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taylorswift So this is what happens when a swiftie goes to disneyland..

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risingsonn and 2. if u dont have to tho but i'll love u

i got u, kid

2. “Have you lost your damn mind?” 

Jon chuckles, shaking his head. “Have you lost your damn mind?”

Lawrence smiles at him blissfully, swaying side to side in a movement that looks like it should spill his drink but doesn’t.

“Come on, Jon,” Lawrence tries to purr but slurs instead. “Dance with me.”

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UGHHH im arguing with my mom whether or not they can be used as a gender neutral pronoun (shes arguing its gramatically incorrect because its plural) and ive been trying to explain to her why, this is my explanation:

english doesnt have a gender neutral pronoun, so, like a lot of languages (ex spanish) the male pronoun is used when you dont know/are unsure of the person youar referring tos gender. but, referring to someone whos gender is unknown as “he” as become politically incorrect/viewed as sexist especially in the past… while. at least as long as ive been alive (15 years). so, people have been using “she or he”, “she/he”,and “(s)he”. that bs is not any more gramatically correct than using “they”. its more clunky, and doesnt sound right. for AGES people have been using “they” as neutral because “(s)he” looks fucking stupid. 

i’m going to my trans youth group today for the first time in 7/8 months so i am sort of nervous and also i feel Bad so going outside doesnt exactly sound good right now but i’ve made plans with my friend who is going there for the first time so i have to go.. which is  probs a good thing because honestly if i was never obligated to leave my house i just… wouldnt….. ever…