that does not make it okay in any way


Steve Rogers does not approve of his (boy)friend’s cuddling new friend :D

Yeah Tentacles. Avengers Academy you win.

Sorry for my bad English and hand writing! Grammar checking and proper handwriting functions tend to shut down while I am sleepy ; w ; (and I hope everyone in US is doing okay *hug* I know how it feels to have someone like this to lead the government… please take good care of yourself and reach out to someone if you need any help)

Maybe we should not?

Context: The three Players, A human monk, an elf fighter, and a dwarf barbarian/sorcerer woke up in a tomb and managed to make their way out, to find a dragon’s skeleton that once blocked what used to be the entrance.

Elf: “I take a tooth.”
Both Dwarf and Human(ooc): What why? Why would you do that?
Evil DM(me): No, guys, if [Elf] wants to, let her.
The Dwarf and Human exchange worried looks, having played my sessions before.

Elf:“Okay I pull a tooth.”
Me:“ Any in particular?”
Elf: “Just.. a tooth. Does it matter?”

So the Elf is allowed to pull a tooth, and the other two begin backing away. All of them are slightly surprised at first by it not being something ridiculous like explosive, and then it happens.
“Elf, roll a reflex save.”
Elf fails.
4 foot spiders begin crawling out of the mouth of the dragon and, as she fails a will save, up the elf’s legs as she stares in horror.

The Dwarf had long since cast detect magic, and saw that the now 13 spiders were all illusionary. He and the human were almost dead themselves, forgetting to breathe rather than laugh.
Anyways, the Dwarf took pity eventually and informed the elf that the spiders were illusions, which cancelled the spell.
-Genesis Campaign

  • what she says: im fine
  • what she means: sebastian stan has no idea how important he is, or how much people appreciate him, he does incredible work and makes such an impact on people constantly, and yet he says he thinks things about himself worse than anything any critic could say about him. why doesn't he see himself the way i see him, why doesn't he know his value, why is he so hard on himself
Cupid’s Chokehold

In which Klaus is Caroline’s dirty little secret.

Okay, so obviously I have this thing about season 4 and how good it was, so I decided to make a few Klaroline-inspired changes to the overall canon in this drabble, and hopefully you enjoy! Oh, and this starts after 4X01. And it does contain dialogue from the various episodes between 4X01 and 4X13, so just putting it out there that I don’t own any of that, nor do I own Caroline or Klaus (oh, but how I wish I did).

Oh, by the way, there is smut in this, so you may want to avert your eyes if it makes you uncomfortable.

“Hello, Caroline,”

Caroline groaned, tipping her head and staring up at the sky, as if praying for deliverance.

She turned around, carefully, hoisting her bag firmly over her shoulder. “What do you want?” She asked, coldly.

“I wanted to clear the air, so to speak.” Klaus said, rocking back on his heels.

“Yeah, well, not interested.” Caroline scowled, making to leave when Klaus sped in front of her, halting her departure.

“Just… listen to what I say, Caroline.” Klaus was almost pleading with her.

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We arrive in front of the school, a neon sign reading PITTSBURGH EW WAVE buzzes; the N flickers. We both look at it. “That’s funny,” Noah says, but neither of us laugh. He hops out of the car and helps me to the driver’s side, asking repeatedly if I’m okay. Before he gets into his own car, Noah says, “When you made David Lynch cry, how did it feel?”

I think for a second. “I realized there wasn’t any way he could know that I was responsible,” I pause. “But I knew I was— so it wasn’t letting him down that hurt so much as letting myself down by letting him get hurt. Does that make sense?”

Noah looks down at the street and shakes his head, chuckling to himself. “Perfect sense.”

—  from the novel I’m working on, Multiplex.
Everyone wanting to skip class or call out of work today

If you need to do it, do it. Right now, you need to survive, you need to be okay, and whatever that means for you, do it.

If you don’t, then I’ll tell you what I told my closest friend.

If you are part of any disadvantaged or marginalized group, the oppressive ideology of the Trump brigade does not want you to EXIST, much less succeed. They do not want you to thrive. They do not want you to make strides in any way that is not useful to them.

Go to class. Go to work. Make today the day you start that painting, you open that book, you message your group and ask if you can meet.

For the disadvantaged, living is protest. Your existence is radical. Your success, your survival, your continued living, is revolutionary.

My friend Diva told me today that we shouldn’t be going about our lives. That we should be taking to the fucking streets. And for those of us who do not have that option, use the next best power you have - living.

For everyone who can’t leave bed, whose physical activism is keystrokes speaking out against oppression when they can manage, for everyone who struggles to get themselves to the bathroom, who cannot walk or even use mobility equiptment, for whom the innumerable reasons traditional protest and activism may not be possible apply to, live. Survive. Thrive. What you can do, do.

You are alive and you are a wealth of possibility. That will not be taken from you. Fight and live and love and strive and succeed and become scholars and leaders and teachers and role models to the best of your ability, do that today. Do that in a world turning itself inside out to keep you from doing it. Do that when you are obligated to either sell your labor for profit or find yourself on the streets and you AREN’T strong, when you ARE powerless, when the world has given you nothing to your name besides that you are still alive. Do that for as long as it isn’t taken from you.

And if you can’t make any fight, and it is reasonably within your ability, then rest. Survive. Skip when you need to skip, cancel your plans and appointments and call out. If surviving by action puts your life and livelihood in danger, then it is just as radical and just as much a form of protest to save yourself from harm and be able to continue on.

For everyone who cannot or does not know how to be strong today, I am urging you to just survive. To be as strong or weak as you need to. What that means is for you to decide.

Becoming an Aphrodite Devotee

So you decided you’re ready to take your relationship with Aphrodite to the next level! Congrats!! But now what? How do you become a devotee? And what does being a devotee even mean? No worries! I got you covered!

People keep using the word “devotee” but what does that even mean?

Being a devotee is like taking your relationship from casual to more serious. Simply, you make offerings on a more routine and frequent basis and not just because you need something from Aphrodite (or any other deity).

Okay I want to be a devotee to Aphrodite, how do I go about doing it?

The great thing about this is that there really isn’t an exact way to do it. I strongly encourage all of you to really make the ritual your own since this relationship with Aphrodite will be your own. Do what feels right. The only thing I will say is necessary is an offering of some kind and you basically telling Aphrodite that you wish to become her devotee. How you wish to execute these is completely up to you. You decide how elaborate the ritual should be, what kind of offering to give, and what words to say. It is all in your hands!

I did my devotee ritual but I’m not sure if Aphrodite heard it or even accepted it. I’m freaking out! What do I do!?

First off, RELAX! It is completely okay! Don’t stress out if you don’t feel anything right away. Sometimes it’s hard for us to pick up on the ways deities are speaking to us. In some ways it’s a learned skill, especially since deities choose different ways to speak to their devotees and worshippers. So the way she communicates with me may not be the same for you. In this case, just stay calm and go about business as usual. Make sure to do things for Aphrodite whether it be offerings, devotional acts, or anything else you can think of and just keep an ear/eye out for any sign or feeling from her.

Side note: Please Please PLEASE don’t ever compare yourself to other devotees and their relationships with Aphrodite. Don’t look at them and think “this is the way it’s supposed to be” because there is no “supposed to be”. Your relationship with Aphrodite is unique, personal, and beautiful and never EVER let anyone try to tell you otherwise. If they do, let me know and I will personally slap them In the face!

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Does entp have any problem with enfp ? I thought enfp can get along well with every MBTI but it seems like too many unicorn and rainbows can make the entp uncomfortable ? (at least from the way you answering the questions about enfp, you kinda dislike the enfp, just wondering)

Eh, well okay–
my two current closest friends (not including internet friends) are ISFJ and ENFP. After that maybe ENTP and INTJ.
So what does this say?? Sure I have negative opinions of ISFJs and ENFPs and even these individual people, but despite their shortcomings, I appreciate them a lot and would be really confused or even sad if they suddenly stopped talking to me.
ENFPs CAN scare ENTPs off, but usually only at first? ENTPs warm up to ENFPs pretty fast, but may still pick on them for their (*ahem* sometimes annoying) “NF version” of life from time to time. But we secretly love you and admire you.

…gonna let you know a secret, I have wanted to be an ENFP my whole darn life (most Disney princesses are, after all, EFPs) but I’m too much a cold, logical machine for that.
In sum I’m jealous of your zest for life and your adhesion to your values, but not jealous (and annoyed by) your moody mood swings and depressive habits to be honest

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I want to start a comic called, "the girl with flowers" and it's Bout a girl who's in the hospital with a deadly illness and a boy who voulenteers there meets her and the more he talks to her the more he falls in love. Anyways, the comic is about him supporting her through her hard times. Does that sound okay? Any tips?

I think it sounds great! Really angsty, but great!

Make sure to at least talk about the heavy stuff. Maybe not do it in a dramatic way, but do it in subtle ways, like a health chart or days where he can’t visit because she’s feeling that unwell.

(you know, to pull on the heart strings a bit~)

And make the story yours! Don’t worry about what others are doing (though feel free to take advice if you want) but remember this story is your child and you are the ultimate decider of what happens :D

✨ New RP Blog 💫


Dan is 16 and mute. He wasn’t born mute. When he was a child his dad was very abusive. Dan’s vocal cords were damaged after his father hit him in the throat repeatedly.

Dan moved on and is at peace with what happened with his dad. He’s okay with the fact that he can’t talk. He doesn’t think it makes him any less of who he is.

Dan is also an amazing artist. He loves drawing people and uses art as a way of talking.


Phil is 16, his home life isn’t the best. His mom is a violent drunk, his step-dad is abusive, his brother is a drug addict.

Phil himself suffers first hand at all of this. Phil also has self-harm issues, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and an eating disorder. He knows he does, Phil wants to get better. He just doesn’t have a way to get help.

Phil loves music. He knows how to play the piano, but he doesn’t have one of his own. Some days he sneaks into the music room just to play. He loves languages and can speak about 3 along with knowing sign language.


Dan and Phil are in the same school. Dan watches from afar and has the biggest crush. Dan’s drawn Phil a bunch of times.

Phil has the biggest heart of anyone and makes sure everyone has a smile on their face. He’s tried to make Dan smile, but Dan never sticks around long enough for him to. Phil doesn’t know however Dan has a crush on him, and Dan doesn’t know Phil has a crush on him to.

snapes actions were irredeemable I don’t care what Rowling or anyone else says

Harry was in no way responsible or even a part of James and Snape’s feud and just because he looks like James how does that make it okay to relentlessly bully a child for years? A child.

Harry was an abused orphan who grew up in the muggle world and rather than helping him because he was once best friends with his mother he instead focuses on a several decade old feud and make this CHILD feel inferior and overwhelmed

there is never any reason for an adult to bully a child and snapes reason is childish and embarrassing


I think it’s so incredibly rude for fitblrs to say things like “I lost weight on my own no crazy surgery for me” like okay? Does it make you feel better to put WLS patients down? If you’ve struggled with your weight how can you not understand my desire to lose weight any way me and my doctor deem healthy? Don’t you know the pain/struggle of being overweight or obese? Is it because you’re jealous that you didn’t get the benefit of the tool I did? Can you not sympathize with me? No you have to put me down to feel better about yourself, how sad for you, that your happiness is so fragile.

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I'm naturally an flirty person, but I've known for two years now that I'm asexual. I make sure I only flirt with really close friends, I just find it fun to do I feel really hypocritical ,though, when someone flirts with me and I get uncomfortable.

Being flirty does not invalidate your asexuality.  And it’s okay to feel uncomfortable when someone flirts back at you.  Being flirty doesn’t guarantee either person any rights.  It just means that they like to flirt.

So if you like flirting, keep on doing it!  Don’t let others expectations stand in your way.

~Mod Elise

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(i'm sorry if this is a weird question aah) do you have any tips on making autistic characters? i want to make some of my characters autistic but im very scared of doing it 'wrong' or offending people..

Okay so, as an autistic person:

First thing first, I recommend checking sources made for autistic people, the #actuallyautistic tag has some points of views of autistic people on the website. Also, you know the stereotypes you often hear about autistic people? Ignore those, its the worst way to make an autistic character.


its important to integrate is Stimming. It’s something every autistic person does, and its good to involve to make your character seem natural, and not just “I slipped “autistic” on them as a character trait”.

Social interaction:

 We tend to freeze up and not even be able to respond to the person speaking to us sometimes, and some of us are completely incapable of speech, (called nonverbal.) But generally learn to communicate using sign language. I occasionally have nonverbal episodes myself, but I am capable of speech most of the time.

Sensory abilities:

Lots of us are hypersensitive to certain sounds, one time I legitimately started crying in class because someone was chewing gum and I could hear it. A good way to portray this is having your character prefer to stay away from loud noises, maybe even wearing headphones or ear muffs.

Some of us are incredibly sensitive to touch, taste, and light as well. I wear darker lenses in public to avoid the light sensitivity myself, and physically cant stand certain touches or food textures.

Remember to do your research by the way! Everyone on the spectrum has different types or forms of it.

Content warning: CSA (child sexual abuse)

I’m kind of alarmed that this needs to be said, but, being ace, aro or a-spec does not in any way make you a child molester. The two things are completely unrelated and have no meaningful correlation or crossover.

You’re fine, you’re okay, you aren’t hurting anyone. Especially not children.

You’re okay.

Looking for Roleplayers

Hello Hello

I’m Lovenu and I’m looking for people who would be interested in joining a skype group of mine for Osomatsu-San roleplay that does not in any way, shape or form condone incest. Not real, not fictional, none.

I’ve been finding myself having a very difficult time trying to find people out there who aren’t okay with it. Even a lot of the blogs that don’t do it still seem to be neutral to it which… Still makes me feel kind of uncomfortable.

So here are the rules for those interested in joining. Make sure to give me your skype so I can add you!


  1. I can’t stress this enough, incest is a huge no-no in the group, If I find out you still reblog it or enjoy it, you can’t be a part of the group, I’m sorry. There are plenty of people out there who are willing to do that sort of thing but I’m specifically making this a group where people don’t have to worry about even ENCOUNTERING that sort of thing because it can honestly be a really scary thing for a lot of people and I don’t think people should have to grit their teeth and bear topics like that for the sake of having a good time.
  2. This chat is going to be SFW for the sake of minors. A NSFW chat will be made but you’re going to have to prove you’re over 18 to participate in it.
  3. This group is going to have an emphasis on roleplay. The skype will most likely be the OOC for us to joke around in. Formats for roleplay will probably be decided together as a group but things like tumblr, drawpile, iscribble, chatzy etc are all viable places to roleplay (both image and text) that provide private spaces. 
  4. This group will be OC and AU friendly! In fact I encourage OCs and AU things because I think Oso could do with a larger cast when it comes to roleplay. I would like to avoid there being too many of the same character though… Like multiples are okay but I think 20 Ichimatsus might be a bit much. Also, OCs have to exist within the Oso universe, I think this is a given though.
  5. RPs will be either text or image based on preference. You can plot things out with people one on one if you want to really plot out the rp.
  6. Please be kind and courteous. Racist/Transphobic/Ableist/Etc language won’t be tolerated and you’ll be promptly removed. Also please be nice to the other players.
  7. No forcing anything on anyone, I want all of these roleplays to be consensual. I’ll probably facilitate a few group roleplays so characters can get to know each other if need be.
  8. I’m hoping that through this, people can make more friends and find people to talk to that they don’t have to feel scared of. I want this to be a SAFE SPACE.

So please, please if you’re interested or if you know someone who might be interested, please send me an ask saying if you want to join. Obviously I won’t accept anons who want to join even if they have a skype name in the ask. I’m really starting to feel alone here, and I don’t think that should have to be the case.

Everyone deserves to feel safe, no matter what the reason and I think people deserve a place with other likeminded people. I’m sure there are plenty of incest groups out there and that’s fine, but I want to really stress that this is going to be a non-incest group.

I really hope this is something you guys might be interested in! Feel free to reblog this if you think your followers might be interested in joining!

Killing stalking: Oh Sangwoo

Okay yall need to get the fuck over the fact that sangwoo is fucked up. He’s supposed to be that way. He has a mental illness and it’s kinda bullshit that you keep hating on him. Sure he does all these horrible things, but he can’t help it and he still tries to make up for it.


And trust me. They both are fucked in the head. So dont try to justify Yoonbum. And don’t try to hate on Sangwoo.

It’s the way they were designed and created by the author and illustrator. And if you don’t like it, shut up and let the people who do enjoy themselves.