that dog was really fun to work with


this week was so nice!!! lectures will end in two weeks and I’m a little sad and also a little glad :DDD I’m gonna miss some of my teachers :’) I’m so tired of studying but I need to keep going :)) I’m really looking forward to the holidays because my dog is going to live in my apartment for a week while my family is on vacation and it’s gonna be so nice

so i was thinking about another modern au where the greek gods have had to adapt to modern society and so they’ve picked up mortal jobs and hobbies and interests and i got really into it.

hermes is a late night comedian, since that’s the way that most information is transmitted nowadays, and he still gets to poke fun at his siblings.

poseidon is a high powered eco lawyer. he works on high profile cases along the lines of the bp oil spill. he has beach-side houses all over the world and enjoys thrill-seeking outdoor activities like cliff jumping and cave diving. 

hades teaches high school english, along the lines of the dead poets society. he lives near his school and brings his dog to school every day. he loves teaching british literature like shakespeare and john donne. his wife comes to visit him and they eat lunch together every day in his office, which always has flowers in it. 

apollo works as a librarian at a university, and he moonlights as a slam poet. he teaches archery at the local YMCA and stays in on weekends with a mug of tea and a good book or movie.

vesta makes ceramics professionally. she feels most at home among the wheels and glazes and kilns of her workshop. there are always candles lit in her apartment that don’t seem to go out. she loves hosting dinner parties for her friends, who are her true family. 

dionysus works as a bartender. he owns a vineyard on the side but lets other people handle the corporate side of things. his favorite part of acting mortal is getting to know the people who come to his bar and connecting with them. he never forgets a face and he has a wall of pictures of his favorite customers behind the bar.

athena teaches middle school social studies/history because she’s discovered that she really enjoys working with children. at this age she can impart wisdom upon them and teach them logic and reason before they are too swayed by the opinions of the world.

zeus is a con artist and art thief. he never stays in a city for more than a week, but he has someone new in his bed every night. he frequents casinos and clubs and owns a villa out in California which is filled with more famous works of art than he ought to have.

hera is a very bitter and sarcastic wedding planer, like james marsden in 27 dresses minus the journalism bit. she is most famous among celebrity circles for having just the right “touch” when it comes to decor and menu planning and floral arrangements. she charges a ton but can work magic, from short-term planning to getting the bride’s wishes just right. she doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage but it has bought her summer homes in hawaii and costa rica so she’ll sell the idealized vision.

aphrodite runs several dating sites like eharmony and okcupid, but also some like ashley madison that facilitate affairs because she rules more over the sexual side of things than the love side, despite her image to the former. she loves rap and hip hop and takes kick-boxing classes and always looks like she has makeup on. she anonymously supports planned parenthood because she wants to support safe sex and allow people to find the information and resources they need. 

artemis owns a climbing gym and leads outdoor climbing adventures for her clients and also her buddies. she has tons of tattoos and piercings and a secret love for pop punk music like fob and p!atd. on the weekends, she runs lgbtqia+ support groups for children and teens in her neighborhood, and always lets them climb for free in her gym.

hephaestus owns a tattoo parlor and has a reputation for the most lifelike tattoos that always seem to be exactly what someone had in mind, as if he magically could see their thoughts. he’s a total teddybear and has a penchant for classical music and teaches at-risk children in his city how to repair bikes and cars on the weekends.

blue monday

Title: Blue Monday
Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Dirty talk, spanking, choking, super kinky raunchy jealous Josh. There’s blindfolding, toys, handcuffs, aaaand name calling, because I don’t know how to be normal.
A/N: SURPRISE. I’m so terribly sorry I haven’t written any Josh stuff in a while, I’ve been working like a dog to get this one finished. Like I said, it’s pretty kinky and fun, so I really hope you guys like it. Also, blue haired Josh is tops, so that’s what I was imagining the whole time. Thanks to @bringbacktomdelonge​ for helping me stay focused.

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fun fact : i volunteer and work with the mayors alliance of nyc animals/humane society/ and ACC (animal care center of NYC), and a really cool part of that is the foster program, I’m a foster parent for pitbulls and only pitbulls, and you get to foster abused, stray, or sick pitbulls and nurse them back to their full health and socialize them in hopes of getting this beautiful misunderstood breed adopted into a loving family, this here is Leonidas, i call him Leo. just wanted to share a small but very important part of my life with you guys ✨. 🐶

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My Davekat / Dirkjake longfic is now complete! It was a really fun ride and I loved writing every bit of it. 


First day of post Valentines day cards, GK worked hard on them, using crayons with hooves isn’t easy you know, and he really hopes you’ll all enjoy them. He still has many more to make

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Keith pivoted and placed his hands on Allura’s desk, flat. “Do you want to know what one of the first things he said to me was?”
“Before or after you punched him in the kidney?”
“After, obviously. He said sorry!” Keith nearly shouted. “He said he was sorry and the whole time he kept looking back to give pointed glares at Hunk so it was obviously a set-up apology to ease tension, and then he said to make up for it he was going to tell me one of his best jokes, and here it is, Allura, the joke that’s haunted me since: how does a Japanese dog say hello?”
“Keith, I‒”

An excerpt from Jackie’s ( @tessagray-herondale-carstairs ) amazing Voltron Detective AU fic, “Hell or Glory”, written and illustrated for @voltronbigbang. It was really fun to work with and get to know her; she’s a really great author and friend 😊😍😚 Click for better quality, I’ll post a link to the fic when it’s available!

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dante is perfection honestly

o man i know :’-) he’s a cutie 

you didn’t ask for any but here’s some fun facts about him

  • he works as a barista, his dream job is to be a musician but he’s still really happy just makin coffee (he’s more chill > ambitious) 
  • he has a sweet tooth but his fave is soft cookies 
  • he really wants 2 dogs (waiting on ea to give us pets) 
  • he stole his favourite chair from the cafe he works at and took it home

also in case anyone missed out you can download him here

Today, I made an experiment:

So, quick explanation: for my birthday, a friend of mine send me a figurine of Levi. I decided to make a Snapchat video to thank her and then, because I thought it would be funny and just to check if it works, I tried the Dog filter on the figurine’s face.

And it works especially well. So then I thought  but does it really works with anything?”. So I tried with the artbooks that I have, you know, for science.

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Papyrus Pranks Sans: An Epic Tale~ [Mega Gif Post!]

See the sound-less video version [HERE]

This is showing off every separate flipnote I created to string this story together. <3 

I have never worked this hard on a series of flipnotes before, and I think the love really shows in this!

I /adore/ animating Grillby after this. xD He is so fun to animate since his head is /literally fire/ with glasses pasted over it. xD

The scene with Sans walking into the bar with the door opening, ringing the bell, and then the whole bar stopping what everyone is doing to look at sans is just the best. <3

I noticed the video version did not give the gifs much justice since some of the frame rates slowed down during some scenes… (You can tell parts of this has faster frame rates than others… xD)

I am in the process of adding background music, sound effects ect to really make it like a full-blown Undertale Cartoon! <3

I hope you all enjoy this!

Valentines Gone Wrong Starters
  • "Does this have caramel in it? I'm allergic to caramel!"
  • "I forgot to make reservations."
  • "We're out of condoms."
  • "Tell me that's not my ex over there."
  • "What do you mean these diamonds are fake?"
  • "How was I supposed to know there would be a bee in the bouquet?!"
  • "My boss told me I have to work late."
  • "What do you mean you're at the retaurant across town?"
  • "This is not a proposal!"
  • "No, you have fun with your date. Don't let my being stood up stop you."
  • "I'm really sorry my dog peed on your good shoes."
  • "We're eating out at the Golden Arches!"
  • "I didn't realize these tickets were for the nosebleed section."
  • "I shaved my legs for this?"
  • "Olive Garden is not fine dining!"
  • "We're going dutch, right?"
  • "That movie was awful."
  • "Nobody said anything about this being a cover band!"
  • "Something has been nibbling on these chocolates."
  • "Our waiter is so hot."
Sims 3 Legacy: Goofin’ Off

When we last left Marie Bright, she was newly graduated and living on her own with a ton of her dad’s money.

She didn’t really need to work or anything so she spent her time screwing around with her boyfriend Antonio…

Rescuing dogs (Menace and Amy)…

Throwing parties, and screwing around with her boyfriend s’more.

Also I guess her dad happened to be at the park and died in the middle of their date :( RIP Aric.

The thing is, Antonio and Marie still don’t really get along that well. They like goofing off and having fun together but Marie has commitment issues and Antonio, it turns out, IS EVIL AND WANTS TO BE AN EMPEROR OF EVIL. HOW DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING?

Regardless, they each thought the other didn’t suck quite enough to keep them from moving in together.

But their time being young and wild was up, and soon Marie was no longer a young adult and just a regular old adult adult. She hit a midlife crisis and so the pair of them and the dogs moved out to a bigger house. It was my first time in the entire Legacy buying one of the houses that the town came with, so I did a lil renovating, but it worked out okay.

Marie continued to attempt to replace her family with dogs, seen here adopting Champion, but as she was getting older it wasn’t quite enough anymore, and the dogs kept dying so hey she figured out why not pop out a few kids too?

Her oldest one was Alice,

Then Hugo, who had green skin and was named after one of her brothers,

And then Emma, the youngest.

Things were really deteriorating between Antonio and Marie though. Antonio was evil and kept doing mean things like stealing candy from his children and startling Marie on purpose, and Marie was lazy, didn’t contribute financially to the household, and didn’t clean up after herself.

On the day Emma aged up into a toddler, the shit hit the fan.

The two got into a fight and broke up, which was met by a resounding “meh?” from all parties. Not a single negative moodlet to be had, the only thing that happened was Marie got “Humiliated” from the fight. I guess because they never got married they weren’t that invested in the relationship.

Antonio moved out and took Emma with him, leaving Marie, Alice and Hugo and her dogs to fend for themselves without an income.

“You can’t do a double-suicide alone..~♪”

I had a fun shoot with @yuzuberry as Kunikida-kun and @sternenkind as our photographer! Thank you very much guys ♥


No sitting on the tracks at work, Dazai!

Nice, the power is finally back on in my house so I can post this ;7;

A gift for @x-i-l-verify , Shiro and Tadashi and their daemons! Shiro has a Pyrenees Mountain dog, while Tadashi has a St. Bernard (thanks for typing him for me, I really love what you came up with <3)

They’re having fun chatting and sharing funny stories about their families :’)

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The Langst train that you started, gods its beautiful. Every time you reblog it, it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you for starting this.

you’re very welcome. it’s neat because it’s starting to branch off and go in different directions like the last one i reblogged lance is headed to earth but something happens (and im excited to find out what lol) and then someone else just added something where he goes back to the castle but barricades himself in his room. i’m just really excited to see how people progress it. i posted it last night and then went to work, then this morning i woke up sick as a dog, but if i wasn’t i might add on to it too. but it’s also fun to see what everyone else writes. like an open fic. i didn’t intend for it to be like that but it’s neato nonetheless lol :))))))

Job interview for a dog magazine!!!!

I have an interview w the boss of a doggy magazine that I’ll be writing articles for today…. They had like an online application and I had to send in an article and they apparently liked it, so now I gotta meet the boss to discuss the details.

 I’m not too stressed yet, but I’m hoping he’s nice and that I’ll be paid ok (it’s not a lot but u don’t need to pay me a lot  for researching stuff abt dogs hahah). I also got an email about them planning on filming videos abt various topics for their website this year and that sounds p fun, so I’m REALLY hoping this turns out good!! 

I really wanna do dog related stuff and this seems like an interesting lil job to do. I’m just crossing my fingers that he’s nice and that he’ll like me and that I’ll be potentially able to work on stuff I actually like!!!! So idk wish me luck or smth??