that doesn't want to open up to her

My experience with the signs in my life
  • Aries female: so stubborn is incredible. A hot head. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Yells a lot. Cares a lot about her family. Very concerned about her diet. She looks like a cinnamon roll but is a beast inside.
  • Aries male : very intelligent, probably the most intelligent. Can either have a very scientific mind or a very literary mind. Loves to read. LOVES to make puns. Horrible ones. Has the biggest laugh.
  • Taurus female: MY BIGGEST LOVE. Literally the cutest thing. She is so smart and caring and it's true: she loves to eat. Cares so much about everyone, not only her close friends. She almost never get angry but when she does. Ouch.
  • Taurus male: a cutie. Always ready to cheer you up. DOES NOT. BELIEVE. IN. ASTROLOGY. Likes scientific shit. Loves old movies. Always laughs at your jokes. The best friend you can find. Loves Shrek.
  • Gemini female: so strong and independent. Her hair is always on point, so is her outfit. Either very tall or very short. They talk a lot and they love listening to you. Geminis are actually very lovable people. Best companion for a boring class or for lunch break.
  • Gemini male: very bold and confident about himself. Does his own thing. It's not that he is a dick, it's just that he has his own problems to take care of. Except Trump, Trumps is really a dick. Im sorry Geminis that he is in your sign. The cool guy of the class who has a different girl every week. A lil fuckboy but fun to have a chat with. Loves videogames and perfect pal to get drunk with.
  • Cancer female: not a crybaby. Actually HATES to cry in public. More often than you think, very extroverted. Very passionate about what she loves. High ambitions, starts many things and then get bored. So many puns oh god.
  • Cancer male: oh boy. "Nightmare dressed as a daydream". Makes you feel so special. Boyfriend material. Usually dark hair and dark eyes. Not very tall. Adorable. Special laugh. Will do great things in life. Very creative but kinda introvert(?) WILL RATHER DIE THAN CRY IN PUBLIC.
  • Leo female: very close about her private things but she will open up if you demonstrate her she can trust you. Loves everyone. Not that confident about herself. Very confident about the world, tho. Wants to move someplace else and experience. People respect her.
  • Leo male: Stonehead™. Literally smokes all the time to forget about the pain he feels. Hides emotions and then explodes, usually with rage. Either very close to you that he calls you every day, or he'll completely ignore you. Smart even tho it doesn't look like. The lonely wolf.
  • Virgo female: so stubborn and independent. She knows what she wants and she'll get it. Can get very clingy to the people she loves but sometimes neglect other people she loves even tho she doesn't notice. Get mad easily for the little things. The queen. Just listen to her, she knows the shit.
  • Virgo male: cute but doesn't have his own personality. Sometimes gets involved in ugly companies and does things he doesn't want to. Very sensitive but tries to hide it. Actually cares about you even tho he wants to appear a tough boy. Pretends he doesn't care about school, ends up with all A. Probably very good at soccer.
  • Libra female: becomes part of your family if she isn't already. Amazing lipsticks. Always has great stories to tell. Lives in the clouds. Forgets about things easily but won't forget the important things. Has so many passions but get easily distracted when she is studying for an exam. Perfect person to binge watch Sherlock with.
  • Libra male: my everything. Pretends he's a gryffindor but deep down is a slytherin. Stunning. Gets high grade without doing shit. The teacher favorite. The one you can do stupid shit with. Will do anything for you. Listens to you 24/7. Loves tv shows. Very smart. Will probably end up doing something very important. Perfect dad.
  • Scorpio female: actually very sweet and caring, as much as cancer. Never shows off her emotions but you'll know when she cares about you. She's like a mama bear. She'll call you if she feels you are not happy. She'll call you constantly. Extroverted and kind. Best presents ever. Looks naive but very cautious.
  • Scorpio male: ok so my ex fwb was a scorpio and i gotta say they get emotionally attached. Pretend they don't care AT ALL and then calls u at 2 in the morning telling u they love you. Just be careful cause they don't know what they want. Obsessed with electronic things and sex.
  • Sagittarius female: literally on fire. SHE. TALKS. SO. MUCH. I have so many different feelings about her. Either i love completely or I can't stand her. She pretends she knows everything. She's so slow at doing everything, except talking. Laughs a lot. Very sensitive deep down. So loud.
  • Sagittarius male: Pretty introverted. The fire is hidden. He's a freaking badass. If he cares about you, he will show you. Most likely to call you at midnight for your birthday. Very sweet. Goes big or goes home, especially in love. Both a cinnamon and a sinnamon roll. Like if he ain't in the same political party as you, just don't mention politics. That's when the fire shows.
  • Capricorn female: so. she actually cares about you. but she has so much shit going on so she might forget to come at a place you invited her, she won't even apologize but when something happens to you, be sure she'll call. She's absolutely cute and she has been hurt so many times so it's hard for her to trust people completely.
  • Capricorn male: THE FUCKING FANBOY. He loves to travel and to try new things. He is so shy but with his friends he's crazy. Laughs at his own jokes. Extremely sensitive and when he loves, he loves hard. So intelligent and interesting. Absolutely adorable.
  • Aquarius female: the sweetest. she gets clingy to everyone but because she wants to have friends and do things and has a lot of problems but holds everything in and puts her friends first and she's hurt. The most precious human. She needs, she deserves to be loved the most. Learns very quickly and she's very honest.
  • Aquarius male: the devil™. Actually he is funny, like so many jokes, but sometimes it's just too much. He hates when people offend him. Gets on the defensive. Kinda selfish and cares a lot about like 3 people (?). Like he will kill for them. So much drama, boy. Probably failed history and algebra 2 twice.
  • Pisces female: such a badass and a cutiepie at the same time i don't even know how this is possible. she has such a strong personality and loves her friends. Determined and will fight with her teeth for what she loves. You need to have a pisces in your life. She always says she will kill a person but then she just like run away.
  • Pisces male: like just like the pisces female. Cares so much about his family and shows his emotions easily, whether is anger or sadness or happiness. Determined but also insecure about himself, but will do great things.

gif request meme: niles/daphne + most heartbreaking scene
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hello!!!! can i request a smut/ fluff (or fluff only if ya don't do smut) where min yoongi's girlfriend is feeling insecure about her body since she is wearing tight clothes (she normally wears loose + her body type is curvyish so larger chest + ass and a bit of tummy chub)& ppl r staring @her (but she thinks its negative) and as yoongi gets jealous and goes down on her she gets super insecure + they do it for the first time with lights on and she doesn't want him to see her stretch marks. TY!!


My Type:

“You look fine love, please stop looking at yourself.” Yoongi called out opening the bathroom door. Jutting out your lower lip you looked over at him, the black lace dress that hugged your frame made you feel self-conscious. You looked into the mirror one more, the lace hugging your arms in a long sheer sleeve. The black dress was in two parts, a darker black part was like a body suit hugging your body, the top layer was lace and long sleeved giving you a modest but sexy look. The dress rose around your neck to resemble something of a choker. Your hair was up in loose curls pinned together in a loose fitted bun with a few end strands falling into your eyes and framing your face. Your makeup was light around your base, the eyeshadow was something light to contrast against your face, and your lips were decorated with a light red lipstick. Yoongi chuckled letting his eyes roam over you starting at your feet. The black pumps you had on always seemed to make your legs stand out, his eyes continued upward looking over your plump thighs, how they pressed together, up towards your plump bottom that he knew looked so good but it was covered up sadly. He took notice of your little tummy that you hated, the main topic of discussion was your weight, but he didn’t understand you were beautiful in every way and he wished you would notice what you mean to him. He wasn’t with you for just your looks, it was your heart, your mind, your sexy aura. He just wanted you to know what you did to him, you were different from many other girls, and there was something about you that he couldn’t find anywhere else. You were his rock whenever he needed to be held down, and he was going to give you up because you couldn’t always see your worth, he was there to make it better and help you out along the way how you did him.

He let a deep chuckle slip past his reddened lips. Looking around he slipped inside of the bathroom, wrapping his arms around your waist as his eyes trailed up to your breast and your face that was staring back at him. The slight hint of the dampness there he pressed a soft kiss against your temple as he smiled at you humming.

“You are breathtakingly beautiful. If I didn’t think so, I would have never encouraged you to get that dress or to come with me today. I want you to be confident okay? You’re my girl, and I’m not going to let anyone hurt you.” He vowed kissing your left ear as he squeezed you close to him humming.

You were grateful for him, Yoongi had helped you calm down and take deep breaths. He grabbed at your hand making a joke about how you needed to get out before someone came in and caught you. He led you out of the bathroom and down the hallway going back into the restaurant you were both enjoying a date in sitting down with you across the table from him. A lot of people had been staring at you, and you didn’t think it was necessarily a good thing, but in Yoongi’s eyes it was different.

He had seen how those men looked at you, the first thing their eyes went to were your thighs, and then upwards. It infuriated him that you were being stared at like that, and he hated the looks that people gave him afterwards sizing him up and judging him. He bit on his bottom lip trying to keep his anger from spilling out but he would be glad to leave. Of course, you got some glares and looks from other women but he shrugged it off. He didn’t want them, he was never one to judge based on looks. You had been so shy around him and thinking that he wouldn’t fall for you that it drew him in more. He was in love with everything about you from the tiniest baby hair on the top of your head to your biggest toe on your foot. The thought alone made a goofy grin break out on his face as he tilted his head becoming a love-struck kid with a crush.

“What, Min Yoongi?” You asked with a nose wrinkle and a soft smile.

“Did you just call my full name?” He asked you softly, the tone he used made you straighten up as your face heated a few shades, stuttering over your words you tried to explain and Yoongi more than amused he sat back in his seat with that cocky ass smirk crossing his hands together in front of him.

“I. No. See what happened, I just. I wasn’t trying to mean nothing by it. It just sounded really good coming off my tongue.” You fidgeted trying to finish your food as you squirmed lightly in front of him, the dress tickling the middle of your thighs as you wriggled.

“Oh, is that so? Just like when you moan it then huh?” He asked causing you to almost choke on a piece of the fish you had, the smirk that was on his lips became wider as he tucked his lip between his teeth. He blew a kiss at you going back to his food the both of you eating in silence until you were both done.

Yoongi paid for the tab, he gripped at your hand pulling you out of the restaurant and waited for a cab as he held your hand, that is where it seemed to go downhill from there. People passing by gave you looks, and in your mind, everyone that was looking were judging you. Yoongi could tell you had self-doubt and he hated it so much. His anger started to slowly boil over, he could see it too. Some yes, they did judge you but the others, that looked at you with unspeakable thoughts of want. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up with how angry he was becoming. You were his, and you were never going to be anyone else’s because he wasn’t going to let you. Jerking you forward lightly, he pulled you into the cab holding onto you as he looked out of the window barking at the driver where to go. He knew he was acting out, but in the midst of all of this he was annoyed, upset and he wanted to shake sense into you. He was holding himself together, a poised expression covering his burning fire that was inside of him. When you got home he would make sure you knew it, he wouldn’t stop until you knew that you were beautiful, and loved. He was going to make sure you only remembered him and what he could do for you. His mind roamed with endless thoughts of what he could do to you, a tiny smirk ghosting on his lips as he got lost in his thoughts.

Arriving to your place, Yoongi paid for the fair, pulling you gently out of the cab he walked with you towards your apartment since he didn’t want to go back to the dorms today. Knowing the guys would be in, he wanted to make sure no one interrupted his plans with you. Yoongi grabbed at your keys unlocking your door, and you sat there wondering idly why he had been so distance, you knew he had to revolve around you and feeling guilty for not being able to hold yourself up you beat yourself up, escaping to your cruel thoughts that only harmed you and never helped you. Once you were inside, you took off your heels, and Yoongi took off his shoes as well and loosened his tie. You were about to walk past him but Yoongi gripped at your waist pushing you against the wall. His hand on your waist, he leaned close to you, slowly he inched, his breath cascading on your features and fanning your face as he continued to lean close. The world seemed to stop around you two, his eyes fluttered close slowly and his lips met yours causing your own eyes to shut. His lips pressed against yours with want and need. Each searing kiss left you breathless and clinging onto him to get more. His hands moved to trap your body against his. Yoongi could feel something spark inside of him, holding you close like this, feeling your hands come up his broad chest to tangle into his soft black locks. It was driving him on edge. He let his hands go down farther slowly, flicking across your bottom lip for entrance and when you gave it to him he slowly let his tongue enter into your mouth, his tongue roaming your mouth, over the insides of your jaw and the roof of your mouth. His tongue took the time to roam over your tongue and teeth, the kiss becoming sloppy somewhat but neither of you cared. Yoongi sucked on your tongue, pulling the wet muscle into his mouth before he would pull back with a pop smiling down at you. He pulled back to pick you up bridal style knowing that you didn’t like it because you felt you were too heavy for him, when he was stronger than you gave him credit for. You wanted to tell him not to, but when he was in this mode you knew better than to go against his word. Yoongi placed you on your king-sized bed, turning on the light to shine in the darkened room, he walked towards you, helping you sit up so that he could slowly take your dress off as his lips met against yours again in a slow dance. You reached up, trying to find the light switch so that you could turn the light off. Yoongi noticing this stopped your hand and pulled back from you causing you to give a puzzled look.

“But we always do it with the lights off..” You said softly feeling unsure in yourself.

“Not today, I want to see you baby.” Yoongi stated reaching his hand down to comb through your wild locks, with his anger died out he just wanted to treat you like a queen and make you focus on only him.

“I don’t know Yoongi-“ You stated even more nervous and he shushed you humming.

“Either you will, or we won’t have sex at all until you’re ready.” Yoongi stood his ground giving you an ultimatum looking in your eyes. He waited you out staring at you letting you decide what you wanted to do. After some time, you sighed, nodding your head as you gave in.

“Okay..  We can try it.” You said softly. You knew you had so much to lose, in your mind anyways. What if he didn’t like what he saw? What if it repulsed him so much that he stopped? Yoongi didn’t leave you alone with your thoughts too much, he helped you stripped down slowly until you were laying on your back in nothing under him. He gave a soft smile, stepping back he stripped for you as well, creating a puddle of clothes on the floor he crawled on the bed spreading your legs wide. He started at the crook of your neck and going downwards he pressed multiple kisses and hickeys onto your body, marking you as his. Your skin throbbed at the places you were bitten at or sucked on, and he made sure that with every hickey he made you whimper in pleasure. His mouth descended to paint your breast with his love bites and he kissed over your stomach, moving your hands that tried to hide your stretch marks. Yoongi licked over your stretch marks kissing them and letting his fingers brush against him as he nuzzled your stomach trying to be cute. It caused you to laugh and cringe, his whole face lit up seeing you smile even if it cost him his manly imagine. He spread your legs wide, his tongue circling around your heat. He pressed soft kisses against your soaking wet pussy. He let his tongue flick out against your clit, wrapping his lips around it soon after he gave you a few harsh sucks letting his tongue flick up and down around the wet pert bud. His nose inhaled your essence causing his mouth to water more as he focused on getting you off.

He moved to shove his tongue inside of your heat as well, curving it and instantly finding your spot because it had been mapped out in his head. His fingers came up to thrust in and out of you while others brushed against your wet clit, he was stretching you out and getting you ready for him. The sounds of you crying out in pleasure and clutching the sheets above your head for him, made his blood rush south and he was becoming needier for you by the second. His tongue changed paces from quick to slow, building you up and tearing you down until you were a begging mess under you. He pulled back rubbing your clit with two fingers.

“Tell me you’re beautiful.” He stated and you looked at him like he had just offended you, he smirked lazily slowing his fingers down before plunging two inside of you working you up.

“I. Can’t do that.” You struggled to get out between your moans. Yoongi let his fingers scissor you at a relentless pace before he pulled them out and tapped your clit, bringing you down from your high only to plunge his fingers back inside of you.

“Can’t or won’t?” He asked you as he repeated the same thing. You wanted to challenge him and see how long he would keep this up. First the lights now this? You shook your head thinking that if you could angle your hips you would make yourself cum. But Yoongi was smart giving you shallow thrusts and missing your spot completely teasing you and leaving you hanging at the same time.

“OKAY YOONGI! I’m beautiful!” You whined softly not liking the teasing game that he was playing with you.

“Good girl.” You cooed out removing his fingers from your heat. He sucked on his fingers as he moved to get between your legs aligning himself with your entrance. He kissed your lips slowly leaning over you as he sunk into your heat causing a moan to slip from both of your hips.

He held his hips steady letting you adjust to him, and once he felt you had, he started to slowly thrust in and out of you, letting you relish in the feeling of him stretching you. He was thick, and you loved it so much to feel it inside of you. Your hands moved down to grab at his hips and pull him closer, your eyes locking for a time as you took a deep breath. Yoongi leaned down to pepper your face in kisses gently chuckling at how needy you were being. He gripped at your hands with his gently moving them up above your head so that he could pick up the pace starting to slowly slam in and out of you. Your wet pussy wrapped around his walls, the juices sliding down from your slick folds onto his balls and the sheets under you. He shuddered enjoying the pleasure, hips meeting and rocking against one another. Your mind was going blank with just thoughts of him, his name rolling off your tongue as he fucked you slowly against the mattress. His speed picked up, drawing out with you looking so needy under him. He started to slam harshly into you causing the bed to shake as your hips met and touched one another. The sounds of your sex could be heard bouncing off the quiet wall, the room becoming hot as you grinded against each other on the sheets. Yoongi pressed his forehead against yours whispering a soft ‘I love you’ as he looked into your eyes. Freeing one of his hands he reached down to rub your clit in time with his thrusts helping to aid you.

“Yoongi- I’m going to cum.” You breathed out looking at him with water wetting your eyes from how good it felt.

“You know better.” He hissed in a deep voice leaning down to bite your bottom lip.

“Daddy can I please cum? Please daddy!” You begged as you felt your slick walls tightening around him, it wouldn’t be long and you knew it. Yoongi at first didn’t give in and listen to you, slamming his hips against yours pressing against your spot over and over again, but after seeing you convulse under him, he nodded his head burying his face in your neck. With the okay your eyes drifted shut as your hips snapped up to meet his pace, relishing in the feeling of him touching you and being inside of you, in no time you were cumming on his shaft spilling your essence out. Yoongi groaned biting on your soft flesh, giving you a few more pumps before he pulled out to stroke himself off letting it coat the lower part of your stomach. He hummed gently pausing above you to catch his breath.

Once he was calmed down he went to the bathroom to get a warm towel wiping you off with it. He made sure you were clean and put it into the dirty hamper moving to climb back on the bed and hold. Yoongi didn’t have to say much in the silence you knew that he loved you and he cared, so you stayed there in his arms letting him play in your hair until your eyelids were getting heavy and you were falling asleep.

  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
  • April: *comes back to work late at night twice to get Ron to the hospital cause he has a hernia*
  • April: *gets the guy she likes to tell her his dream Christmas present and gives it to him*
  • April: *becomes Ron's assistant and does exactly what he wants her to*
  • April: *helps Andy find an apartment within his means*
  • April: *sits Ann's house for her*
  • April: *helps Leslie hide the possum*
  • April: *clearly doesn't care about Andy's lack of money*
  • April: *gets $180 in tips and decides to give it all back because it wasn't earned honestly*
  • April: *hurts Andy's feelings and does everything she can to get him to be happy again*
  • April: *even asks Ann for help, and Mouse Rat*
  • April: *finds Andy a new job when he feels like his life isn't progressing*
  • April: *finds Andy's bucket list and helps him achieve every item they can possibly do, even go to the Grand Canyon*
  • April: *comforts Leslie after she fought with Ben and ruined model UN*
  • April: *helps Ann organize Leslie's City Council campaign*
  • April: *adopts an adult disabled dog*
  • April: *offers to take Chris to the movies with her and Andy when he's depressed*
  • April: *observes Ann all night and sets her up with a guy who she seemed to actually enjoy being around*
  • April: *helps Ron hide his identity as Duke Silver, which she never told anyone about in the first place despite knowing about it from the beginning*
  • April: *tries to hook up Chris and Andy's teacher, and when Ron hooks up with her instead, gets him to tell Chris about it*
  • April: *sets up a pet adoption for all the pets of the shelters in Pawnee*
  • April: *reaches out to Chris when she notices he's depressed and reminds him he has friends and support*
  • April: *gets so nervous when she deletes Parks & Rec files by mistake that she has a breakdown and hides under the table and considers leaving the country*
  • April: *offers Ben a road trip to surprise Leslie with a visit when they're far away in Washington*
  • April: *gets Champion to cheer up Chris when he's feeling happy-sad during Ben and Leslie's engagement party*
  • April: *helps a little kid find his way back to his mommy when he's lost in City Hall*
  • April: *makes Andy understand that he's better at being a cop than his made-up persona*
  • April: *enthusiastically helps Leslie to collect garbage*
  • April: *gives Andy a creepy lucky charm to wish him luck*
  • April: *does her very best to cheer him up and support him unconditionally when he's failed the police exam*
  • April: *sings with Ann to take her mind off her anxiety about Chris not giving her a clear answer about donating his sperm*
  • April: *gives her a baby naming book and say she hopes it works out, with Chris or someone else*
  • April: *gets Burly to accept Andy back into the band because she doesn't want Andy to be sad, even though she doesn't really like Mouse Rat*
  • April: *constantly sends out applications for awards and prizes for everyone around her*
  • April: *notices Leslie is feeling really down about her lack of recognition and reads her a personalized emotional letter to lift her up*
  • April: *sets up Tom and Nadia because she wants him to be happy*
  • April: *comforts and supports Andy when he's feeling down about his job in London*
  • April: *spends a whole day trying to figure out Donna's spirit dog because she knows she hurts her feelings and she wants to make it up*
  • April: *helps Ron sell his cabin in the woods, and when that doesn't work, buys it from him and promises to take good care of it*
  • April: *spends all day helping Tom find a new business idea*
  • April: *gets Andy a new career as a kids performer*
  • April: *tells Ann she loves her, because though she's held a grudge for years, she does, and she wishes her everything good*
  • April: *supports and comforts Leslie when her idea to bring down the wall between Eagleton and Pawnee doesn't work, and helps the committee coming up with the Unity Concert idea*
  • April: *gives Leslie a teddy bear with a recording of Ann's voice because she knows Leslie has been missing her*
  • April: *votes for Andy a thousand times so he becomes Prom King*
  • April: *immediately offers to babysit for Leslie's kids as soon as she learns they're having babies*
  • April: *helps a Parks & Rec intern get out of the Department because she senses Jen has no passion for it and she doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did*
  • April: *comes up with an idea to save JJ's and get the National Park Leslie wanted*
  • April: *arranges everything for Donna's wedding*
  • April: *is so anxious about hurting Leslie's feelings when she tells her that she quits her job that she puts it off, and then when she does open up for real, thanks her for everything she's done for her ever since they started working together*
  • April: *insists that Ben becomes mayor of Pawnee because she wants him to accept his past and get over it*
  • April: *helps Donna set up Teach Yo Self*
  • April: *is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too perfect for this world, too pure*
  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean

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What are your headcanons for Zen with an MC who doesn't fall for him within the first 11 days but like 2 months instead? Like she supports him the same and thinks he's handsome but it takes her longer to fall for him while he's sitting there pining for her?

AHHH it’s good to be back with a mini-fic! I’m sorry for being gone for so long, just two more months and my schedule will finally OPEN UP and I can focus on this blog. Anyway, this is just a little thing I came up with. This ask has been in my ask box for MONTHS and I’ve always wanted to write it.

I’m telling y'all now that this is pretty inconclusive, so if you want a Part 2, LIKE, REBLOG, AND/OR REPLY TO THIS and I’ll have it up as fast as I can. I really enjoyed writing this, I hope you guys like it!

YOU FELL FIRST (ZEN X MC) - PART 1 (possibly?)

Zen was confused, and for multiple reasons. He couldn’t understand how he could fall for someone so quickly. Five days was all it took. Maybe it was the genuine kindness that seemed to just radiate off of you, or maybe it was because for the first time in his life, the girl he liked didn’t like him back the same way. Was it just the thrill of the chase? Did he just feel challenged to pursue you more because you were hard to get? He didn’t know.

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Unappreciated platonic relationships from Yuri on Ice:
  • Hiroko and Viktor: imagine Hiroko immediately accepting Viktor as her son, showing him Yuuri's baby pictures, and constantly asking about when she's going to get grandbabies
  • Phichit and Yuuri: best friends who are supportive and highkey protective over each other, they also have a wild college past that Yuuri mostly doesn't remember due to being incredibly drunk those nights they went out to party
  • Yuuri and Yurio: Yurio slowly opening up to Yuuri, realizing that he can always count on Yuuri to be discreet if he ever has something he wants to talk about
  • Yuuko and Yurio: Yuuko being the ultimate mom as she is, and Yurio having a strained relationship with his own mom, Yuuko basically treats Yurio like her own son, to the point where the triplets start calling Yurio "Yuri-niisan"
  • Mila and Yurio: Mila making it her life's work to play the role of Yurio's obnxious older sister, constantly fussing over him and always ready to throw down if Yurio ends up picking a fight with someone a lot stronger than he is (which tends to happen a lot)
  • Yuuri and Yuuko: Yuuko being Yuuri's first crush, but also his first friend, and they spent countless hours fawning over Viktor together as kids, to the point where Yuuko and Takeshi were genuinely surprised when they found out that Yuuri was attracted to girls, too
  • Mari and Yuuri: Mari being a distantly supportive older sister who knew to give Yuuri his space and let him figure things out on his own, but was always there to comfort him whenever he wanted her to

Okay, let me break it down for everyone right now.

1) Lance thinks he’s just a placeholder for a better Paladin.

2) Allura comes in, and is able to fly and unlock all of Blue’s powers in one episode. (Which, all the power to ya, girl. But, then again, it’s kinda OP? Idk, whatever writers)

3) Conclusion: Lance thinks Blue was just waiting for Allura, not him.

4) Blue is Lance’s only connection to earth, besides memories.

5) Lance is piloting Red, which means he’s back in Keith’s shadow.

6) Lance still has problems, even when he spoke to Keith.

7) Keith is not good with words (hence why Lance still had doubts about himself

8) “Leave the math to Pidge.” Keith, buddy I love you, but it just made Lance upset. Because he’s trying, and it’s seems like your calling him dumb.

9) *Crying*

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Hi Aunt Scripty! So, I have a character who acts as a vigilante/superhero of sorts. She does have some superpowers but she doesn't have any kind of advanced healing factor or anything. She obviously doesn't want to raise suspicion by going to the hospital or doctor everytime a badguy hurts her so she does her best to patch up any injuries herself. What kind things could she use at home to treat open (sometimes deep) wounds and other than infections what sort of complications could occur? Thanks!

Your character would want to have the following on hand: 

  • Iodine/povidone solution (medslang: Betadine) 
  • Bandages of all shapes, sizes 
  • Suture kit (curved needle and fishing line if she can’t get the real stuff) 
  • More bandages and dressings 
  • Knuckle bandages 
  • Acetaminophen (Tylenol)

Complications are really mostly infections if we’re talking cuts and scrapes type stuff. Really deep stuff she’ll need to get actually sewn up by someone who knows what they’re doing. 

As for other things…? Stiffness, soreness, bruises, pain, you know all that already. Maybe tightness if she stitches something badly. And her self-stitches are more likely to scar.  As long as she knows when she needs an actual doctor, she should be pretty okay. 

Hope this helped! 

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


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I have a character that has a pretty long backstory. She doesn't open up very much so her explaining how she got the way she is is a big moment for her. She doesn't reveal a whole lot about herself until this point so I don't want it to be overwhelming. How do I have her explain her back story to two characters without it seeming like a info dump?

Very good question, I’ve had this problem (am currently having this problem?) myself. 

First, info dumps need only be furiously avoided in the beginning chapter(s). Readers need to care about your character before they can care about her back story. Sometimes you can only care about a character after hearing their back story, but not in the first few chapters.  

Info dumps can be acceptable once everything else has been established. I’ve read plenty of published, beloved books where one character has a page or two-page long explanation of something with very few breaks. That can be tedious, but depending on how invested I am in the character/book I usually don’t mind it. However, it’s still generally a good idea to trim down that “dump” to only the information pertinent to understanding the rest of the story. Not every interesting detail or isolated event needs to be included in your character’s retelling of her life- even if that’s the way a normal person would talk. Whatever she says to the other two characters, it needs to either explain something the reader has been wondering about or prepare them for something that is going to happen. 

Second, give your other two characters a bit of involvement in this retelling. They may sit quietly and listen or they may ask questions throughout (depending on their personalities), but when you’re writing her speech make sure neither you nor your character forgets who she’s talking to. Plus, if one character asks a relevant question now and then (i.e. relevant to the readers), it will remind your character of things she might have left out.

Don’t be afraid to leave some information out so that later on another character might turn to her and go “Why didn’t you tell us this?” If your character is reticent, she might not want to tell everything even at this point in the story.

Since it is a big moment, be careful of trimming her story down too much or of writing her as too withholding and hesitant. How you want to structure her speech is up to you, whether she starts it with a bang, waits until the middle to tell a major secret, or ends it with an experience that leaves her listeners stunned. Her retelling is a miniature story inside a bigger story, and if you treat it that way it will be more impactful.

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what's a supercorp fanfic concept that's never been done that you'd like to see written?

Well, this is pretty specific, but…

A half funny half angsty slowburn fic with Lena as a villain (alter ego and all) and Supergirl as her arch nemesis. She then meets Kara Danvers during an interview for Catco, and they become instant… “friends”. 

Slowly, begrudgingly, Lena finds her heart softening because of Kara.

Meanwhile, Kara begins to suspect that her new friend is hiding something terrible from her. And yet, still, she finds herself opening up to her.

Fighting their feelings by day, fighting each other by night.

You’ve seen friends to lovers, enemies to friends to lovers, and even frenemies to lovers. Now try… simultaneous friends and enemies to lovers?

Just Friends?

Warnings: Nothing really 

Word Count: 1400+

Pairing: Fred x Weasley 

Summary: Y/n like Fred, but Fred doesn't realize he likes her until he see’s her with a guy

Requested: YUUUP

Originally posted by fanasticlypotter

You liked Fred. However, Fred didn’t like you. You thought that nobody knew, like any crush, you kept it to yourself. But everyone did. Instead of making it known, they hid it from you. Fred knew. It made your stomach churn just thinking about it.  After you found out they knew embarrassment hit.    

Blushing would have been no problem, but what you did was go as red as a beetroot. As soon as you heard Katie Bell talking about how you liked Fred too… well, Fred. You wanted the earth to open up and swallow you whole. You had wanted to kill Katie and then yourself. But there was no rescue from this embarrassment. It was absolute Torture. Utter humiliation. The memory would be seared into my brain forever, ready to pop up and torment you again whenever you’re in a quiet moment. You pretended you heard nothing, you sat at the Gryffindor table and ate your food quietly. But even if they tried to hide it from you—you could hear very well.

“Do you like her back?” Katie asked smiling, she twirled the pasta with her fork and looked back up at him.

“I don’t think I do—I don’t know what my feelings are.” You wanted to cry, not because he didn’t like you, but because of the embarrassment. You set down your fork and huffed.

Fred turned to you and smiled happily. The worst thing was that he kept it from you.

“Do you want to go to my room, I wanted to show you what I got at Honeydukes!” He chirped friendly. You turned to him and tried to look happy. It was a horrible attempt at trying to make your sadness unknown. It didn’t matter anyway, Fred never noticed your expressions. He was bad at sensing that.

“No Fred, that’s quite alright, I’m tired. I should go to sleep.” You got up and sauntered off towards the doors exiting the great hall. You sighed sadly. Why can’t I ever get the guy? You thought sadly. Even being a Gryffindor you could never calm your nerves, especially when you found out your friends just told your crush you liked him. It was not your ideal day.

You wanted to get to your room as quickly as possible. You sprinted up the stairs and even from a couple feet away, you shouted your house password. The picture frame swung open and you leaped into the common room clambering up the stair to get to your bed.

You looked into your mirror and huffed out in anger. What were you cheekbones? You wondered. You wished they were higher. You sucked in my stomach, you wished it were flatter. You knew that never mattered to someone like Fred, but what could you do. He clearly didn’t think you’re worthy enough to be his girlfriend.


After a while, you decided to avoid Fred. He had caused you so much stress and in the end, he didn’t like you back.

That day in charms class he tried everything to make you laugh, but to no prevail, you were silent. He flushed a shade of red, you always laughed at his jokes. And when you didn’t he couldn’t help but think he wasn’t funny enough anymore. However, you continued to do your classwork even though you could hear Fred whispering jokes down you back. It continued well into the fourth period and into fifth, but you kept a straight face. And when you would laugh, you would promptly turn around and ask the teacher a question so he wouldn’t see. He would not stop pestering you.

Once you had time to go to the great hall he followed you there with the same “Talk to me Y/N.”

“I’m talking,” You hummed in anticipation, sitting down next George. He sat on the other side of George and sighed defeatedly. “I’m just tired, that’s all.” You said

“Do you think I believe that! I’m not dumb,” Fried cried. George looked at his friend across the table and smiled.

“If you’re going to fight, do it somewhere else,” George smirked. You scoffed at George.

“I’m not fighting Fred!” You told him, picking an apple from the bowl.

“I don’t believe that!” Fred said angrily. “You’ve been ignoring me!” You sighed rather loudly and turned to everyone.

“I’m sorry Fred, I just like this guy and I’m nervous to ask him out.” It was a terrible lie, but everyone seemed to believe it. Everyone turned to you and stared you down.

“In Gryffindor?” George asked, looking around at his friends.

“No, Hufflepuff.” Now you had to find a guy that would date you in Hufflepuff… Great. Fred was happy for you, and it just made it hurt more.

“That’s amazing Y/N!” You looked at all of them happily and walked off, now trying to find a boyfriend to hide the lie you created.

Days later you found yourself dating a Hufflepuff. It wasn’t much, you weren’t serious, but you liked how kind he was. You were sitting in the Gryffindor common studying with him. Seeing a Hufflepuff in a Gryffindor common room was no big deal. Especially since they were the kinder ones of the four houses. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder and kissed your cheek lovingly.

Fred walked in with George and looked at both of you. Against the Hufflepuff’s ivory skin and his brown hair that was ruffled from your slender fingers. Fred felt a new feeling burn inside him. On the Hufflepuff boy’s feet, were shiny black shoes that Freddy couldn’t imagine the guy polishing himself.  On his side was you, Y/N. The boy’s smile made you smile and as far as anyone could tell, Fred hated him already. He pulled you closer to him and swung your feet over his lap. George smiled at you both and muttered something before walking up the stairs to the dorms.

That’s when Fred realized he liked you. He sauntered over to you both, grabbing your wrist and telling your friend that he needed to talk to you about a school project. He pulled you away from him and up the stairs.

“What the hell!” He whispered harshly. You looked at him confused and grabbed his arm in an attempt to calm him down.

“I don’t understand, what are you mad about?” You had a sneaking suspicion you knew that he didn’t like seeing you with the new guy.

“You know exactly what! Mr. Hufflepuff guy.”

“You said you were happy for me!” You countered, keeping your voice to a minimum.

“Well I’m not!” he proclaimed madly. He grabbed your waist with one hand and looked you in the eyes. “Do you want to know why?” He inquired. You felt butterflies fly in your stomach.

“Yes,” you whispered.

Suddenly you were aware of how his body pressed against your own, the burn of his hand on the small of your back made you melt.

Your gazes met, heat traveled up both of your bloodstreams, as if being united in one body. You saw the vulnerability in those wide brown eyes. He breathed heavily through his parted lips. In a careful and painfully slow motion, his hand cupped the back of your neck and his gazed your mouth. He feathered your lips with the pad of his thumb. “Then I’ll show you,” he whispered.

His eyelids weighed shut by the intense air that seemed to thicken around you. Upon touch, your shallow breathing stopped and was enveloped with his lips. He clutched your body to him, deepening the kiss that just cost him a promise he’d made.

His insistent mouth parted with your lips. And then, you feel his lips against your shoulder, soft and gentle. Scorching with passion. It never occurred to you it was a boy kissing you, it felt like a breeze sending wild tremors along your nerves.  And along ling Fred was in your best interest, because he invoked something in you—you never felt before. Your lips fitted together with utter perfection as if you were made for each other.

This time he pulled away for good. He wanted you as much as you wanted him.

“I’ll give you time to sort your priorities out. When you’re finished, you’ll know where to find me.” With that being said, he disappeared behind the stairs leaving you in utter and complete stimulation.

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happy to hear that you had a good time at your concert! if you don't mind, i came up with a request v///v i think it's a little angsty ?? sometimes i get worried for josh since he's a professional drummer, he'll wear himself out and pass out during a show. can you write something where josh practices nonstop and its painfully obvious that he's tired but ignores everyone's rants? during the show, he just drops to the ground unconscious. you & tyler are worried sick when he doesn't breathe well!

thank u so much! i had tons of fun at my concert! sorry this took so long, i didnt like my first draft so i did a lot of revising and editing, but now it’s where i want it to be!! enjoy xx. 


“Jesus Josh,” Jenna says, as you and her walk across the stage, “I got tired just watching you drum.”

She pats him on the back as she goes by, subtly wiping the sweat off on her jeans when he’s not looking, before walking into Tyler’s open arms.  

They all collectively laugh as you walk gingerly up to Josh with a bottle of water.  He smiles gratefully at you, accepting the water and immediately chugging it.  You hear the plastic crinkle as he squeezes the bottle in an attempt to drink it faster.  You’re surprised at how sweaty he is during just soundcheck.  His tank top is soaked through the back and you could see beads running down his temple.

“Thanks baby,” he says with a gasp after finishing the whole 13 ounce bottle in one gulp.  

You make sure to smile and tell him how good he sounded before expressing your concern.  

“Hey, are you feeling okay?”

He immediately nods.  “Yeah, I’m great, why?”

You watch as he continues to breathe heavily, like he just can’t seem to catch his breath.  

“You’ve been hittin’ it pretty hard these last few days, I just get worried—“

“Is that a drumming pun?” he asks, “ ‘hittin’ it pretty hard’?”  

You scowl at him, annoyed that he was trying to divert the attention away from himself, “Josh, I’m serious, you’ve been practicing like… nonstop lately.  I don’t want you to hurt yourself.”

“I’m fine baby,” he says, smiling at you, “but it’s cute that you’re all worried.”

You didn’t think it was very “cute”.  Especially once you notice how shaky Josh’s legs are as he stands up.  He wobbles a little at first, and even has to grab onto the edge of his drums for balance.  You watch warily, and open your mouth to make a comment before you’re interrupted by Michael coming on stage, telling the boys they have a radio interview to do.  

Josh kisses you quickly on the lips.  

“I’m fine, please don’t worry,” he says.

You nod hesitantly, “Just make sure you get something to eat before the show, okay?”

He winks at you and nods, walking towards Michael, with Tyler trailing behind.  

“Is he okay?” Jenna asks, joining you as you make your way off the stage.  

“I think so,” you sigh, “just exhausted.  He’s been practicing constantly lately.  He skipped breakfast this morning to come play.  It’s just odd…” you let your voice trail off.  “I noticed he was a little shaky, just now.  It freaked me out a bit.”

Jenna runs her hands through her hair, before reassuring you, “I’m sure he’s fine.  I’ll have Ty make sure he eats before they head out tonight.”

You nod gratefully at Jenna, feeling stupid for being so concerned.  But something about the way he’d been acting lately was off, and you could tell.  You tried to ignore it, you weren’t Josh’s mother, you weren’t in any place to tell him what to do.  On the other hand, you weren’t sure what you’d do if anything ever happened to him.  

The worst part of being on tour is all the waiting around.  Normally, Jenna and you would wander around the venue, checking things out and chatting with the crew.  But today you were both too anxious for Tyler and Josh to be done with their interview, so you find some folding chairs to sit in and just wait.  

About forty minutes later, they find you both.  

“Productive day I see,” Tyler teases as he bends over Jenna and kisses the top of her hair.  She puts her phone away and smiles up at him.

“Hey baby,” Josh coos, doing the same to you.  You close your eyes briefly and grin smugly at his soft face.

“How’d the interview go?” you ask as he pulls another folding chair up beside you.  

“It was fine, same ole’ stuff.”

“Same ole’ stuff?” Tyler says in disbelief at Josh.  “Were we in the same interview?”

Josh chuckles.

“That guy was a nut job! I wish you guys could’ve heard some of the questions he was asking us—“

Tyler goes on to joke about the interview for the next few minutes, until it’s time for them to get all dressed up and ready for the show.  You’re laughing so hard at Tyler’s commentary that you completely forget to ask Josh if he’d eaten anything yet…

You and Jenna watch the show from side stage tonight, the best spot in your opinion.  

You swear the crowd gets louder and louder each night.  Or maybe your ears just get more sensitive.  Either way, as soon as the boys step on stage, Jenna’s story about some elbow pads she bought Tyler, is drowned out by screams.  

After the first song, you notice Josh already grabbing his sweat towel, however it’s not the moisture on his skin that begins to worry you, it’s the way he’s squeezing his eyes open and shut repeatedly, almost like he’s having a hard time concentrating.  

You watch him carefully for a moment.  But the show continues and you try to ease up a bit.  

But there’s something wrong.  Josh’s beat is slightly off during a song.  You watch as Tyler throws you a glance, but they both continue.

“Did you hear that?” you ask Jenna, immediately paranoid.

“What?” she yells so you can hear.

You pierce your lips but decide it’s not worth explaining over the noise.  

At the end of the song, you notice Tyler walking over to Josh.  You watch carefully, trying to read his lips, but it’s impossible once the lights go dark.  He pats him on the back and they chat for a second, before Tyler throws you another quick look.  You try to make eye contact, so that he knows you’re paying attention.  But instead, he just goes back to center stage and continues the show.  

The knot in your stomach only grows bigger when the platform comes out for Josh’s drums.  You bite your lip as you watch Josh drag himself off stage and near the barricade.  You peak your head around the curtain, so that you can watch.  

You practically hold your breath as he balances himself, the crowd holding his hand until he’s able to sit comfortably on his seat and play on top of them.  His back flexes, the muscles tensing and relaxing in various spots as he pounds on his drum.  The crowd is going nuts, grabbing at his ankles and screaming for him.  

You feel infinitely better once his feet are on the solid ground.  

“Your boy did good,” Jenna smiles at you.  You finally peel your eyes off from Josh to respond to her, causing you to miss the way he’s blinking awkwardly again as he walks unsteadily back on stage.  

What you don’t miss is the collective, simultaneous gasp that echoes throughout the arena.  One that makes your head whip around lethally, eyes searching desperately.  You see Tyler shedding the bass from around his neck, and you’re horrified to see that Josh isn’t perched on his stool, where he’s supposed to be.

You don’t hesitate to sprint on stage, even though crowds and attention scares you.  

“Josh!” you cry out, and it’s weird because you can hear yourself shouting his name, and you can hear Jenna calling for help.  The room that was once filled with screams and music, is now hauntingly quiet.  

You gulp hard once you’re kneeling beside Josh.  He’s collapsed on the floor, just shy of his seat, laying face up, eyes closed.

You cup your hands around his head, the skin burning hot.  Tyler quickly unscrews a bottle of water and begins pouring it generously on Josh’s bare skin.  

“Ty, why isn’t he waking up—“ you ask, your voice shaky and scared.

“Jenna’s calling for help, he’s gonna be okay,” Tyler says.  

You feel so useless, just kneeling there, staring at his unconscious body… waiting…

You almost cry out in relief when you see his eyes flutter beneath you.

“Thank goodness,” you exhale sharply, grabbing his hand and pulling it towards your lips to kiss his knuckles.  

Josh looks up at you then Tyler, his face twisted in confusion.  

“What happened—“ he’s asking, just as Jenna’s running on stage followed by a group of crew members.  

“You passed out,” Tyler says, his voice wavering too.  

A couple of medics lean down next to Josh.  They start shining lights in his eyes and getting cool packs to place on his skin.  You can feel your hands trembling as you cling to his.  When you feel him give a reassuring squeeze, you look up to see him staring at you, his eyes filled with fear.  You squeeze back, stroking his skin with your thumb, as if to say ‘I’m not going anywhere’.

As it turns out, Josh’s pulse had gotten dangerously low.  After a few minutes, he had been able to walk shakily with the support of Michael and Tyler, but was further examined backstage.  You sat nearby, listening to everything the medics said.  

“Should he go to an ER?” Tyler asked, he too refused to leave Josh’s side.  

“I think it was just exhaustion,” the medic answers as he unwrap another cool pack.  “Gotta be careful, when you exercise like that, in this heat, that you eat and drink enough…”

You bite your lip, knowing damn well that Josh hadn’t eaten much of anything today.  But you don’t say anything out loud.  Not yet.  

Once everyone’s cleared out, and Josh is instructed to rest, and drink lots of fluids, you make your way back closer to him.

“You gotta be careful, man—“ Tyler says.  “That was seriously scary.”

Josh just nods as he stares down at the floor.  

You narrow your eyes at him, picking up on the fact that something was wrong.  

“Tyler,” you say under your breath, “can you give us a sec?”

Tyler gives Josh one more concerned look before nodding and walking away.

“Babe,” you whisper, gripping his shoulder as you walk up to him, “talk to me, what’s wrong?”

He just shakes his head, refusing to look up.  


“I can’t do it—“ he says, his voice sounding blubbery and full of agony.  

“Do what?” you ask softly.

“I’m not good enough—“ his shoulder slouch even more, his head hanging low.  You can hear the crack in his voice.

“Josh, what are you talking about?” you whisper.

“I was practicing so much because all I want is to be good enough… but I can’t even do that right—“ he chokes out and your heart breaks on impulse.  

You immediately start shaking your head, and turn so that you’re facing him.  

“Josh— no… no, no, no.  You’re good enough, you have to believe me.”

You lift his head up with your finger delicately, making him look at you.  His eyes are red-rimmed and glossy, with deep bags outlining them.  

“I don’t want to let Tyler down— or the fans.  Or you.  I want to be good enough-“ his voice cracks at the last word.  

“You’re so talented, Josh.  And you work so hard everyday— Why wouldn’t you think you’re good enough?”

He tilts his head back and starts wiping some of the tears that have fallen off from his face.  

“I don’t know… I’ve just been really struggling with that lately— always worried I’m gonna be awful.  I thought if I practiced hard enough, I would be okay.”

“Josh, that’s your anxiety talking, it’s not real.”

He nods slowly.

“You have to take care of yourself baby.  That was so scary tonight—“ it was your turn to start crying.  “I don’t know what I’d do if something happened to you, so that can’t happen, okay?”

You can hear the tears surfacing in your voice.  Josh must’ve heard it too, because he looks up empathetically at you and opens his arms.  

You straddle his lap awkwardly and wrap your arms around his neck in a giant hug.  You can still feel how shaky his hands are as they caress your back soothingly.  

“I’m sorry,” he whispers after you sniffle again into his shoulder.  “I’m sorry, I’m gonna do better.  I’ll make sure I take care of myself.”

“I just love you so much,” you whisper into his neck.

“I love you too,”  he says back, his hot breath hitting your skin.  

Just then, you’re interrupted by a strange, distant sound.  Like someone chanting.  It’s muffled and the words are unclear, but you pull back and give Josh a funny look.

“Guys,” Tyler calls from down the hall.  He pokes his head around the corner, “You gotta come hear this.”

You get up, helping Josh to his feet and follow Tyler down the hall.  He leads you closer and closer to the stage entrance, and you can hear the chanting becoming more clear.

We love Josh.  We love Josh.  We love Josh.

A portion of the crowd had stuck around, despite the abrupt ending, and had started this chant.  

You watch as Josh’s face perks into a small smile.

He pulls you closer into his side, and you wrap your arms around his middle listening as the chanting continued.

“I told you you were good enough,” you say.

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Amy, Wilford, this is important. Focus on the good things about the rest of you, not the bad things about Dark. As far as Bim knows right now, if Dark isn't his friend, he doesn't HAVE any friends.

Amy and Wilford both nod at you before Wilford reaches up and knocks on the door of Dark’s office. “Dark, we just want to talk to Trimmer. Please.”

There’s a pause before Dark opens the door, and Amy can see Bim over his shoulder, looking at them with worried curiosity. “Bim?” She tries to press past Dark, but he puts up an arm to stop her.

“Bim isn’t feeling well right now. I think it would be best if you left him alone now.” Dark grins down at Amy, and it takes everything in her not to reach up and strangle him.

She glances past Dark and smiles at Bim. “I’m Amy. I just wondered if we could chat for a bit. Maybe you could show me your garden? I wanted to ask you about your new show.”

Dark moves so that Amy can no longer see Bim. “I already told you…”

“Dark,” Bim says softly, a hand on the other man’s elbow. “I could just show her around a bit. Maybe,” he glances at Amy before whispering, “maybe she can help us with Mark.”

Amy stares determinedly at Dark with a sparkle of something daring in her eyes as he sneers back. “Fine, but don’t be too long.”

Chris & Eva- Ignorance

Clingy. Fake. Annoying. 

The words ran through her mind like wildfire. Normally, she would brush these words off as if they mean’t nothing to her. Although the thing was, what mouth the words fell out of. Christoffer’s mouth. Her heart hurt, remembering what he had said last Saturday. The lump in her throat only seemed to get bigger as she replayed the words in her head. 

It started off as a wonderful night, of course at some point during the party Eva and Chris’s mouth had connected, him having her pressed against the wall and her arms wrapped around his neck, bringing him impossibly closer. Making-out until the host of the party had told them to get a room- or something along the lines of that. Their hands not disconnecting as they made their way out to the street, calling a taxi to pick them up, both either to high, or too drunk to drive. The make-out session only continuing once they piled into the taxi, their hands both exploring each other. This was a constant routine for them. She didn't mind one bit.

It took Chris a second to process that the taxi had stopped because they had finally arrived at her house. Eva already missing the feeling of his warm hands on her. Chris fumbled to get his wallet out to pay for the ride. Both of them getting out. His hand snaked it way back on her hip as they made their way to her door, pulling her keys out, possibly dropping them, seeing as she was pretty drunk. 

“Your mom isn't home right?” He asked her, his breath fanning down the back of her neck, as she simply nodded, finally unlocking the door and pulling him inside.

The following morning wasn't too bad, although she was a bit surprised that he was still sleeping in her bed when she woke up. She slowly got out of the bed, her face having a radiant smile on it. Although Chris wasn't the relationship type, it sure did feel like they were in one.

His wake-up groan sparked her attention, his arms stretching up has he woke up, and his eyes shot open. 

“Agh shit..” He muttered frustratingly.

He got up, gathering his pants and boxers, slipping them on. As for Eva, she had a pair of shorts and a baggy shirt on. He seemed to be rushing, she didn’t think to much of it at the time. 

“Do you want any breakfast? I make a mean eggs beni-” Eva started as she turned around to face him before her sentence was cut off. 

“No. No. Don’t. Just because I accidentally spent the night here doesn't mean we are dating. You aren't my girlfriend Eva. You are way to clingy, annoying, and many many others things to be my girlfriend.  I don’t want someone who is considered fake at school. I don’t want you as a girlfriend Eva. Got it?” He huffed at Eva. 

Her gaze lowered to the floor. That hurt like a fucking bitch. Her insecurities now flooding her thoughts. His look shattered her, he looked at her as if she was a disgusting piece of trash he found on the floor. 

“Yeah.. I do.” Her voice trembled slightly. She couldn't look at the floor, because she knew that if she looked at him in the eyes, she would fall to the floor in sobs. His steps began as he left her room, and she prayed and prayed he would leave. 

She finally heard the front door close. He left without a sorry which made her stomach churn. The feeling to throw up urged before she sat on the edge of her bed, sobs wracking her body, and her hands holding her face. He had broke her. 

He hasn’t spoken to her since. That hurt too, it possibly hurt more then that morning. She was too lost in thought to engaged in the conversation Noora and Sana were having. He was crowding her thoughts, he crowded them for the rest of the day, he was eating her alive.

Part 2? Oooo?

anonymous asked:

The feels from this chapter! I liked how Amon talked with Kaneki about his first days as ghoul, I liked Kaneki playing the listener role. As for Touka,Ithink she sees Akira's position very similar to her at the bride. Back then Touka didn't accept Kaneki's change and expressed her feeling in a way she regret later, it seems like she doesn't want Akira to repeat that mistake. I really hope Kaneki sees the change and have more confidence in her through their conversation and open up more to her<3

I’ve been loving the last couple of chapters a ton. I’m the kind of guy who enjoys the action sequences in an rpg but is really playing for the conversations you unlock with your party members afterwards, so having all these old enemies finally talk it out is a real gift. It’s so satisfying to have Kaneki and Amon, both characters we love, confiding in each other instead of fighting at long last - the whole manga feels more optimistic for peace and understanding winning the day, though of course we still have a long way to go.

Where Touka and Akira are concerned, I’ve wanted those two to meet for ages. TG’s two major heroines, and they’ve never even seen each other until now! I think it’s likely that Amon will appear in their conversation given Touka’s earlier talk with him, but first they’ll need to talk out the issue of Akira’s father, the driving force that defined so much of her life. I don’t think Akira will so readily forgive Touka as Amon did, having never lived as a ghoul herself (though she’s shown signs of ghoul sympathy with Takizawa) and I’m pretty sure Hinami will be the one to ultimately resolve that issue. But maybe Touka will at least make her open up a little? She really does exude a sense of wisdom and reason nowadays, just like the manager before her. Or maybe the conversation will happen off screen and be alluded to in Akiramon convo. 2.0? Unfortunately I can’t really see how the Touken talk will happen next chapter like I predicted, so my guess would be that it will be the Akiramon talk that will be the parallel for the first series’ Bridge scene, especially since the parallels between Touken and Akiramon were already suggested in Chapter 117. Unless…the two talks will happen simultaneously? How awesome would that be? Tumblr would be on fire.

On the point of the Bridge, although Touka saw her behaviour then as a mistake, I always viewed it as necessary for snapping Kaneki out of the protective paternalism crap that he was pulling. It might actually be a good thing if Akira lost her temper with Amon. 

As for the question of Kaneki opening up to Touka, given the way they’ve both been acting in the last three chapters, my hopes are high. Touka got Amon of all people to open up to her through her newfound soothing aura, and Kaneki was pretty open with Amon when talking about his motivation. 

Hmm, I wonder anon, d’ya think Amon will be the one to make them finally talk?

Well, the foreshadowing’s there :P. Koutarou Amon, from Investigator to Ghoul to Matchmaker.

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Yeah, requests are open! Ok, can I get an All Might scenario (I'm the same anon from the other All Might request) where he and his Omega aren't really public with their relationship (because he doesn't want her to get hurt) but he ends up having to save her in the city and he can't restrain himself and the world finds out he has a mate? Also can you use the same parameters for the Omega that you used on the previous ask? Thanks!

Of course you can anon! I hope I could write this well enough, I really enjoyed writing this one! 

“Shit..” You cussed, the debris had trapped your foot in a heap of heavy rocks, feeling the weight slowly crushing your leg, wincing at the pain.

You looked around you, no other heroes in sight. You were on your way to provide support to All Might, your mate, before a nearby explosion caused you to be trapped in your current predicament. You thought taking a shortcut would be beneficial, yet here you were.

You couldn’t have All Might worrying about you though. You were a pro! You could handle yourself. Yeah, your quirk wasn’t suitable for offense, but you were more than capable to provide support for your Alpha.

But no one else knew about your current.. relations with the number 1 hero. Everyone assumed you had a husband from your bond mark, and that All Might wasn’t “that type of guy”, his bond mark was not visible in his muscle induced form. You had no reason to be open with your relationship, if anything it would just cause complications. Villains targeted All Might enough without targeting his beloved too. It just wasn’t going to happen, not until you retired anyway.

You would just have to wait until help arrives, if you struggle too much, you could worsen the injury and-

What the hell was that?

A silhouette in the distance, standing tall and thin, slowly walking towards you.

And then it picked up the pace when it saw you.

“Oh shit..” You muttered looking back at your pinned foot. You had to move.

A soft whimper of fear fell from your lips as you heard it’s laughter get louder and louder.

“What do we have here? A little hero trapped and all alone? All Might’s followers are nothing special, are they?”

Your eyes widened in panic, trying desperately to push this damn boulder of your foot! You had to at least try to run away!

That’s when the villains footsteps fell to a halt near your head.

“Oh.. Ohoho!” The man exclaimed, sniffing the air and crouching down to your face as you looked at your attacker.

“Well, it must be my lucky day.. I can smell you..” He whispered, long nails protruding out of scaly-green skin as they trailed across your jaw. Shit. Alpha.

“Get away from me.” You growl defensively, trying to pull yourself away, even with nowhere to go.

“Ha! This little Omega has spirit! How pathetic.” The villain grins, before grabbing your wrist tightly, tugging on it. 

“Let’s see what happens when we pull the cracker from both ends?”

Just then, a flash of yellow appears in front of you, a large hand slamming the man into a brick wall. He didn’t do his usual bellow of laughter, or grand entrance, no. Not when it came to you.

The force of All Might’s attack had sent the villian through the first building and slamming into the next, a giant hole revealing his path of flight.

“All-” You were cut off by his embrace, large arms surrounding your body, your entire being relaxing in his embrace, the feeling of your Alpha taking care of you.

He wasted no time scent marking you, rubbing himself all over where the younger Alpha had touched you.

“(Y/N)..” He looked up to see why you weren’t able to escape, shifting the boulder with one hand, the other holding you close. “I’ve got you now..”

While you were appreciative of the gesture, you couldn’t help but notice the helicopter flying right above you, a bright spotlight shining down on the two of you.

“I’ve got you, he said! How sweet, All Might, the number one hero, mated with another pro hero? What a turn of events!” An enthusiastic women yelled through a megaphone, two cameras capturing the scene from different angles.

All Might slowly pulled away from you, looking you in the eyes while you reflected the same reaction.


FE13 High School Student AU
  • Chrom: the student who wears ratty nike shirts with torn sleeves every day of the year no matter the weather and has an intense mob of girls pining over him because of his physical prowess
  • Lissa: the bubbly student with all the cute character erasers that never work, a glittery pencil case (and glitter gel pens), colorful notebooks for every subject and a bunch of little keychains on her backpack
  • Frederick: the one at the top of the student government. Gets straight a's, is extremely hard on himself but finds all of it to be rewarding. Enjoys being the hall monitor
  • Sully: the student that managed to become captain of the wrestling team by kicking tons of ass. Gets in fights often and is asked to leave class, but soon learns from her mistakes and keeps her boisterous nature on the mats. Is actually a very dedicated student
  • Stahl: the student that constantly checks the clock and asks how much longer until lunch. He thanks the lunch ladies every day and always orders the most. He also runs a side service where other students pay him to eat the food that ends up under their table as a sort of dare
  • Virion: the theater kid. He adores English class and aspires to be a famous broadway star. Dresses elegantly most each day and likes to think he can win over every teacher with his "devilish charms". Is extremely expressive in both voice and opinion and loves to participate in class if only to hear his own voice
  • Vaike: not the brightest out of each of the students, but is very likeable and isn't afraid to ask questions if it means he'll be able to chase after his dreams. Is very loud, friendly and hates working alone. The captain of the football team
  • Miriel: the gifted student with an amazing mind. Is incredibly reserved and doesn't mix well with her classmates but enjoys helping any of them out with problems they might have...if they give her a good enough reason. Is always in seventh heaven on lab days
  • Kellam: the quiet student. Is very attentive in class and is very smart, but is very easily distracted by falling pencils and the like. He lives for helping others and loves to check the lost and found to see if he might return something to someone
  • Sumia: is nothing if not eager. Is extremely gifted in certain areas and enjoys going to tutoring to better herself. Loves to answer questions even if they are incorrect
  • Lon'qu: is very distant. Has an astounding attention span and devotes himself to his favorite classes. Hardly ever participates, but makes very poignant and interesting observations to discussions when he feels led to add on. Secretly enjoys home ec class
  • Ricken: the suck-up student. Is the youngest in the class (at least until Nowi shows up) with an amazing desire to learn. Enjoys adding on to discussions with relevant but still random facts to make himself look smarter. Is that one kid that reminds the teacher of homework and is incredibly diligent. All of his teachers adore him
  • Maribelle: the opinionated student. Is very cunning and lives for being correct, but is a bit cold outside of the class. Is rigorous in her studies, respected by all her teachers and enjoys challenging assignments. Is also head of the debate team
  • Panne: Captain of the gardening club. Is very reserved but also kind. Is discriminated against for being a vegan, but stands up for what she believes in and turns into a whole other person when asked to speak at pep rallies and the like. Is one of few people that gets along with Miriel
  • Tharja: the "rebel". Almost never attends class and consistently violates almost every code in the book, though she does have compelling reasons for doing so and as such, has amassed a bit of a following. She always seems to make it out of major trouble by the skin of her teeth. Secretly smokes during free period
  • Gaius: the trickster student. The one kid that stalls time by asking the teacher unrelated questions. Has a compelling voice and a silver tongue, so his plans go in his favor. Is the head when it comes to plans like egging the principal's car and the like. Knows how to hack into the grading system, but you have to pay him to do it...with candy. His homework tends to smell like it as well
  • Nowi: the kid genius that skipped several grades. A very perky student, she acts dumber than she actually is. Cheerfully participates in everything and makes students like Miriel see red. Is incredibly athletic. Once wrestled Vaike in gym class and won! (they make it a ritual to high-five in the hall every morning)
  • Cordelia: the class president. The shy, reserved student that is amazing at practically everything, but hardly utters a word. Comes out of her shell in theater, where she speaks with a passion that most envy.(Virion loves it.) Finishes her schoolwork at blazing speeds, and mostly just stares out the window during class. Has a tendency to write poems instead of doodling on her work
  • Gregor: the amazingly funny foreigner. Loves the class environment, but doesn't want to open his mouth out of fear of messing up. Nonetheless, his teachers love his amiable nature and willingness to try. Always shows up late
  • Libra: the surprising student. Normally keeps to himself, but if a topic he is interested in comes up, you'd better watch out. Is acquainted with religious studies to the point where students like Cordelia and Nowi just let him have his say while the teachers groan. Secretly follows Tharja like a lovesick puppy
  • Olivia: the bookworm. Quiet and sweet, she is never without one. She's also very smart, but loathes being the center of attention. In things like projects she often gives the best ideas and is revered in choir. The most creative when it comes to memorization
  • Cherche: the intimidating student. Though friendly and rather amiable in reality, no one save Henry and Lon'qu really approach her due to a rumor of her taming a dragon. Studious and simple, she tends to only do what she must despite her intelligence. Is next-door neighbors with Lon'qu
  • Henry: the class clown. Takes every opportunity to crack any kind of joke, though they never make anyone smile due to most of them being disturbing. An earnest student when he feels lead to be and a sweet man at heart, though that doesn't stop the faculty from keeping an eye on him. The one most likely to stick the ends of a utensil up his nose to make a girl laugh (proabably Tharja)

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Okay but Harry couldn't handle licking into Y/N to swallow his cum. He couldn't handle her walls still pulsating, just the bare thought of having pulled out way to soon because she's so warm and so tight kills him, when he pushes his tongue further. And she really is... tight and warm and oh so sweet, and honestly he doesn't care about his cum anymore, just wants to feel her again,... and then he'd probably be hard again lmao

YOU COME..,.,..INTO MY H. O. M. E…,.,.,


He’d be sitting there, licking what’s left over from his chin and from when he wiped it across his hand, eyes swelling with desire all over again.

And then he’s on top of her, sliding one hand under the back of her knee and pushing it upwards until it’s level with her navel, opening her up nice and wide for him. He groans all stuttery and weak when she clenches her stomach, watching a new, small stream of excitement flow out of her. He kisses underneath her sweaty jaw, panting with lust and gritting his teeth to try and keep his bearings. “Fuck, princess, so good. D'ya think…think y'can gimme another? Know you can come f'me one more time, yeah?”

Y/N whimpers in sensitivity but nods nonetheless, feeling empty without him inside her.

Harry tucks himself back in slowly, a long grunt toppling from his tongue as he pushes against her warm tightness, feeling her walls throbbing against him as he sinks to the hilt. He lets out a bated breath, sighing through his nose as their foreheads knock, nibbling at her lower lip and whimpering into her hot mouth. “Atta girl, love. Nice and snug. Know y'can squeeze out one more fo’ me. Jus’ one more, for Daddy.”

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I just need someone's opinion on this, so I'm sorry if you don't want things like this; my girlfriend and I have been together for about a year but she usually takes control and makes a decision that I don't like and we recently had a fight where I told her I'd rather have her happy and leave me to be upset then have her want to leave me for her other girlfriend and I said that even having her in my life would keep me happy as is; is there something I'd have to do because I'm on autopilot now

you shouldn’t have to fight for someone’s affection

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Imagine Allura in a coat and she can see Keith is shivering but in classic Keith style he denies it when she asks if he's cold, and he tells her he doesn't want her to take off her jacket for him so instead she just opens her jacket and wraps them both up in it and she's in heels so they're at the perfect height for her to rest her chin on the top of his head and he wants to be sullen about it but she's warm and smells nice and he just buries his head in her neck and yeah

this is so beautiful I want to cry O M G BLESS YOU ANON … especially the thought of allura putting her chin on his head like that really was the last nail in my coffin I have ascended