that doesnt mean i hate anyone

Malfoys don’t get sick 🤒

“I am not sick. Malfoys do not get sick!”

Harry gave Draco a skeptical look as the blond blew his nose for the seventh time since he had entered the room five minutes ago.

“Right,” Harry said, clicking his tongue.

“I am not sick,” Draco growled. He turned his back to Harry and made his way to the sofa, plopping down on it.

“Draco, there is no shame in being sick.”

“I am not- not- Achoo!”

Harry handed Draco another tissue before sitting down next to him. He lifted his hand and gently put it on Draco’s forehead.

“Oh, you’re burning up.”

“I’m not,” Draco said, pushing Harry’s hand away. “Besides, I feel cold.”

Harry pinched the bridge of his nose.

“You’re obviously running a fever. Maybe I should call Hermione. I’m sure she could cure you of-”

“I don’t need her. I don’t need anything,” Draco interrupted him. “I am perfectly fi- fi- Achoo!”

Harry let out a sigh and shook his head.

“At least lie down and rest for a bit?”

Draco gave him a dark look that didn’t last for long.

“Well… I am a little tired.”

“Alright then,” Harry said, making room for Draco to lie down. He summoned two blankets from their bedroom and tucked his boyfriend in.

“There,” Harry said soothingly. “Sleep it off, okay?” He stroked Draco’s hair who nodded weakly before his eyelids fluttered shut.

After making sure Draco was fast asleep, Harry went into the kitchen to prepare something for Draco to eat when he woke up. He knew just what to do.

Two hours later, when Harry went back to the living room, a vase and several books were floating in mid-air, right above Draco’s head. Harry quickly set the tray of steaming porridge he was holding down on the table and got out his wand. He sent the vase and the books back to the shelf and kneeled down beside Draco.

“I think you’re magic is going a bit bonkers,” he murmured. Draco cracked open an eye and smiled dazedly at Harry.

“Hey,” he croaked.

“Hey.” Harry stroked his hair again and seated himself on the edge of the couch. “Are you hungry?”

“Ugh!” Draco weakly shook his head and scrunched up his nose.

“Come on, it’s Molly’s secret porridge recipe. Here.” Harry summoned the tray and placed it on his lap. “I’ll feed you.”

“I’m not letting you feed me porridge,” Draco said, his face twisting in disgust.

“Is it the porridge you’re opposed to or me feeding it to you?”

Draco didn’t answer but clutched the corners of the blankets tighter around him.

“Come on, you have to eat something. And you’re shivering so much, I think you will drop the spoon as soon as I hand it to you. Let me feed you.” Harry held out the spoon in front of Draco’s mouth with no sign of cooperation from his boyfriend. “Draco, come on. Just let me feed you. You know, it would be kind of cute, too.”

“Cute,” Draco repeated, a disgusted look on his face.

“Yeah. Now that I think about it, it’s nice to have someone I can take care of.”

Draco seemed to ponder this for a moment before hesitantly opening his mouth and accepting the spoonful of porridge.

“What else would that entail? You taking care of… me?”

Harry’s face split into a grin as he offered Draco more porridge.

“Well, I guess that would depend.”

“Depend on what?” Draco asked, slowly taking another bite.

“On the circumstances. For example, if you were sick, I’d definitely want to keep cooking for you. And after you finished eating we could go upstairs and I could hold you and warm you until you stopped shivering. We could take a hot bath together. I’d make you some tea, get your favourite biscuits and I could give you a massage if you feel like it. But since you’re not sick…” Harry peered at his boyfriend from under his lashes and held back a snicker.

“Well,” Draco began quietly. “Maybe… Maybe I am a little sick.”

“Sure, just a little,” Harry laughed, putting the porridge aside and gently pulled Draco into his arms.


One(?) gifset per episode || Arrival at Kraghammer

An enormous underground metropolis sprawls out before you—the dark earth and shadows creating beautiful stonework, marble columns, archways, and labyrinthine bridges climbing across the vertical city-scape. All warmed with the red glow of some strange, crimson rock peppered throughout the town as a light source. A large metal forge envelops the center of this cylindrical city. The entire city is a three tiered cylindrical city that is built into the ground of the mountain itself. Welcome to Kraghammer!

stop 👏 openly👏 hating👏 on👏 william👏 owen👏 herondale👏 like sure he’s the angsty white main in the (one of) main straight relationship(s) but he’s a nice guy,, if you dislike him just?? don’t post about it??

Coming Home (Chapter 17)

Welcome back! Just a quick note– I dont actually hate Fury. In fact I have no issue with him at all, but I wanted a chance for Tony to show off exactly how Alpha he is…and Fury opened his mouth and said the wrong thing lol. So PSA– I dont hate Fury, so anyone that absolutely loves him, dont read too much into this chapter, its just one scene in one of my many fics, doesnt mean anything lol

Alright, gear up for some Winteriron Feels, some (less explicit) smutty smutness and the above mentioned, Tony losing his shit on Fury. I tried a little different format with the NSFW, I hope it worked out. 


Enjoy :)


Tony paced in the hallway outside Bucky’s room at SHIELD headquarters for a full five minutes before he calmed himself down enough to knock on the door quietly. Steve had given him a key to Bucky’s room, but Tony wasn’t about to invade Bucky’s privacy by using the key, but he was still tempted to shove it up Fury’s ass if the Director so much as glanced in his general vicinity, so he kept it in his pocket anyway.

So Tony knocked, quickly and firmly but hopefully not too aggressively, and hoped Bucky would open the door.

“Tony.” Bucky opened the door and stopped in his tracks, black and silver wings lifting around his body to hide himself, metal edges clicking as he shifted anxiously. “What are you doing here?”

“What are you doing here?” Tony blurted, and then closed his eyes and held up a hand apologetically. “Sorry. Bucky, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have snapped at you. Um… can we talk?”

“You want to talk?” Bucky blinked at him and seemed to withdraw into the room a little more. “About what?”

“Why didn’t you come back with Steve?” Tony asked carefully, feeling awkward just standing in the hall talking, and unable to stop staring at Bucky, at his crystal blue eyes and the scruff that was getting a little too thick, at shoulder length dark hair and all those muscles wrapped in a tight grey t shirt, his left arm held slightly behind his body.

“I don’t want to be there.” Bucky said bluntly, relaxing his posture now that he knew Tony wasn’t going to yell at him. “You don’t want me there, so I didn’t see any reason to stay.”

“Why would you–?” Tony’s voice rose again and he backed up another step, dropping his wings and putting both hands out, palm up, to look an unthreatening, as un Alpha as possible. “Bucky, honey, why would you think I don’t want you there? Things have been rough, and admittedly I have been hiding away more than I should, but you belong at home. Not here working for Fury.”

A growl threaded his voice on the Beta’s name and Bucky’s eyes sparked curiously. “You don’t like Fury.” he stated.

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why Kat Edison is a Daddy
  • shes tall
  • she’s demanding/bossy
  • literally a boss (director of social media)
  • she hates being told what to do
  • she takes lead in the kissing scenes
  • she can be pretty fucking mean ((“why are you here?” “You should probably leave.” “I can walk you out.”))
  • shes emotional af but hides it all 
  • she would punch anyone that threatens her girl 
  • shes confident 
  • shes hot 
  • shes all about the sex and doesnt do relationships (until adena) 
  • shes got a lot of shmoney to spend on her girl (!!!)
  • shes got that smile/smirk. you know what im talking about 
  • she’s   s c a r e d   of love and needs a soft pretty gf to help her with all of that mushy shit 
  • shes cocky 
  • she tries to act strong/tough and hates feeling vulnerable ((when she texted adena “how did you deal with all those death threats. I’m getting them now. Feels like im unravelling.” changing the feels like I’m unravelling to "…Im getting them now. It’s annoying.“ acting like its no big deal.))  

we all know a daddy acts tough but they’re just really soft on the inside don’t @me and fight me on this. also feel free to add more reason you think kat is a daddy

omg i love Pewdiepie too much, i’m crying at his last video

also can’t imagine how people, who get offended by everything these days actually i used to be the one going “omg don’t say “fat”” or “don’t joke about old people” but honestly, jokes are jokes, and if you are that sensitive, leave the internet, you are not gonna survive. trust me. like you don’t have to do anything with anyone, you dont have to insult, but sayin the word “fat” while not insulting anyone for serious is okay. and if you don’t agree - oh well

Frog-Like Intellect

Hey guys! Please, please, pleeeaaasssseee let me know if you would like a part two. 

The front doors of the Manor slamming shut signaled the arrival of the youngest Wayne.

Dick stared at his younger brother, watching him toss his bookbag into the living room. A few pencils and papers shot from the bag as it landed, but Damian didn’t seem to care. “Damian? Are you okay?”

Dick faced his brother as he angrily stomped into the kitchen from a seat at the kitchen counter, “Damian, I asked if you were okay.”


The young boy yanked open the door of the refrigerator, the abrupt force coming from his arm causing the milk to fall to the floor. The carton exploded as it landed, splashing all over Damian and half of the kitchen.

The sound of a mini explosion alerted Alfred. He hurried to the room the two boys were in, only to see Damian looking like he had just finished showering in milk.

“I hope you do intend to clean this up, Master Damian.”

Dick looked over at Alfred, silently signaling to him that Damian was upset.

Alfred let out an annoyed sigh, “Very well then,“ he remarked while walking over to the closet filled with cleaning supplies, "I guess I shall have to clean up this mess, myself.”

Dick thanked the older man as he got up from his seat at the counter, gesturing for his brother to follow. “Come on, Dami, I’m making you tell me what’s wrong.”

Damian frowned before trailing his brother. They sat in the living room, Damian in a seat opposite to Dick. The younger examined his school supplies strewn all over the floor instead of making eye contact.


Damian’s eyes narrowed at his pencils. “Tt, there is nothing I have to say to you, Grayson.”

Dick rolled his eyes, “tell that to the innocent milk carton,” he frowned at the lack of reaction. “Seriously Dami, what’s wrong?“

"Women are impossible.”


Damian looked up at his brother, annoyance clearly present on his face, “women are impossible to understand.”

Dick smirked at the sound of this, “Ohh, so that’s what this is about.“

"What is so amusing about this situation, Grayson? I have to come to you for advice yet you decide to mock me.”

“Okay, no. I made you tell me what was wrong,” Dick smiled at Damian, “and, wow, I can’t believe my little brother is growing up. What’s her name?”

Damian’s cheeks tinged pink at his brother’s response, “Y/n.” The color from his face drained as quickly as it appeared, demeanor and attitude completely changing. He slightly narrowed his eyes at the man in front of him, “My maturity level is superior to yours, you are the one who needs to grow up.“

Dick smiled even wider despite his brother insulting him, “aww, she makes you nervous.” He leaned further into the couch, “so what advice do you need?”

Damian opened his mouth to speak before Dick abruptly cut him off, “Oh! And why is she impossible?”

“Tt, stop speaking so I can answer you,” his gaze once again returning to the floor. “I have been subtly hinting that I am attracted to her for the past week.”

“And she still cant tell you like her?”

Damian nodded in response.

Dick whistled, “this might be tough, how have you been dropping hints?”

The younger boy only stared more intently at the patterns on the carpet below. Damian’s lack of response worried Dick, there were so many things he could have done.

“Damian? How have you been dropping hints?”

Damian squinted, “I have been using a reverse psychological technique.”

Dick’s voice held a heavy sense of worry, “you’re not being mean to her, are you?”

“Tt, it is a reverse phycho-”

“DAMIAN, THAT DOESNT WORK ON GIRLS! Or ANYONE for that matter.” Dick ran his fingers through his hair in frustration, “okay okay, maybe this isn’t that bad. What exactly did you say to her?“

Damian hesitated, "I said that I hated her, her beauty is nonexistent, and her intellect matches that of a frog.” He looked up at his brother, “I already told you I am using a revers-”

“Stop, stop, stop! Damian you told her you hated her, you think she’s ugly AND you think she’s dumb.” Dick looked at him with confusion expressed all over his face before sighing, looking down at the coffee table in front of him. “What-what did you expect to happen?”

“I…I do not know how to tell her how I really feel.” Damian scoffed as he stood, “I screwed up, I am the one with the intellect of a frog.”

Dick silently stared as Damian exited the room, before bending over to pick up the school supplies still on the floor. 

i hate to be that one grumpy old person who waves their fist at technology (and trust me i’m all for using technology i mean i cannot live without it) but my 8 year old nephew is on his cellphone all day and all night long??? he doesnt interact with anyone like, right now we are in the same room and hes laying in front of me, on his cellphone. he doesnt socialize unless i confiscate his phone (which i did in many family dinners). do you guys have any tips about it? because i want to bond with him, i really do, but it’s literally impossible this way :/

ok first backstory: they have a trailer on a volcano that theyre living in i guess. Ringo says he might stay here for life. Then the volcano rumbles and the video glitches. Then ringo says something completely untranslatable and i dont have a clue as to what it could possibly mean. john and paul embrace and george says something. Then in the most uncomfortable manner possible Ringo says “What… makes… you… say… that” and calls goerge something i cant possible understand and will reward anyone who can. i cant deal with this. Ringo’s creepy disgusting breathy voice sounds like its directly in my ear. It doesnt even sound like its supposed to come from the characters. like the voice actors didnt even try to make it sound distant. he probably even got closer to the microphone. i hate this show

Ok so i was thinking about this post by @newbads all day and specifically like. When and how did dennis start acting distant around Mac? but i kind of went off on a tangent not rly related to that post so heres on its own, like, sort of a timeline i guess, starting from mortgage crisis and ending with ddl

(i actually started this like a week ago and then got stuck halfway through and now school has started again so i wont probably have time to come back to it like i’d want, so i’m posting it as is and pls feel free to contribute later stuff if u want to :))))

Hypothesis: Dennis is super touchy and affectionate in season 5, freaks out after Break Up when he realises his feelings for mac, temporarily distances himself a little bit for a while (including marrying maureen), but mostly still pretty close. After Mac Day starts getting especially distant and it only gets worse over time, reaches a peak in s12 after Mac comes out in HoHC, and its evident by DDL that this is not sustainable and something drastic has to change.

read more because its fuckn long for a dashboard tbh, sorry

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I hate that people who are so naive make such stupid stereotypes and images for those of the lgbt community. Being pan i always hear “so you wanna fuck everyone? ” no No NOO that is wrong. Being pan doesnt make me a whore. Just like all the other stupid things you hear like “you’re going through a phase. ” “You’re confused” “What do you mean you just AREN’T sexually attracted to anyone? You are just prude”. If you have ever heard any of these or any other negativity, remember, there are people out there for you. You do NOT deserve to be treated badly just because of your sexuality or gender identity. Wear your flag with pride!


thescottishmcrdragon  asked:

Speaking about Autistic! Nico..... how does he deal with the jerkbutts that are like "lol autism, must mean you're a *insert slur starting with r here*"

it used to really bother him like, “oh cool guess people really do hate me : )  : )  : ) good to know that i can never tell anyone im autistic out of fear of judgement :-)” BUT now that hes a Big Boi™ and has gone through Some Deep Shit (read: tartarus, bianca, Everything Else) he kinda. Doesnt Give A Singular Heck. he is now Always Ready To Stab A Neurotypical with his Angsty Emo Death Sword ™™™™™

crumplyhorns  asked:

ahdkdk im honestly so pissed at my school (a girls' school) you don't even know there are a whole bunch of problematic school rules but that story would be too long so i'm gonna focus on the one the pisses me off the most so there's this rules that says "no boyish haircuts allowed" ..... I KNOW sometimes i feel like walking up to the doscipline mistress and asking her to define that - haircuts don't have a gender! It makes me so mad when I hear her/other teachers mention it, (part 1)

but there isn’t really much I can do. The worst part is I’m a school prefect, which means I conduct attire check for some classes in the mornings and am expected to “book” people who have “boyish” haircuts. I’ve never booked anyone ever because that’s just not fair. And if anyone comes up to me and asks me why, I’ll tell them that I haven’t seen anyone with a boyish haircut (because it doESNT EXIST.) what do they even expect ppl to do? Get extensions? Don’t think that’s allowed either.

Ughhhh I hate schools that do this. Why are haircuts gendered. Why. 

Mod Marie-Rose

okay but like the real question is……where did all my emotions go. why do i not get happy for my friends, why can’t i cry anymore, why can’t i love anyone and how come when people say they love me, it feels like it means nothing. why do i only get quick 5 minute bursts of intense empathy which are always followed by crippling and overwhelming sadness that lasts for days……like i know i have ptsd but uh……..what Happened

anonymous asked:

I fell upon a Louis blog that hates Harry. Hates him. Like in what world is that possible? How can someone who found Louis through his band, his band that he really fucking loves, hate one of the band members? It was a complete mindfuck, I tell you. I'm shook. We mostly all have a fave but I could never ever imagine hating one of them.

i dont know… perhaps they have some deep rooted problems stemming from 2012 where they think louis and harry hate each other so they think they can hate harry and it’s justified… i really dont know. but let me tell you… louis and harry do not hate each other. quite the contrary. i mean, if the last 2 months can tell you anything.

harry went to louis’ xfactor performance and jays funeral.. louis tweeted him for his birthday… louis says how ALL the boys are supportive of him and their solo careers. thats some pretty good evidence of them being supportive of each other and being at the very least, friends. 

so i dont know why anyone would hate on harry if they’re a louis stan and they can see that louis doesnt even hate on harry. 

anonymous asked:

What i want for Nina is that she wont love/like Charioce physically,I know her blushing mode activates when she sees handsome men,But Most characters in this series are handsome,But what i hope is Charioce to be different!,Not like he is the handsome or whatever!What Nina feel for has to be more like from her heart not from her physical body that gets excited when she sees guys!So that her love life can forward!What i mean is Nina has to love handsome man not bcuz he is handsome but bcuz shelove

part2,bcuz she loves him,It mean she can love ugly side of that man!Otherwise it is not love,It is about her physical body all over again!People said Nina will hate Chris after she knew his identity!So it means she doesnt love him!If she loves him,It will be complicated and hard for her!If she suddenly hates Chris,It is not love,It is just her body!So i hope Nina can love someone with her heart other than her family!That is the relationship i want for Our ChiliPepper!

I can fully understand your feeling, but remember, there’s still a long story waiting for us. In order to develop Nina as a character and a subsequent romance with Charioce, things have to happen at the right time, and sometimes get a little chaotic.

It’s impossible for anyone to deeply fall in love with another person with whom just meeting, that doesn’t work at all. Romance as such has its stages, we’re still in the first, how they’re falling in love and “the idealization” (to put it somehow), from here onwards is where “the disappointment” comes to finally reach “the real love”, what we’re waiting for.

Nina herself has shown on more than one that she has no interest in any other guy, more than just “Chris”, even doing things she would never do in a normal situation, facing her own lust to open her way to know him.

Just compare this:

To this:

Exactly, she feels good around him. Unlike the other guys who have appeared so far, his actions regarding “Chris” have always been different. It’s not a mere attraction like the other ones, especially because it was revealed to us in a very simple and even painful way for those who still don’t want to accept it, that:

Yeah, she belongs just to one guy. #Chili Pepper is sailing.

Star Guardian Opinions

Just a master post probably going to be followed up later but wanted to get it off my chest now that its 1:30 AM

-First of all I’m not going to let this go they got Lux’s VA back when they made her ulti skin and DIDNT ADD A BUNCH OF SG VOICE LINES!!! Jinx had so many lines over her even though Lux is apparently the Lead Star of “this planet” and now AHRI, a back-up guardian from an entirely different group has loads more lines than both of them- because shes the newest. They had lux’s VA!!! DO IT!!!!
-Ahri. Why AHRI! I get it, she sells. Shes great, I love the skin, i’m gonna buy it and use it but other champions could have come first. Everyone was hoping for someone special, their favs, ect. A bunch of people LOVE this skin but are still super disappointed! She totally should have come later down the line. I hate this Mysterious, i’m secretly bad but in a good way feel theyre trying to force on her all while making her use Super hip teen speak.
-Ahris the main focus of this round of skins when Soraka is literally a Star. A fallen star. and they gave the main focus to a Kitsune.
-Syndra is here. Syndra just got a skin. Syndra is evil (Ahri throws lines at her saying they know she doesnt actually belong, ect) and yet they chose her! She should be on Dark Star (Even if the sets arent linked) and they should have given the “you don’t deserve to be a magical girl, this was a mistake” skin to someone else. Someone who isnt outright “HA IM EVIL” but more, misguided? Annie, Diana, Morganna. (More Mislead and not understanding the responsibility w Annie though)
-Everyone just Shut the Fuck Up About if Ez belongs here or not. Every MG Anime I can think of rn that ive actually seen has had a boy in it. No it doesnt mean hes gay, no it doesnt mean he cant be headcanon’d gay for other reasons either. Yes trans headcanons are okay (non stereotypical, ect) here because!!! its not hurting anyone!!!!
-I hate EZxLux please stop with it
-Lux and Poppy don’t have Familiars :(
-Whos Mimi???? (The ward) Mimi looks like Kiko and yet…
-Kiko is a neopet I can’t get this out of my mind

I think thats it for now….

My thought process was wouldnt it make more sense for the institute to replace their own scientists with copies of themselves? That would be ultimately pretty creepy, it seems like you cant transfer human consciousness into a synth, yet they are the absolute perfect immortal body. Completely indistinguishable from humans except for a chip it seems, yet completly programmable functions from weight and age. Resource wise it doesnt even make any sense why father has kept anyone alive. We also see with most synths in the commonwealth that they do have complete human curiosity and learning capabilities, meaning synth scientists would be just as smart and capable of problem solving as the human counterparts.

Literally this is why i hate the synth arc so much because they made them just to…sweep?

anonymous asked:

i know that everyones complaining about the fandoms portayal of connor but can you really blame them? i mean yes connor was a rude person who did drugs and was mean to people and his family and but hes also a person who needed help and who didnt have anyone there for him. everyone just gave up on him and abandoned him. i dont want to start problems in the fandom but i am getting tired of this. connor doesnt deserve to be put on a high pedestal be he also doesnt deserve to be hated so much

I want to find a middle ground but I just got really worked up about the Fandom Portrayal of the character. I don’t hate Connor Murphy at all, though I’m probably coming off that way. I apologize, I got rather annoyed about everyone (everyone of course being used hyperbolically) making Connor out to be someone who he really isn’t. But you’re right, we need to find somewhere in between romanticizing and demonizing Connor I suppose