that doesnt mean i hate anyone

omg i love Pewdiepie too much, i’m crying at his last video

also can’t imagine how people, who get offended by everything these days actually i used to be the one going “omg don’t say “fat”” or “don’t joke about old people” but honestly, jokes are jokes, and if you are that sensitive, leave the internet, you are not gonna survive. trust me. like you don’t have to do anything with anyone, you dont have to insult, but sayin the word “fat” while not insulting anyone for serious is okay. and if you don’t agree - oh well

i hate to be that one grumpy old person who waves their fist at technology (and trust me i’m all for using technology i mean i cannot live without it) but my 8 year old nephew is on his cellphone all day and all night long??? he doesnt interact with anyone like, right now we are in the same room and hes laying in front of me, on his cellphone. he doesnt socialize unless i confiscate his phone (which i did in many family dinners). do you guys have any tips about it? because i want to bond with him, i really do, but it’s literally impossible this way :/

Look, Both me and @limey-sama are getting hate for what happened with my friend Skrill, and listen for once and I’m ging to be very clear, We also have emotions okay? I understand Skrill’s situaton a bit better than anyone else here since I’ve personally talked to him when the drama outburst occured, And I deeply know that he’s in a constant state of depression and anxiety but that doesn’t mean we can’t have those outbursts as well? 

Just because we’re not as popular as Skrill doesnt mean we can’t feel depressed and saddened by what we’ve done. NOT EVERYONE IS PERFECT.

In my view of what happened I was scared okay? Seeing Skrill replying a bit more down than usual made me get nervous ‘’Why is he acting this way to me suddenly? Did I do something wrong?’’ I kept asking myself as an instinct since Im a very paranoid person, overthinking things too much before knowing what’s truly going on, and that’s one of my multiple errors… And I’m sorry for it… I truly am. Seeing him that way made me cry… And so I responded with my true feelings since I believe that it’s better to speak out instead of sugar coating the truth…I didnt know I would get so much hate for doing this… Being called a whiney bitch who shouldnt bring someone down just because I’m ‘’jealous’’ of his fame… No…I’m not jealous… Why would I be? I just want to be his friend… I don’t want fame… I don’t want ‘fans’’ … I just want a Friend… 

You know… Seeing him this way is as if  you enter in contact with your major inspiration or celebrity , you grow a bond and then suddenly they seem depressed with you or a bit down, I would think everyone would get sad or concerned of …why they’re like this ,and obviously you would get depresed or probably act like I did assuming that they’re mad with you or something… 

The worst part is that you suddenly get so much hate… so many attacks from people you don’t know… I don’t have many friends and none IRL and suddenly seeing this

Really makes me want to cry and truly kill myself… I was a self harmer so seeing this really does bring me down.

So with this I say…

I’m sorry I’ve harmed you @sleepy-kinq I hope you can forgive me and still consider being my friend, I love you bud… Keep going the way you’re going you’ll be a great person, keep improving and keep staying positive with your wonderful boyfriend.

And no…  I wont reply to whoever sent me asks…


I hate that people who are so naive make such stupid stereotypes and images for those of the lgbt community. Being pan i always hear “so you wanna fuck everyone? ” no No NOO that is wrong. Being pan doesnt make me a whore. Just like all the other stupid things you hear like “you’re going through a phase. ” “You’re confused” “What do you mean you just AREN’T sexually attracted to anyone? You are just prude”. If you have ever heard any of these or any other negativity, remember, there are people out there for you. You do NOT deserve to be treated badly just because of your sexuality or gender identity. Wear your flag with pride!


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What i want for Nina is that she wont love/like Charioce physically,I know her blushing mode activates when she sees handsome men,But Most characters in this series are handsome,But what i hope is Charioce to be different!,Not like he is the handsome or whatever!What Nina feel for has to be more like from her heart not from her physical body that gets excited when she sees guys!So that her love life can forward!What i mean is Nina has to love handsome man not bcuz he is handsome but bcuz shelove

part2,bcuz she loves him,It mean she can love ugly side of that man!Otherwise it is not love,It is about her physical body all over again!People said Nina will hate Chris after she knew his identity!So it means she doesnt love him!If she loves him,It will be complicated and hard for her!If she suddenly hates Chris,It is not love,It is just her body!So i hope Nina can love someone with her heart other than her family!That is the relationship i want for Our ChiliPepper!

I can fully understand your feeling, but remember, there’s still a long story waiting for us. In order to develop Nina as a character and a subsequent romance with Charioce, things have to happen at the right time, and sometimes get a little chaotic.

It’s impossible for anyone to deeply fall in love with another person with whom just meeting, that doesn’t work at all. Romance as such has its stages, we’re still in the first, how they’re falling in love and “the idealization” (to put it somehow), from here onwards is where “the disappointment” comes to finally reach “the real love”, what we’re waiting for.

Nina herself has shown on more than one that she has no interest in any other guy, more than just “Chris”, even doing things she would never do in a normal situation, facing her own lust to open her way to know him.

Just compare this:

To this:

Exactly, she feels good around him. Unlike the other guys who have appeared so far, his actions regarding “Chris” have always been different. It’s not a mere attraction like the other ones, especially because it was revealed to us in a very simple and even painful way for those who still don’t want to accept it, that:

Yeah, she belongs just to one guy. #Chili Pepper is sailing.

ok first backstory: they have a trailer on a volcano that theyre living in i guess. Ringo says he might stay here for life. Then the volcano rumbles and the video glitches. Then ringo says something completely untranslatable and i dont have a clue as to what it could possibly mean. john and paul embrace and george says something. Then in the most uncomfortable manner possible Ringo says “What… makes… you… say… that” and calls goerge something i cant possible understand and will reward anyone who can. i cant deal with this. Ringo’s creepy disgusting breathy voice sounds like its directly in my ear. It doesnt even sound like its supposed to come from the characters. like the voice actors didnt even try to make it sound distant. he probably even got closer to the microphone. i hate this show

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I fell upon a Louis blog that hates Harry. Hates him. Like in what world is that possible? How can someone who found Louis through his band, his band that he really fucking loves, hate one of the band members? It was a complete mindfuck, I tell you. I'm shook. We mostly all have a fave but I could never ever imagine hating one of them.

i dont know… perhaps they have some deep rooted problems stemming from 2012 where they think louis and harry hate each other so they think they can hate harry and it’s justified… i really dont know. but let me tell you… louis and harry do not hate each other. quite the contrary. i mean, if the last 2 months can tell you anything.

harry went to louis’ xfactor performance and jays funeral.. louis tweeted him for his birthday… louis says how ALL the boys are supportive of him and their solo careers. thats some pretty good evidence of them being supportive of each other and being at the very least, friends. 

so i dont know why anyone would hate on harry if they’re a louis stan and they can see that louis doesnt even hate on harry. 

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Speaking about Autistic! Nico..... how does he deal with the jerkbutts that are like "lol autism, must mean you're a *insert slur starting with r here*"

it used to really bother him like, “oh cool guess people really do hate me : )  : )  : ) good to know that i can never tell anyone im autistic out of fear of judgement :-)” BUT now that hes a Big Boi™ and has gone through Some Deep Shit (read: tartarus, bianca, Everything Else) he kinda. Doesnt Give A Singular Heck. he is now Always Ready To Stab A Neurotypical with his Angsty Emo Death Sword ™™™™™

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i know that everyones complaining about the fandoms portayal of connor but can you really blame them? i mean yes connor was a rude person who did drugs and was mean to people and his family and but hes also a person who needed help and who didnt have anyone there for him. everyone just gave up on him and abandoned him. i dont want to start problems in the fandom but i am getting tired of this. connor doesnt deserve to be put on a high pedestal be he also doesnt deserve to be hated so much

I want to find a middle ground but I just got really worked up about the Fandom Portrayal of the character. I don’t hate Connor Murphy at all, though I’m probably coming off that way. I apologize, I got rather annoyed about everyone (everyone of course being used hyperbolically) making Connor out to be someone who he really isn’t. But you’re right, we need to find somewhere in between romanticizing and demonizing Connor I suppose

sera positive posts are shit like 90% of the time bc they always seem to add “i know shes problematic, but-” and it makes me kind of sad bc?? shes really not?? nvm that ‘problematic’ has basically no meaning in this context and pretty much just means “bad”, its sad bc she is practically a saint compared to a lot of other (male) characters. sera merely existing as sera is not problematic.

i mean, sera was an orphan elf girl who lived in the slums until she was adopted by a racist human who made her hate parts of herself. she is an unabashed lesbian who can be seen as something of a folk hero, and she feels so, so deeply. she shows a wider range of emotions than anyone else, which is one of my favorite things about her. to me shes very clearly coded as neurodivergent, and i love it, i love that she doesnt mince words, i love that sometimes she barely makes sense to you. sera is sera, she only wants to be sera, and being sera is not problematic.

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It MAKES SENSE that elias wanted to Sana that he was with NOORA, considering his reaction to when the balloon boys told him the other day when Sana overheard. BUT Julie is all about tricking us. BUT what if she wants us to overanalyse it and by getting too deep into the meta we think it's actually NOT Elias wanting to tell Sana about younoora, but actually Julie is mindfucking us and he wan going to tell her about younoora. It just makes sense he'd warn Sana right? Hate to believe it, but idk


but you have to remember, for the casual viewer, yousef and noora being together wouldnt be a surprise, it would just be a ??? ofc ??? reaction. they 100% aren’t together and everything proves it BUT WHAT FRUSTRATES ME IS THAT SANA DOESNT LET ANYONE TALK WHEN THEY MENTION YOUSEF 


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i personally adore flaky, but just because shes more popular than most characters doesnt mean she should be bashed for it,, shes a sweet baby,, what has she done to yall,,

I actually have never seen anyone bashing on her tbh? I don’t think they have a reason to lol

I mean there are people who think she’s more selfish than others think (me being one of them) but they aren’t really hating on her. It’s more like their headcanons

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why does every black person hate on Kmusicandblackwomen. she doesnt even do anything wrong

i mean,,,, my girl straight up fetishizes asian men… and all her little minions go on there and talk about how they run into a asian guy and they hope they fall in love and have a ambw relationship and mixed babies…………i mean i can’t talk for anyone else but i honestly don’t care that some kpop idols are into and or interested in black men or women, I’m just here for the bops my guy. she really tries to say that the point of her blog is to make “black women feel special and that their idol loves them too” but she real life be reaching….. a idol could look at a black girl and she’ll say some out of pocket shit like “ OOOOOO HES STARING AT HER LIKE HE WANTS TO EAT HER”“”“” THESE KOREAN MEN LOVE THEIR CHOCOLATE WOMEN"“”“ like??????? shit like that is so disrespectful and ugly…..

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you know what i hate? klancers sayin shipping keith with allura is racist because he's galra and she's altean but then they ship altean lance with keith and say its the most beautiful and tragic romance

HONESTLY also galra oppress everyone so like whats good?? besides that mixed ppl dont hold that kind of priv over anyone… like being cautious because we might fuck you over like others i can get but that doesnt mean we legitimately have any power

no offense but the poc rainbow flag discourse is super dumb :/ the rainbow flag itself includes everyone, its simply racist people in the community excluding you
revamping the flag with black and brown stripes specifically excludes people from the community
plus it erases colors that had specific meanings

i literally hate this discourse not because of the flag itself, but the fact that people want it to be the official gay flag

it can be a flag for the gay poc sub flag but why replace the original when it doesnt actually exclude anyone

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question, why are you so unexpectedly rude? you just attack anyone who doesnt see your way behind the scenes but act all nice and proper for this blog. is that how anyone worthwhile gives you the time of day? its disappointing to have learned this about you, i tohught you were a genuinely good guy :/

While I genuinely have zero idea what you mean by unexpectedly rude, I’m very deeply sorry you feel that way. It was never my intention to attack or seem like I hate anyone. Like I said, I don’t know where this came from, but I am very sorry. So very, deeply sorry. I’d apologize to you in person if I knew who you were.

I’ll try to change.

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What are ur thoughts on Stahl? :3c

I think average is a pretty good way to describe him as a whole. But even average is a word I dont really want to use here because it can be taken in a negative way, and I don’t mean it in that way at ALL.

Stahl is a very “safe option”. Perhaps one of the most safe option characters in this entire series actually. Stahl doesnt really have any emotional growth or suffering or character arc or anything really like that, like most other characters at least have a little. He’s pretty problem free and inoffensive in all meanings of the word. Because of this I think he’s generally oft overlooked because he doesn’t really have a big grabbing point for a lot of people (a lot of people like their character angst and I cant deny I’m one of them lol) but I don’t think there’s anyone out there who actually, legitmatley hates him, and if anyones does I dont want to know them tbh.

He’s kinda like a golden retriever doggo. I actually think Stahl’s averageness is his charm point. Like its refreshing to have a cool casual normal dude character who doesnt have any past trauma or big goals he wants to accomplish. All Stahl really wants to do is become a renown knight like Abel. That’s basically it. For anyone who loves casual normal dude characters Stahl is honestly perfect and the ideal of that lol. I also ship him platonically with Donnel and Kellam OT3. They’re team average LOL.

I like him though– he gives me good vibes when I see him, and I remember thinking he was a hottie first time I saw him in Awakening. Generally I tend to avoid getting too emotionally invested in characters who dont have any kind of development or past angst suffering ect, because I find if they lack stuff like that then it makes it harder for me to emotionally invest. I like suffering I guess.

I kinda feel like Kaze would be pretty similar to Stahl in the ‘safe zone’ if he didnt have all that Corrin past trauma and being raised to be a living weapon trauma… and leaving everything he ever knew and loved in Hoshido to go fight with Corrin in Conquest trauma. You get the idea. I like Stahl and wouldnt be averse to marrying him at all. But I doubt I could ever seriously husband him because of his averageness.

Also, I kinda like how similarly looking his hair is to Frederick’s. They honestly kinda look like they’re related. There was actually a 4koma about this on how Stahl just wakes up with his hair looking like that while Frederick has bad bedhead so has to constantly brush it to keep it stable. AND HEADCANON ACCEPTED SO HARD.