that dimple is so adorable though

BTS Seeing You In A Bikini For The First Time


(OKay but someone grab the holy water. I’m sorry if these don’t seem accurate buT I REALLY ENJOY THE THOUGHT OF BTS BEING LOW KEY FREAKS OKOK SORRYNOTSORRY)



As he’s said before Jin loves girls in bikini’s. He would be very low-key excited about seeing you in the skimpy swimwear, but would attempt to hide it with cute smiles. But when the other guys weren’t paying attention he’d make sure to wrap his arms around your waist, nibble on your earlobe and whisper in your ear about how good you look.

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what I really think of Monsta X

Shownu: leader goals, like if you can deal with these bunch then you are obviously a superhero, papa bear shownu ♡, i want to bite his arms too i mean what, precious eye smile, gentle and really looks after the other members SO damn well!, so hardworking! deserves all the good things…

Wonho: monbebe’s no1 fan. would do anything for us. but we want to do everything for him too. so lovable! all his wishes needs to come true because he is a good bean. like seriously his personality is A+. looks aint that bad either ;) must be protected at all costs… stop calling him a hoe. he aint ok

Minhyuk: bias. my love. pure SUNSHINE. glue that holds everyone and everything together. so much love for him ughhh.. never forget when he was covered in glitter. Blond!minhyuk is still my fave. SO HYPER??? like how? but I would love to have him around, he’s so extra xD cute af.

Kihyun: sass master. photographer!kihyun is my aesthetic. his voice is so nice like it gives me goosebumps?? I have a thing for his forehead. But y’all know this by now. boyfriend material ;; so freaking attractive! and i can tell that he loves the other members otherwise he wouldn’t nag them so much!

Hyungwon: meme. 75% legs. model chae is my fave. but also sleeping chae. iconic line: Bish I wanna get high. them lips… sigh. LITERALLY TOO BEAUTIFUL TO HANDLE. starship he has a wonderful voice, give him more lines. can be cheesy and greasy but we still love him ^^

Jooheon: I’m still not over Matthew ok. hella awesome. he really does have RHYTHM. those dimples though. I can never get tired of his aegyo but also his swag! sweet af, adorable but also can be sexy…. yep. would forever call him Jooheoney ♡ 기억해 이 시간 never wanna see him cry ever gain :(

I.M: bias wrecker, honestly why do I stan, voice can get girls pregnant, doesn’t look like a maknae but acts like the maknae, talented af, HANDSOME, but also very very very cute, LIKE STOP BOY?!!!!, iconic line: I AM WHAT I AM MAN. & bring back his blond hair pls. I want to feed him. Just me? oh ok…

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I want to know your 5 favorite myungsoo pics pleeeease? (I could never pick, just any 5 at random would be my faves really)

As many of you may know by now, Myungsoo is my handsome and precious son who makes me proud every day and I adore him. Pretty much every picture of Myungsoo is my favourite so this is just 5 that I like today. Let’s go!

1. tell him he looks sexy with his hair pushed back ( © LECIL )

2. myungsoo + guitar = otp ( © L’aile )

3. his dimples are so important omfg help me those sandals gotta go though honey wyd ( 3rd pic © Apricity )

4. even when he’s trying to be ugly he’s still weirdly handsome??? 

5. he is naturally this handsome too like whattt????? he’s never had surgery yet looks like he walked out the pages of a manga actual flowerboy for life wthhhh??? gorgeous boy

wow myungsoo is so nice to look at like i feel at peace god bless



[id-ee-uh t]


1. Informal. An utterly foolish or senseless person


2. Informal. Arthur Kirkland’s unique way of expressing conformation. See the word: yes.

<< Previously searched for: Maybe

“Artie, baby! It’s been too long!”

It had only been a few days since she’d seen Arthur, but Mrs. Jones liked to make a fuss. 

To Alfred, however, it had been long. What with exams coming up, Arthur did what he usually did- spent wasted hours squinting down at the words in his textbooks, locked away from any human interaction in his bedroom. The only explanation Alfred would receive was that an omega had to work harder to get into college. He supposed that was true, but it was hard to say that Arthur was even studying in the first place. 

He never really did like human interaction, and lately, he’d been conjuring excuses left and right for the sole purpose of not hanging out with Alfred. It was likely that the whole studying thing could’ve just been a complicated ruse, an excuse, something not a total surprise coming from the crafty little omega. 

Alfred rolled his eyes as his mother scooped Arthur up into her arms, peppering his face with wet kisses. “You’ve got to come sleep over soon. Alfred’s fussy, he’s always complaining about how cold the bed is without you!”

“Is that so?”

Arthur was smirking at him now, and it shouldn’t have bothered him. But considering the circumstances-

Alfred’s red-faced response was through gritted teeth, “Mom-” 

His mother, like every mother of a semi-attractive, popular alpha, was rather embarrassing. Not to the extent that the embarrassing-ness would only appear in the occasional campfire story, but rather more so. Her embarrassing-ness was something of a usual thing, more open to the public. 

She always chose the worst times, whether it was laughing at wine-mom memes at a funeral, or, in their case now, sharing a bit too much information in the midst of people that would’ve been better off without it. 

To take as an example, Alfred’s girlfriend. 

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I adore your writing. Seriously, you're amazing. I saw you were looking for prompts, so what about Dex meeting Nursey's old school "friends" and how he reacts?

@nurseydexweek July 19th - Fake Dating/Secret Relationships

“Yo Dex!” Dex glares at his calc book, pretending as if he can’t hear the all too familiar voice call his name. “Deeeeeex, Dexyyyy, Sexy Dexy!”

What?” Dex finally snaps, spinning around in his desk chair to find Nursey actually rifling through his closet. “Stop going through my shit.”

“Remember that time I came and saved you from that LAX bro party and you said. ‘I owe you one Nurse, you beautiful fucker.’” Nursey smirks over his shoulder, one of Dex’s plaid shirts curled in his hands.

“I did not say that,” Dex grumbles, trying to ignore the anxiety building in his chest. He doesn’t like the way Nursey’s face looks, all fake smug and annoyingly pretty and possibly vulnerable. It makes him nervous, because even without the promised favor (he did tell Nursey he owed him one, but he did not say anything about him being beautiful. Even though he is) he would say yes to Nursey eventually, with just some mild protests in between to maintain his reputation.

“Pretty sure you did,” Nursey half sings, slipping his arms into the shirt. “Anyways, I’m here to collect on that.”

Dex huffs and spins back to his homework, if only to hide the flush burning up his neck. He just… when he was in high school, his girlfriend used to steal his hoodies all the time, and he might have developed a thing. And seeing Nursey in his clothes (and in flannel) is well, doing things to him.

“What do you need, Nurse.” He tries to make it sound as bland as he possibly can, tries to make it sound like he doesn’t care. It probably doesn’t work, but it makes Dex feel approximately 5% better about himself.

“You to be my boyfriend.”

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Seungyoon: “Watch the fireworks with me?”

Come up, it’ll only take a minute I swear, she can almost feel the warmth of his voice through the phone. The wind crackles the line once more and she hurries an okay, dashing up the spiral staircase as quick as her legs can manage for fear that he might freeze to death.

The party downstairs dulls down the further she ventures up towards the rooftop, the speakers playing Immature loud enough for the rebellious tune to resonate through the building’s walls. She picks up her pace, her heart racing a little too quick for an entirely different reason.

By the time she reaches the top, she’s out of breath, the chilly December air burning her lungs as she heaves.

“Seungyoon? Hello?” She half shouts, her eyes scanning the vicinity of the empty rooftop for any sign of him.

Her ears perk at the familiar chafing of his footsteps she knows all too well and she spins around to see him trail his way over, it’s dark but she can tell that he’s smiling.

“I’ve made up my mind.” He informs, breath visible against the winter night.

“On what?”

Seungyoon comes into view, the single dim light by the exit casting over his tired features that she noticed the second he arrived hours ago.

“That I love you.” He says softly, glancing at her through heavy lids.

The confession robbed her of her words, and she scoffs out a small laugh. “How much have you had to drink?”

A smile bursts over the plush of his lips, revealing slightly pointy teeth that make him a little more real. But if perfection had a name, she only knew one and he’s at an arms reach.

“A few.” Seungyoon closes in, voice like velvet and it tugs her pulse to a frenzy, “But either way, I’ll still feel the same.”

“Did you really have to tell me that out here? It’s freezing cold, Seungyoon.” He can’t help but bite back a grin seeing her stumble over her words, clearly flustered.

“I wanted to have you by myself, you’re always so busy with everyone else. Or are you ignoring me on purpose?”

He’s right. She’d been tending guests to distract the weird tension between the two of them and if it weren’t for thought of having to make him wait out here at a risk of having his toes fall off, she wouldn’t have agreed.

“It’s almost midnight, you’re missing out.” She brushes it off even when she’s well aware that Seungyoon can see right through her.

“I don’t think I’m missing out on anything.” Seungyoon blinks slowly, taking the time to soak in the sight of her, “Besides you’ll get to see everything better up here.”

Ugh it’s so cold though.” Her shoulders curl in against the chill, quick to look away because Seungyoon can’t seem to take his eyes off her.

Seungyoon gladly takes it as a chance to scoop her into his embrace, locking his hands over her back securely, “Here.”

Her eyes grow wide, squished in between thick scarves and he presses a giddy smile, the dimple on his chin that she adores so much peeping through.

“Watch the fireworks with me?”

“What’s in it for me, Yoon?”

“You’ll get to watch it with me, duh. I can’t think of anyone better.”

BTS Reaction to you being a new trainee at  Big Hit

BTS React to a lovely and foreign trainee in big hit. Like, how they would act. Thank you ^^

Sure thing, thanks for the request I hope you enjoy :D

Jin (Seokjin): Jin would be very confident in his looks and would probably bake you cookies as a sign of affection. He’s the oldest so I think he has some experience with girls so I don’t think he’d be too shy to go up and talk to you, even if you two might not speak the same language

Suga (Yoongi): Yoongi would seem very disinterested until one day, where he’d just pull you in to join a game the guys were playing. That’s when you would slowly realize how he really felt about you.

J-Hope (Hoseok): Hobi would totally try and impress you with his dancing skills. He’s always very active and would show off his amazing moves even more if you were watching. After the dancing he’d get a little shy though, so you might have to go the first step.

Rap Monster (Namjoon): RapMon would be the most confident around you because he would be able to communicate with you since he’s a language master. He’d give you lots of his adorable dimple smiles and wouldn’t be afraid to ask you out on a date

Jimin: This little cutie would always smile at you and glance over whenever you were close. He’d probably ask Namjoon to help him out with the language barrier but I think he’d actually be too shy to actually ask you out because he wouldn’t believe you to be interested in him so you’d have to be very obvious for him to get the hint

V (Taehyung): He’d act pretty weird around you because that’s just how he is but he’d always try to involve you in activities and he’d eventually just tell you that he thinks you’re super cute

Jungkook: Kookie would just look at you from a distance because he’d be way too shy to actually talk to you, especially since your korean is not good. He’d always want to be the best at everything to low-key impress you but at the end of the day he wouldn’t take action because he’d fear rejection

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I just remembered why I loved the pjo series after scrolling through @lesbabeths blog. But you know what makes everything better? Gay. Gay makes everything better. (seriously check out her trans percy and bi annabeth au it made me so emotional i scared my dogs)

I wrote some bi headcanons for annabeth based on my own experiences because she’s a character I can relate to, and I need more bi representation in my life. Also, I really don’t want to work on the four papers I have due tomorrow so ok lets do this.

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“Dad, we can’t just barge in.” You muttered, picking at the chipped purple polish on your fingernails as you waited in a hallway. “We’re not going to barge in - we’re going to knock.” Tony replied, smiling down at you and knocking briefly on the door to the Parker apartment. You could hear footsteps, then a door chain being pulled to the side, and then the face of a friendly brunette woman appeared around the door. “Can I help you?” She asked you, and then her gaze floated upwards to your dad. “Are you - Tony Stark?” Her voice sounded incredulous.

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Seth x Imprint!Reader

Request: “Hi! Can I request an imagine when reader is seth’s imprint, but she has a dream of becoming a pro dancer (and she has to move to South Korea) and she’s worried because of seth and the whole imprint thing ;; idk if i explained myself well, but thanks!”

-Fluffy ending also requested

This was cute, Seth would be such a supportive boyfriend. I feel like he was the type of person, whether it was with his friends or partner, that you could go a month without seeing but when you did see him again it would carry on straight where you left off. I love writing for Seth, he is such a ray of sunshine lol, hope you enjoyed! <3

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Unexpected Upload (Simon Request)

“So who exactly are these guys?” You ask your younger brother again, still unsure as to where you were taking him for the next two days.
You had bought him tickets to an event called ‘Upload’ that he had been going on about for months. It was a treat really since you no longer lived at home and wanted to make sure you spent plenty of time with him, doing things he actually enjoyed even if you wouldn’t.
“They’re YouTubers” He repeats, “They make lots of videos, mainly gaming and they’ve made their own event”
“Alright” You chuckle, “Just take me wherever you want to go then”
“Thanks (y/n)” He grins and you continue the car journey, listening to one of the YouTubers music he had on his phone. Someone called KSI or something like that. You should probably learn more about this…
~~~Time Skip~~~
You get to the building early so you are waiting outside because he had to get to the merch as quickly as possible.
You already felt out of place. People were wearing ‘sidemen’ tops all around you, including your brother who wore a hoodie you had previously bought. However, he was really hoping to get their new tracksuits which you would of course pay for, no matter how much he protested
And then the doors opened, you displayed your VIP tickets to the receptionist and followed your brother through the main doors, already seeing his face light up.
“This way!” He grins.
“How do you know where you’re going?” You laugh, following him quickly.
“I watched Josh’s and Vikk’s vlogs” He says and the names really mean nothing to you. They could be anybody.
After many corners and different rooms flashing past, you reach one big section where he heads straight in and you recognise a lot of merchandise being sold.
“Oh my god that’s Simon” He mutters to you.
“Who?” You frown and notice that you are actually the first two in here.
“Hey! What can I help you with?” The boy, now known as Simon, grins and you can see how excited your brother secretly is.
Your brother chats to him for a while before one of the other workers goes to find the correct tracksuit for him, leaving you and Simon.
“So are you not getting anything then?” He questions.
“Can’t really say this is my scene” You chuckle, “I’m here because my brother loves all of you guys”
“Well its always good to meet the fans” He jokes
“You never know, I might be here by myself next year” You smile and make him laugh.
At this moment, you notice his features more. His prominent eyes and his adorable dimples. His messy hair. Though your brother soon returns with the right one and you hand over the money to pay.
“I’ll maybe see you again then guys” Simon grins and you and your brother head out through the now swarming crowd
You and your brother go exploring through the building until he knows it is time for his meetup with all of ‘the sidemen’
The pair of you queue late, his idea being that you could spend more time with them and you end up being right at the back of the line.
It goes pretty quickly, both of you chatting until you realise how close you are.
“Heyyy its our biggest fan!” Simon cheers when it is finally your turn.
“Of course, wouldn’t miss this for the world guys” You smile, “Nice to meet you all”
“Yeah you too!” One of the smaller of the group grins and begins chatting to your brother.
“I think I’m starting to feel comfortable here” You comment, “I never want to leave”
The boys laugh and you smile, actually starting to like these guys.
You take the photo of your brother and the guys and hand him back his phone.
“Isn’t it your turn now?” One of them questions.
“I don’t even know your names and you’re already asking for a photo?” You gasp, “I’m appalled”
“Tobi, JJ, Josh, Harry, Ethan, Vikk and Simon” Simon goes down the line until he reaches himself, “Now how about that photo?”
You roll your eyes and JJ takes the phone to get you all in for a selfie.
“Dude we’re gonna be late” Vikk gasps, hitting Simon on the arm.
“Oh shit” The tall blonde mumbles, “Umm I’ll see you later maybe?”
“Love to” You chuckle and as they walk out you see Tobi hit Simons arm and comment something to him.
“So is she gonna be your babygirl now? You’re making it way too obvious you like her” He laughs and the boy glares at him.
“Where to now?” You ask your brother, suddenly feeling a hint of red on your cheeks.
You and him go to watch the panel, allowing him to take the seat in the front section whilst you stood to the side.
The guys are announced to walk onto the stage and the crowd completely erupts. You’re too occupied to even see them come round behind you until Simon taps your shoulder as they do and you turn to see him grinning right back at you
And after hearing what his friend had said earlier, you can’t help but blush yet again. ‘Stop being so stupid’ you think to yourself and are suddenly thankful for the dark lighting of the room.
As the panel kicks off, you begin actually listening to what they are about to say. Especially when Josh says something very particular.
“Sorry if Simon seems a little distracted, he’s got a few things on his mind” The oldest wiggles his brows.
“Ohh shut up” The blonde rolls his eyes, evidently kicking him under the table
You notice his eyes flit towards yours, in a split second your eyes latch onto one another’s. Though he soon turns away to continue with his panel, and as Josh said, he seemed a little preoccupied.
The panel ended well and the boys all headed out, Simon’s eyes finding yours once again and a smile spreading onto his lips. You couldn’t help but blush more than you ever had before…
(Thought I’d post this now as its quite close to Upload! Enjoy x)

Blue Sweater Intern

Summary: Based off the above prompt (also some pastel!dan)

Word Count:1.4k

Warnings: None

A/N:  I hope whoever sent this enjoys it :)  Also sorry it took so long, I was in full big bang fic mode only until this week and that it’s so short.

Phil hadn’t ever asked to be paired with the brand new intern.  He preferred to work alone actually and working with someone else, let alone someone with as little experience as an intern, was something he avoided at all costs.

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12 Imagine Your OTP prompts

1. I am studying in the library and you’re at the table next to me. The girls at the far side of the room keep glancing at you and giggling. Finally I ask you to shut them up. You look completely surprised and I realize that you have no idea how hot you are and what it does to people and goddamnit you’re making me melt. au

2. I am a huge fan of this one authors book series. Naturally when the movies come out, I’m sitting in the back corner of the theatre on premiere night. Through the movie, I pick out everything they did wrong. At the end of the movie, you turn to me and thank me for realizing how badly they screwed up your masterpiece and I’m all ‘shit you’re him/her’. au

3. I am leaving class when we brush arms and ‘oh shit my sweater is totally stuck to your bag’. You keep walking and the threads start to pull so I basically jump on you to make you stop. Then I’m crying over the fact my new sweater is ruined and you’re too sweet by offering to buy me a new one and taking me to coffee for making me cry. au

4. You wake me up at four AM by knocking on my dorm room door looking for your best friend. Unluckily for us, he’s the next door down. You are super guilty but I tell you not to worry about it since I have a massive test on something I don’t understand tomorrow. Then you tell me you’re majoring in that and I actually pass the test. au

5. I am a photography major and I needed photos for my 'humanity in truth’ album so I take a few of you kissing your baby on the forehead, but the flash goes off and you notice. I immediately apologize and realize it’s your sister and my god you’re even prettier up close. au

6. We bought gifts from the same store for our friends and ended up taking the wrong bag at the bus stop. Now I have your phone and your best friend is sending me on a wild goose chase and then when I get home you’re there with my friend’s gift and I figure out you’re her cousin, that she failed to mention is really attractive. au

7. I am in a bookstore looking for a gift for my friend. You are a staff member in training and are a foot shorter than me. You can’t reach the top shelf to put a new book up there and the whole thing starts to tip. You get covered in books that fell off the shelf and I waste an entire afternoon helping you reorganize because dammit your smile is gorgeous. au

8. You’re humming along to your music at the bus stop and then you start singing. No one tells you you’re singing too loud but they’re all staring at you. So I join in and we sing an epic duet which ends in a mother pushing her stroller away and us bonding over terrible song music tastes. au

9. I’m a TA of your math class even though I’m just a year older. I know you’re really smart and that you keep making up problems to come ask for help with. But you’re adorable when you approach me and can’t stop stuttering so I won’t tell the teacher because I kind of like teaching smart people, even if they already understand, especially you because you have these little dimples in your cheeks. au

10. Your cousin is my roommate and he’s super drunk. You come over because you’re supposed to be going out tonight but then you see that I can’t get him to stop singing My Little Pony and we ditch him there. You invite me along to your reservation and when we get back we see that he wasn’t really drunk at all. au

11. You live next door to me and 'oh god please help me my sink is exploding’. We spend an hour trying to stop the water but end up soaking each other more effectively than stopping the leak. You barely know me and yet you let me crash on your couch because my house is now flooded and I’m wearing your shirt, and goddammit why do you smell good. au

12. You and your friend just broke my satellite disk with a baseball the day before my favourite team plays. So then I demand you let me watch it at your house. To make up for it, you set up your TV with surround sound and make me dinner and popcorn and end up getting just as into the game as me. And then after I replace my satellite, it still becomes a weekly thing. au

Based on the prompt: “I’m a barista and you’re the obnoxious customer who comes through and orders a venti macchiato while talking on the phone the whole time so I misspell your name in increasingly creative ways every day AU”

I guess this is a hate to love trope? Anyway, this kind of ended up having similar parts with two of my previous drabbles (Lie and Yes). Anyway 2.0, this is unbeta’d. See you below! Thanks!!!!


The city is just stirring from its sleep but already Caroline is at the tail end of her shift, tired from serving and getting hit on by frat boys doing an all-nighter, and then prepping the shop for the morning crowd. Her coffee-stained fingers are sore from all the pulling, twisting and stirring, her face numb from smiling too much and yet she perseveres. She was a cheerleader after all. Once upon a time. When her life was still perfect. Anyway, at least her tip jar (aka her “rent fund”) is already full which makes the wicked kink on her neck worth tolerating for another hour before her replacement arrives.

Ten minutes before she clocks out, he walks in. Or swaggers in, more like, with the way he’s smiling as if he owns the place.


Must be new in town.

She’d remember dimples like that.

Nevertheless, she’s got him pegged in no time. It is after all part of the job to be able to read and gauge customers, especially the new ones.

With his blonde hair and blue eyes, he definitely has the pretty boy thing going on even though everything else about him tells otherwise–from the three-piece suit he’s wearing to his measured strides. He’s not too tall but he’s got an imposing, don’t-mess-with-me presence. He’s grinning but you can tell he’s all business. A Wallstreet banker? Or a lawyer maybe?

When he finally reaches the counter, he surprises her with two things:

1) he’s British. He’s got his ear pressed to his phone the whole time, talking about deposition and defense in his Downtown Abbey accent (yeah, she’s got the lawyer stuff right). But even though he’s standing in front of her, he’s not freaking ordering which is beyond annoying. There’s no line yet but he’s bound to create one if he takes any more longer and she’s already got her barista smile which is actually painful to hold.

2) after she clears her throat three times, he finally finds the heart to tear himself away from his call and give his order: A venti macchiato of all things. Not tea. Not even coffee. A venti macchiato. Heh. And then he says his name is ‘Claus’.


How very unexpected.

Anyway, she does her thing and he does his, namely going back to his uber important call. Whatever. She’s just glad this day is over… Or so she thinks.

When she hands Claus his order, he frowns, looking at his cup.

Uh-oh. What did she do now?

He whispers something to his phone before staring up to her.

“It’s with a K.” He tells her before he walks away, leaving her confused and weirded out.


It was his name.

He was talking about his name, she realizes later. Klaus with a K.

Well okay.

It’s not her fault the only Claus she’d known in her life was a big old red guy who likes giving gifts.

But it’s done. It’s an honest mistake, at least the first time.


The second time, however, he’s clearly asking for it.

She’ll go as far as to say she has already forgotten about him until he walks in the cafe again three days later. Funny how you go from not crossing paths with one person your whole life to suddenly being hyperaware when that person is near.

And yes, fine. No need to deny how a big factor of that is because he’s easy on the eyes but it’s also because he’s a huge prick. Shame. It’s always the pretty ones who turn out to be frogs.

He’s got his ear on his phone again, speaking somberly the whole time he falls in line and until he reaches the counter.

“Hello, s–.”

“Venti macchiato.” He says in rush, cutting her off, before immediately going back to his call.

Wow. Rude much?

She wants to roll her eyes so bad but she can’t. So instead, she begrudgingly punches in his order, pulls the Sharpie from her breast pocket but then she remembers that he didn’t give his name.

Caroline, of course, hasn’t forgotten his name because he’s on her personal shit list and then, on impulse, decides to write something else.

She thinks he’ll correct her just like he did before but he doesn’t. He barely even looks at her when he grabs his cup, leaves a tip, and exits the cafe, too immersed in his call.

Too bad. She would’ve wanted to see his face when he realizes that she’d written exactly what he told her before.

With a K.


It’s not the first time she misspelled a customer’s name on purpose but she’s never ever done it twice with same customer.

So when the next time he comes in and she writes “Clout” on his venti cup, she fully expects him to report her or even just make a scathing remark.

But he doesn’t.

Not even the next next time. Or the next next next time.

He still comes in, phone at his ear, and orders a macchiato without telling his name.

It’s so not possible that he hasn’t caught up on her shenanigans yet– even Alaric the security guard shoots her pointed looks every time Klaus walks out the cafe, holding his creatively-named cup. Plus, she’s sure she saw the guy reading the tag on her chest the other day, remembering her name (or he could have just been eyeing her boob). And the other other day, he even managed to remove his ear from his phone and mouthed what she’s written on his cup (it was “Clown” that day) before dimpling and leaving a sizable tip in her jar.

Seriously. What the hell is with this guy? He’s a lawyer for god’s sake. She pegged him as an arrogant hardass. He could’ve found an opening in the constitution and sued her ass for purposely misspelling his name just to make her stop.

But he isn’t suing so she isn’t stopping.

Besides, she’s having too much fun and he’s letting her. If she dares assume, she thinks he’s just as morbidly curious as she to know where the hell this game is going.


Kol burst into laughter when he walks in the office.

“Damn brother, back at it again with the venti macchiato!”

Klaus ignores him as he always does. Ever since a month ago when Klaus flew from the UK to join their family’s US firm, the scoundrel has found countless of ways to make fun of his acclimation to American culture.

Including his choice of drink.

But he knows Kol is becoming aware that it’s not just about the drink anymore. Well, who wouldn’t be bloody curious as to why he comes in almost everyday with a randomly labeled venti cup?

Today it’s “Clint”. Huh. Seems tame compared to the other day’s “Clam” or the classic “Closet”… Or so he thinks.

“You’re one letter away from becoming a delightful part of the female anatomy, my friend.” Kol remarks crassly.

Somehow, Klaus has a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before his rascal of a brother pays a visit to his coffee shop girl. Caroline. With her fair hair and challenging blue eyes.

He can’t let that happen, of course.


It’s just the beginning of her shift that day when he walks in, no phone in hand, and only a determined look on his face. He proceeds to march towards the counter, slaps a hand on the surface and, there on the wood, he leaves a card. His card.

Niklaus Mikaelson
Attorney At Law



Is she suing her finally?

She opens her mouth to ask but then he cuts her off.

“Niklaus Mikaelson. That’s my name. Though people call me Klaus. K-L-A-U-S.” He tells her with an adorable dimpled smile.

Wait, did she say adorable?

She means annoying.

“Soooo…” Caroline quirks a brow. “You want me to call you Klaus?”

“Yes, love. And also,” He taps a finger on the number in his card. “I want you to call me.”

Say what? Did he just use a line on her?

“You want me to call you.” She repeats incredulously.



“So you can ask me on a date.”

“You want me to ask you on a date?”

Someone behind him tuts irritatedly. Apparently Klaus is starting to hold the line. From the other side of the room, Enzo the manager gives her a reluctant nod and so she pulls Klaus aside on a vacant table as April temporarily mans the counter.

“You want me to ask you on a date?” She questions him with her arms akimbo.

Klaus, who has taken a seat on the chair, looks up to her with puppy dog eyes. Who knew that this guy could do puppy dog eyes?

“Well because if I’m correct in my assumption, you’re not the type to apologize, love. So you can just make it up to me by asking me on a date.”

Caroline’s jaw goes slack. Seriously? She lets out a nervous laugh because really, she expected his anger… Not his flirting. “You’re a weirdo, you know that?”

“Says the girl who wrote 'Crack’ on my venti cup.” quips Klaus as leans back on the chair. “Well no worries. Let’s chalk it all up to foreplay.”

“It’s not foreplay. You were really rude, you know? And I could’ve just spit on your drink but I didn’t. I let you go easy.” Caroline crosses her arms firmly. “Do you even know my name?”

“Of course, love. It’s Caroline. C-A-R-O-L-I-N-E. See, I got your name right.” He dimples, proud of himself and unfazed by her rant.


Damn him for being so charming.

She tries to hold a glare but she is just so weirded out by what’s happening right now. Like, is this really happening? Never in a million years did she expect that this thing between them would end up like this.

Taking a deep breath, Caroline eyes him. “You know what? You’re right. I won’t apologize. Why would I? You should be the one apologizing to me. You should be the one asking me for a date–”


She shushes him with a finger which just makes his grin even bigger. “I know what you are gonna say. You will ask me on a date. Well, my answer is 'Please go back to tomorrow.’ because seriously, I need a break and I need to think on it. Comprende?

And Klaus, who has always been good at knowing when he is dismissed, just nods quietly like a good boy.


The next day Klaus comes back to the cafe with his usual order and meets an unusually somber Caroline.

He doesn’t think on it and merely follows her lead until he gets his Venti cup and sees what she’s written on it.

YES it says and below it, is her contact number.

BTS Reaction/Scenario: Overhearing You Talking About Your Crush On Them

Okay so I’ll continue with the ships and requested reactions tomorrow, but for now I’m going to post what I’ve been working on tonight!

So I had this idea to incorporate little scenarios, basically these are mini fan fics, and how they’d react in the circumstances. Should I call these reaction-scenarios? Idk. But see it as a little gift before I have to get back to college - I’ve done a fresh plot and scenario for each member! :) (some are longer than others though sorry)

Rap Monster

Originally posted by baebsaes

Sat in a coffee shop with your friend to catch up and gossip, your conversation leads to romance and your friend asks if there’s anyone special in your life. Unknowingly, you begin to tell her about the cute guy Namjoon from work as he is sat just a few tables away.

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Waking Up

by Inspector Boxer

Fandom: Supergirl

Pairing: Alex/Maggie, Sanvers

Characters: Eliza Danvers, Alex Danvers, Maggie Sawyer

Rating: G

Author’s Note: This is a prompt fill for @misswidgetsays who requested prompt #44, “You kissed me first.” Hope this one is bounce-worthy. ;)

Thanks to @zennie-fic for the quick beta. Added a few things last minute so all mistakes are mine.


They were precious together.

From the deck, Eliza watched Alex with Maggie. She’d been drawn outside by their laughter, compelled to witness her daughter’s happiness for herself. The tide was coming in, and Alex was doing her level best to teach Maggie to surf. They were both in wetsuits, having taken Kara and Alex’s old boards out of storage for the occasion. As Eliza watched, they paddled out together side-by-side to greet the next wave.

Eliza smiled, raised her camera, and fired off a series of shots, hoping for one she could frame. Alex was encouraging her girlfriend, clapping and shouting while Maggie managed to stay upright on wobbly legs for most of the ride. Maggie raised her fist in triumph, letting out a happy whoop before promptly tumbling into the surf as Alex laughed.

Maggie’s addition to Alex’s life hadn’t been without complications, but the transformation she’d caused in Alex was breathtaking. Somehow, Maggie had gotten past Alex’s defenses and insecurities, opening Alex up to a bigger world, a world beyond the DEO, beyond protecting Kara. Her daughter was living her life again, possibly for the first time in a decade, and Eliza would be forever grateful to Maggie for that gift.

Kara adored Maggie, talking about her on the phone almost as much as Alex, and during this last minute, but very welcome visit, Eliza was quickly growing to feel the same. She could already see this woman becoming a part of their family, and Eliza hoped to find the time to talk to Alex alone to see what her plans might be in that regard.

Balancing the camera on the rail, Eliza simply took a deep breath of the ocean air and enjoyed the pair. When Maggie tackled her daughter off her board and plunged them both into the surf, she laughed with delight before retreating inside to give them their privacy.

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