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you know what gets my goat? mon el has a chance to make daxam better. if what he says to his parents is true, he knows that slavery is bad now, he knows his old life on daxam was wrong. his parents do not. they still think they saved those aliens when they worked as slaves for them. and mon el had a chance to go back to daxam and make it better than it was before. but he didnt. now his parents are going to go back and probably build the same exact planet, with every awful thing that was there before. how can a man who cant see what he could have done, be a hero? he could have been a hero to daxam. earth doesnt need another superman, and even if it did, mon el certainly doesnt fit the bill

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Imagine Tina Goldstein having a huuuge crush on this famous senior back in her Ilvemorny days, but she was too shy to talk to him, he didnt even know who the hell she was. Tina kept it a secret for years, until, said senior in Ilvemorny happened to be her senior Auror at MACUSA and he, hulla, started hitting on her.

Stop assuming bi has to include women.

Stop assuming bi has to include men.

Stop assuming everyone priorotizes one of the binary genders.

Stop trying to define bi if you are not bi.
Bi is not 2.
Bi is not “sga” and other.
Bi is not men and women.
Bi is not “both sexes”

Bi is two or more. Two or more.

Bi could be feminine and masculine genders. Bi could we women and nonbinary people. Bi could be men and nonbinary people. Bi could be same and others. Bi could be women and androgynous genders. Bi could be all genders. Bi could be fluid.

Bi is always diverse and beautiful.

Stop speaking over us.
Stop spreading stereotypes.
Stop trying to define Our experience For us.

Let bi people define ourselves. And respect what we say, even if it doesnt fit your mold of what a bi person /should/ be. Bi people can be any way we want. We dont need your approval.

Mystic Messenger Watchdogs (2) AU

if my boys were in DEADSEC


  • doesnt even know how to hack
  • Seven pretty much forced him into it
  • brings the rest of the RFA food and coffee when they need it
  • also does lots of PR shit for dedec/the dedsec app
  • probably runs a dedsec twitter/facebook/insta
  • owns 10 different cell phones
  • the RFA is always on his ass about how easily anyone could find out his information at any time
  • and he’s just like LEAVE ME ALONE I WANNA BE A NORMAL BOY
  • always trying to talk everyone out of doing potentially life threatening ops
  • they never listen
  • “are you guys sure about this?”
  • “cant we just…stay inside today?”
  • i did not sleep enough last night to deal with this


  • specializes in graphic design for dedsec (like sitara!)
  • Yoosung has to run every instagram post he wants to make be Zen first
  • “Yoosung, you cant post that. it doesnt fit our aesthetic”
  • “Jumin, you cant wear that. it doesnt fit our aesthetic”
  • “no one even knows i work with dedsec”
  • “it doesnt matter. you have to completely immerse yourself”
  • he can never just build something, we has to make it look badass, too
  • if he has nothing else to do he’ll just do some graffiti in the hackerspace
  • also catch him around town spray painting “dedsec” all over whatever he wants
  • always annoyed


  • does she sleep?
  • does she eat?
  • no one really knows
  • Yoosung and Seven have this theory that she just lives in the hackerspace, like she never goes home and just sleeps there
  • her work space takes up an entire corner of the room, but its actually very neat despite what you’d think for someone who drinks 8 coffees a day
  • constantly running through data and trying to figure out what the next step is for dedsec
  • about three times a week Zen will find her asleep at her work space and he honestly doesnt even wake her
  • “hey can you get her up? i need to check on what she found out yesterday”
  • Zen shushes Seven
  • “hey, you got all day to ask her about that shit. let her sleep for a goddamn second”
  • “alright, alright, geez…”


  • uses his money to fund dedsec
  • prefers building shit over sitting at a computer
  • once built an electronic collar for elly that monitors her mood/health status
  • also, brings elly to the hackerspace all the time
  • always in trouble with his dad because he’s constantly missing those “dinners” he’s supposed to go to
  • angst
  • uses the fact that he’s a public figure to cover up any shit that dedsec starts
  • lets the use C&R computers for elicit activities
  • his father is so mad


  • actually does live in the hackerspace
  • carries a backpack everywhere
  • god a big ass work area with like 5 monitors
  • when Jaehee works out what the next step for dedsec is, Seven actually makes it happen
  • the hands and feet of dedsec essentially (marcus)
  • stealing cars is a regular thing for him
  • running from the police is also pretty common
  • Zen sees Seven every single day, and every time he greets him with
  • “eeey you didnt get arrested yesterday, nice!”
  • and they high five
  • if Seven passes you on the street, he probably wired money from your bank account
  • and you should probably hang up the phone, cause he can hear that too
  • the reason Yoosung is growing grey hairs


  • always makin bots and shit
  • probably build fighting robots
  • reigning champ. of course,
  • always asking Seven to build a robot so that he can FIGHT IT
  • “stop designing those killer bots and make something useful, will you?”
  • “fine…..asshole”
  • because of Saeran, theres always some little bot roaming around the hackerspace
  • or flying
  • without them Seven wouldnt be able to do his ops
  • once he designed a bot whos only purpose was to pick up things from above, like a crane
  • he stole Jaehee’s coffe once and almost died
  • he took Yoosungs phone right out of his hand once (and laughed for 10 minutes straight)
  • also took Jumins screwdriver while his back was turned, then sat and watched as Jumin looked around the room for it in confusion, asking everyone if they knew where it was 


HIGH CHAOS WEEK — Empress Emily Kaldwin

I think i am like, a week late XD, so sorry. General Dishonored rant under the cut.

So like, my first play through ever was high chaos. I didnt actually know anything about the game, i didnt see promo stuff, and i cant even remember why i picked it up, but when i did i ran around neck-stabbing who i could sneak up on and gun/sword fighting whoever spotted me. 

I was very bad at the game, so like, even if i did try and choke people out and play nice i got caught and then had to murder. and like, by the time i found out there even WAS a low chaos ending it was too late for me. 

from then on i tried to me nice and stealth but yea, too late. The moment i really knew i messed up was when Emily opened the pub door and asked me how many people i killed ..

She is so scary, but i also kinda love it. 


My package from m-lissa arrived! OMMMMMMMMG Thank you sooooo much for trading!~ Hope you enjoy your pirate just as much as I’ll enjoy these bears!

They’re so adorable! You are so lucky to have a round 1 close to you! We don’t have them around here so thank you kindly for offering them~ The oreo is so yummy, is it matcha? The 8cm alpacasso corps ahhh! I was looking for the 8cms of this series so thank you!!!! 

Kevin wanted the blue hoodie but he isn’t home so it’s mine for now lol

The 2nd pic are all the rilakkumas I got from Melissa ^ Thank you so much! Hope we can trade again  (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ

i doodled a sloppy kagehina partner assassins AU bc i needed it in my life

i cant draw guns so i just scribbled pls spare me

(kags is supposed to be a sniper and hinata a close combat specialist. i think kags would be a one bullet and done sort of assassin while hinata gets too excited and leaves things a little too messy for his partner’s taste and they end up bickering bc “now we have to clean this up, dumbass!!!11″)

anonymous asked:

about the tongue argument, they're so intensely MALE it's insane, it is known that men get turned on way more easily than women, i mean they can get turned on by looking at just about any woman that fits their type, or even doesnt... women aren't like that. they can never be women as much as they try and like.. men's lips are very different from a woman's, you can tell the difference in the tongue.

The idea that a woman will get turned on no matter who is eating her out is…. incredibly male, honestly. So much of sex is psychological, especially for women. I don’t think they realize that we would find it hard to orgasm while experiencing disgust, disinterest, and possibly fear. Just the fact that someone with a penis has a sexual fantasy involving me makes me physically ill. The thought of someone’s penis being aroused by me is enough to make me want to crawl under the covers and cry, if they think a woman can have a positive sexual encounter under those circumstances because we apparently have no method of distinguishing who is eating us out they are seriously disturbed.

Also, from what I’ve heard… most men are pretty bad at cunnilingus. Many of them say that it’s just a way to lubricate a woman before penetration or something they do as a favor.

But I agree, the idea that being eaten out is some act free of the implications of the sex of your partner is ridiculous. Like… they do realize that when you’re being eaten out you usually see your partner? And you… always… know who they are? And that sometimes the deal breaker is not being able to eat HER out because we actually like interacting with vulvas????