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Hey so I don't fit the diagnostic criteria that you recently posted? but I've been self diagnosed for about 3 months now and have just started being comfortable with telling people irl. I stim a lot, have trouble making friend, have special interests and like routines. I know a lot of other autistics who self diagnose based on the same things that I've diagnosed based on. I'm really confused. Does this mean that a lot of the self dx community and I aren't valid? Can I still be autistic?

Those are the criteria required to get a professional diagnosis, so if you don’t meet them, then you won’t be able to get professionally diagnosed. However, there is a lot of conversation within the autistic community as to what actually makes someone autistic and whether the DSM criteria are an accurate way of telling whether or not someone is autistic. 

My personal view is that if you feel that you identify with the autistic experience, then you are autistic. If you don’t meet any of the section A criteria, then you probably aren’t autistic as social difficulties are the defining aspect of autism, however, from what you’ve said, you fit at least part of section A. 

Further, the criteria are cryptically worded, so if you identify with the autistic experience, it is likely that you do fit the criteria but just don’t see the ways you do. For instance, many of us think we’re better with nonverbal communication than we actually are and don’t realize that we’re actually misinterpreting the nonverbal communication of others. 

TL;DR: If you identify with the autistic experience, you are likely autistic. 


I read somewhere one time, that the reason we always go back to the person that hurt us. Is that its easier to get back with someone that already knows everything about you, then to start over. It’s natural for us as humans to wanna keep things the same. Such as eating at the same restaurant and ordering the same meal every time. Having to let a new person learn everything about you, even the things you might not want them to know isn’t easy. Having to introduce them to your family, hoping that they will accept them just like they did with your ex, makes that first family gathering stressful. Hoping that he will accept you once he learns all your flaws, and even going through your first fight can be difficult as you don’t know what he does when he’s mad/upset. Even though you know going back to your ex is a bad idea and that things really haven’t changed. It’s what seems like the easiest option so thus that's what you do, knowing, in the end, it’s not going to work. 

the issue is essentially that mac and dennis were both raised by abusive parents who withheld love and affection from them, and mac coped with that by telling himself that his parents did actually love him, and it was his fault that they didn’t express it, whereas dennis coped with the same issue by building elaborative protective mechanisms around himself to render love unnecessary and protect himself from abuse

and so now mac is operating under the assumption that dennis does love him and he’s doing backflips to convince dennis that he’s worthy, but for dennis it’s not a question of whether mac is worthy as much as it’s, “the only person? who makes me feel safe? loves me? and i love him? but love = not safe? love = very, very not safe? do i stick around until this implodes and i get hurt, or do i get out now and save everyone a ton of trouble?” that’s what’s happening

When some fanfic writers put curses (like f*ck) in (literally) each of kanda’s sentences, and show him only being angry and pissed to everything and everyone around him, and purposely starts fighting or being mean to others..

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omg i can already feel yall gonna hate me for this fhfjnfjfkf

reading your posts about how mary’s purpose in the narrative is to make them feel guilty for being together and then rewatching the scene out of context made me realize…

two men hug, one of them, crying, “it’s not ok”, “but it is what it is”, reassures him the other, that’s . … wöw?

they are creating a queer story which is both very relatable for most lgbt ppl because shame, guilt etc. is a daily experience for most of us WHILE still NOT making the story out to be textually about shame and homophobia which is also good because it’s easier to watch and it’s just pretty fresh how FINALLY it’s not the same old guilt-laden story told, we deserve fun stories free of that… idk does this make sense to anyone else??? personally i choose to read it this way and i love it

Antis being outraged that “anti antis” exist 🤔

Ahaha, did they think they had the exclusivity of online assholery?

You know what gets to me? How personal Harry and Louis make it when they do charity. Harry saw this story about Jessica or someone told him about her and he didn’t send any people to take care of it, he called her mum himself and spoke to her personally. How warm and good

Same goes for Louis. Louis does so much? He’s an ambassador for so many things like hospices and the Eden Dora trust. He gives literally so much? He’s never cheap and the amount of money he spends on charity is always enormous. He organized a BALL, to make all of the girls and boys feel special and magical. And he does so many things out of the press as well, visiting children in the hospital, sending gifts to their houses and to their parents, creating memories, making people smile. He’s such a genuinely good person. 

A lot of the things they went through, and still are, could have made them bitter and selfish, but they still have so much love and kindness in their hearts and they use it. I admire that every day. 

I don’t think any group can be overrated. Whatever company or history, each idol works hard and it takes an element of luck to make it big. BTS are a huge group, but just because you don’t like them (and I personally don’t) does not mean they are underrated. Same with EXO. They all worked hard to get to the amazing point they are at, and they all gave up so much. How can they be overrated with that?

I really wish people understood what ignoring someone does. It has the same feeling of a physical blow. It makes the person feel completely worthless, useless and unimportant. It makes them feel like their presence means nothing… and the worst thing is… when the person being ignored finally speaks up about it… people still ignore it. When you tell people how being ignored makes you feel and they continue to do it, you feel like they could care less whether you were there or not. You feel so fucking small to the world. You feel like your worth just diminishes… I wish people would get this.


Ed and Winry grew together in the same house for some years. 

Yuu and Mika too.

Ed and Winry saw themselves as a family member and childhood friends. 

Yuu and Mika too.

Ed and Winry married and had kids. 

Yuu plans to take care of kids together with Mika in the future in Unmei no Hajimari.

Kids growing together not always make them siblings. This is a matter of personal opinion. And as FM//Ab showed, many people don’t think that kids growing together for some years make them siblings. Because this is a matter of personal opinion.

As a matter of fact, when EdxWinry was implied and became canon, it didn’t made people react in the same ways as an//ti does against mikayuu. While just the fact that there is people hoping mikayuu to be canon brings so much hate… The major difference between those ships would be mainly, one is straight and the other is gay.

Sure we don’t know if mikayuu will be queerbaiting. But for sure. It’s not incest. They as brothers is a matter of personal opinion. 

Just like people believing that god exist. That’s a personal belief and opinion.


Disclaimer: This is how I personally deal with scary teachers. While I hope my advice would help a lot of people, it does not necessarily apply to everyone.

Teachers are arguably the most important part of the classroom. Their personality, teaching style, and overall handling of the curriculum can make or break a student’s productivity in that class. Most are brilliant; however, there are some that take their brilliance with a big spoonful of intimidation. Here is how I deal with them.

ONE: Be prepared. Some classes you can walk into with half a pencil and a sheet of paper. This is probably not that class. Make sure to have all the supplies you might need with you - a pen, an extra pen (in the exact same color), a corrector (if allowed), and some pencils as well as a notebook or paper. Have your textbook with you. If you can, bring an entire stationery shop. Don’t be the parasite that takes from their neighbors.

TWO: Be alert. Don’t fall asleep, please. It may be a 7am class or the one after lunch, but do whatever it takes to stay awake and alert.

THREE: Be respectful. Some teachers are fine being called by a simple “cher”. Some are not. Make sure to know what this teacher prefers. And while I recommend you do this to all your teachers, I stress this for the scary ones: greet them. Give them a curt or cheery “Good morning!” (depending on what they seem to prefer) when you pass by them in the hallway. Say a polite “Thank you!” when you leave the class. Smile at them in the hall and greet them a good afternoon. They might ignore you (actually, they most probably will), but don’t stop. Just keep doing it. It might seem awkward, but this show of courtesy isn’t a fault you have to fix.

FOUR: Participate in their class. You’ll need an insane amount of courage. It’s so much easier to retreat and keep your mouth shut - but that’s what everyone else is already doing. So when the teacher asks a question, raise your hand and answer it! It shows you’re genuinely interested in what they’re teaching. Major bonus points.

FIVE: Be patient and persevere. It’s not easy. Sometimes they make you speak in front and you feel like fainting, or they spring a hard question onto you and you want to cry - but whatevery you do, don’t give up. Take every challenge with poise and grace, and please keep your dignity, haha. Put effort into your work and that effort will not go to waste. If they ask you a hard question, think on it, and give an answer you genuinely believe in. If you’re wrong, ask why and try to learn from it. Your effort may not translate into your grades - that’s not a guarantee, unfortunately - but it will stand out to your teacher in a very good way. You may be wearing ripped jeans but you can still be treated like a mature adult - just act like one.

And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading. I personally think this should apply for all teachers, but it’s definitely a must for the ones that make you want to crawl into a hole. Treat all teachers with the same respect you extend towards your favorite teacher, and your relationship with them will become so much better.

Anyway, I hope these tips help you, even if just a little bit! Have a nice day!

Stanchez Appreciation Week Day 4- Vices and Virtues

And FiddleMarch Week 2- Memories

A Double Whammy for a Personal HC of mine that Stan and Rick adored Fiddleford, but not in the same way Ford does. And they use the picture as a precaution in case Fiddleford’s memory gun use like makes him forget them.

He remembers again <3

(You can tag as ships, but it’s more of a close BrOtp to me)

It is strange to me to continually see people associating the conscious decision to not engage in sexual relations as being ‘asexual’.

That’s not asexuality. That’s celibacy.

I’m asexual because sexual desire is not a normal experience for me.

People who experience sexual desire regularly, but for whatever reason have decided to no longer have sex, are celibate. (Think about nuns for this; they have sacrificed sexuality for spirituality, and it is a sacrifice because they still experience desire. Giving up sex doesn’t make them asexual, but to them it is actually, spiritually, more meaningful to have that desire but give it up for your faith, like what people do during Lent. Choosing celibacy is a common practice in Catholicism.)

You don’t ‘become asexual’ when you decide to stop having sex, in much the same way a bisexual person does not ‘become heterosexual’ when they only engage in opposite-gender sexual relations. It is an identity, not the results of your decisions or your actions.

(Disclaimer because someone is bound to address it: Of course asexuality can be the results of life events and experiences for some, but that’s not what I’m talking about.)

okay here’s the thing

when tv execs and writers use the word “preference” w/ regards to sexuality, they are NOT using it the way we in the bi/pan communities use it

“preference” has always been a nice sneaky way for them to avoid specifically labeling the sexuality of a character. it’s been used with gay characters to allow the writers to do 180s and make them “straight again”. it’s used to explain why bi characters have 1 slightly substantial relationship with someone of the same gender before its dropped and never mentioned again

before you start accusing people of blowing this thing with sara out of proportion, do even just a tiny bit of digging. that same scene where sara said she had a “preference”, laurel then asks her “are you /sure/ you prefer girls? he [ray] was hot.” sara is bi. why does a preference for one gender affect her ability to find any person of any gender attractive? it doesn’t

or how about when jonah hex made a sexist remark about a man “breaking sara in” or w/e. and mick butts in to tell him that won’t happen. not because sara would hand any man’s ass to him if he tried. but because she’s into girls. implied to be exclusively into girls. and sara isn’t even given a line to correct him.

or how about when one of the lead writers during s2 of arrow said they didn’t want to label sara bisexual because it would be “salacious”? how about that the cw has a shitty track record with wlw characters? how about that it has been reported the cw has been pushing the writers to clamp down on sara’s bisexuality and make her exclusively attracted to women?

don’t act like we’re pulling this out of the god damn air. as a bi woman, with a preference for women, i KNOW that scene in the 100th ep wasn’t for me. and god knows if it had been a scene that led to sara saying “you know i prefer men” people would be sharpening fucking pitchforks

Just to be clear

Sinbad wanted to make a better world, one where no one would fight, where there would be no conflicts, no wars. His solution was to rewrite the entire world to fit his ideal.

Whatever you say: stripping every person of their will, their thoughts, their opinions, their individuality does not, in fact, make it a better world. Okay, nobody fights, but guess why: it’s because now everyone thinks in the same way, everyone thinks like Sinbad does. Worse, like Sinbad wants them to think.

Solomon’s system had flaws, but at least, people were still themselves, they made mistakes and learned from them or not, they had their own free will. How can Sinbad pretend that all he wants is to make the world better and then do something like that ?

When he interrupted the fight between Aladdin and Arba, he explicitely said that Solomon was irresponsible because he rewrote the rules of the world as he wished and then let go of the reins. Now, Sinbad’s got full hold of those reins and it’s absolutely terrifying.

That does not sounds like something the young boy from a small Parthevian village would do. In fact, Sinbad probably became everything he used to hate: someone who robs people of their freedom. Heh, he used to be all about freedom and independance, he used to value things like bonds and friendship and family, where is that now ? 

The world he created is not peaceful, it’s cold, it’s a prison.

my answer to literally every relationship question I get on tumblr:

I am a simple person. if you love someone, you let them know before it’s too late. they love you back? good for you. they don’t? life goes on, move on and try finding the right person. you don’t feel the same way anymore? be honest and let them know. you don’t just start talking to someone else and then realize you have a crush on them and then get confused, go on tumblr and ask a stranger whether or not you should break up with your significant other. 

once you start doubting your feelings, it’s a good sign that the two of you need to sit down and talk it out: what does each one of you have to do to make it work? is it still worth fighting for? should we say goodbye and wish each other the best of luck in life? it’s up for both of you to decide, don’t bring a 3rd person into this to make the matter even more complicated.

just my 2 cents.


To the woman my husband loves. If you’re reading this, then it must be true, he loves you without a shadow of a doubt or else he wouldn’t have given this to you. I can only hope that you feel the same way about him that he does about you. I wanted to write this letter because I wanted you to know one very important thing; I’m so glad he’s found you. I only wish I could be there some how to met you, and maybe in some ways I am. Outside of my husband and my two beautiful children, you are the most important person in the world to me because I am gone and they are yours now. You need to take care of them; make them laugh, hold them when they cry, stand up for them, and teach them wrong from right. The thought of you it gives me hope; hope that Alex remembers what it feels like to be young and in love, hope that josh finds someone to fish with again, hope that Lexie has someone to help her on her wedding day. I hope that one day my family will be whole again. And most of all hope that somehow I’m there with all of you, watching over all of you.

Drama-free PSA!

I reorganized some advice from a dramatic post and just note:  the original information was pointed out by the wonderful @gabriel-fucking-agreste and @sinfulpapillon, so if you like Miraculous Ladybug, I highly encourage you to check out their pages!  

Anyways, onto the information already shared!  *^_^*

How to make your tumblr experience enjoyable!

  1. Blocking persons who you don’t want to see or be associated with is actually effective and not really offensive.  There are millions of tumblr users and blocking a few of them to guarantee personal peace of mind doesn’t make you a bad person.  (Unless you messaged them horrible things and then turned around and blocked them.  Then you’re just being mean.  DX)
  2. Blacklisting does wonders for anyone who doesn’t want to tip toe on eggshells around tumblr!  The lovely ladies above mentioned Xkit, but for some readon that doesn’t work on my computer, so I’ve settled on Tumblr Savior, which does the exact same thing.  You can block out whole words and phrases, which makes avoiding spoilers, porn, and NOTPs much, much easier!  *^_^*
  3. Being ‘salty’ privately means not putting it up on your public blog for people to find and get offended by.  If you don’t mind the drama you’re about to stir up, then go ahead and post it, but if you would rather not be as’salt’ed because of your saltiness, grab a friend and complain mutually and privately.  Like a huge gal-pal session where you complain about your day and then forget about it.  Because you can trust your friends not to raise a stink (unless someone’s actually hurting/insulting/degrading you.  Then your friends will fite them) and you’re allowed to be salty peacefully.  In short, find or create a safe salt zone.

I hope you guys find this advice helpful, because it’s really good advice!  *^_^*

OTP template (i guess)

So imagine your otp. Person A is an assassin, they lost their (mother, father, loved one) in the hands of someone bad, but then they went to court, the bad guy got away with it, or the bad guy didn’t get enough time, so person A decided to kill all the bad guys to make them pay for their all the bad they’ve done. Person B is a detective, they also lost their (mother, father, loved one) in the hands of someone bad, however, they did get justice, so person B decided to become a detective to track down all the bad guys and do them justice. Person B falls in love with Person A, but also hates them at the same time. Eventually, one of them finds out what the other one does (person B finds out about Person A’s killing or vice versa) and now they are torn between what they stand for and their true love.

Things Jack and Lardo have experienced as Best Bros (based off my own life experiences):

  • “You two would make such a cute couple!” Ugh.
  • Does Lardo correct this person who assumed Jack is female, or continue to let them call him a her?
  • Being each other’s wingman is so much easier than trying to wingman for someone of the same gender.
    • Bonus, when Lardo chats up a girl for Jack and it turns out she’s not interested in men, Lardo’s already started the conversation for herself.
  • “Are you sure you’re not attracted to him/her?”
  • Using each other to get estranged family off the “Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend yet?” bandwagon.
    • Especially once Lardo officially knows, but Jack and Bitty aren’t ready to tell the whole world yet.
    • Lardo is totally Jack’s beard for a few years.
  • “You only have a male best friend because you want to be the ‘cool chick’”
  • Jack asks Lardo for advice on literally every article of clothing he buys. Even his underwear. They’re fucking black boxers, Jack. You can’t go wrong with black boxers.
  • Jack has been a test run for Lardo’s dates so many times it’s basically like they’ve dated already.
  • When Lardo is actually dating someone, Jack is so torn between being in “my best friend is finally getting laid” mode and “I must protect her from having her heart broken” mode.
  • No one understands their relationship, but none of that matters because having a best friend who happens to have different genitals doesn’t mean the friendship itself is any different.