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I don't think we will actually see William again until maybe the last clip if Noora does stay with him (which at this point I don't even care). It doesn't make sense for him to be in a scene with Sana. This next week will be Yousef focused for sure. Hopefully the last week will consist of a joyous iftar and a pride party. Maybe if we are lucky Even will be in a hei briskeby video!

at this point all i can say to this is insha'allah, man.

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well, what are your top five media that portray the jesus story correctly then? (sorry, i just really respect your opinion! :P)

…you guys are really not getting how impossibly high my standards are for this.

#none     #the answer is none     #there are too many moving parts you need a jesus who is human and warm but also impossible; untouchable; divine     #you need disciples who are /people/ not naive sheep or ignoramus interlocuters–give them histories and families and reasons and personaliti     #have a real sense of camraderie among the disciples; an atmosphere of excitement and radicalism that comes from following a prophet     #don’t have jesus in love with mary magdalene     #don’t have jesus in love with judas     #don’t have any one disciple be privileged over the others     #historical accuracy is a must     #female disciples are a must     #be respectful of the story but don’t buy into its propaganda     #(it doesn’t have to be The Greatest Story Ever Told but if you’re trying to make it about Shocking The Christins!!! like     #I don’t even care at that point)     #I’m not particularly picky about which gospel(s) it’s based off of     #I have favorite stories of course but     #that’s not as important as nailing all the characters and the dynamic and what jesus is like     #I’d prefer a kind of…magical realism to it?     #like     #have angels and satan and demons and stuff wandering around as just…the imaginal landscape of this world     #did I mention historical accuracy? because historical accuracy     #these jewish communities and their interactions with the romans and other ethnic/religious groups of the period     #don’t make anyone a bad guy     #no one is a bad guy in jesus’ story it’s literally just a lot of people making bad decisions because they’re angry or afraid or weak     #no one’s evil     #not the jewish priests not pilate not judas     #I want a lot of jesus talking to people–having to be pulled away by the disciples who are like “we promised we’d be at so-and-so’s house f     #for dinner stop healing lepers we have to go”     #I want jesus to laugh a lot     #I want jesus to look at the people who follow him like they’re his reason for breathing     #no story is ever going to make me happy /never/    

Padmé and Anakin discussing Han Solo
  • Anakin: i can't believe we are letting our daughter marry that scoundrel
  • Padmé: i think he's really nice and handsome too
  • Anakin: he looks scruffy and weird
  • Padmé: Anakin... Nobody is weirder than you, please go back to sleep
  • Anakin: We don't even know what he does for a living!
  • Padmé: He's the captain of the millennium falcon...
  • Anakin: wth is a millennium falcon. a falcon can't be a millennium, it doesn't make sense. Padme wake up, it doesn't make sense
  • Padmé: Anakin why do you care what he does for a living, you don't even make a living on being a Jedi
  • Anakin: i want what is best for my daughter
  • Padmé: me too and she's happy with him. why can't you be?
  • Anakin: his best friend is a walking carpet!
  • Padmé: and our closest friends are droids, who cares ffs Anakin let me sleep
  • *Luke's head pops up from the door* and says: Actually Han is a smuggler
  • Padmé: good for him... HE'S A WHAT
cute things the signs have actually said to me
  • ARIES: I don't know how close you are to him, but from what you've told me, he seems like a scumbag and I wouldn't be friends with a scumbag.
  • TAURUS: I know I won't be able to come up to talk to him unless he talks to me first but what if I just lost someone really important to me without realizing it?
  • CANCER: Your happiness and love is such an importance to me and I can't help but to think, "What if someone else does the ideal thing for you and you end up leaving me?"
  • GEMINI: I don't know, I feel like I'm changing too quickly and I'm turning into someone I'm not. I know this sounds stupid but I've been hurt so much that now, I try to be that person who hurts others so that I can avoid getting hurt, does that even make sense?
  • LEO: Even if my they were upset at me, it didn't matter because I did what I did to make myself happy.
  • VIRGO: I can tell you were afraid to get hurt, but don't let your weaknesses become a problem. You have to allow yourself to open up.
  • LIBRA: I don't know whether I should leave or stay; everyone seems to care about me when it's too late.
  • SCORPIO: Time doesn't heal a damn thing if you spend every day reminiscing how good some thing used to be.
  • SAGITTARIUS: I know this sounds silly but I feel so betrayed. I don't want to see her as a threat, but I can't believe she would do some thing like that, you know?
  • CAPRICORN: I feel detached from everyone else but you because you're the only person who actually understands me. But yeah, let's promise that we'll always make time for each other even if one of us moves away.
  • AQUARIUS: Well, if you need any help at all, just ask me. Don't be so worried though, I believe you can do this.
  • PISCES: Hey you look cute today, you should wear dresses more often!

A 1x13 Morning After Coda

Oliver squints against the morning sun and turns back into the pillow, away from the light. He clings to the last dregs of sleep but knows it’s a losing battle and eventually pushes himself up. He sits on his bed, pillows and blankets piled around, and lets his head fall in his hands with a groan. His entire body aches and his head is pounding. He didn’t think he’d had that much last night but maybe this is just another one of the amazing things he gets to look forward to now that he’s getting older. Hangovers that are extra horrific to go with those gray hairs he found last week. Whoop-de-freaking-do.

Throwing off the sheets and comforter tangled around this legs, Oliver heads into the bathroom. After taking care of things, he peels the dry contacts out of his eyes, washes his face, and starts brushing his teeth. The routine helps him feel a little better, a little more human, and gives him a chance to replay last night in his head.

Meeting Connor’s friends had been wonderful. They were all so nice and fun and Connor was nice and fun around them. And Oliver and Connor got to be nice and fun together around them. He had actually been a little surprised how easy they were around Connor’s friends. Meeting the friends always creates some hiccups but there really hadn’t been any last night. They had just been themselves. It had been almost like they were real boyfriends.


Why is that word reminding him of something last night and oh no!

Toothpaste on his chin, toothbrush poised midair, Oliver looks up to see his own panicked expression in the mirror.

No. We’ve waited long enough. I wanna be boyfriends again. 

I wanna be boyfriends again.

Boyfriends again.



He wipes the toothpaste off his chin and rinses his mouth, trying to remember what else had been said in his drunken, handsy, filter-less state. Connor had said something. Something about Oliver getting sober and sleeping and…and what? There was something else. Something more. Connor had said something else and what was it? Then Oliver remembers what he’d breathed out as he fell asleep.

I love you.

Did he really say that? Oliver turns away from the mirror to lean back against the sink and presses a hand over his mouth. Did he really tell Connor he wanted to be boyfriends and that he loved him? Really! That’s really what happened last night. Then and there, Oliver decides he’s never drinking again. 

This is a disaster. He can’t believe he screwed this up so bad. Connor is going to freak out. Connor’s going to freak and he’s going to leave and Oliver ruined everything. Again!

He was drunk. If Connor brings it up he’ll just say he was drunk and play it off like it isn’t a big deal. Because it isn’t a big deal. Drunk people say and do stupid things all the time. It’s not important. It’s not like Oliver meant it or anything.

Except he did. He really, really did.

Oliver lets his head fall into his hands again and just wishes he could go back to bed.

“Hey, you’re awake,” Connor says, peeking into the bathroom. “Here, I come bearing gifts.” He holds out a glass of water and some aspirin, which Oliver happily downs. “So, how you feeling?”

Oliver gives him a look and puts the glass down on the sink. “I’ve been better.”

“Well, I figured as much.” Connor leans against the doorframe and crosses his arms. “But really, how you feeling?”

“I don’t know.” Oliver shrugs. What does Connor want with this? “Head hurts. Don’t feel up for running any marathons.”

Connor hums in sympathy. “But, on the whole, you feeling okay? Or—I don’t know—sober?”

With that, Oliver remembers. I want this and you. I really do…when you’re sober. He locks eyes with Connor and sees more than he ever hoped for. “Painfully sober.”

Connor pushes off the doorframe and crowds Oliver back against the sink. He takes Oliver’s hips in his hands and pulls him close. He leans in until their lips are almost touching and breathes out, “Good.”

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people commenting on the jl vs tt video that 'dc fans hate change.' only change that doesn't make any fucking sense. dc has a huge boner for bruce and damian. they don't care about portraying anyone in character as long as bruce and damian are in the spotlight being badass. bad blood was better than bvr but damn they didn't even bother getting nightwing right? and once again we have him jobbing, this time to batman, when in the previous movie even damian beat the shit out of bruce like wtf dc

The ‘DC fans hate change’ thing is just the default phrase every time this happens.

I love change, actually. I loved seeing Cass take on the Batgirl mantle, and then I loved it being passed to Steph. I loved watching the various Robins cycle through that mantle as well. I loved when Kate Kane was created. I loved watching Barbara’s growth as Oracle and the character development of Huntress from start to finish. I loved when Wally became the Flash. I loved when Dick became Batman. I loved when Tim became leader of the Titans. I loved when Cassie became Wonder Girl. I loved when Conner Kent was created. I loved watching multiple families and legacies build up and unfold to create new narratives on existing narratives.

Things I don’t love: Burnside Batgirl making Babs ooc. The Starfire solo making Kory ooc. Black Canary making Dinah ooc. The Grayson series making Dick ooc. Red Hood/Arsenal making Jason and Roy ooc. The New 52 erasing the Flash family legacy. The New 52 cramming the Batfamily legacy into a tiny timeframe. The New 52 butchering Wonder Woman’s origin. The New 52 erasing the Arrow family legacy. The New 52 erasing multiple generations of heroes. The New 52 unraveling the Titan legacy. The New 52 turning heroes into villains.

In fact, I guess those people are right. I hate change. But I love development. I love watching characters grow and evolve as if they’re real and fleshed out. I love watching them take unexpected turns and move in new directions, building up friendships and ties with other characters around them. I love when they struggle and grow and take on new mantles while trying to respect the ones that came before them. I love when DC is a cohesive universe full of intricate connections and development arcs that actually build up to mean something in the grand scheme of things because you can follow these people’s lives from start to finish and grow with them. But people are correct that I hate when DC changes things spontaneously just because it’s easy, bold and cheap to do. Weird how we don’t like superficial crap, huh?

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I'm super jealous that Taylor and Michael are friends. Call me a bitch but I just don't want him to leave me. I know he was never even with me I just hoped that maybe one day we could be a thing. Now we'll never happen and I know deep down that's because Taylor's perfect and I'm gross. Michael wouldn't even give me a second look if he walked past me on the street. It just hurts so much. (sorry if this doesn't make any sense I'm a miserable loser hoping someone would care)

I’m not one to sugar coat it, because you need to hear the reality. Honestly, the actual statistics are, you’re most likely to win the lottery than to date a band member. Unfortunately millions of people wish to be in a relationship with Michael, and the rest of 5sos, but we have to accept that it might not happen. Taylor is great, yeah. But so are you. I hate it when people don’t like whoever 5sos hang with if they’re female, because today’s society need to realise that a relationship doesn’t always happen at the end of a friendship of two opposite genders. I like Taylor. She has an amazing personality and I’m not going to shame her for making friends with Michael, because given the opportunity, you’d do the exact same. Just don’t always expect a relationship out of a friendship and keep in mind that she’s Harry’s ex and he probably wouldn’t go there.

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I'm just really confused by something. Everyone says Theon's arc is about finding his identity. I just...he comes out of this he's terribly mutilated and traumatized for life. Even if he stops trying to pretend to be something he's not and admits what he cares about I just don't understand how he can find himself when so much of his limited options are no longer even possible anymore. It just doesn't make sense to me.

OKAY I’M FINALLY HERE *rubs hands* (first thank you for asking this because it means I get to post a bunch of me ranting about Theon in the tag therefore adding something in the midst of dick in a box jokes) (also this post is LONG sorry)

That said: see, the thing is that… he has found himself already. Sort of. And it’s vastly improvable, of course, but as he is and for how the story’s being set up, I think he has more options than it looks like. Wait I’m just gonna break it down.

  • So, the thing is that Theon’s arc is already presented like that technically - all the chapters in ACOK are titled Theon, so that’s who he is, and then in ADWD you have one with that title, the others are all obviously all the personality changes he undergoes through until he finally gets at the end, and count that it basically goes backwards from the ACOK arc. Like, it was incblackbird who noticed it a while ago in the tag somewhere - if you look at the story progression, in ACOK Theon does go from Theon to turncloak to prince in Winterfell to Reek pretty much, while in ADWD it’s the contrary - he starts Reek, goes through all the others backwards and comes back to Theon. So it is about someone finding his identity. And I’m not saying reclaiming for a reason.
  • Which would be: Theon-in-ACOK thinks he knows who he is and that he has it all figured out. He’s Theon Greyjoy who’s also the heir to the islands and an ironborn and he’s also Robb Stark’s bff for the ages and he’s Ned Stark’s ward even if he doesn’t want to really acknowledge that and he thinks he’s done with it. Then since he can’t be both, which is what basically this whole mess stems for, he ends up taking his shitty decisions that bring him to the Reek point, but all of that is basically built on the fact that he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing half of the time. And I say it with all the love in the world of course, but - like, he wants to be an ironborn and then he conquers a castle that he wants to rule like Eddard Stark insofar as doing shit that ironborns would never do like killing the men who raped/tried to rape the women in Winterfell. And that’s because he wants approval and clearly he doesn’t get it because to the northerners it’s the proof that he’s just a thieving ironborn like all the rest and the ironborn think he’s too soft and the north ruined him and shit. He’s pretty much a mess mostly because of that, and count that he’s really fixated on his heritage/on having an heritage at all. As in, if he can’t be prince of the iron islands then he should damn well be prince of Winterfell and so on. In short: this dude is confused as fuck though it’s not all his fault - it’s pretty much the natural consequence of his upbringing - and he gets shit wrong regardless because he behaves the way he thinks he should according to whichever role he’s playing/whatever he thinks he’s supposed to be doing according to his role at that moment. 
  • Tldr: he thinks he knows who he is, he knows nothing. Ygritte would have had a field day.
  • Meanwhile, while he’s Reek, in theory he’s stripped down of everything that made him himself. And sure he’s traumatized for life and he’s mutilated and everything you said, but the thing is that I think one of that entire storyline’s points is showing that he’s actually made of stronger stuff than pretty much everyone in those books.
  • Case in point: even when he’s Reek, he has to come up with the rhyming thing to remember that he’s supposed to be Reek. Like, it’s so fundamentally wrong to him that he can’t fully buy into it even then and so he comes up with the rhyming thing - count that Ramsay never mentions it and that the more ADWD goes on the more the rhymes get ridiculous - I mean, until he says weak and freak and shit it’s all good, but leek? Cheek? It’s obvious he’s kinda grasping at straws there to find anything that will work. The moment he’s away from Ramsay (when he goes Moat Caitlin) he thinks about himself and Robb joking at Roose’s expense during war councils. He thinks of himself as Theon more progressively while the chapter advance the moment the Reek ones are done. And at random times he does shit that he might have done before - like, it’s mostly in the last chapter (which is titled Theon, no shit XD) but he sorta grins to himself when he realizes that the spearwives can’t kill him if they want their plan to succeed, then he goes like ‘if only I had any strength I’d wish I could fuck her against the table’ at the spearwife that looks wrong at him and shit. And if you look at the WoW chapter, other than thinking of himself as Theon at any given time, he sasses Stannis internally pretty damn often all things considered.
  • Tldr: he’s gone through a lot of shit, but he never really was completely fucked up to his core.
  • Also, core difference between last-chapter-of-ADWD-Theon and ACOK-Theon: in acok as stated he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s supposed to be because he had… too many conflicting options and he never could work it out for himself. ADWD is basically him working through most of his shit albeit in probably very unhealthy ways, but by the time he’s walking up the stairs to Jeyne’s room he’s pretty much realized that a) he did some bad stuff, b) that he’s sorry for what he did, c) that he went at things completely wrong, d) that his priorities were scrambled wrong, e) that he might have wanted to be a Stark but not because OMG I LOVE THE STARKS but because it was the closest thing to a home he ever had - he never says that he had one, f) he should have been with Robb.
  • Now, I went about the importance of the Robb thing a lot in the past so I’m just gonna leave links because no one wants me to rehash it again (here is a thing about the parallelism in their storylines and this about Robb seeing in him the person who’d rescue Jeyne Poole rather than the ass everyone else thought he was), so I’ll just do the tldr: the moment Theon realizes that he should have been with Robb all that time I think he kinda put two and two together and realized that it was what he, Theon, not the heir to the islands/turncloak/prince of Winterfell/etcetera, would have wanted. I also have complicated feelings about how Robb saw Theon and the fact that Theon probably never thought that good of himself deep down, but never mind that.
  • Though on that I should add one moment that - well, everything’s Theon ever wanted was validation from others and to be looked up at/seen as a worthy person. If we don’t count his mother (which we don’t really know about in depth), there’s exactly one person who was only too happy to give him that, aka Robb Stark, and we just established that Theon has just realized that he should have died with him, so… let’s just keep that in mind.
  • At this point, someone who’s thoroughly fucked up by the circumstances would probably just give it up, also considering that by this point he’s suicidal. And instead what is the first thing he does after putting two and two together? Right, he saves Jeyne’s life. And - that’s actually kinda hero/fairytale worth - I mean, he can barely even walk and nonetheless he has it in him to grab her, drag her to the roof and forward and when he realizes that it’s either risking death or going back to their abuser he jumps when he could as well have gone back and told Ramsay she had tried to escape and he caught her. That’s… hardly someone who’s broken down in the spirit, if we catch my meaning.
  • And, when he meets Asha and she goes like Theon?, he goes like yes my name is Theon. Not Theon Greyjoy or anything else. And he’s pretty damn sure about that. He knows perfectly where he’s standing at and the WoW chapter doesn’t really deny it imo - I mean, he kinda sounds unhinged at times but can you blame him XD
  • Now, context. It looks like he’s a hostage again and that Stannis is gonna kill him, but as I said other times, GRRM never kills off someone if he already told you he will. Also, Davos has been MIA since mid-ADWD. I’m gonna pay you money that he gets to Stannis’ camp with Rickon before the execution and at that point it’s gonna have to happen that people realize that Bran and Rickon weren’t dead, and so goes the only reason Stannis has to kill him himself, because he has no real title to do it otherwise. And as much as people say Jon might do it… people, he has bigger fish to fry. Like maybe that he’ll have to die, come back to life and come to terms with being Azor Ahai, but never mind me.
  • At that point Asha might try to make a deal or something, but I’m betting you money that he survives at least WoW.
  • Which means that there’s an entire book of storyline and possibly another one (I don’t think Theon’s dying at all for that matter). During which pretty much anything could happen, but… he’s not with Ramsay anymore and I HIGHLY doubt he ever will be again - he escaped on his own, he’s out, not even GRRM would be the kind of sadist to throw him there again especially after he put all that work in the ‘he escapes while doing an extremely selfless thing’ storyline. If Asha manages to make a deal he’d have relative freedom, and the fact that he’s not obliged to be anything that he was supposed to before might actually be good because if he doesn’t have to be his father’s heir or Robb’s friend or the Stark ward… then he actually could have enough freedom to realize what he actually wants. He probably doesn’t know yet and the thing about his SL is that I really hope it somehow is also about him trying to find that out.
  • Sure, proven that the white walkers don’t get there because I have no clue of what he’s supposed to do in the northern storyline tho if he’s there it has to be important, but.
  • That said, if he survives the war - which I think he will - then who stops him from actually looking around, seeing his options and take his decisions, especially since while he’s pretty damn bad off physically I think he’ll eventually be okay enough mentally. Not ever completely okay, but at some point he’s gonna get there somehow. Also let’s be real, GRRM is bad when it comes to realism - the way Theon is right now, he shouldn’t have been able to walk up the stairs without stopping every three steps, never mind running across the roof and throwing himself off it. Like, he’s missing at least four toes and it’s all the outer ones, try walking while curling them so you can’t use them and tell me it’s easy after ten steps. Irl it’d take him years to get back to a semblance of healthy, but if in fiction GRRM just goes like ‘he’s totally gonna go and use a bow again even if he lost all his muscle’ I’ll just roll my eyes and go on.
  • Anyway, I think he actually can have options the moment the war is done and since it looks like he’s coming back to himself all along and he has to a degree already found himself I don’t think he’s in a bad place for the arc to go forward at all. That said, it has to because you don’t bring someone at that point just to kill them off. If you do that kind of arc either the person somehow gets over their trauma and moves on to a degree and says fuck you to who put them there or you kill them long before this point, as the text is right now it would make no sense killing him off. (I think I ranted about it in the above link re why/how he would survive XD) So no, I don’t think he’s gone yet or that he can’t come back from it. It was beyond words horrid of course, but he never really went away in the first place - well, the core part that eventually came out during the last ADWD chapter that I was talking about before. So - I still think there’s a lot of ways it could go and they don’t necessarily have to be bad y’know.

… wow that was long. I hope it made any sense and that I actually covered the issue you were addressing, at some points I really just started rambling, lol.