that doesn't want to be her friend


I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

Things to Remember

1. Gillian Anderson is amazing. Her work and attitude are so inspiring and so too is the dignity with which she handles the press, to protect her privacy and that of her family. She is so much more than who she dates.

2. David Duchovny is amazing. His humbleness and openness and the way he’s grown up are impressive. His writing and dream-chasing is #goals and the respect he has for his friends and family is beyond reproach. He is so much more than who he dates.

3. Their friendship is a beautiful thing. The openness with which they praise and support one another in their projects is in no way diminished by their relationship status.

4. They owe us nothing and we owe them a lot. So if you need to grieve, grieve, but please remember that all that has really changed is our perception - the reality is what it has always been. Two wonderful people whose paths cross often, who share small parts of themselves with us but who ultimately deserve the privacy and respect they both clearly crave. So let’s celebrate what they share with us and put the rest to one side. There is so much good in this fandom as a result of all that David and Gillian have given us throughout their careers, I just wanna focus on that now.

Okay but like, just consider:

-Jess opens up a publishing house in Stars Hollow for the Aesthetic
-And the town still basically hates him but
-Rory visits every time she comes back to town
-And they’re just friends
-They swear
-Only somehow they end up being really great friends?
-And they never really go for it again because they have a good thing going
-Jess doesn’t hold back when he thinks she’s going off the rails
-But he’s still her biggest goddamn cheerleader in the whole world
-Like, maybe Lorelai beats him out on the title?
-But he’s behind the scenes making sure she knows she can do whatever the fuck she wants
-And Luke cannot understand why in the world Jess would make a home in Stars Hollow
-And Jess never really tells him exactly why
-But it’s mostly because he wants to be close to Luke
-Rory being around is just the icing on the cake
-“Luke, do you understand how well this place suits me? I get to be the weird loner guy-” “Wait, no, we already have one of those, I think he trademarked it.” “-and people leave me alone, and this place is a MADE UP PLACE no one believes me when I talk about it-.” “You voluntarily talk to people?” “Luke I sell things for a living. The point is Stars Hollow is so ridiculous people want to buy books from me like this is Greenwich Village in the fifties.” “I don’t understand that reference.”
-And like, Jess and Lorelai come to a truce. And they’re not great friends or anything, but sometimes when Luke drags him to town meetings he and Lorelai sit on either side of Luke and talk under their breath the whole time and a few times they make each other laugh
-Luke pretends not to be overjoyed
-Jess having a family
-Jess being moderately happy in Stars Hollow
-Jess having a group of friends who wander into Stars Hollow every so often to talk and write and be weird and artsy together and mystified by this town
-And Jess and Rory having drinks and talking about their lives and just supporting the shit out of each other

She’s pretty much me as a middle schooler.

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“…and Kamui just smiled and started talking to me.”

aka the childhood friends trope kills me someone talk to me about these two


AMC presents … Into The Badlands

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Oh my god. One of your anons made me realize something: we have never seen b alone with the baby. The baby is always with someone else. He's never alone in pictures, there's not pictures of just her and the baby, there is always someone there with her. That's so weird, most of the moms I know post pictures of just the baby all the time, or pictures of just them and the baby. Kim K posts selfies with just her and North all the time, where they're obviously alone. B is never alone with the baby.

Like, the only time I remember her alone with the kid was in those one’s pics where the baby has his pants going down

random headcanon: Allura wants to know more about human *ahem* courtship rituals because ~*~rEaSoNs~*~ *cough*hugecrushonshiro*cough* and she asks Hunk about it because of all the other Paladins she figures he’s the least likely to smirk or get weird about it or make it A Thing. and Hunk is really sweet and helpful and talks to her for 45 minutes about dating and crushes and what you do if you like someone and Allura’s like ‘wow thank you so much Hunk I really appreciate this information that i needed for SCIENCE’. and Hunk’s just like ‘so are you gonna ask Shiro out or what?’ and Allura’s like ‘whaaat i neve ir awourld whar oirk i don’t know aht you mean’ and Hunk’s like ‘chill i’m pretty sure he’d say yes GOOD TALK g’night Princess’

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Demyx recoiled from the girl’s glare.  Was it too early to RTC?  He hadn’t been expecting to be ambushed by a local the second his portal closed.  He was supposed to come to Motunui, explore the new world for the Organization, and maybe catch some kind of Heart that would let them create life.

Yeah, this was definitely not in his job description.

I don’t want to hurt you,” he said.  “But you saw me come in, and the boss doesn’t like when the locals see us.”  He flexed his hand, willing the ocean to rush out to form his water clones.  The oceans of Neverland and Port Royal, and even his home sea of Atlantica always bent to his will.  Why would Motunui be any different?

Except that the water did nothing but continue to lap harmlessly at the shore.  “… uh-oh!

Lapis fans: after escaping an underserved life of torment inside the mirror, she saw Steven who had shown her genuine kindness after she’d given up hope on it, in danger of the same thing back on homeworld and chose a different torment for herself in a way to try and repay that kindness. she didn’t necessarily want to do the things she did to Jasper, and the things that she did left her terrified of herself and who she was after.
Jasper fans: she may be loud and a little rough around the edges, but she definitely has a lot to be angry about; she lost her diamond, her homeland, and her pride, and at the end of the day she was a soldier performing her duty. she hadn’t understood fusion then, so coercing Lapis to fuse with her wasn’t such a bad thing, and she had certainly done nothing to deserve being imprisoned in a perpetual hell at the bottom of the ocean by her
Both: can you really blame her for being just a little traumatized after?

A review

Joyce Byers already has a bond with El and comforted her and even told her it was okay for her to stop using her powers if it got too scary for her (even if that meant having a harder time finding Will) (aka she treats her children equally)

Millie and Noah are best friends and really really wanted a scene together in season 1 (how freaking sweet would it be if they played siblings I mean seriously)

Millie and Winona have such a mother/daughter relationship irl (it kills me on a daily basis)

El really need parental figures and while Mike said his mom would let her live with them, it’s a bit uncomfortable considering their relationship and he never actually asked his mother if she’d allow it. Basically Joyce should totally adopt El.


SENSE8MEME: [1/8] sensates  Sun Bak

I take everything I’m feeling, everything that matters to me… I push all of it into my fist, and I fight for it.”

hi my name is andrea and i just WENT OFF on people for constantly ignoring me and freaking out over royal

i just hit my personal limit and i should probably go sit in a corner and chill out. i am just TIRED of feeling like people value me for having a dog. and constantly saying they want to pet her. and always asking me where she is when i don’t have her EVEN THOUGH I’ve been co-raising for 8 months.