that dimple is so adorable though

Anon Said: Morning :) can I please request a Monsta x reaction to when you have deep dimples :) thank you!💘💘💘💘💘💘💘

*looks at this request then thinks about Jooheon and giggles* Sure thing, nonny! xD

Besides Jooheon, this boy has never seen someone with such deep dimples. They were so adorable to him and he couldn’t stop touching your cheeks. He’d constantly make comments about how beautiful they make you.

“Smile for me, Chagiya.” *leans against you and looks deep into your eyes with a cute half smile* “I want to see them again…”

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Like Shownu, he would be completely thrown off guard by them, though, it’s because he’s never thought anyone was beautiful like you are. He would do everything to make you smile and laugh so he could snap a picture of it.

“Say cheese, (Y/N)!” *gets the camera ready and then frowns when you cover your face* “Stop, honey, you’re cute and I need to take a picture of you!”

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You two officially become the dimple couple, and Jooheon loves it. He’s always pressing your cheeks together or asking to take cheesy couples photos, using his aegyo voice to coax you into it if you don’t immediately agree.

“Come on, (Y/N).” *wiggles and grins and brings out his aegyo voice* “I know we’ve taken a lot of pictures, but I want to take more!!!”

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It might take him a little while to warm up to them because of Jooheon and how obnoxious he can be some times, but once he does warm up to them, there will be a lot of quiet compliments so no one can hear them.

*Leans into you and wraps his arm around your waist, brushing his lips against your ear* “You’re looking extra sexy today, Babe.”

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He would constantly play with them whenever you guys were fooling around. He’d tickle you and pin you to whatever was closest, be it the couch or a wall. He poke them and grin down at you when he finally won.

“You know this is my reward for winning when we wrestle, babe.” *chuckles as you start to pout* “Come on, now…” *tilts your chin up and kisses you gently*

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He always loved seeing them, and watching them as they formed whenever you nervously chewed on your lip. He’d always subconsciously caress your cheek or poke one of them when you were least expecting it.

*retracts his hand after you give him a confused look* “I’m sorry, Chagi. You’re just… so cute when you aren’t paying attention.”

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He thought they were comical. He never understood how they worked, and he’d always break out into laughter whenever you smiled or laughed so you’d get a little self conscious. He’d make up for it, though, by kissing them.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” *wipes his eye and presses his warm lips to your cheek* “You’re just so cute, and I don’t know how to react…”

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Blazing Temptation~ Derek Luh Imagine

Chapter 1: Building Tension

The first time I noticed him I was sitting down in my history class. The only thing that was coming to my mind was ‘Oh my lord, can this guy get anymore annoying’. Back then the only thing on my mind was friends and school, I didn’t have any time for guys. Later on, around second semester I finally started to acknowledge his presence, and was able to tolerate him a bit more. I also started to realize how I had him for other classes as well and how we barely talked even though he was in most of them. The following weeks I noticed how he barely kept up with his hair but somehow still managed to look adorable. I also realized how when he smiled he had small dimples in his cheeks and how he would laugh at mostly everything. I also notic-

“Hey! Why are you staring at Derek so hard?

I snapped out of my daydream and looked up with red cheeks, “What’re you talking about?”

“Oh please Evelyn, you know exactly what I’m talking about.”

“Oh gosh Ash don’t even start with your bullshit.”

“Bullshit? Girl, I could practically see the drool coming out of your mouth.”

Slightly embarrassed I quickly wiped my mouth just to be sure, while Ash let out a laugh. You see Ash is my best friend who has been with me through every type of hardship I’ve gone through. She’s kind of a bitch but that’s what I like about her.

“Evelyn! You’re so in love with him just admit.”

“No I’m not! He’s extremely annoying, plus he’s a jerk whose extremely into himself.”

“Whose extremely annoying?” Spoke a heavenly voice.

Shit! I didn’t even have to turn to know who that was. I pleadingly looked at Ash trying to throw signs at her to get rid of him. Don’t get me wrong I do find Derek irresistible but I can’t face him right now. Especially when I look like crap today!

“Don’t worry about it DerBear, it doesn’t have anything to do with you.”

“Mhhm, sure.” Derek said with a smirk clear in his voice. During that short conversation between them I felt his eyes burning into the side of my face but me being me was to scared to turn around. I heard his footsteps going way and let out a breath I had been holding.

“You know Ev you should just try talking to him.” I sighed feeling self-conscious due to thinking about his past girlfriends and shrugged,” I’ll think about it.”


“Okay kids we’re starting a new project that will have to be completed in pairs.” Said my chemistry teacher while students cheered when they found out we had the chance to work in pairs.

“Ha! Don’t think you guys get the chance to choose though. I already chose your partner which is pasted on the back wall  so, go and look.”

All the students got up quickly to see who they were going to be stuck with, some cheered and some looked annoyed when they found out. Finally after it cleared up a bit I slowly walked to the back to see who I had gotten. When I read the name I couldn’t believe it, it seemed like fate was against me. Why?! Why now? Suddenly I felt a strong toned chest brush against me, “Hm, it seems like it going to be you and me baby-girl.” Derek spoke with a seductive tone.

Crap! No no no no. This can’t be.

“Hey! Keep your dirty hands to yourself you jerk!” I yelled aloud when I felt a pinch on my butt.

“Haha, I’m sorry it’s just it’s so perky. Don’t worry though baby I’ll try.”

“Good, you pervert!”

Slowly Derek devilishly smirked with gleaming eyes and whispered, “I don’t know about when we’re alone though. You’re going to be extremely hard to resist sweet cheeks.”

I felt heat quickly rising to my cheeks while thinking ‘fuck I’m definitely screwed’ and Derek walking out of the classroom like he owned the place.

Emotionally bipolar

When I look into your eyes
I don’t just see the sea
They capture my universe in a single glance
Along with every memory

Your eyes are deadly, They are poison
Piercing me right in my soul
I fell in love with those very eyes
Even though they are oh so cold

Your smile brings my heart to a stop
I adore your dimples on your cheeks
I can’t stop remembering all of the good times
Just the thought of you makes me weak

And maybe that’s a bad thing
To be so vulnerable and so innocent
Because I was not your one and only
Thats betrayal at its finest, Isn’t it?

But you said you’d always love me
And that you’d tell me every day
Even through all of the tough times
That was a lie, in every single way.

Emma Swan is a lumbersexual

I submit the following evidence.

Possibly the most compelling evidence, here we see her in flannel, a vest, and moving wood with her mind in the midst of foreplay with her wife.

Here she is finding Regina in the woods because they both just happened to be wandering around them.

Here she is tied to a tree and seems super calm about, Regina seems slightly turned on.

A lovers dispute in the enchanted FOREST… uhh.

Shamelessly undressing Regina with her eyes, sleeveless pocket tank/probably sweaty.

everything goin’ on here.

So many coats.

truck+knit cap+dimples.

the fact that she has a knit cap in every single color known to the spectrum of possibilities. and always looks adorable in them.

here she is getting checked out by Regina for almost an entire season in neverland, which is a jungle/forest.

This is just a really nice butt pic. mmmmm. those boots are questionable though.

Evening gown, tiara, lets go the woods!

Just gettin’ beef bro, this is like my 90th pull up.

And this.