that dimple is so adorable though

i fell in love in the back of a cop car // ashton irwin [fluff]

// this one shot is based off of this song. yes, it is country and yes, i’ve yelled at myself a billion times but i’ve completely fallen in love with it. at least read the lyrics. word count: 2124 //

You pushed open the right door to the gate, making sure there was enough room to Ashton to get his small, beat up Honda through. The tires started to slow move over the gravel and you grinned, turning around to see the car halfway through the gate.

“Don’t worry about shutting them,” Ashton told you after he pushed open the passenger side of the door. “It’s midnight, nobody around here is even awake.”

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Emotionally bipolar

When I look into your eyes
I don’t just see the sea
They capture my universe in a single glance
Along with every memory

Your eyes are deadly, They are poison
Piercing me right in my soul
I fell in love with those very eyes
Even though they are oh so cold

Your smile brings my heart to a stop
I adore your dimples on your cheeks
I can’t stop remembering all of the good times
Just the thought of you makes me weak

And maybe that’s a bad thing
To be so vulnerable and so innocent
Because I was not your one and only
Thats betrayal at its finest, Isn’t it?

But you said you’d always love me
And that you’d tell me every day
Even through all of the tough times
That was a lie, in every single way.

Emma Swan is a lumbersexual

I submit the following evidence.

Possibly the most compelling evidence, here we see her in flannel, a vest, and moving wood with her mind in the midst of foreplay with her wife.

Here she is finding Regina in the woods because they both just happened to be wandering around them.

Here she is tied to a tree and seems super calm about, Regina seems slightly turned on.

A lovers dispute in the enchanted FOREST… uhh.

Shamelessly undressing Regina with her eyes, sleeveless pocket tank/probably sweaty.

everything goin’ on here.

So many coats.

truck+knit cap+dimples.

the fact that she has a knit cap in every single color known to the spectrum of possibilities. and always looks adorable in them.

here she is getting checked out by Regina for almost an entire season in neverland, which is a jungle/forest.

This is just a really nice butt pic. mmmmm. those boots are questionable though.

Evening gown, tiara, lets go the woods!

Just gettin’ beef bro, this is like my 90th pull up.

And this.

Introducing Dean O'Gorman

You see this beautiful and sexy man here?

Yeah, this one

His name is Dean O'Gorman

And well, even though he has weird friends…

but some are weird but sexy, so it is all good

And even though he can make strange faces like this one

or this one

there is this one too

and this one

and lets not forget this one

or the really famous one

And even if at times even his hair becomes strange too

so strange that he himself can’t believe it

His hair continue to be a fangirls dream, be it when he was just a baby





or really long

 There is also his sexy/adorable/cute dimples here

And here

oh, and here

But Dean O'Gorman is more than hair and dimples, 

He is an incredible actor

 and Friend

And the reason why I’m telling you all this?

Well, the simple and straightforward answers would be:



Ps: if any picture or gif belongs to you, let me know and I will put the source here, or delete it if you so wishes :)