that damn trailer

You know it’s real when you have an alarm set 5 minutes before 21:21 so you don’t miss on it, when you know how to say “the wolf eats the girl” in Norwegian, when you listen to Fem fine frøkner on repeat, when you regularely eat cardamom cheese toasties and cry over evak scenes you’ve already watched a thousand times. You know it’s real when you keep on messaging Julie asking her to drop the damn Season 4 trailer, when you wear three hoodies and two beanies layered and spend your time rewatching episodes you already know by heart creating theories about who’s going to be the main in S4. And mos of all, when you’ve sucked a board and taken desperate to a whole new level.

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I just want Julie to know that I'm just trying here to live my life like any other citizen of the world but it's getting a little difficult without Skam. Is it so much to ask for to just get a little teeny trailer. Am I asking for a lot? Am I? 😭Also, Julie I still love you bish even if you make me suffer. My Norwegian home girl for life.

Julie, if you reading this, we love you bish but release the damn trailer. Life is already hard on its own. Takk <3 

If Bucky had to be honest, looking back, the 1970s were probably his favorite time in American history. Not that he remembered all that many details outside of his missions. But somethin’ about the wide legged pants, sharply pointed collars, and all those Donna Summers songs, made him as close to happy as he’d been since The Fall, even if he only had a few days of it before HYDRA put him back into deep freeze. Not many people got to see the contents of the backpack SHIELD took off him in Romania, but if they had, they’d probably have been surprised by the BeeGee’s greatest hits compilation tucked deep down at the bottom. He figured he was allowed a coupla private jokes, and Stayin’ Alive was one of ‘em.

Although… he’d be the first to admit, polyester was a fuckin’ crime against humanity and he would know, right?

thanks to Omen trailer now i can draw mooore sad things >:D

if there were ever to be a homestuck movie, i would hope to god that the go-to, repeated-far-too-often, trailer joke would be john, standing in the bathtub in the stairway, staring balefully at his cell. “rose, you can see me right. tell me. whats wrong with this picture.” preferably being cut to after a shit-ton of action scenes.

“I’ll get your body back. I promise.

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“That day he didn’t want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left he wanted to be your father.”