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just to make you feel better: yoongi is such a liar he always act like he hates jin's joke and cute things that jin does but today he knew all jin's choreography for Spring Day. he didnt even look at jin's dance moves bc he already knew all dance sdhjflkjgfjakkfld like even Hobi wasnt sure about next dance step but Yoongi knew it all!

afshdhs i havent see any vids from music show since music bank rip but i can really imagine it!!! what if jin give yoongi a private lesson for the dance in their room 👀👀👀


I do believe I’ve babbled endlessly about my long time devotion to Thao Nguyen’s brilliant music both as a solo artist and with her band The Get Down Stay Down more than excessively in the past, so let’s not get into it so deeply this time around. Instead, let’s marvel at her cool dance moves and cutthroat ferocity in the video for Meticulous Bird, but one of so many genius tunes off of critically acclaimed 2016 album A Man Alive, easily one of that year’s best and most creative albums. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s spellbinding experimental folk meets art pop is cheeky jittering and whimsical bristling on this mesmerizing spectacular. There seems to be something brewing in the waters here in San Francisco. So many local acts are dishing out fiery mettle on their magnificent tunes (for another example, go listen to K.Flay’s latest songs). I’m convinced after watching the video for Meticulous Bird that I need to go hang out at a grocery store with Thao. It might be the best time of my life. A Man Alive is out now via Ribbon Music. 


From the middle of the room, three sheets to the wind already, Shane presented some actually terrible dance moves. As he moved, the glass in his hand sloshed out alcohol, something he might have noticed more if he wasn’t buzzed. “Whoever decided alcohol was okay to drink was a fucking genius. I’m telling you.”

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So I use a cane (and I'm probably soon to be diagnosed with EDS) when I walk on unfamiliar or uneven surfaces, but I can walk a little bit without on ok surfaces and stand still for a while without it too. I was wondering if any fellow cane users knew of ways to dance with or without a cane? Like, not pro dancing, just like you'd do at a club or with another person (slow dance even). I'd rather not look like Chandler Bing at the next wedding I go to!

Me! Much hips, move the upper part of your body rythmically, trick people to think you’re actually dancing by moving your arms (and for all of this you can do it with the cane). Regular clubs music doesn’t even require you to move your feet, just rock your hips and knees. I just can dance without it when its on couple, in that case I grab my partner’s hands with mine, or I embrace them by the neck and make an ocasional turn.

Also try some funny on purpose moves with the cane, pole dance and limbo never fail.