that doesn't even make sense but you get a free pass because you are an angel

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Someone asked you how you would introduce Caroline to the Originals. Obviously you were vague because no matter how you want to serve it there is no right or logic plot to get Caroline there. So stop blaming the writers. Even creativity has its limits when a character doesn't belong somewhere.

As I have said I wouldn’t introduce her either. She indeed doesn’t belong to TO. Not while TO is such a mess (Baby, characters that have no purpose, ships that make no sense etc etc)

But creativity has nothing to do with it. A writer should be able to expand his/her view. Especially on a sci-fi/supernatural show. But this whole show was based on a vampire pregnancy that is basically a plot hole; There were no explanations given. No creativity behind it. It was just a stupid idea that was forced on the show because no one had the power to stop some people that were in charge. Simple as that.

But if you want to introduce characters, to have characters jump shows, to unite stories and plots and even to rectify damaged plots and cover plot holes all you have to do is think hard and work even harder. You need to have the will to produce something that will respect your canon mythology and the genre you are aiming at. And most importantly your viewers.

Your issue here was that in my other post I didn’t give a clear plot of how the writers could introduce Caroline to TO? And this is important or proves something because somehow I am what? A writer? A writer for TO? I work for CW? I assure you none of the above is happening (if it was no baby monstrosity would have happened on my watch lol)

So you have the idea that creativity knows boundaries?

Ok here then.

Plot 1: We do not know anything specific about Caroline’s father. We did know that he had left Mystic Falls and somehow in his travels he had managed to learn how to resist compulsion without vervain. The only human and not a supernatural being that was able to that on the instance of compulsion and to keep his free will completely intact. He was against vampires, he had his methods, he was the one that figured out immediately how to break Klaus’s sire bond. He had his own theories and shady past. And that was not that explored in TVD. Or at all. What if all that was somewhat connected with NOLA? What if he wasn’t the only one that could do that and there was something deeper and secrets behind it? A society perhaps? So here you could have not only a connection that would bring Caroline to TO but also a possible interesting plot.

Plot 2: Greetings from the dead. If I am not mistaken from what I have seen in comments and gifs Bonnie can see the dead from the other side. What if the Originals that died and can communicate with her try to pass some messages through her. Constantly and violently to the point even of her madness. So she would have to go to NOLA and Caroline could go with her. Plus side…you get ALL THE ORIGINALS BACK!

Plot 3: Tyler goes to NOLA again. He never comes back. Caroline goes to find him.

Plot 4: Werewolf bite and because there is no time and they can’t reach Klaus Stefan gets Caroline to NOLA.

Plot 5: I have heard people talking about Augustine vampires and even though I have no idea what that is many people claim that it could be used to introduce Caroline to the Originals. So why not?

Plot 6: Caroline dies. And somehow her spirit gets trapped inside the borders of NOLA. Some witches can see her, Klaus could even barely sense her even though he would think nothing of it but even in this state she can’t get out of NOLA for some reason. Find a way for her to communicate with Klaus and then a weird ritual that could bring her back to life (Spike’s spirit in ATS was trapped inside W&H and Angel could not get rid of him no matter what). Then let the mystery begin.

Plot 7: A grand NOLA witchy plan happens and all vampires turn human. Caroline and the MF gang go to NOLA for answers.

Plot 8: Caroline vanishes. Weeks later she resurfaces in NOLA with no memory of what happened to her or how she ended there. Klaus finds her.

Plot 9: Klaus is shown painting Caroline. Her face is on display. There you have her introduced with a sense of mystery without even her physical appearance and then you buy your time until you find a way to bring her to the show (like the MF gang needing something from Klaus, information, help etc and Caroline going there to ask for it because she would be the only one that could convince him)

Plot 10: She takes the plane to Timbuktu but it crashes to NOLA.  LOL.

So now that I have given you direct plots that changes your argument somehow?

My point is that creativity is ENDLESS. Bad writing when you have a whole writing team supporting you and a canon and non canon vampire mythology from TVD and myths and legends backing you up is unforgivable. Not at the scale it happens to TVD/TO.

You cannot tell me that the writers cannot find a plausible way to move a character from one show to another IF the want to. They moved Klaus to NOLA with a sorry excuse of a letter that was honestly a sorry cope out.

As I have said. TO is not an environment for Caroline. Not when it is a hot mess. Not when people send me messages telling me that Klaus is a cry baby and that the actual baby is a prominent plot. Why would anyone want Caroline to go to Hayley’s show (because this IS Hayley’s show). If things were different I wouldn’t mind. If things were different I wouldn’t have banned the show in the first place (Klaroline aside).

But my point here is that there is literally nothing that a write can’t do when he/she has the will to do it and responsibility as his/her first rule. The possibilities are endless. And this is why I always get so mad when I get so major plot holes and OOC characters. Because after a point some things don’t accidentally happen. It is just due to poor writing. Writing that indeed as you say has its limitations.