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The Blacklist pt 2

Look, I personally don’t think Balth got back together with Damien out of some weird passive aggressive revenge reason- I think it was fear of actually dating the guy he’s built up in his head so much over the years. It can be really scary to have something like that actually become possible and having to question whether you love a person or the idea of a person.

It also totally isn’t Peter’s fault they’re not together, as after Balth’s probable ignoring of the issue and getting back together with his ex… That would seem like a clear message, especially as Peter was in such a self loathing headspace. He might have thought Balth didn’t think he was worth it after the events of NMTD.

IN CONCLUSION: I am confused and refuse to place blame on either of these guys


To all the GP/MF/Graves/TF blogs out there that are feeling cheated by the Bilgewater story arc lore twist.

Repeat after me:

  • I like writing.
  • I love my muse and the way they are developing/how I developed them.
  • This is my story and my personal flair on things.
  • Riot can eat my non-canon balls if they don’t like it


  • This is my blog and nobody gets to tell me how to play my own character.

Just because the lore twist might have made some things sketchy on the ‘canon’ part doesn’t mean that any of you should take it as a ‘GG /ff20′.

You can quit if you want to, but nobody’s making you quit. You can still do your thing and nobody has any say in it.

This applies to everyone who has a RP blog in their life honestly, but I feel that these parties atm are the most affected and I just want to let people know that even though Riot fucked me up badly, Tyb-mun-mama is still around and going strong.

And if anyone needs hugs or help, I’m always here for the talks and comforts, ok?

americanbeebo replied to your post: “Remember pals, Dallon (Appreciation) Day is this Friday! Let’s…”:

Remember when I made Dallon Day September 18th of last year

No! I mean, I remember you doing that, but I didn’t remember what day it was or anything. But we should definitely do it in Sept too!! 


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you try to convince everyone youre the victim when we all know youre not innocent

god, you make it sound like i just murdered someone and passed it as self-defense when it was a cold-blooded assassination? i’d never do that, tbh. mattie, maybe. me? nah. i’m a pure hufflepuff, my friend. 

well eat a dick your honor. (yes i stole that line from a laurel text posts meme thing, i have absolutely no shame)


Notes: The plan for this one-shot was to use Tobirama to explain my headcanon for sensors and how their skills work, but I ended up not talking much about it at all because Hashirama took over and Tobirama is so young that he doesn’t quite understand what’s happening himself. I guess I need to find another way to articulate my ideas on the subject, haha…
Notes 2: Posting the whole one-shot here. If you’ve already read parts 1 and 2, just look for yume-jin’s beautiful picture and start reading from there.
Wordcount: ~4300

It was a hot summer afternoon and Hashirama found himself in the unfortunate position of having to train outdoors. There was not a breeze to be felt and the air was so muggy that every article of clothing stuck to his skin.

Given the exercise that his father had set up for him and Tobirama, it might have been an advantage, were it not for the long hours that they had to spend in the sun. The two boys were to sit, immobile, and meditate, focusing their chakra to hold a leaf against their forehead.

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Remember a little while ago when some conservative blogger got uppity with the fact that I don’t consider myself American and - quelle horreur! - that I have stronger and more logical loyalties?  They’re at it again (not linking, because that seems vaguely rude, but follow the blog link on this post of mine if you’re curious), this time directing the “if you live in the US you automatically lose any claims to other national/ethnic identities” rhetoric at some African-Americans.  I can’t possibly see this ending well.

…Incidentally, does anyone have any popcorn?

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+in regards to interface, which positions have you and optimus tried?

Anonymously send me ’+’ and a question and my muse has to answer honestly.


“Mostly missionary, our frames are not as flexible as smaller bots would be, and thus, mobility is somewhat limited, and neither of us are particularly adventurous in berth. But we have also interfaced on top of his desk….?”

[ meme reference ]

That moment when, after weeks of struggling to come up with ideas for even just a day of Kataang Week, you have an epiphany and get ideas for the whole week in about twenty minutes. 

I’m three days late already and I probably won’t be able to start posting until Friday (blame work), but I have a plan.  So just be prepared for me to spam the tag with stories on Friday or Saturday…. It feels good to have ideas for writing again.

So far so good… NO rebageling please!

Thanks for understanding :’D

A scene right from Zevran’s worst nightmare.

There’s still A LOT of work to do (like… everything except what you see in the screenshot :’D), but so far… I already know that I’m going to regret this.