couldn’t get out and he kept panicking. If he didn’t get out, Zarkon would surely hurt him again… maybe even kill him.

A phone. He needed a phone. He checked all the places where a landline would be and found nothing. He’d heard ringing countless times in the house so he knew it had to be somewhere.

He stepped back and felt his chest clench and his breathing swell up. His ears clogged which made his breathing louder and right in his head. He looked back over his shoulder and found the phone sitting on top of the refrigerator.

Lance relaxed just a smidge.

He immediately dialed 9-11. “9-11 what’s your emergency?”

“My name is Lance McClain and I’ve been missing for 10 years. I was kidnapped by a man named Zarkon at a park with my mama and siblings!” He rushed to say.

The operator became more alert. “Okay, Lance, do you know where you are?”

“No… he’s coming back soon. I’m not sure when but I know he could come back in 2 hours. Please save me.”

“Is there anyone else in the house with you?”

“No! Well… I don’t think so. He said he killed princess but she might still be in the basement.”

“Who is Princess?”

“She’s a girl who was kidnapped a little after I was. He real name is Allura. Is there anyone coming yet!”

“Yes I sent someone to come get you 2 minutes ago. They can trace this call if you stay on the phone with me.”

Lance answered questions the operator had until he heard sirens outside. Then he heard the dogs that were chained to the side of the house bark and growl.

Before he knew it, the door was being bashed in and tens of people in uniforms came rushing in with guns. He stood back, unsure of what to do when two men came in wearing suits and ties.

“Lance?” The shorter one with long hair put a blanket around Lance and looked to his partner. “Shiro look at him…” Keith frowned.

Lance didn’t know what he meant but he just wanted out of that damn house. But it before he knew for sure. “Is princess alive?” He asked with tears in his eyes. He was freed finally.

“Princess?” One of the men questioned.

“She was here with me. Zarkon said he killed her, I don’t believe that! Please find her! In the basement.” Lance nodded his head towards the door being broken into by SWAT people.

“Okay, Lance. Detective Kogane here is going to take care of you.” Shiro said to Lance softly. Lance nodded and let Keith walk him outside of the house where he could ask Lance more questions.

Not long after they came out with a black body bag on a stretcher. “Is that Princess?! She’s really dead?!” Lance began to cry. He sunk to the floor and heard a loud bang.

Lances eyes shot open and found Zarkon standing at the other side of the bedroom having just burst into the room with a sinister grin parting his stubble. It was a dream. It was all… a dream.

Lance’s hands were still handcuffed to the bed, and he leaned that when he tried to move away from Zarkon as he came closer and unzipped his fly. “S-stop.” Lance started to cry again.

“You don’t tell me no.”