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*ahem* So I’ve had this idea ever since I saw Meg dressed as a CIA agent. Imagine if she was part of the team trying to take down the Fake AH Crew. She easily apprehends Gavin and he’s interrogated for several days before eventually being rescued. For some reason, he continuously winds up in Meg’s custody, much to the crew’s eternal exasperation.

One aspect I particularly enjoy in Star Trek: Voyager is Captain Janeway and her small moments of bonding and tenderness with members of her crew. I find it moving because she is supposed to be a larger-than-life leader and role model - but she is very much human, and despite wanting to keep distance from her crew in the beginning, in these moments she can’t help but to be kind. I find it to be a great character balance since often times in the show she has to make incredibly hard and cold decisions in order to survive. 

One particular moment always comes to mind when I think about this, and funny enough, it’s a scene we never see in the series. 

Turn loose the mermaids(Part 11)

So new chapter guys. I hope you’ll like it. I  enjoyed writing it, especially the last scene. But I have a feeling you’ll like the next one more.

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Marinette sighed, her fins twitching anxiously. She got used to the bathtub by now, but she really wished she could move a little. She always needed to move when she was bothered. The captain run out of the cabin last night and didn’t come back. Sighing, she started playing with one of the scales under her waist. They weren’t as moist as they should be, but a little bit of dryness never hurt her.

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silverflint "nevermind, the moment's gone"

also calling out @ohflint‘s post here as the major source of inspiration, and by that I mean megh and elle told me to write this, and here we are.

in which i steal from POTC again

“nevermind, the moment’s gone.”/ “that was a perfect example of how not to do things.”

It hasn’t started raining yet, but Flint looks over at Silver just as a particularly bright bolt of lightning crackles through the sky. It illuminates the shine of his long hair, the sweat pooling low on his throat, the blood splattered across his cheek, the livid snarl of his teeth, and the flash of his sword as he swings it through the air and into the gut of a Redcoat.

He’s never looked more beautiful.

Flint pulls his own sword out of the soldier in front of him and says to Silver, “You should marry me.”

“Don’t fucking tell me what to do,” Silver responds automatically, whirling on the next soldier.

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continued from [x] and [x] @askthelongnosedsniper​ & @k-nico-robin

“But I thought you guys really planned ‘to go there’ so how did I miss anything?” Luffy started to rub his forehead in confusion after Hana’s comment. Meanwhile his friend with dark red hair was covered in embarassment their captain has caused Robin had returned to them after following up their discussion and the whole situation from a bit further distance. Then the two crew mates were talking about the next step, how to explain Luffy things he doesn’t need to know and the captain started to tilt his head from side to another in a huge confusion.

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Lumen for 20?

20. Do they consider themselves unloveable?

No, not quite? Lumen has been in four deep relationships in the past, at least one of them a common-law marriage. He’s just outlived all of them… and not necessarily through natural causes. This (along with quite a few other factors) has made him much quieter, so he’s not “interesting” or even noticeable. I’ve wondered if that’s subconscious or even deliberate, since he’s tried maintaining professional distance with the crew, too (ever notice how he tends to avoid using their names?) If he doesn’t get attached, he won’t get hurt again.

As long as it takes. (The search.- Part Ten)

Originally posted by oreo-wonderbatch

Description: "I’ll wait for as long as it takes, as long as I get you at the end"You meet Sebastian Stan on the street in New York. What starts off as a fan encounter stretches to an unexpected coffee date and before long you’re caught up in a whirlwind and left with an internal struggle of what to choose.

Word Count: 2348

Warnings: Language. Angst. Sadness. Alcohol. Adorable doggy. ;)

Author’s note: I hope you guys like it!  Please let me know. :) Thank you for all the kind words so far!!!


You heard the door to the apartment swing open and slam shut, causing you to drop the shirt you had been about to put in your suitcase. Then you heard the soft clatter of paws approaching the entryway of the bedroom. You turned and saw Chloe standing at the door looking at you as if she understood the pain you were in. She saw the tears streaming down your face and it seemed as though her eyes softened.

“Hey, sweet girl,” you croaked out, kneeling down so that she jogged to you for a hug. You gave into the sobs and went completely on the floor. Chloe laid across your legs, kneading her head into your lower stomach in an attempt to comfort you. After awhile of blurred thought and no sound of anyone reentering the apartment, you wiped your face and made to get up, but Chloe apparently didn’t feel you were ready to do so. You gave up, knowing this would probably be the last time you would spend any time with her, and sat there, petting her for about five more minutes before she let you get up.

Once up, you got a pen and your journal for a piece of paper. Although it took multiple attempts, many tear stained, you finally finished the letter and laid it on the bed.


No words could ever explain to you how…remorseful I am over what I said. I know it will never excuse it, but my insecurities got the best of me. I never meant to say it and I loathe that the thought even crossed my mind. I think the world of you, even though we’ve only known each other for such a short time. I want to thank you for everything you have shown, taught, and helped me see. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me. You’ve listened to my whining, my stupid stories, and laughed at my lame jokes. You’ve brought so much happiness to my life in such a short time, and it is now one of my biggest regrets to have brought so much anger and hurt into yours. I will never be able to make this right, all I can ask is that you can one day forgive me. I wish you nothing but happiness. I’m so very sorry,


You grabbed your bag off of the bed, rubbed Chloe’s head as you walked by her. She followed you to the door where you paused and kneeled down on her level to look her in the eyes, “goodbye sweet girl, take good care of your daddy, okay? I love you so much,” you said to her as a silent tear ran down your cheek before you stood and walked out of the apartment.


“Man, I hate to break it to you, but she was not interested,” Chris laughed at Anthony’s buzzed bragging about the woman interested in him at the club.

“Oh, leave me alone, Evans, you’re just jealous she wasn’t into vanilla.”

“Wait, is that-” Elizabeth became distracted from the argument.

“Whatever you have to tell yourself, Mack,” Chris couldn’t give in.

“Would both of you shut up!?” Elizabeth squinted into the distance, causing the crew to do the same thing. “Isn’t that (y/n)?”

Chris’ head jolted in that direction quickly and zoomed in to see you walking out of Sebastian’s building alone with your bag, looking around, taking a deep breath, putting your earbuds in, and turning to walk in the opposite direction.


Music had always been a cure for any and every emotion. Music could always heal the pain you held, but at the moment, you couldn’t figure out what could drown out the hurt you were feeling. You should probably take a cab, but it felt better to be out in the bitter cold, hopefully, if your body became numb, your heart and mind would too. You put your iPod on shuffle to try and find something to medicate your heart. For some reason, your iPod must have wanted you to suffer because the first song you heard was “I’m Yours,” then it changed to Taylor Swift’s “Mine,” before a slew of other love songs that only seemed to bruise your heart and make your lungs scream to stop.

Then four familiar chords slid into your ears and mind. You recognized it immediately and couldn’t help but cough a small laugh. How coincidental, not ironic, for this song to play, but you let it soak into your bloodstream.

“I’ll go back to Manhattan as if nothing ever happened. When I cross that bridge, it’ll be as if this doesn’t exist…..we don’t have to speak at all. I won’t look in your eyes, and I won’t have to fall. We don’t have to speak at all. But Brooklyn holds you and holds my heart too. What a fool I was to think I could live in both worlds…”

You turned the volume up as loud as it would go, put it on repeat, and continued walking.


The phone line went to voicemail again.

“Dammit, Seb, pick up the phone!” Chris exclaimed as they exited the building.

The crew had gone up to Sebastian’s apartment after seeing you walking down the street with your things. They couldn’t get anyone to the door except Chloe barking on the other side so they had tried Sebastian on everyone’s phone, multiple times, but he wouldn’t answer.

“Come on, we’ve got to try and catch her. Something isn’t right.”


Sebastian left the apartment in anger and hurt. He couldn’t believe the words that had come out of your mouth. He couldn’t believe you’d even think that, that the thought could have even crossed your mind. Ever since the two of you had met, he had been nothing but a gentleman. Sure, he couldn’t help but relish in watching your reaction to his flirtatious manner, but he hadn’t ever pushed too far, had he? What looks at dinner were you talking about? What were you talking about when you said what would his mother think of you?

The main reason he had told people about you was because they wouldn’t leave him alone about it, and of course, he could hardly contain his joy anymore. At Christmas, he couldn’t stop giving his phone his attention and smiling every time it went off. Before he left, his mother pulled him aside and demanded an update. If anyone had met his mother, the Romanian in her could put the fear of God in anyone. He had succumbed and told his mother everything. He explained how he had met you, how you had gotten along perfectly, how it was almost like Chloe had found you for him. He confessed that although he knew you were just friends, he hoped that one day that would change, but he didn’t want to push you and risk that. As for the guys, they wouldn’t accept the claim that he had been too busy to answer their texts and calls.

Speaking of, here they are, drunk calling you, relentlessly at that. He put the phone on vibrate and slipped it into his back pocket to return to his thoughts.

His mother had been the first person he called, after the airlines of course, once you had agreed to visit. Chris had called you and mentioned going out of town for New Year’s, leading to confessing the plans he had made with you. He had only wanted to see you happy, because you were worth it. He used to think that about previous women in his life, women that he thought he loved, and thought they loved him. You had a heart of gold, with no ulterior motives. You simply found pleasure in his company and he knew it. He knew that you wanted nothing more than to make him laugh, to learn about each other, to enjoy each other’s company. He knew that you appreciated the way he listened to you, but did you know he felt that same way about you? How had he ever led you to believe anything different? Granted, to have just met, you were spending a lot of time together, but would that point to what he had been accused of?

When he ran back over those moments, he couldn’t deny the shock he saw on your face after you said the words, the pain, and regret that resonated in your blue-gray eyes as you took in the pain mirrored in his own. Thinking back, did you really even mean to say it? It hadn’t seemed like it. You hadn’t defended it, and when you thought you were right, he knew the lengths you’d go to in order to prove it. In this case, however, you hadn’t said anything.

You hadn’t said anything. You accepted and understood his anger, even regretted your words. That was it, you didn’t believe what you said was true at all.

The phone wouldn’t stop buzzing, “what the fuck do y'all want? Go home and go to sleep. Stop cal-”

“Sebastian! Why did we see (y/n) walking down the street with luggage leaving your apartment? Where are you?! What’s going on?”

Chris’ words shot through him like a spark hitting a line of gasoline.


“Seb, what’s going on?”

“We had a fight-what do you mean you saw her with luggage? Is she there with you now?”

“No, we went upstairs to try and find you and by the time we got back down, she was gone. We’ve been searching for her. Where are you?”

“Meet me at my place.”

Sebastian turned on his heel, full sprint back to his apartment. What Chris said couldn’t be true, she couldn’t have left. She wouldn’t have left, not without saying anything. It was the middle of the night in New York, a city she didn’t know. This couldn’t be happening. In a few short moments, he was out of breath, but running up the front steps to his building. The elevator couldn’t move fast enough. When he got to the door, his friends were there, Chloe barking on the other side. He opened the door, and Chloe backed away, still barking, before running to his bedroom, as if beckoning him to follow.

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)! Please be here,” he called on his way to the room.

When he entered the door, his eyes were drawn to where you had laid your luggage…the spot was empty. He ran into the bathroom to see if your things had been removed..they had.

“(Y/n)! No! Please, God, no!”

He stepped quickly out of the bathroom and was about to run back out of the room but Chloe was laying on the bed, nose pointing at a piece of paper. Sebastian recognized your handwriting. As cliche as it seemed, he knew this wouldn’t be good. He picked it up, and as he read, his knees gave way, the mattress catching him. Chloe crawled around beside him and put her head in his lap, looking at him with pity in her eyes.

As he finished reading, the paper fell from his hand and he looked at the ground. He hadn’t noticed that anything had dropped out of the letter, but as he bent down to pick it up, he knew this was going to hurt like hell.

He flipped over the film strip of picture booth photos the two of you had taken just that afternoon. Had it really only been a few hours? A few hours since you two had crawled into a photo booth. You had to sit in his lap for you both to fit. The first showed two regular smiles, two normal people. The second shot revealed your arms around his neck, head thrown back in laughter at a joke he’d made because Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” had come on while in the photo booth, while he had thrown his arms around your waist to ensure you didn’t fall out of the booth. The third showed him looking at the camera, eyes bulging in surprise as you had kissed him on the cheek, a reward for not letting you fall out of the booth. Then the fourth showed the Eskimo kiss the two of you had shared. It had been his idea. You had told him about your grandparents and how everyday before your grandfather went to work he’d give your grandmother two kisses, one short, sweet kiss on the lips and then an Eskimo kiss.You had told him that even after almost 15

years, your grandfather had never even considered finding someone else because your grandmother would always hold his heart. You had explained that their love had always inspired you and how you had hoped that one day you’d experience a love like that. You had written the words “I’ll miss you when I’m gone,” earlier when he wasn’t looking, but he had seen them when you had laid them on the counter when you returned to get ready for dinner.

The second film strip wasn’t here. It had been a repeat of the photos, but he had sat in your lap.

“…if the second one isn’t here, she must have taken it with her……maybe…..maybe there’s still a chance….” he whispered to himself. He jumped up and headed for the doorway.

“I need your help. I need to find her. I need someone to go to the airport, I’ll pay you back but check for her on any flights to NC. I need someone to go to this bar, Don’t Tell Mama on 46th and check in, we were there earlier and she may go back. I need someone to go to Penn Station and look to see if she took a bus. I’m going to see if I can catch her around here. Here’s her number, please call her every few minutes to see if she’ll answer your call. If you get her to answer, I need to find out where she is. I need to talk to her.”

They all headed out the door and out into the night.


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these are the monsters you do not see
  • In Box 953 there was a stasis copy of Doug, never meant to breathe or see the light of day. No one on board has Communication Officer Doug’s blood type, and no one can casually give him organs. But in case of Decima catastrophic failure, there is a perfect meat bag to extract vital pieces from as needed.
  • There are no survivors of the first mission. Even Hilbert himself went mad. He found the room hidden just for him and after a moment hesitation sat down in to that terrible machine. All that data in such a calculating mind? Sent back to command to be rebuilt, another shiny copy for another mission. Maybe the next one will be built better.
  • Lovelace sailed off into the distance, yes, but her crew was orbiting a different star in a different universe. In space, you can travel sideways and never even know it. . She fell into the star and the she emerged from Wolf 359 a shadow of her former self.
  • Wolf 359 and its laughing twin Gilese 163—at least, from your perspective the best guess is that it’s Gilese. One red star and one blue star that laugh at mortal schemes, at gnats that buzz around them. They listen to you. They move you in ways you may not even realize. 

These monsters are mine. I move past them in the halls, like a shadow. Sometimes you’ll see something in the corner of your eye. Hera can hear me— something moving, unseen, unknown. She’s right, you don’t need to know and even if you ask her she wouldn’t quite be able to describe me.

And me?

I am the Hephaestus. The trials you face and pains you suffer are forged in my name.


My Favorite Parts of this Chapter:

1. Robin’s Utter Confidence in the Straw Hats:

Considering her fatalistic perspective in the Water 7/Enies Lobby Arc and the way she distanced herself from the crew in order to protect them, this complete confidence in her friends’ ability to protect her and her dreams is SUUUUPER inspiring and an amazing display of character development

2. Nami’s Cute and Ferocious Declaration of Protection:

I always LOVE it whenever Nami promises to protect her friends, and this panel is definitely an amazing exemplar of that!! While the guys look silly and cute, Nami looks adorable and fierce, literally burning with determination to protect Robin from anyone who would dare to hurt her, whether they be random fodder or the Four Emperors. It’s just so amazing and awesome and I LOVE IT SO MUUUUCH

For those who noticed Ezra’s pretty obvious attitude change in season three:

Don’t think about Ezra locking himself in his room after Malachor, blaming himself for everything. Don’t think about Ezra calling himself a mistake. Don’t think about how Ezra probably hasn’t trained with Kanan at all since Malachor. Don’t think about those 6 months Kanan distanced himself with the crew. Don’t think about how Ezra believed he was the one keeping Kanan away. Don’t think about how all Ezra wanted to do was learn as much as he can to prove himself to Kanan. Don’t think about all those heart to hearts he had with the Sith holocron, when all he really wanted was a talk with his master. Don’t think about the dread and horror and guilt Ezra feels every time he sets his blue eyes upon his master’s scarred face. Don’t think about how easily Ezra’s trust had been broken. Don’t think about the sick feeling Ezra gets when he thinks of the brave togruta that laid down her life for him. Don’t think about how Ezra thinks he may have chased away the one and only father figure he had left. Don’t think about those nights Ezra spent refusing to cry, refusing to feel sorry for himself. Don’t think about how those unshed tears turned into a feeling of unquenchable anger.

Whatever you do, don’t think about that.

The captain’s breath beats a soothing rhythm against Spock’s shoulder.

This occurrence, Jim’s head lilting after a stretch of affable silence to bridge the narrowing gap between them and fall against Spock’s shoulder, has reoccurred for the past six nights. What awoke him that first night and urged him to the observation deck, Spock does not know; perhaps the captain’s heavy footfall in his adjacent quarters, or a lingering disturbance in his cerebral cortex from the heightened events of the previous morning. All he had known was a compelling desire to leave the confines of his quarters and seek the calming openness of space.

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by feathery telegraph

Prompt: free + smoking
Rating: PG-13
Collection: (x)

When Haru makes his rounds on the professional circuit with Rin, Sousuke sits on the couch with Makoto and they share meals while their eyes stay focused on the telly. Makoto works later, especially when teaching evening classes at the local swimming club, so Sousuke is the one preparing the meals— steamed fish and tofu and springy buckwheat noodles that they dip in soy sauce.

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Arrrrrgh? (CLOSED RP!)

Jevnes sat on the beach overlooking her ship in the distance. Her and her crew struck land for a small break to gather some supplies. She rested her captain’s hat on the sand next to her but, her hand still rested on the hilt of her sheathed sword cautiously. After all, what was a pirate without their wit?

She's lovely but...

NOV 2014

Taylor didn’t usually check news articles about herself but something about the small piece caught her eye. ‘Calvin Harris plays celebrity Tinder, swipes left on blonde beauty Taylor Swift’.

She had never used Tinder but she knew the general idea. A left was a no. He wasn’t interested in her. She didn’t mind, they didn’t even know each other, but when she googled his name and saw the pictures of his latest Armani shoot she was a little disappointed. Of course someone who looked like that would never be interested in someone like her, she thought.

FEB 2015

Taylor was buzzing. It was the night of the Brit awards and she was excited. 1989 had proven to be a huge success so far and she was quite hopeful that she’d get an award tonight, not that she would ever tell anyone that.

She took one last look in the mirror and nodded to herself. She looked good. She felt good. Her dress was long and black, flowing outward at the bottom with sheet panels at the back. There was a red dragon snaking up her side and over her back that she loved. It was the reason she picked this dress. She was ready to go.


Calvin had just stepped out onto the red carpet. Ordinarily he loved the Brits, he loved being back in the UK to celebrate the British music scene but tonight was different. He was in a funk, well and truly. He had split up with Aarika a week or so prior and the press were catching wind of it. He was dreading any questions they might throw at him.

Him and Aarika had drifted apart - nothing scandalous or heart breaking. They just didn’t feel as though they should be together any more. It was a tough conversation but they both felt the same.

He quickly walked the carpet and rushed inside. The sooner he was away from the press the better. He took his seat, surrounded by friends and music executives and got ready for the show to begin.


Taylor was waiting by the wings. Breathing slowly and deeply to calm her nerves. She still got nervous performing to a crowd, regardless of how many times she’d done it. She peeked out of the side of the stage to scan the crowd and saw a face she recognised but couldn’t place from this far a distance.

A crew member came over and handed her the microphone and she was being motioned on to the stage to start, her song began ringing out through the huge arena. As soon as she was out there the nerves melted away and she strutted and danced her way through the performance. She was enjoying it and the crowd loved it. She glanced over at the tables to her left and saw he familiar face again but this time a name accompanied her view. This was Calvin Harris.

He was watching intently and she couldn’t help but stare back for a fraction of a second before her choreography pulled her away. She belted out the last lines of the song and bowed to the deafening applause before quickly moving with her dances off the stage.

After changing back into her sleek black dress she made her way to her table where Karlie was waiting. Dancing, champagne and winning the award for international female moved the night along. She was floating on air. The award had surprised and delighted her. She had hoped for it and was ecstatic when her name was called.

There was only one performer left now and Ellie had text her to come over to her table to watch the performance. Karlie and her rushed over between the advert break and introductions, pulling Ellie into a hug as soon as they reached her. Ellie introduced them to the many faces around the table.

’…and this is Calvin Harris, Taylor.’ She finished.

'Pleasure to meet you Taylor’ he said in a gruff Scottish accent that made her knees weak. He was seriously attractive and two years of not dating made this even more apparent to her.

'Nice to meet you too Calvin’ she smiled sweetly. It was at this point that his radio Tinder interview popped into her head. 'Do you still think I look lovely?’ She whispered jokingly only to him.

His eyes shot up to meet hers. A slight blush spread over his face. She had heard the interview he’d done months before and she was teasing him about it. He laughed with her and they settled into a comfortable position side by side to watch the last performance of the show. He wasn’t paying attention though, he just kept looking at her and wondering how he could have been so wrong.