that doesn't mean what you think it does

what white people think racism is: when you mean to someone because of their race

what racism really is: social and legal systems that puts a race beneath another, vilifying them, fetishizing them, sexualizing them, and creates a usually negative bias towards that group.

where childhood is not an option when you’re the villain or where you are always seen at a child’s level no matter your age

where you are always responsible if someone else says/does something racist towards you, because existing invites aggression somehow

where you do not fit beauty standards, because beauty is afforded to the human, and your conditioned low self-esteem lets you know that

where you’re either synonymous with violence, stupidity, or infantilization, because you cannot make your own choices that aren’t irrational.

where your feelings are routinely invalidated and your daily life experiences are not enough evidence and cannot be trusted, because you’re a suspicious character whose humanity is always on trial. so you do not get to define universally what racism is

where you do not get feel anything besides rational at all times, to be carefree or upset or angry without it being a stereotype of you overreacting to everything

where if you fit into a stereotype it could mean your death and the rest of your race tries to put you down as a self-elevating technique, because they have internalized the lie that when you deny your race and culture you become human. where fitting a stereotype means “see i knew they where all like this”

where if you don’t fit into a stereotype you are not your race and culture, because people have such narrow views of what you’re supposed to be that you cannot possibly exist and be your race at the same time, so people of every race take away yours. Oreo. Banana. Coconut. Apple.

where you will legally get more time for the same crimes

where you will socially be demonized more the same crimes

where when you quell the crimes keeping your race down, there are always more that’s made up to keep you in your place (The War on Drugs =_=)

where you get paid less for the same work

where you get hired less with the same qualifications

where having a culturally-coded name that’s not acceptable, like Ibrahim, Jose, or Unique can stop you from getting a job

where there are so many things in place to keep you impoverished and uneducated but it’s still your fault if you don’t have the strength and good luck to defy the lack of social mobility and create your own

where entire countries whose cultures and economies have been destroyed are trying to restart alone and the people that destroyed them blame the country for its own destruction

where the farther your features are from your race the more beautiful you’re considered

where your rank in social hierarchy changes how people treat you the more they find out about your identity, and the more marginalized you are by coming out of the closet or not being christian or not being able-bodied and neurotypical the worse you get racism, because you are a bigger target for various acts of violence and microaggressions

where you get used to microagressions before you hit double digits

where your most recent experience with a microaggression was probably yesterday if the day just started

where you idea of a microaggression is the white summation of racism

where your family teaches you how to assimilate to white culture to try and protect you from all of the above

where your death is an opportunity to blame you for it and demonize you in your grave

where there is a death count just for existing

where there is a death count just for existing

where there is a death count just for existing


“I am the governor, and protecting the people who live here is something that I must do.”

shipping an abusive ship doesn’t automatically mean that somebody supports abuse in real life, and saying that writing fic or creating art for an abusive ship is “just as bad” as real-life abuse is quite frankly a stunningly insensitive thing to say, especially because the creator of that content may in fact be an abuse survivor themself using the ship to cope. furthermore, forcing a shipper to disclose their survivor status in order to ‘earn’ the right to ship an abusive ship can be anywhere between rude, antagonistic, and outright triggering.

It Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Does #2/Brazilian Culture: Differences #7

In Brazil we have two words for the colour black. It’s important to understand how they’re used so as to avoid giving (or receiving) insult:


Negro is a word in Portuguese that means “black/dark”, and is usually only used when describing a living thing, the exception almost always being in poetry/songs if it fits better for rhyme/meter/etc. 

e.g. A CD of lullabies I had as a kid had a song whose title was Negro céu (”Black Sky”).

The word for someone with dark skin is negro (pronounced “n’eh-gro”, not like “nee-gro” in English). 

To Brazilians the word negro has ZERO racist connotations. In fact, it’s the politically correct way to refer to someone who has dark skin.


The most commonly used word for the colour black in relation to objects/non-living things (and oftentimes animals too; e.g. gato preto - “black cat”). 

When used in reference to a person, it’s considered pejorative (unless used by someone who’s black).

Ok the new Tangled thing looks really cute and I love the art style but I can’t be the only one who thinks Cassandra is just a revived (possibly amnesiac) Gothel, right? I mean…

Dark curly hair, greenish eyes, red lips…

She’s nearly identical to Mother Gothel except for age and, you know, not being dead. If only there was some sort of, in universe, canon thing that could reverse death and make a person younger…

Like some magic hair that “suddenly” came back.

Or maybe, it was never fully gone.


Honestly,this is what I feel like happens every update.

After everything’s calmed down:

Geno:…..Wait,you mean to tell me ALL of you jumped down this hole willingly?

*murmurs of yes and other variants

Geno:……I’m stuck with crazy people.

Hehe we all just kinda jumped down that hole when we started reading XD

Aftertale does not belong to me,it belongs to @loverofpiggies ,a great mother!


I didn’t get it.

If you think for one second that Emma Swan would be able to go to the underworld, see all those people suffering and not try to help then I’m sorry but you don’t know her at all.

The fact that she’s going to help these people doesn’t take away from her quest to find Killian or from her feelings towards him and it definitely doesn’t mean she’s putting him in the background. It’s just Emma doing what she always does and being the savior.

Can we take a second to talk about
 this  & &  discuss  the  implications? 

Okay, you kill someone, you get their power, yes? So, does that mean that Lexa killed the former commander, to become Commander herself? Like yes, I know that, in season two, she said that ‘the commander’s spirit chose her’, but what if that statement wasn’t alluding toward reincarnation, but more of an hierarchy, almost. 

Let’s examine that: What do we know?

Firstly, from an interview with ADC, we know that Lexa is training the next generation of warriors/leaders, one of which will become the next commander. In this interview, she states, and I quote ‘she (lexa) has to distance herself from them (the kids) because she knows that, the moment she weakens, everything falls.’ (x)

So, what if this is similar to a ‘potential slayer’ (via buffy tvs) kind of thing, in which each new, potential commander is taken and trained for the day that they might become commander, once the current commander dies? But, with a twist: When/if the current commander begins to show signs of not doing their job properly, it’s the duty/responsibility of one of the ‘potential commanders’ to kill her, gain her power, and take her place. 

Now, Commanders are supposed to be pretty powerful, right? I mean, this is a culture that only respects/follows strength, so killing them wouldn’t be an easy thing —- which is where the ‘Commander’s Spirit’ thing comes in. It’s safe to say that only another powerful person (say, perhaps, the next commander) would have the skill/strength to kill the current, in which case, they ‘absorb’ the true strength of the commander, aka the ‘commander’s spirit’.

We also know that Nia, the Ice Queen, wants to kill both Lexa and Clarke, gain both their power, and, in effect, rule the clans. This plan, however, wouldn’t really work all that well if, as soon as Nia killed Lexa, Lexa’s spirit simply found another kid or teenager or whatever, to become commander. It’d kinda all be for nothing, right? And she’d just have to keep killing whomever the Commander’s spirit chose for absolutely no reason —- it’d be one big cycle of pointless

UNLESS, in killing Lexa, NIA gained the Commander’s spirit (and, by that logic, Clarke’s as well).

But then comes the question of, what if the Commander is killed by an animal (the pauna, for instance) or disease, wound in battle, whatever the case may be? What happens to the Commander’s spirit, then? Well, I have a theory for that, as well. Let’s say, Lexa is killed by a disease (GOD FORBID). Then, her little flock of potential commanders (or, anyone else that wants to be commander) would, in effect, duke it out, thunder-dome style, in a series of exhibition matches —- the last one standing (or, in this case, the most powerful) ‘gains’ the commander’s spirit. 

It seems kinda far-fetched, I know, but think about the trailers we’ve seen. Lexa is fighting in a thunder-dome style match —- I’M assuming her position was challenged, and she’s defending it —- in the first episode of season three, we hear Indra say that ‘leaving on the mountain has weakened Lexa’….or, something of that effect. So, based on my theory, it would make sense that Lexa was fighting a challenger that wants her position, potentially even one of the ‘potential commanders’. (it seems like she’s fighting Roan, but really, we know absolutely NOTHING about him, so it’s a possibility.)

I mean, we don’t know much about former commanders, nor do we know much about how Lexa, herself became commander, beyond how old she was && it’s safe to say that we don’t know all the much about Grounder culture, either. 

Suddenly, I’m finding myself with a lot more free time than I know what to do with. I’m torn between feeling immensely relieved and utterly terrified. I mean, what does one do when one has finished all her finals, assignments, and extra assignments?

And no, contrary to what some of you will surely think, that wasn’t bragging. That’s an actual question. One that I need answered as creatively as possible. Have at it.

  • Pippa: Mom, I get 50% of your asses and 50% of dad's asses.
  • Me: What?
  • Pippa: And Kaylee gets 50% of your and Dad's asses.
  • Me: Our Asses? Our butts?
  • Pippa: No! Not your butts! Your asses!
  • (pauses - thinks - remembers that they fell asleep to the audiobook of Fairest of All by Sarah Mlynowski last night which has a fun digression into estate law)
  • Me: Do you mean assets?
  • Pippa: Nope. When you die, I'm getting half your asses.