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Haikyuu Characters As Things I've Said: Karasuno

“Going out with you would mean I would have to lower my standards in order to settle. I don’t believe you're​ worth settling for.”

“Oh no! I have no idea where I’m going now. AAA-oh here it is. I can’t believe it. Yay~”

“When did I suddenly become the more responsible one? Sigh. I’m too tired and too old for this bullshit.”

“I feel like a parent to two kids that I didn’t even agree to raise at a–.Don’t you dare eat that chocolate you little shit. Nu-uh, I ain’t gonna let you spoil your dinner.”

“What if my feelings were hurt? Pfffft- I’d have to have feelings to begin with? Ow, that’s such a cruel thing to say.”

“Do you really want to try me kid. I dare you. I’m the only one who knows how to cook anything in this room.”

“You wanna go asshole? 3 p.m., after school, at the park. Bring your crew, I’ll bring mine.”

“Say something about my height again. I dare you. Let’s see what happens to your kneecaps you damn tree.”

“Dogs are too good for us. I only watched 30 minutes of Hachi, and when he died I couldn’t-” (ugly sobbing).

“Um…. Do you need help-like to get your shit together? Cuz I have no idea what to do in this situation.”

“Hell no. Fuck this bullshit. I’m done. You’re on your own bitch.”

“You say that like I’m suppose to give a shit about other people’s opinions. If they don’t like me, it doesn’t matter.”

From a Joke to the End Game - The Evolution of Molly Hooper: Molly the Tool: The Blind Banker

Hello again Everyone!

Today it’s time for The Blind Banker. This episode is the excellent blend of the scenes portraying writers’ initial idea to the letter while at the same time showing how the crew creates so much more than it was originally planned in the script. Let’s take a look at the scenes in this episode to see what exactly I mean.

[under cut for a long post and many pretty pictures of Ben and Loo ;) ]

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examples of Anders’ fantasy racism towards Native/Jewish/Romani-coded elves (look no one said Bioware was good at their analogies, but unlike the claim that mages are mentally ill, it’s actually Word of God from writers that the elves are supposed to represent people of color.):

  • his dismissal of Fenris’ former enslavement, such as calling it “one bad experience” and saying he must be “jealous” because slavery isnt bad enough to make him have bad opinions towards mages but jealousy is. these are only a couple examples, there are more.
  • literally wanting to sell Fenris into slavery.
  • supporting Tevinter in general, saying they have the right idea
  • his dehumanization of Fenris, calling him a wild dog, a maniac, etc., again these are just off the top of my head.
  • “whyyyy don’t elves help meeeee if they know what its like to be oppressed”
  • in Awakening, insists that elves don’t get locked up for being who they are so they don’t have it as bad as mages, despite the fact that elves are de facto required to live in alienages, the alienage lockdown which occurred earlier that same year (which doesnt seem to be that uncommon of an event considering they have those big doors for a reason and im pretty sure there’s references to alienages having curfews somewhere?) and, y'know, Slavery.
  • it’s canonical btw that elf mages get treated worse than human mages in the circles, and despite that, there are lines from elf npcs in the circle in ferelden (where anders lived for a long time) that the circle is better than the alienage. (granted the ferelden circle is supposed to be one of the better ones, but the denerim alienage is also supposed to be one of the better ones.)
  • Orsino has canonically done Loads Of Shit to better the position of mages, he has worked for and protected the mages of his circle his entire life, he has done way more work for “”“mage rights”“”“ in his life than anders ever did, it was just the slow, unshowy kind that actually benefited the people he was trying to help rather than getting them all martyred against their will. (and btw im saying this as someone who literally does not care about the mage rights thing and has no strong feelings about Orsino, its just a canon fact) despite this, anders dismissed him completely and accused him of being a toady for the templars, showing him zero respect
  • Anders decided to blow up the chantry, intending it to get the entire circle killed, rather than consider listening to and helping Orsino instead
  • yknow, the person who had actual experience inside the gallows

more subtle things that add up

  • being very demanding, acting like he has a right to Fenris’ time, history, etc, constantly pushing him to justify his trauma, asking why his master didn’t kill him, why he didn’t kill himself, etc
  • condescension and lack of respect towards merrill, acting like he has moral high ground or superiority to her
  • fetishization and lack of respect towards velanna in awakening
  • “all dalish women are crazy”

granted he’s disrespectful to everyone (or at least… human women as well) but he’s particularly entitled, rude and disrespectful to every. single. elf he’s ever known. it becomes a pattern, even if all the more blatant shit up there wasn’t a thing.

and towards dwarves Oghren was… ick… but i know there’s at least one banter where Varric starts telling a short joke about dwarves and Anders interrupts with the punchline. in case you didnt know, people can generally tell racial jokes about their own race, but it’s not the same if someone who isn’t that race delivers the punchline. 

im tired and this is all just off the top of my head. but could you make an argument that this is all ignorance? not a good one. i wouldnt believe it, but you could make the argument for your own interpretation of the character, not to push it on others. 

i think a question people should ask themselves though is why anders gets the benefit of the doubt, why we’re supposed to ask ourselves to consider it instead of taking his actions at face value? why am i supposed to care so much about this white dude and his super special point of view that he definitely has reasonable reasons for? i dont.

hey um i want to rent an apartment in the most expensive part of the world and then mf ……………… open my own dog shelter for dogs only dogs maybe cats and bunnies but id need more hands to take care of them but ur wondering “how will you afford this?” and the answre is, i am not sure, but i will one day one day i will

Here’s a list of A/B/O fics I collected to read/ re-read/ rec.

These fics were recently recommended to me, so if you have more that you think I’d love, please reply with a title or link :D Doesn’t matter if I’ve read them before. Also please everyone is more than welcome to rec me your own alpha!Dean and omega!Cas fics!

Here are just the fic titels and links, below the cut you’ll find summaries and some initial blurb by me.

Take On Me by Powerfulweak

How To Keep Warm In Winter by WingIt

Poisk Istiny {Finding Truth} by CassondraWinchester, lotrspnfangirl (pdlessard07)

The Old-Fashioned Way by cheeseburgersmakemeveryhappy

Like Cats and Dogs by sweetdean

Bonded by Luciel89

Disclaimer: All fics are alpha!Dean and omega!Cas ♥

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Karkat Vantas.

I’ll be completely honest, I didn’t like Karkat in any way whatsoever when we first met him. He was brash, mean, bitter, salty, rude, and an all around horrible person with a terrible attitude and a gross demeanor that I did not like. But when it was time to get to know him better, I found him a lot more palatable over time. Especially with this scene.

What’s interesting about this is that it’s from Slick’s perspective. For some reason, Slick sympathizes with Karkat. He has an understanding of the situation Karkat is in and finds it sad enough that he wants to comfort the kid. This isn’t the first time Slick has put forth an effort to comfort Karkat when he’s upset, either.

Now I’m horribly biased, because I love stabdads, but I adore this not only because it shoes a depth to Slick that otherwise was left completely in the dark (Slick has the ability to sympathize with what others are feeling, and has canonically cared about at least one person enough that he wanted to help them when they were feeling sad), but it makes me wonder why. 

Why does a man who feels an inadequacy so deep in his bones act on desires to comfort this bitter, horrible child?

When I was a kid, I saw an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog where Eustace Bagge, the grumpy old man who hated everything, had a raincloud over his head that wouldn’t go away until he could feel for someone else. Courage, in a last ditch attempt to get him to care, took away his glasses and tried to show him a mirror. This is what Eustace saw:

A sad child version of himself, upset because he has no hat to protect his head. Eustace knows how that feels because that’s what he feels, all the time, in some symbolic way. So Eustace puts a hat on what he believes to be little him, but is actually Courage.

That’s the relationship between Slick and Karkat. 

Karkat is a mirror of Spades Slick in the best and worst ways. Slick sees Karkat and he sees a little boy, trying to lead a group of people he loves more than he will ever admit to anyone, even himself. He sees himself, doing his best to prove that he can do great things, but he needs so much help, this poor kid is too sensitive and he’ll never be a good leader if he continues the way he’s going.

Slick goes to Karkat because Karkat is just like Slick. He’s surly, grumpy, and mean on the outside, but deep down he feels inadequate. He also has an extra ingredient that gets cultivated over time: sympathy and love for others. Karkat loves people, and as time goes on it gets clearer and clearer that everything he does is out of love, concern, and empathy for those around him.

Karkat is Slick if Slick could help Slick, in a weird way. If Slick had the chance to talk to himself and change his path, the result would be Karkat Vantas; a more moral, more caring, and more sincere version of Spades Slick. And maybe, a more internally confident one, too.


or: Viktor Suffers, the fic

ao3 link

Inspiration:  “you’re a celebrity who just broke up and i tweeted you a selfie with the caption “date me” as a joke but you thought i was serious?” au

It happens approximately one week after Yuuri’s disastrous performance in Sochi.

“Oh hey!” Phichit exclaims around the same time a twitter notification shows up on Yuuri’s phone. Yuuri quickly snatches it up. He has notifications set for Viktor’s tweets and only Viktor’s tweets, considering that he’s Viktor Nikiforov and Yuuri can’t help but want to know every single thing about him.

“It’s rare that you see Viktor Nikiforov tweet about his personal life! I almost thought he didn’t have one,” Phichit jokes. It’s true; Viktor usually tweets about skating, and a little about his dog. He’s nothing like Christophe Giacometti, who tweets every day about what he’s eating and the domestic bliss he shares with his husband, and definitely nothing like Phichit who’s, well, Phichit.

Yuuri taps on the notification and Viktor’s tweet shows on his screen.

Viktor Nikiforov @v-nikiforov
I wish I could date pretty black haired boys who dance well.

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my father is a refugee. his skin is the color of the wet sand. my ancestors have terrible histories. i feel often that i carry those deaths with me, and i have never witnessed a war in person.

my father is cuban. he taught me many things. he taught me it is important to do well, but it is more important to do good. when i come home after school, the first thing he asks is “were you helpful?” we, who had so little - we did everything we could.

the first woman i met from syria had burns on the back of her hands. she liked sweaters. i read her the textbook after class when she was confused, because hearing english was easier for her than reading it. it was slow. sometimes, stressed by other things, i would grow impatient (how unfair of me) with her. every time i opened my mouth to let a little bit of that anger out, i heard my father asking me: were you helpful? and again, we’d read the same passage we had gone over eight times already.

is this the image of your refugee? the next is a nineteen year old who is too skinny. her parents gave everything so she could be over here. when i tutor her, she reads me her essay on becoming American. she tears up when she gets to her last line: “I knew, at least, I was freer than I had been.” her palms were soft. where was the hate in her?

i am catholic. i believe that the lord put us here to do his work more than to make his judgments for him. my boss looks at me funny when she sees my muslim friend. “aren’t you christian?” she asks. i look at her blue eyes and white skin and think of the people who have turned down my father for being hispanic. 

“i am,” i say. “luckily, it doesn’t matter to him.” when i am sad, he holds my hand and prays in words i don’t understand, but they sound like an ocean of flowers, all blooming. he laughs at one of the prayers i say for him - he says sometimes it all sounds the same. like we’re trying to chase out the same demons. 

who lives in the refugees? shaky teens and little kids and adults who just want to live. they have lost their teeth and made friends with dogs and flown kites and sang songs and eaten too much cake and threw birthday parties; they only ask for the chance for more of this. more petting cats and working hard and being a person. more hugs and laughter and maybe getting over it one day.

so, my dear, from the land of having enough: have you been helpful today?

♡ Forbidden Fruit ♡ Chapter 1

Originally posted by imbanny

Chapters: Prologue / 2 / 3

Character: Jaebum x You

Genre: School!AU, TeacherxStudent

Summary: School never seemed to interest you, that us until a new handsome guy takes over your history lessons

Length: 1000+ words

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Only You

Title: Only You

Paring: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,122

Warnings: None!

Request by Anon: Hi!!!! Could you please please please write a fluffy one shot with Sam x reader with an age gap??? She feels she’s not good enough because she’s much younger, but he assures her that he doesn’t care about the age, he just cares about her?

A/N: Hope you are seeing this Anon and loving it! Enjoy!!


“Sammy!” Dean yelled through the bunker, “you and Y/N ready?”

“Yeah! Just a sec,” Sam yelled back as he turned to you. “Babe, you look amazing, come on.”

“Just a second! I just need to use a little hair spray and I’m good.”

“Y/N, we’re going to a dive bar, you don’t need to be dressed to the nines.”

“Sam, I get carded every time as it is, I don’t need to look more like a 12 year-old.”

Sam laughed, wrapping his arms around you, “you don’t look like a 12 year-old, 15 maybe.” He let out a grunt as your elbow drove into his gut.

“Just shut up Sam. I’m ready now. You happy?” Rolling your eyes, you grabbed your purse and stomped out of the room.

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Sundays were supposed to be boring

🍓 🍼 A Father’s Day drabble  🍓 🍼

[mature 🔞 🔞 🔞  

Word count: 12.5k 

**age differences are back to normal again, sorry if you all liked teenager William and his little sister. They really only have a four year age difference. but you can request much older brother William if you like. I have a few of those coming, but this is how it was initially written. xxx

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any pets ?

sadly, no, i don’t have any 😩 

in my family im the only one who’s not allergic to any animal - my brother and my sister are allergic to cats, my mom and my dad to dogs - so growing up we mostly had goldfishes and canaries, and in one memorable occasion a very silly hamster. once we all grew up and moved out tho, my parents stopped keeping them. i always wanted to have a cat, but my previous apartment was very small and my roommate was, once again, allergic. now im back living with my parents to help out with my dad, but one day, when i’ll hopefully have a nice apartment and a steady job, i’d really love to have a pet!!

thank you for asking, anon!!

ask me anything

[🎶] – His human was dying, he could feel it. Their powers might have been dulled quite a bit since coming here but he was still connected to Minato through a link that not even Marionette could dampen. Shato’s heart pounded as he ran around the plaza, looking for that one person. The one person he hoped would help him.

Once he caught sight of her he called out. “Marionette! Marionette please. You have to help him.” I don’t want to die. I can’t leave Blanc all alone. Please, do something.

It was rare for the Shadow to cry. But if shedding a few tears helped him win her over, then he’d cry for an eternity. He’d bow down and lick her boots like the dog that he was. Anything to get her to help him.

“He’s dying. He’s dying and I can’t help him. You’re the only one who can. Please.”


Hannibal and Synchronicity

Because of a Criminal Minds episode, I began reading up on Carl Jung’s theory of synchronicity, and in doing so, had my mind blown when I started applying the theory to Hannibal. The theory of synchronicity suggests that there are simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection. A very basic example of this is driving into a parking lot which you know to be difficult to find parking in, but as soon as you arrive, another car pulls out and leaves an open space just for you. A few other examples include losing your job but immediately finding a new job without having to apply for one, telling someone about an illness you are having and that person knowing the exact right doctor to help you get well, or leaving a romantic relationship and immediately finding someone new to date.

The theory began because Jung was treating a woman who was very internalized, locked into her own mind and fears. Her therapy was going nowhere until one night, she had a dream that someone offered her a golden scarab. The next day, as she was telling Jung about her dream, there came a ticking sound on the window. Jung reached out the window and grabbed the bug which had just flown onto the window. It happened to be a scarabaeid beetle whose gold-green color resembled that of the bug in the patient’s dream. The patient was so jarred by the synchronous moment that her shell was pierced and she was able to successfully continue treatment.

Hannibal begins almost immediately with synchronicity. Since we can’t really see what happened before the show began, we can only assume that Hannibal has been seeing Bedelia Du Maurier for years, and that he has previously admitted his loneliness to her, which he describes in later episodes after getting to know Will. The synchronicity of the moment is that aside from Jack pulling Will into the investigation, Will’s and Hannibal’s meeting was a complete coincidence. At the very time Hannibal has grown lonely in his secluded lifestyle of killing and cooking, he meets someone who perfectly fits his needs for a partner. And Will, who is unwittingly suffering from encephalitis, meets someone who had the ability to treat him before it became fatal. That Hannibal didn’t use his incredible olfactory sense to treat Will isn’t synchronicity, it’s just him being an asshole.

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Called out a friends cheating ex-wife to her Sugar Daddy.

I have a friend who recently divorced his cheating wife of 10yrs. She still lives in the house he bought with his earnings right across the street from us. Even when they were together I never liked her, but her husband became quick friends with my husband and I when they moved in.

She never hid her cheating and used her husbands 15 hour shifts as her “whore around” time. Different cars parked in front of the house all night only to disappear 10min before her husband got home. He soon found out and she was the one who demanded a divorce while he wanted marriage counseling. Fine. If you don’t live someone then you don’t live them. He moved out and left her the house and his beloved dogs that weren’t allowed at his new apartment complex.

Immediately she acquired a “sugar daddy” to help pay the mortgage and bills, but she still had a slew of lovers, each having a particular night of the week to stay over. It’s like a one woman brothel over there, I swear. Now her driveway goes around to the back of the house so we can’t always see whose parked there (sometimes they’ll park on the street). For whatever crazy reason she believed my husband and I still liked her (we never did in the first place but she thought we did).

The other day I was outside retrieving some things from our car when she comes out with her “sugar daddy” to see him to his car. I recognized him, but obviously she didn’t know that. She brought him across the street and said “Hey! DeaditeQueen I want to introduce you to my boyfriend!”. At that moment I switched off my brain filter.

“Oh. Hi! Nice to meet you. Forgive me, but are you the boyfriend with the Benz, the silver pick up, the black pick up, that Rusty Toyota or the silver Expedition? I get you guys all mixed up!”

Without another word I went back inside, watched them fight for about 5 minutes before he (and her bill money) sped off into the distance. Called her ex and he’s insisting on buying me a steak dinner next week!

Petty Revenge: Internet`s best petty revenge stories are here. | credit


The soppy eyes of the bedraggled and clearly starving dog sat at your feet had you quickly handing over the rest of your food. You’d decided to eat out side, the woods were just across the road from your house so it wasn’t unusual for you to wonder through them.

“Hey (Y/N)?” Scott called. You shushed him and began cooing to the dog who shied away from the Alpha as he approached. “Is he lost?” Scott asked.

“I don’t know… I think he’s hurt his leg; can we take him to Deaton’s?” You asked quickly, turning to face Scott who, almost instantly caved as your wide (Y/E/C) eyes fell on him.

“Fine but you can’t get mad if the owners just lost him.” Scott warned. You nodded and tried to lure the dog towards you only for Scott to flash his eyes at the weakened animal and scoop it up under one arm. “I’ll take him now.” Scott muttered.


“But I want to help.” You complained. He smiled at you but shook his head, resulting in you pouting at your best friend, he swallowed guiltily and licked his lips.


“If there’s something really wrong you’ll be upset… so I’ll call you after Deaton checks him over.” Scott explained quickly. You nodded in agreement and watched him carefully walk up the road that led to Deaton’s practise, which was no more than five minutes away.



“Hey Scott you’re an hour early.” Deaton said. He glanced over the counter at the Alpha and noticed the black and white dog in his arms, beckoning the teen to follow him the back, and began prepping the room.

“Yeah (Y/N) found this guy in the woods and called me, she fed him half a ham sandwich but other than it looks like he hasn’t eaten for weeks.” Scott muttered as he carefully set the dog on the table and moved out of Deaton’s way.


“So, looks like a bad leg… A cast, a few weeks of loving and a good groom should make him feel better.” Deaton glanced at Scott who sighed with relief and handed his boss a scanner so they could see if the dog was microchipped. “(Y/N) is probably waiting to hear from you.”

“I’ll phone (Y/N) and tell she can come down and see him.” Scott muttered. Deaton smiled and nodded, he knew how much you meant to Scott, not long after he’d started helping Deaton you had begun bringing any injured animal you found to Scott, who happily helped you look after them.



“Hey I’m here and I might have gone to the store… but it was all good things, treats, a collar, some toys and this thing.” You held up a plastic toy with a hole to stuff food in, only then noticing Scott hiding his smile.


“Well Deaton put him in the back, want me to show you how to look after him?” Scott offered. You grinned and dumped the bags on the counter and hurried after Scott who grinned as you started softly stroking the dogs head.


“Here, can you keep him still while I cut his fur… we need to check for any irritation on the skin and the furs to matted plus you’re doing a good job at keeping him calm.” Scott explained quickly. You nodded and stroked the dog’s snout, whispering to him, Scott almost forgot what he was doing as he watched you convince the animal to relax.



“Hey (Y/N) do you want a lift to Deaton’s?” Scott asked as you walked towards the school bus. You stopped when he reached his bike and held out his helmet for you.

“Sure… are your sure Deaton isn’t sick of me being there.” You asked as he helped you hoist your leg over the back of his bike.


“Nah he’d never get sick of you, plus you’ve spent the whole time helping look after the stray so it’s not like you’ve been in the way.” Scott said over his shoulder as he wrapped your arms around him and made sure you had a tight grip before kicking the bike into life.


When you reached the vets Scott parked the bike round the back and lead you into the back room where the black and white dog was waiting for you. Deaton chuckled as he came to great you both, asking Scott to help him for a while, and telling you the dog was well enough for a short walk.


“So have you told (Y/N) she can take the dog home?” Deaton asked Scott as he finished helping and took a seat in the corner as he waited for you to bring the dog back.


“Nope, I asked her parents to keep it as a surprise.” Scott stood as you came in, the dog wiggling happily around his feet, you fussed over him before hugging Scott and waving to Deaton and headed home, promising to come back later. “Let’s check him over then he can go off to his new home.” Scott muttered.


“So when are you going to tell her how you feel?” Deaton asked with a knowing smirk as he watched Scott check the dog.


“I dunno what you mean, ok little buddy your good to go.” Scott muttered with a faint blush to his cheeks. He scooped the dog into his arms and grinned knowing you were going to love the surprise.

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