that doesn't mean you can tell me what to do

This is totally how they exercise and no one can convince me otherwise…

Yes Shiro, work that body *ahem*

Pidge sure gets to sit somewhere nice don’t they

Hope you guys enjoy~!

  • ??????: You knoψ, Xefros, she's been lying to you this entire time.
  • Xefros: w-what?
  • Xefros: ah geez who are you!?
  • ??????: That doesn't really matter, does it?
  • ??????: ψhat matters is that Joey's friendship ψith you is an utter sham.
  • ??????: Just a truly atrocious misunderstanding on your part, but I'm sure ψe can fix that right now...
  • Xefros: what the heck do ya mean sham?
  • Xefros: you better tell me who you are, right now!!!
  • Xefros: and uh
  • Xefros: where your voice is coming from!!!
  • ??????: She's never had a friend, you knoψ.
  • ??????: ψhen she saψ you, lying there in the rubble, she saψ an opportunity to make someone indebted to her.
  • ??????: Someone that ψould alψays do anything for their "friend" because she took them on as a charity case.
  • ??????: That's all you are to her - a charity case.
  • Xefros: uh, what is a charity case Xactly???
  • Xefros: i dont understand a thing youre saying and i dont think youre telling the truth.
  • ??????: Ugh.
  • ??????: Stupid god damn lousy lowbloods with their undeveloped little brains.
  • ??????: Fuck it, I'm ending the episode here, be sure to like, comment and subscribe.
  • Pidge: Hey. Is this the maple leaf I gave you?
  • Keith: (wide eyes) No! Give it back! <thinking> I was so asleep I even packed that...
  • Pidge: Oh...maybe I have the wrong leaf.
  • Keith: You're wrong!
  • Pidge: Okay. Sorry. Of course it was a different leaf.
  • Keith: ....but you're not...technically wrong.
  • Pidge: Which is it, Keith?
  • Keith: I mean, there isn't any hidden meaning behind it. I just wasn't sure about throwing it away, so I made a bookmark. I made it myself. There's nothing beyond that...
  • Pidge: It's cute.
  • Keith: ...what?
  • Pidge: (smiling) Well, you're taking good care of it!
  • Keith: (blushing, embarassed) I...I'M NOT TAKING CARE OF IT!!
  • Pidge: HUH? made a bookmark.
  • Keith: Slamming it into books doesn't mean I'm taking care of it!
  • Pidge: But you're using it because you like it, right?
  • Keith: I don't like it! It's big and hard to use--in fact, you can have it back!
  • Pidge: Don't give it back!!
  • Lance: (arriving on the scene, and seeing Keith and Pidge arguing/fighting) Hunh. I kind of want to ask, but I also kinda don't. Do I risk it?
  • Pidge: Ask. Take the risk.
  • Lance: Fine. What the hell?
  • Pidge: ....the short version here, is that Keith is being inflexible!
  • Lance: The short version tells me jack...
  • Keith: This has nothing to do with you, Lance! So stay out of this, you SAUCEPAN!
  • What I say: I'm a computer science major.
  • What people hear: I can resolve any tech issue you have ever or will ever have on any machine that exists in this universe. I am jacked into the Matrix at all times. I am the IT god. Look upon me and despair.
  • What I mean: Sometimes I try to tell the computer to do something and I cry when it doesn't work.

Bill.y Har.grove apologists and sympathisers who claim he’s only 17 and can be forgiven, redeemed and it’s just the cycle of abuse. Poor baby somehow doesn’t know what he’s doing.

let me look you in the fucking eye and tell you about my dad

my dad was abused by his father, he watched his mother have every part of her life controlled by his father, he was once forced to smoke an entire packet of his father’s cigarettes as a child until he vomited and this is an event that still haunts him today, almost 40 years later, and he had all the conflicting emotions of loving his abuser despite knowing the man was a monster

you know what my dad never did??

he never grabbed his sister or harmed her, never shouted viciously at her or tried to control her, he never took out his anger from the abuse on others, he never laughed and ‘joked’ trying to run over three children on their bikes, he never attacked a child because of their race and because they were hanging around with his sister, he never then beat half to death the guy who jumped to said child’s defense

My father drives out for an hour at 2 am to come to me after I have a night terror so I’m not facing it alone. My dad has regular meetings with his team as their manager to make sure they’re coping well, that they’re healthy, happy and doing okay financially. My dad admits to feeling angry, to having been an angry child because of what he went through, but he worked through it healthily and never took it out on others. My dad devoted his life to working hard so myself and my brother never went hungry, got cold or had anything less than a secure house above our heads even if it meant he was away at work a lot. My dad fills every moment I spent with him with laughter and support.

Yes, B!lly Ha.rgrove needs help. Yes, he’s a product of his abusive upbringing. Yes, he deserves a chance to grow as a person and atone. 


No, he is not innocent. No, it is not acceptable to ship him with the boy he tried to kill. No, it is not acceptable to excuse his racism, his abuse and the violence he inflicted on children. 

Billy isn’t misunderstood, I understand him perfectly well and so do many others. His background explains why he is the way he is, but it certainly doesn’t excuse it or change the fact he is a piece of shit. I won’t stoop so low as to imply people woobifying him has something to do with Dacre being one cute little button looking like he stepped out of an 80′s romance novel, but you know.

Yes the cycle of abuse is a thing and yes Billy does deserve to get help, but as they say in B99: cool motive, still (attempted) murder. 

People can chose to break the cycle, I know this because my dad did it, and so did Jonathan.

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Do you know any way I can practice my pronunciation of Russian? I've heard natives saying that when they hear english speakers talk in Russian they sound like they have cotton wool in their mouth, and I certainly feel like that when I talk sometimes, I can say words like Здравствуйте fine, but then other words just end up being me making choking noises and 'th' sounds. I can pronounce them in my head but my mouth doesn't seem to want to cooperate at all

I know what you mean! Even though English is my second language, my American accent takes over when I speak Russian. I’ve been working hard this year to fix that since I’ve had people tell me my Russian r should be trilled more but I’m like “I’m a native Spanish speaker, I can trill my R’s for days :( “

Anyway, the best thing I can recommend for you to do is to get audacity or a similar recording app where you can download a clip of a Russian speaking, such as a vlog or a podcast, and then repeat what they say. Then record yourself and compare them side by side as shown below. This helps you to notice exactly what your problem/weak areas in pronunciation are. 

I hope this helps !

College-Edition {Sentence Starters}
  • "I still have to start my dissertation."
  • "I have to cram for this test! Wanna be my study-buddy?"
  • "The paper's HOW MANY PAGES?!"
  • "Why did I choose the class at 6 am?"
  • "This lab's pretty hand's on. You think you can do it?"
  • "Graduation's coming up. We're almost done!"
  • "Stupid final assignment. Why can't the semester be over?"
  • "Looks like we've got the same class!"
  • "What do you mean we don't have to raise our hand to go to the bathroom?!"
  • "Spring break party tonight!"
  • "Did you get the assignment?"
  • "Don't you think our professor's kinda- weird?"
  • "Screw it. I'm going to class in my pajamas."
  • "Yeah I decided to blow off class today. What's the matter?"
  • "Another night of ramen. Yay for the life of a college student."
  • "Is the professor always this late?"
  • "Welcome to college- where the tests are all made up and your studying doesn't matter!"
  • "Yes, you can eat in class. You didn't know that?"
  • "Can you tell me where this room is?"
  • "Hey, there's gonna be a party tonight! You coming?"
  • "Did I seriously get lost on this campus?!"

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I've been getting some mean anons, bc i'm a lesbian and I said I wouldn't want sex with anyone who had a penis, bc the organ just... completely puts me off... That doesn't mean I don't accept trans women tho and I recognise I can be attracted to them (i've been) and that not all of them have the same genitals. But people say that i'm a terf bc of prefering women w vulvas? And that i'm gross and i do feel gross but... Idk what to do. Am i a bad person?

Honestly just block your anons. There’s nothing wrong with you or your sexuality and I’m very sorry that we are living through a time where anyone feels they have the right to tell you off for how you like to have sex but, thsnkfully, like all periods of politics around gender and sexuality, this framework will pass. Not only is your sexuality not meant to perform some valiant political function, but it is also not a club into which any old body is invited, and what’s more it doesn’t cause anyone any harm. You’re not a fetishist or a bad person- the argument that genitalia “should” have no impact on how we think of our specialities is 1) nonsense cooked up mostly by people with little sexual experience 2) not how sexuality works for the majority of people alive 3) reliant on the totally nonsensical idea that everyone either experiences or SHOULD experience attraction primarily to gender identity, as though people know the gender identities of strangers they find attractive and 4) functionally homophobic, as it is always directed at lesbians and, occasionally, gay men for good measure. The arguments against allowing genitalia to play a role in your sexuality without flogging yourself about it and be ashamed like a goos person are likewise nonsense- either you can have a sexless relationship, you can have sex that doesn’t involve genitalia, or you can just “unlearn” this terrible defect in your sexuality with enough thinking and a little performing sex acts you’re not interested in. All of those are shit options for most adults who want to have sex in their relationships. The whole notion that liking certain genitalia exclusively is bad is another essentialism that substitutes identity for the body as far as I am concerned, and is not a functional model for how sexuality works for most people.

It is also always amazing how easily people will forget that “women with vulvas” and “trans women” aren’t even mutually exclusive groups, as an excuse to harass lesbians over sexual feelings. Often some very much well-meaning person who doesn’t even claim any connection to lesbianism will lecture you about how not all trans people have the same genital configurations, shortly before informing you that liking certain genitalia is wrong and incorrect. And to be clear I think most people pushing this rhetoric genuinely believe this is how it works for most people, or should work- people who’ve assumed their feelings on genitalia should be universal because they don’t understand others. I don’t think there is an active conspiracy going around or secret meetings or whatever, just a nasty undercurrent to particular politics around sexuality. Like I don’t think the people on your inbox are trying to fuck you specifically, I just think this is another harmful element of popular queer politics around sexuality that is harmful and homophobic.

Certainly it is one thing to be really cruel about how you express critical tenets of your sexuality or act like trans women who do have penises are unattractive universally, like as a group, or gross, just because you aren’t personally interested in sex with anyone who has one. And referring to gay trans people as straight just because you’re not sexually intedested in them is intentionally mean as far as im concerned, and gay people’s sexualities are varied, including their feelings on genitalia and gender and whether or not sex is even on the table for them, etc. But even the preferences many people see as very clearly problematic are just straight up not a huge deal when people don’t go about screaming about how ugly they think x group is- somebody not being sexually attracted to fat people is the least big deal in the world if they don’t create, as some men have created, a whole culture around how gross that concept is.

I’ve said all this before but if people put things like that on my dash it gets them an auto-unfollow from me unless we are very very close and even then they probably only have one or two other times to do so. It’s a terrible model to present to people just coming into their sexualities that they’re causing literally anyone any harm because there are certain ways they like to have sex and I won’t tolerate the idea that it’s fine, that this pressure doesn’t exist in queer spaces and on Tumblr especially, and the idea that it’s not calling a PERSON bad, just calling their sexuality bad. Even if the whole issue boils down to latent bigoted ideas (which I strongly doubt because, again, I have no reason or evidence to believe that gender identity just somehow should rule our attractions in that sense) it would not be an indicator of active personal bigotry.

That you’re even feeling like you’ve done something bad is worrying to me because you haven’t. If you haven’t been cruel about what you do and don’t find attractive, anyone bothering you is mostly full of shit or just wrong. Don’t be an asshole to anyone and you’re fine.
🇵🇷You know, it can be like the butthooooo🍩... but let me espill💧 you a story🗣 real quick, when i was a 👦🏽shild👧🏼, mom 🤰🏽doesn't want us to say 🙅🏽bad words🙅🏽 at home🏘. Sooo, one day i was three👶🏽 years old tried to tyaewrjs🗣 to go to de bathroom🚽, cause i need to, from my CULO🍑, to do caca💩. SHE SLAPPED👋🏼 ME WITH A CHANCLETA👡! She said like, "Mira mijo👩‍👦, let me tell you something, you not gonnasaybawor 👇🏾HERE👇🏻 in this house🏘!" So I was like scared😱, I was like "What to do🤔? I mean, what do you call this in your back🍑?" So scare👻 one day after that esituation, I said "Cucu🍑 mama🤰🏽 caca💩 peepee💦." Okay! And since that I said cucu.🇵🇷
  • Seunghyun: Hi
  • Jiyong: BRB in a meeting
  • Seunghyun: what does BRB mean?
  • Jiyong: it means be right back
  • Seunghyun: oh ok IAW
  • Jiyong: what?
  • Seunghyun: IAW=I am waiting
  • Jiyong: that's not an abbreviation hyung
  • Seunghyun: why? Only you can make ones? Well let me tell you just because you're the leader here doesn't mean yo-
  • Youngbae: here we go again

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Could I request Zen, Saeran and Seven react to a sorcerer/sorceress MC that hides their magic so that they aren't tested on by the government. Thank you for your time!

This request has been here For Years (one of my firsts request I think)

The main reason of why I did do it on til now ,Is because I didn´t know how to do it but I didn´t want to delete it because It was one of the first.


One of your fellow sorcerer brothers visits you.

-”Mc! Are you Insane” He shakes you pretty hard “You can´t date a celebrity.” he says with concern.

-”Alex,I know that is dangerous but I love him…” your voice goes all sweet

- “Let´s say you stay with him…” He pauses and does a very serious face “What Would you think If a witch hunter comes and takes Zen, so they can torture him, so they can get him Info. about you?” He sees that you are almost convinced and he just give you one more push “Like what they did to Emily” 

-He hit right on the nail “Ok…I will leave him tomorrow morning…It is saver like that”

-The main door opens and you hear a voice saying ”Mc…” in a very nostalgic way.

-”Hyun!” he must got off early from rehearsals today.

-”Fuck” Alex said and then disappeared.

-”Di-did he …just DISAPPEARED!” Zen yell in confusion.

Originally posted by n-wordbelike

- “Ugh! Alex,you just made things more complicated” you thought.

You calmed down Zen and then explained almost everything to him.

-”Mc,If it is for your safety I will protect you and …I-I would disappear,not like he did but I mean that I will leave my career” Uff that made him hurt in every part of his body but he did it. 

- “No, Hyun we just need to be very careful with what we do and where we go” soo cute that we would leave his dreams for you.

Time passes and no one catches you because of how careful you were and that was more easy with zen´s help. 

BUT he always said “I bet you can´t make me more beautiful even with your magic”

Originally posted by vismaviedevie


You never told him about your “talents” until you two had kids. 

- “MC!!!!” Saeran comes running to you

- “Whats wrong?” you through the worst

- “ [Insert the name of your baby] is levitating things, Is that normal?” AWw he really doesn't know shitty about cute

- “What! [Insert the name of your baby] isn’t supposed to do that until there seventh birthday…” your son is a  prodigy…Haha just like his father.

- “What you mean?” he puts a face of WTF are you talking about 

- “I think we need to talk”

You tell him and HE GETS super mad because you never told him 

- “Why you hide that from me?” he gets upset.

- “Because when we got together (accepting his feelings for you took Saeran a lot of time) I had lost my magic…” your voice got lower.

And now Saeran is more confused but you take all his confusion explaining all the things about the magic.

The only Thing you two had to do was protect your prodigy child from the government and anyone who tried to hurt him.

Saeran always told [Insert the name of your baby] every night ever since you told him:

Originally posted by pau-mahuad


You didn´t know there were cameras in the apartment,when you fell down and without thinking you use your magic and 2 seconds later seven calls you.

-”How did you do that?” Seven says with enthusiasm

-”Do what?” *MC error*

-”Look at your right” he moves the camera side to side so you can see where it was.

-”YOU HAVE SECURITY CAMERAS HERE?!” (SEVEN ! You little bastard) you thought.

-”Ahh…I ask first.”

You explain and told him to keep the secret. He is like “My second name is the secret keeper.So,Mc don´t worry I will protect you from the government”

You show him a little bit of magic because he would not shut up until you show him in IRL:

Originally posted by imkindof

He is like:

Originally posted by existentialmiranda


You: You promise to keep the secret!

Seven: Oww! yeah…sorry.

Special Agent 606, Out.If you want to request here are the rules: HERE/Masterlist: Here

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Warriors I think you should give Nagito some courage for what he's about to go through. Also, courage, Ko! You can do it, my zettai kibou!

Good luck big bro !

I’m sure you can do it !

So many things could go wrong though…Be careful.

Thank you everyone ! *turns to Nagisa*

And? You don’t have anything to tell me?

….No, you can die I don’t care.

Shingetsu-kun, that’s not really nice !

The Best Of Graham Norton (Eurovision 2008 - 2014)
  • Graham: The bad news is you're about to watch Albania. She's only 17, so please bear that in mind. Where was her mother? Why didn't she step in and say no?
  • Graham: If it was a singing competition, this next man would do very well indeed.
  • Graham: Now this will put fear into your heart, She's a devoted experimental jazz musician. She can do extraordinary things with her voice. Not pleasant things, but extraordinary.
  • Graham: Small children and pets should probably be removed from the room...
  • Graham: I don't think we'll be troubled by that song again.
  • Graham: It's an unusual Eurovision this year (2012) because there are some quite good songs... that are really well sung...
  • Graham: Azaiza there, proving that just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. What were those dancers doing? They looked like they were changing a giant duvet cover.
  • Graham: Oh no, a Polish invasion.
  • Graham: The band is ESDM and they traveled here by boat. It took a week! Something tells me it will feel longer on the journey home...
  • Graham: Ooh it's like the gay wedding I'll never have! Oh no it's in my wine!!!
  • Graham: [to France when they gave GB 1 point] WE BUILT A TUNNEL TO YOUR COUNTRY
  • Graham: I'm 51, not dead!

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Cant believe tumblr would do just up a delete your work xc, guess i jave to send this again ((not blaming you btw,sorry if it sounded like that ))but can i get a scenario with male immortal s/o coming to visit sidon woth alot of lethal looking wounds and and sidon just freaking out cuz he doesn't know his s/o immortal

No worries, I got you loud and clear. But yea, it does suck.

-Mod Pinks

Sidon not realizing his male s/o is immortal and that wounds mean shit to him (BOTW) (Warning: Blood mentioned)

“-honestly what were you thinking not telling me did you think I wouldn’t understand?! Do you realize how worried I was that I would outlive you someday- never mind that, how worried I was when you came covered head to toe in wounds-”


“-healer thought you were beyond help and then you suddenly start healing out of no where giving them a heart attack, and ran into battle again without telling any of us-


-half the troops thought you were some sort of undead being and nearly attacked you-thank goodness they listened- and then when I finally catch you and drag you back to the healer you start complaining that I’m the unreasonable one? When you’re the one who didn’t say a word of this to anyone-!”


Finally! The tower of red looked shocked at him, broken out of his rant if but for a moment. Now or never, before he started ranting-!

“I.. I swear, I’m really sorry I didn’t tell you! I was just.. not a lot of people react well when they found out I’m immortal so I was scared what you might think-”

“Beloved, you could turn into Calamity Ganon itself and I would still love you.”

….Well then. How exactly did he earn such a lover? “…I love you too… Forgive me?”

“Of course. After you go to a healer.”


“Not for wounds. No joke, he did have a heart attack when you left the healer’s den, you owe him an apology too.”

Fair enough. 

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Please don't say god is fake. It's ok not to believe but there are others that do and my father is a minister and I refuse to call his entire 30 year career "fake". Maybe you can't understand religion but that doesn't mean you can declare it fraudulent either.

Yeah, sorry he’s fake. I’m sure your father has helped lots of people and I respect people have their beliefs. But my belief is god is fake. You don’t have to agree or follow me, I will never tell you not to post something about what you believe but I expect you to not sit there and tell me not to post what I think just because you disagree.

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i dont like what jype is doing, tbh. It's making jackson looks like the villain here. first, with the solo activies, a lot of fans talked shit (that he should leave and even telling him to kill himself on vlive)... now, even though they're saying jackson wont be doing the promotion in japan, he wont cease his activies in china. they are making him look like he's putting himself first and not got7. people will come at him again.

There’s honestly no way of winning with fans like that. I hate having to separate the boys from each other but Jackson honestly needs to lessen his workload before he burns out for good. Cutting out Japan activities would be the easiest for him to do, especially with everything he’s got going on in China. 

As much as I hate to admit it, fame is fleeting and what he has in China is an amazing opportunity. I feel like fans always forget that anything Jackson does is to help Got7. It’s never just for him, but for his friends, his family. 

There will always be people out there who will hate on Jackson, whether it’s because he’s doing all these solo activities or it’s because he isn’t going solo. But remember that there isn’t a Jackson with Got7 and there isn’t a Got7 without Jackson. 

Let the boy rest. Let him choose what he wants to work on. We do not control his life or what he wants to do. But what we can do is support him in his decisions and make sure he knows that we love him no matter what.

I’m sorry if this got kinda angry anon, but people who think that an idol with a heavier solo schedule means they’re being selfish just riles me up.

Once again, I am single. Meaning nobody should be telling me what I can and cannot do and talk and not talk to whoever. Just because I give you this much 👌🏾 of my attention doesn't mean shit. You do not have possession over me in the slightest bit. You better not get your feelings hurt.

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Stop telling people what to do. Counting calories works. Just because you can't do it with becoming neurotic over it doesn't mean it's not very effective for a lot of people.

If you wanna count calories that’s really amazing! It’s a great tool and can help lots of people! There’s actually many videos on how to do so! That being said, when I was struggling with wanting to stop I couldn’t find any and as I know many people come to me asking how to stop I wanted to make a video to help those people 💕 If you’re not willing to watch the video, don’t comment because it could have answered this for you! I clearly state this in the video!

a meeting with Itachi
  • Sakura: *opens her eyes* Am I dead?
  • Itachi: No, you're merely drifting in and out between the living world and the ghost world. Your body is in a comatose state right now. You suffered a great deal of injury to your head during the attack.
  • Sakura: Tsunade-sama! Is she okay?!
  • Itachi: She's fine. Sasuke came just in time to protect her. You should be waking up soon so you can join them. They're worried sick down there...waiting for you to be responsive and open your eyes.
  • Sakura: Um, thank you. We never formally met.
  • Itachi: *smiles* Uchiha Itachi. I'm sorry I wasn't able to be there in person for your wedding. But I was watching the whole time.
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun doesn't say much but I can tell he thinks of you often.
  • Itachi: He doesn't say it out loud but I can tell that he thinks of you just as often if not more. He loves you dearly.
  • Sakura: *blushes* Does he now?
  • Itachi: Can you do me a favor and help me send a message to him?
  • Sakura: Ah... sure.
  • Itachi: *pokes Sakura on the forehead*
  • Sakura: *flustered* Wait, what is this? You do it too? What does this mean?
  • Itachi: A symbol of my love for him. *smiles* I saw that he did that to you as well. You never knew what it meant for him.
  • Sakura: *smiles* Don't worry. I'll be sure to let him know. *fades away*
  • --
  • Sakura: Sasuke-kun!
  • Sasuke: Careful! You shouldn't be moving around so much. Your body is still recovering.
  • Sakura: It's been three days. I should be fine now! Come here for a moment.
  • Sasuke: What is it?
  • Sakura: *pokes him on the forehead*
  • Sasuke: *shocked* S-Sakura!
  • Sakura: *smiles* I met Itachi when I was in that coma. He told me to send you this.
  • Sasuke: ... This is embarrassing.
  • Sakura: You sure have a cute way of saying you love me without saying it.
  • Sasuke: *touches foreheads with Sakura* Maybe I should do it differently now.