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Yup, this is how the fight went. Im 99.9% sure. At this point Isayama should just hire me as an editor.
Truly, my greatest contribution to the fandom.
Maybe ill draw something with annie as 18 and mikasa as vegeta or goku later, who knows


Lincoln and Lynn - Pokeverse Completed.

I’ll make a new blog for this au later on.

Is there anyone you’d like me to draw in from the Loud house in the PokeUniverse with a certain pokemon(s)? Requests are open. 

What’s The Difference Between Bisexuality and Pansexuality?

SO there’s this political facebook page I’ve been following for a long time that posts great memes and articles, but yesterday they posted a meme of a skeleton like “Me waiting for pansexuals to explain how they’re different from bisexuals”.
((For anybody who wants to know the page for avoidance purposes it’s called “The Ministry of Bisexual Propaganda”. Don’t send hate mail, because that makes you honestly worse than them))
And as a pansexual, I realize it’s hard to explain the difference, especially off the top of your head, especially to people who don’t accept the reality that there’s more than two genders found in human beings. So here I am, let me explain the difference to you.

First you need to look at gender. Gender is a spectrum, as is recognised by most doctors, and scientists.
A persons gender is not quite the same thing as a persons sex (their genitalia). Though, certain genders are associated with certain sex.
Gender is a spectrum as gender is a social construct.
Sex is generally what’s in your pants.
“There’s only two genders you damn special snowflakes!” You may say, in which case, you’re thinking of a persons sex, their genitalia, in which case, you’re still wrong.
In the case of genitalia there’s actually three ways it can be down there (that I am currently aware of). You can have a penis, which is medically classified as male genitalia. You can have a vagina which is classified as female genitalia. You can have both or parts of both which is classified as intersex.
Intersex is not the same as being trans.
Trans people were born in a body that doesn’t match their gender. Intersex people were born with genitalia and gendered features of both the better known sexes.
There’s as many intersex people in the general population as there are people with red hair, so don’t dismiss them because they’re a lesser known and less visible minority.

Now, back to the main explanation at hand.
Bisexuality means you are attracted to two genders or sexes (this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re limited to being attracted to men and women, which aren’t always synonymous with male and female).
It’s literally the point of the name (Bi = Two).

Now, pansexuality is different in the sense that it isn’t limited to the number two. A pansexual person can experience attraction to a person without being limited by gender identity or sex, which we’ve already established that there’s more than two of both.(Not to say that pansexuals can’t have preference, they absolutely can)

Hate me or love me, this is the explanation to the difference between the two sexualities. Both of which being completely valid sexualities.
But when it comes down to it, they’re just labels. Just love who you want to love and can we stop poo-pooing on other people for their sexualities already?

anonymous asked:

How do U feel about D@n3ryz as a character? What about j0n3ryz?

Oh good question anon.

This might get a little long.

When I first started watching Game of thrones (picked it up just before season 4 started), I loved Dany. I found her story interesting and her character interesting. Her struggles with her marriage to Drogo and Viscerys were appealing to me. As was her dragons and her determination to get back home and become queen. I thought it was cool to see a female character as a powerful leader and Dany’s idealism as character was a welcome departure from some of the other characters on the show.

Basically I used to love Dany…..but then I started to notice that nothing was changing about Dany. I like dynamic characters who evolve, characters who are allowed to have layers and flaws within the narrative….and Dany stopped doing that along the way. I felt like she was moved from one savior narrative to another. From one position of absolute worship to another. When she faced a hardship there was always an easy fix that usually entailed her amassing even more unearned worship and power than she had before. Dany stoped evolving as a character and became the epitome of a special snowflake. Every man who came in her presence loved her for some reason, every group of people ended up worshipping her greatness, every potential ally could never help seeing just how great she is. All of her extreme and selfish behaviors were applauded because it was Dany and Dany does whatever she wants because she’s the ultimate dragon flying fire immune badass and she’s the savior.

I was forced to watch her go on one slave mission after another, leaving nothing but chaos in her wake while still patting herself on the back for being a breaker of chains who brought “peace”. I was forced to watch her give the same awe inspiring speech about how she’s a amazing leader over and over and having the people fall in line with that idea despite never doing a single thing to prove it besides burning shit and riding dragons. None of this would have been a problem for me if the narrative would have addressed her worship for what it truly is….fear, but it doesn’t. Dany doesn’t truly inspire loyalty and belief based on her amazing capabilities as a leader and her honorable and trustworthy heart. She inspires fear and worship off the back of her privilege and her fear Inspiring power. This is barely truly dissected in the narrative with Dany tho. The men and women of the Dothraki just love Dany and think she’s a goddess, they don’t fear the shit it of her because she burned their holy land and all of their leaders to the ground. The Unsullied are just eternally grateful that Dany freed them from their slave masters so they happily act as slaves for her mission to win her throne back. According to the narrative people just can’t help but love and be loyal to the great Dany, even tho her antics over in Essos have been fear inspiring and chaotic. I mean we are still lead to believe that people just miraculously LOVE leaders that burn her opposition alive and let’s her dragons run loose. All of Dany’s short comings as a leader are rectified with advisors who get no credit for their work. All of her mistakes are erased with a display of her unmatched power. Everyone continues to march on to the beat of Dany’s drum just because and that’s that we shouldn’t question why. We are supposed to cheer her on because she’s our “heroine” even tho a lot of the times she feels like she has just as much of a propensity for selfish violence and destruction as the “villains.”

Take for example Ceresi….Ceresi is evil because she blew up a sept of people who humiliated her and came against her….but is what Ceresi did really that different from Dany setting fire to all the leaders of the Dothraki? They were people who mocked Dany, humiliated her and wants her to stand trial and be punished according to their customs and culture for her desertion just like the high sparrow and his followers were people who mocked Ceresi, humiliate her and wanted her to stand trial and be punished for her crimes against the faith according to their culture and customs. Ceresi seized control of westeros and its armies for herself and her selfishly driven desire to be queen and destroy her enemies….but is that different from Dany seizing control of all of the dothraki for her selfishly driven desire to come cross the narrow sea and destroy her enemies? Ceresi has been known to threaten people who will not be blindly loyal to her with death and hasn’t been afraid to take her power by force and shed blood. Dany has also been known to threaten people who will not give her blind loyalty with death by dragonfire, just as she has said that she will shed blood and rain fire down to get her throne. Dany and Ceresi share a lot of extreme behaviors but Dany is cheered on while Ceresi is admonished. Ceresi’s actions are always painted as firmly black, while Dany’s are given an easy out to keep her from looking like an truly mad queen.

After a while that sorta unearned elevation and lack of evolution, and an unwillingness to have her painted as anything other than special, good, and amazing becomes a turn off for me. I can see hints in the narrative that Dany isn’t as great and benevolent as she appears to be but the only way those hints will change my opinion is if it becomes more than hints, it needs to be a full on agenda for me to take Dany seriously as a character again. I don’t like special snowflakes, and Dany is everything wrong with a special snowflake. They always end up too grand for their own good and make the narrative suffer, they always end up with unmovable entitlement that overshadows all of their good characteristics. I can barely see Dany as the compassionate Queen who stoped the rape of women and was disgusted by slavery anymore because all I see now is a entitled woman who thinks the entire world owes it to her to worship at her feet and let her rule them.

I don’t think Dany is a bad character or person. I think she has some good qualities as a person and as a leader, but her ego, her narcissism, and her incompetence are hardly ever addressed in a truly negative light so she has never been forced to evolve beyond them. Even now, she’s in Westeros and we are supposed to believe that she is the greatest leader that the realm deserves and yet she doesn’t know anything about the people in westeros, expects blind loyalty, and It’s TYRION who is doing most of the thinking and planning for her. When you have a characters who thinks so highly of themselves, then you surround them with people who also blindly worship at their feet you get the Dany’s of the world, super special infallible characters that never evolve into anything beyond their own delusions. You get characters that embody everything wrong with privilege and power. There is nothing appealing to that type of character to me. It’s boring. It’s one dimensional, it’s unrealistic. That’s why I don’t see a lot that’s appealing to Dany at the moment.

Even though my dissatisfaction with Dany has been growing for seasons now I was still exited for her to cross the narrow sea and snatch Ceresi by her edges. But oddly enough crossing the sea has only shown me exactly why I started to become disillusioned with Dany in the first place. She’s strolled across the sea in all of her privileged and entitled glory thinking she was going to easily walk to the throne and yet now she’s looking like a selfish incompetent queen that is in over her head in a game with enemies and allies that she doesn’t understand. Ceresi is owning her at every turn and is so unapologetically evil in her victories that it almost makes you root for the crazy bitch. Meanwhile Dany is alienating people like Jon and the North and being stubborn even when presented with a threat to the people she so badly wants to rule because the extent of her diplomatic knowledge so far has been “submit to me I have dragons”. All she does is talk about how she’s entitled to power and worship and authority all while Tyrion has had to hold her hand at every turn so far. If she wasn’t coddled and propped for so long, if she had evolved beyond the girl who can survive fire and control dragons she would be more prepared for this game but she’s not, she’s not because Dany is a superficial leader just like she’s a superficial character, all shiny on the outside but terribly unevolved and ill equipped on the inside.

As far as her and Jon, many of the reasons I don’t care for Dany apply to why I don’t see any appeal in her and Jon. First, Jon is a borderline special snowflake his damn self if we’re being honest. The idea is this entire epic tale ends up being about these two super special destined for greatness people falling in love and saving the world and ruling the land in peace and harmony is so laughable and cliche I just can’t even take the thought seriously. Jon and Dany are predictable and and cliche.

The only thing Jon has going for him despite being a special snowflake is that Jon stays grounded as a character and because his personality and his narrative which is the exact opposite of Dany’s. Dany craves power and Jon usually wants no parts of it. Jon has been handed power on silver platters, but Jon has been given power because he has inspired faith and trust in the people around him based on his actions. Dany was born believing she was the most privileged of them all with her fancy last name that’s meant to rule westeros. Jon was born a bastard and believing himself to be the lowest of them all. Jon has fought and lost, Dany had fought and won at every turn. Jon sees no appeal in the life this game brings, Dany sees glory. I know some people like opposites attract but Dany and Jon are such polar opposites it would be impossible for them to ever work together, everything they are and believe fundamentally oppose each other. The only way they work is if one of them betrays their own character traits

Dany’s goals are also so singular and pose such huge threat to Jon and everything the claims to love and want. Dany wants to rule, she wants the 7 kingdoms. She believes she was born to rule, that it’s her birthright, she just told him that she’s been through a lot and that the only thing keeping her going had been her belief in herself and her destiny…..yet we know know that her entire existence is a lie. She’s not the true heir to the throne, Jon is. Once that is reveled how will it lead to anything else besides civil war with Jon? Dany didn’t come here and endure all her hardships to Marry the one true King and be his Queen, she came here to be THE Queen. That idea can’t co exist with Jon’s existence. Even if Jon doesn’t want the crown. How will she go on knowing it’s not really hers and never was? Is Jon’s magical love supposed to just erase everything about her?

And what about Jon, is he supposed to just forget about the north and his home and all the people who believed in him enough to make him King in the North despite being a bastard for Dany? The only way Jon can work with Dany is if he hands her the North and denies all that he is to give her absolute power, doing so would be a betrayal to North and to all of the things that Jon himself has said that he believes. If he doesn’t yield everything to Dany then how will a romance co exist with Jon being in power in westeros and even in the north? When Jon is standing in the way of what Dany wants? She’s already branded the north traitors in open rebellion because Jon refuses to kneel. Is Dany supposed to fall in love and just throw her want for power to the wind or is Jon supposed fall in love and throw the North under the bus?

Basically when I think about Jon and Dany what I get is two people who are incompatible on a character level and on a narrative level. Two people who are each other’s foils, not each other’s perfect partner. Two people who would make for a very boring and predictable story, and I don’t think anything about GRRMS ending will be boring and predictable.

Alright so please consider this if you’re an American person  commenting “prayers/hope are useless” and “Syria has war, not internet” on supportive posts for the people of Syria:

  • Either come up with a better solution and implement it, or stay off those posts with your cynicism. Explain this to me: Your words carry the exact same weight as a message of support. So if your opinion is that they have no weight, why comment? And if you believe that they do have weight and you comment anyways, ask yourself why you are actively trying to discourage people from supporting peace whilst simultaneously contradicting your own statement.
  • America is home to many people of Syrian descent, Syrian Americans, and others with family and friends in Syria.
  • Why is this important? Because our president is literally spewing an absurd rhetoric of hatred, fear, and vitriol about the nebulous concept of ~Syria.~ Last night in his speech, he dropped the “we are against the people who harmed the Syrian civilians” line alarmingly fast and replaced it with just “Syria.” If you don’t see how scary that is or how damaging to Syrian people who live here, I don’t know what to tell you.
  • Words matter. Words. Really. Matter. I literally don’t understand how you can say that they do not. If you say “words don’t matter,” I will assume that yours, personally, are empty, which is sad. Without words, you wouldn’t know that this was going on, or have the capacity to form an educated opinion on it. Words are a call to action. Words tell people they’re not alone. Words can alienate us or bring us together, and our president is doing his damn best to alienate. I refuse. Because that’s the thing about words, they’re only powerful if you give them power. So give power to words of support and peace. Resist. 
  • Words do not equal inaction. 
  • Please stop pretending that countries affected by war have no technology and/or modern facilities. No one is imagining that an injured child is reading these posts and being inspired by them so please just stop with that line, which is clearly meant to make the act of Giving a Damn™ seem like a ~snowflake~ maneuver. That’s why we also donate when we can and volunteer.  But for people to do that, they need to be mobilized. They need to care. And to donate, means are necessary. Not everyone has those means, so please don’t act like those people should just sit down and say nothing unless they can donate or volunteer. That’s absurd. 
  • Peace and hope should not be seen as a part of a party agenda. If you see the majority of the left as soft and weak for being anti-war, go talk to someone who has served in active military duty and ask them if war is something to be desired.

Words matter if you decide they do. So make them count.

Warm Hands

“Where chanyeol’s s/o is always cold, but he got his warm hands to keep her close.”

pairing: park chanyeol X reader
word count: 0.7k
genre: fluff

Enjoy xx

         You left the coffee shop with two drinks in hand, wanting to go home with your boyfriend as fast as possible. The winter season have already begun, and you hated it. You have always hated the cold, winter was always you last favourite season, you hated your dried lips, you hated your fingertips and the top of your nose frozen cold, you hated those damn snowflakes and the fact that always drowned your car in it. Besides all that, you could deny that it was beautiful, seeing the kids playing and build snowman’s, couple having coffee dates, and everyone just suddenly had so much style into their clothes.

            The best part if all was your boyfriend, Chanyeol. He was the opposite of you, he was tall, a child, very social, loved iced coffee and always loves winter. You remembered the first time you spend the winter season together, as soon as he saw those little snowflakes fall from the sky, he ran outside of your house and just started playing with them, even putting his tongue out like he was about to eat them. You two have been together for almost three years now and you couldn’t be happier. The first time you two exchange eye contact, you knew it was meant to be, it felt like it was yesterday when you two met.

            You were still a university student and your finals were approaching and you were so nervous. You went to the library close to your university to study, carrying your books and phone in one arm, and your latte in your hand. As soon as your entered the library, you left your stuff in the table there and went to search a book who would help you study, but you got distracted and ended up in the romantic section. You saw the book you’ve been dying to read and ran up to it, but as soon as your hand the book, another hand touched it with you, which caused you goosebumps considering how warm the other was in comparison with yours, making you look up at person next to you, meeting two dark brown eyes, staring down at you, making you shiver lightly. You knew he was the one, right there.

            Opening your front door, you felt the warmth that circled around you house, together with the sound of classical music coming from the living room, he is here. You took of your shoes and made your way to the living room, seeing your boyfriend sitting by the piano, playing another one of his favourite classical music’s, which you never really liked until you started dating him. You stood there, looking at your boyfriend playing in one of his favourite sweaters, the one you liked to wear the most, with a concentrated yet relaxing expressing in his face.

            You closed your eyes to enjoy it even more, feeling every note and every melody made by the piano, not lasting long since the song was almost over. By the end of it, you opened your eyes again, to see your boyfriend looking at you over his shoulder with a loving glaze.

            “Enjoying it?”  he asked now, turning his torso towards your direction

            “Definitely” you said walking up to him, sitting beside him, handing his iced coffee while looking into his eyes

            “I’ll never understand about how, in this weather, you still can drink iced coffee” you turned your glaze now to the piano with a smile on your face, while hearing your boyfriend’s laugh, your favourite laugh.

            “And I will never understand how, even wearing tons of gloves and sweaters, your hands still get cold” he takes your cold hand and intertwine your finger with his. You never really understood how his hands were always warm, but you loved it.

            “Well, there is a good about it though” you looked at your hands with a smile and he frowned

            “Which is…?” you looked up at him to look at his eyes

            “You can hold me like you are doing right now” you smile, seeing the boy blush and smile together

            “Well, it doesn’t need to be cold for me to do this, since I love holding your hand and showing how much I love you” this time, you were the one who blushed at his statement and sigh still looking at him, seeing him smile

            “I love you” you said, making him smile even bigger and brightly

            “I love you too” he said leaning in for a passionate kiss, the ones you loved the most, rubbing each other noses with both your eyes closed

            After all, maybe winter wasn’t that bad, at least with him by your side.


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The Path of The Right

[Please note the huge trigger warning on this imagine!]

Anon asks:

Can you make a Carl Grimes imagine where the reader is suicidal?

Anon asks:

Can you make a Carl imagine where the reader is hating herself and finds herself ugly ,and Carl show / tells her , maybe some smut too?

The Path of The Right

In a certain motived way, tangerine-summer licked kisses didn’t spark up lividly anymore and instead created a sharp-knifed air to my throat. A man running around with leather clad shoulders with a razor sharp weapon resting upon them spoke out words which were heavier than the weight of the world for Atlas. He stroked my cheek, called me pretty names with straight white teeth while grinning wide towards my citrus pecked lover.

The touch of his glove, the linger of his finger imprints somehow tattooing itself in invisible ink on my red cheek. It felt as if the strongest chemical acid wouldn’t be able to burn off the mark that brought up the ghosts in between the walls at night to haunt my night sleep. I sat on the end of our bed, now with a mark on my cheek and millions of scars from battles inside and outside my head. All filled with unspeakable horrors and despairs.

My feet were cold. Resting on the patch of the matrass where neither Carl or me warmed the fabric with body heat. A faint smell idled around the room of burned wood and charcoal, the flames that were making the room a shade of orange long gone. I crossed my arms and held on to my upper arms, refusing to give in to the chilled air and crawl back underneath the feather filled duvet.

“Babe?” I heard from behind me. Shit. My fingers hurriedly sprung to my cheeks, aggressively rubbing my cheek angry scarlet to cover up that invisible mark. I didn’t reply to him and continued staring at the burnt out fireplace. He said my name, sharper and vigorous. The blanket crinkling dully and a hand barely touching my skin. He waited, contemplating whether to crawl the hand around my arm or lay it over the texture of my spine between my shoulder blades. His fingers ended up taking loose strands of hair.

“Go to sleep,” he said, firmly. A hint of devastation lingering in his tone. A feel of déjà vu messing with my head, too many nights already having the same quotation. It starting off with a soft question and slowly blending in to be a demand. It hurt to see bags forming underneath his eyes. His hand slowly left my hair, and I instinctively leaned back to the bed. Letting Carl wrap the blanket around me and feeling him kiss my clean cheek. I didn’t want to poison him with the bad embedded ink on my other.

Tomorrow, I thought. Yes, tomorrow sounded better.

There’s a suffocating smell of cigarettes burning my nose when I slowly awaken the next morning. Daryl must’ve went in our room. Carl’s heavy cologne suppresses the smoke away, even though he isn’t in the room anymore. It’s become quite the daily routine, waking up to an empty bed. I know he is out to talk to someone, or helping someone. As long as he wasn’t reminded of Hadus lying in his bed, spitting pomegranate seeds everywhere as infected promises.

I look out the window, hoping to spot him somewhere. He’s there, showing Judith the world covered in mystery white. Thick, white snowflakes landing in their hair as she tries desperately to catch them in the steady arms of her brother. Slowly I get up from bed, my hands gripping the windowsill and my nails digging in the hard stone. I see him glancing up, the smile on his lips by watching his sister dropping just slightly. He looks back to her and helps catch the damned snowflakes while putting his laugh back up.

The drop of his laugh knocks everything out of my ribs. I back away from the window as if it turned into one of those monstrous things out there or even just Negan, a brick wall suddenly resting on my chest. I can’t breathe, God I couldn’t breathe. My lungs violently attacking my body, going faster and faster. I run for the bathroom, dropping on the ground in front of the porcelain toilet and heaving. Tears were mixing with snot and I kick the door closed behind me. If Carl didn’t want to look at me then he sure won’t want to now.

The noise of the door hitting the lock drowns out my hearing to a white noise static. I’m crying, at least, I realise that I am.  There’s a block in my throat and I can’t seem to swallow it away. Instead choking on it like it were Carl’s muttered words of comfort after that night I lost the respect toward my own self.

When my body stops bringing out electrocuting like shocks I slowly stand up. My knees shaking and my toes numb to the white tiles on the floor. On my right there’s a mirror, I turn my head left to look down over my shoulder instinctively, until I don’t. The cold air stings my lungs as if it were horned when I breathe in, looking right to see what I believed was the most horrific monster in this world.

“Gosh, this one is fuckin’ pretty! How do you keep that hidden from the shitty ass world Rick?”

My eyes are set inflamed, swollen with angry wet marks. Cheekbones and collarbones stood out as if touching them would cut the finger through flesh. Lips bitten and for the first time not from stickily sweet secret car rides that ended up with steaming windows or honey touched rendezvous between the sheets. There’s a wound from a knife running past the flesh and the metal taste suddenly breaks through my taste buds.

It’s not until I fully have turned my body towards the glass I dare to look at it. It’s scratched open and angry red nails from clawing are portraying a scar like a werewolves nailed paw. There’s irritation around the striping wounds screaming on what was my even skinned toned complex. It’s a hopeless remedy like a bandage against the aggression of a bleeding wound.

“It’s not your job to hide her I see, oh, I definitely see.”

And then he was touching me. His hand felt like the sting of a needle, my skin reacting as if it were allergic. Screaming and panicking and burning, he felt my cheek, oblivious to the blood thrumming in my veins and my skin scorching like a fire at hand. He was tattooing me as if we were young teenagers drunk on sugary sweet love doomed to end rotten-teethed.

It was wrong. It was like reading a book the opposite way and expecting to understand the words. It was like eating the wrong fruit in the wrong season. He was the false promise on the candy floss we used to buy. Lingering and burning to wipe Carl’s touch away like bleach to a stain. Laughing and pulling my lip down with his thumb, cracking the skin open to a minuscule wound.

My hand fell on the sink, tapping the water open and letting it run as hot as I could after chugging it messily. My throat and head protesting wildly and vocally when my hands turned a sickly coloured red under the stream. A loud searing voice in my own head telling its desire to drown my thoughts away in it. For the first time no panic swelled up to swallow the thought away, as if it were the daily kiss and good morning to give and say.

The cupboard is empty, it’s always empty. Ever since him everything around us is disappearing. Or Carl is hiding things, I don’t know. My hands are resting on the mirror, leaving handprints in cooled off water droplets in their wake. Slipping off abruptly when there’s a deafening knock on the door, my wrist catching and clinking on the porcelain of the sink. I curse loudly and the knock repeats, louder this time.

“Babe?” I try to reply, telling him the door is unlocked but my throat is clenching and stitching itself closed. The second time he calls for me it’s more panicked and for some reason my heart races and pumps panic throughout my veins, as if I’m doing something morally wrong. He storms in and I’m still clutching my wrist, his eyes go wide.

“What did you do?” He hisses, his eyes blank as empty mirrors. He steps closer to me like a snake threatening his kill with baring venomous teeth.

“First you scratch open your cheek, then you do this? You expect me to keep ignoring it?” He doesn’t speak in soft tones anymore, raising his voice a tone close to breaking my eardrums. My head as sensitive after a night drinking and sleeping together.

“Nothing I-,” I’m stuttering and acting like Judith when she’s caught with a hand full in the candy box. He glares at me, his usual gray eyes filled with red ablaze anger.  “I swear, Carl, I didn’t do anything –I swear, please,” I release my wrist and lean against the counter, my hands covering my eyes with a broken up mantra lacing my tongue. My legs dancing on their own accord.

His mouth was moving, my ears were clogged. He’s saying something, mumbling or yelling, I didn’t know. I felt myself sink to the ground, an arm wrapping around my waist and a sudden warmth attaching on my side. He kissed my cheek, all wet and noisily I let myself believe, just like he always does.

“Hey, hey,” His lips were moving against my cheek, ignoring the wet tears disrupting his words of comfort. It was like he forcibly pulled my head from a water tank, put all his weight on my chest so I could breathe again. “Calm down, it’s okay, I was wrong,” He shushed me and whispered my name. His fingertips stroking me with their rough, callused pads.

“Carl,” I sobbed out, resting my head on his shoulder and letting him wrap his arms around me. His hands strong upon my back, gripping and tugging on the fabric of my cotton shirt. “I’m so-,” I swallowed against his neck, “I’m so weak Carl, he touched me, made me so ugly- God, I’m so ugly. It’s there, it’s always there no matter how hard I try to remove it. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry-,”

“What? That’s, bullshit,” He pulled back, my heart aching with my body when his warmth was stolen away from me. “You’re so pretty, you’re the prettiest fucking person I’ve ever laid my eyes on,” he said, staring with harsh force in my own eyes.

“That’s what he said too,” I replied with my tongue thick and my throat stuck in my own goddamn pity. I was waiting for Carl to lash out, on edge as he was. “Negan, that’s what he said to me too. He called me all fucking pretty, Carl.”I spit out my words.

“No, sweet, no,” His hands moved towards my neck, his fingers braiding in the warmth of my hair. He pulled ever so slightly to make the hairs on my arms prickle upwards. “You’re so beautiful on the inside too, seeing you with Judith,” he looked down and grinned, “I see you with Judith and I just feel it you know? I just feel that I love you, I know I do, but feeling it is- it’s so much more.”

I smiled, all snot with teeth. My hair was stuck on my cheeks and wet because of tears. A blush suffuses on my neck and I knew I looked like a mess. But for the first time it felt like it was okay. It was fine because Carl promised me and told me all with cherry blossoms around his heart. His hand moved away from my neck again, and slowly hovered over the wounds on my cheek. Fingertips barely making contact as he solemnly concentrates on every bump and dip. I let him and stare up towards his focused eyes, all light and soft without a hint of harm.

“I love you,” He whispers before leaning in, his arm wrapping around my neck and leaving my cheek alone to heal. I didn’t reply and it didn’t feel like I had to, the air suddenly too hot and my knees not stuck anymore on a tiled ground. My hands flew for his waist, holding on as if he’d disappear when he finally kissed me. So soft with a blush staining the full of his cheeks.

His touch reminded me of our summer rides, alone and in secret. Warm sweat and softer moans to break the radio silence, his lover giggles whenever he indulged me to ask for more. Fingers twined in brown curls and belt buckles cling like a gun starts a marathon. His breath as gentle as his hands, stripping off clothing as if the fabric was as fragile as the wound on my cheek. It reminds me of campfires, Sunday barbeques with smiles, laughs and tanned skin.

My fingers played in his shirt as I rose up slowly, the both of us on our knees as he kissed harder. Rougher as if I’d provide him fresh air. He pulls back and clenches his jaw, I clench my fist as a fire plays around our stomachs. He looks at me and it doesn’t seem as innocent as before. Pupils blown wide as his gray is replaced with noir. He stares into my eyes as he slowly lowers his hands to the swell of my butt, grabbing as he pulls me up to my feet with him. A gasp escaped my throat and I feel blood rushing in my ears.

He pulls me closer to his body, eyes big and mouth agape. Slowly rolling my shirt up my skin, the soft cotton caressing and tickling me. I pull back to raise my arms, closing my eyes and feeling the cold air hitting the flesh of my back, stomach and breasts. Carl’s hands are stroking over my waist rapidly, roughly rubbing up and down as if he were to savour me. His nails dent half-moons in me and I moan the stars towards the whole empty sky when he presses me against him. He deserved all the stars I could give him.

I grip his shoulders hastily as he begins kissing down my throat. Warm lips and hot breaths making me inhale sharply as I arch my back, letting him pass the depression of my collarbones and the valley of my sternum between my breasts. He wraps his arms around me as he slowly licks his way back up, hands splayed wide against my back and ribs.

“Yeah?” He asks, lust filled and thickly laced on his voice. I nod, at this point following him everywhere. “Yeah, okay, c’mon,” He whispers, latching his mouth onto my neck and creating the galaxy to grip me around my throat. Backing up and I feel his arms tightening around me, making sure I won’t fall.

He led me straight to bed, laying me down on the soft rugs. Climbing over me in a fast and breath stopping motion. Immediately making his name a song like melody when he kissed back over my breasts. His tongue barely grazing my nipple and distracting me from the fact that his hands were placed on the rim of my underwear. I whined in disapproval. His shirt had to go first.

He laughed against my stomach, pearly white teeth blinding me. His brown curls falling in front of his sight, until he leaned back to drop the shirt on the ground. When he climbed back up between my legs the friction of his jeans pressed between my legs. He kissed me and bit my bottom lip with those pearly teeth, gasping and breathing harshly and violently in the cold, bitter air. I giggled.

Hence, before I knew it, both of our pants or undergarments met the floor. He spoke a promise with every breath he let out in my ear, my hand as his lifeline to hold on to so tightly. His lips were swollen and bitten and with every move he did the air in my lungs was knocked out. His hand telling languages between my legs I had yet to learn.

When reaching his climax, he looked down at me as if I were Aphrodite sprawled on his sheets. Mouth agape and eyes blown and yet, he looked as if I wasn’t real. The word love stuck on his tongue like some proclamation, forced to spit out his vow over and over. I could only laugh, the world felt like summer and he smelled like old cars and tangerine once more.

“I love you so much,” I whispered when reaching my own, arching my back under his hands and feeling him touch my backbone. He kissed down my neck, rapidly with his swollen lips and tongue from promising me. I was his, I was his and he didn’t have to claim me with poisonous leather-clad ink. Only with his summer kissed lips and golden brown locks.

I was his.


[I don’t know how I feel about this one, the transitions to scenes felt kind of awkward. Eh not my best!]

noctis || going home

Pairing: Noctis x Reader
Genre: Fluff
Contains: holding hands, Prompto trying to be sneaky
Note: It’s snowing like hell rn, so I came up with this on a whim

Blowing hot air against the surface of your freezing palms, you hoped it’d soothe the cold running within your veins, but it did little to warm them up.
You rubbed your hands, stuffed them into the pockets of your jacket and buried your face into the soft fabric of your scarf which had caught snowflakes.
“Damn cold..”

Insomnia bloomed with Christmas decorations such as the infamous green trees decorated with red and white bells, candles and those marble-like angels.
Snow lay on the concrete like a thick, warm blanket that a child would cuddle into late at night when the temperatures dropped up to three degrees.
Citizens bought presents such as toys for their daughter or son, a silly sweater for their lover or decorated the door with a damn mistletoe.

Plans to spend the holidays with your family fell into the abyss as soon as your mother had yelled at you to leave them all alone; just because you dared to ring the doorbell. 
And so the door was smacked shut, your feet aimlessly wandered through the royal city with its lights blinding your sight.
Of course, you had the option to go home and snuggle with a blanket, but the event left a bruise on your chest.

You accidently bumped into strangers, but for some reason they apologized.
Ironic, how people tended to be much nicer during a festive holiday but spat venom on any other day.

A heap of snowflakes had begun living on top of your [h/c] locks, dampening them.
Lost in thoughts, you bumped into another person, but this time, that person called your name.
Curious as to who it could be, you craned your head back to meet a gorgeous set of ocean blue eyes.
“Noct? What are you doing here?” You raised an eyebrow as you noticed that the prince didn’t have any presents in his hands nor any documents that could hint at a meeting Noctis could have had.

The cold inked Noctis’s cheeks in a light pink, but when your question caressed his eardrums, they gained the color of a pretty red.
“W-well..Prompto called me saying that he saw you wandering around, pretty lost, too, and so..I..” The royal ravenette dared to take a glimpse at your big orbs, regretted it a second later and looked the other way.
“You came looking for me? Man, so you do have a bit of a prince in you!~” You teased the male and nudged his side with your elbow, chuckling in delight.

Something warm bloomed within your chest.
It felt stupid, and yet you didn’t stop it from growing while walking to god-knows-where with the lazy prince accompanying you.
A couple of minutes spent in comfortable silence flew by like a bird when you finally asked the million gil question.

“Noct? Where are we going?”
“Home.” Noct’s gaze was held proudly yet it carried something soft; maybe a pillow of feathers or something like that. About to question what he meant, Noctis cut you off.
“Dad insisted on having everyone over for dinner. Prompto and the others will be there as well.” 
Snow seemed to crack beneath the heavy soles of warm shoes, a cold breeze sent a shiver down your spine.
“But Noctis..I’m neither royalty nor a part of the palace like Ignis or Gladio. I wouldn’t fit in there and you know that.” Balling the hands in your jacket’s pockets into fists, you could feel them quiver each time you tried to move them.

A sigh slipped Noct’s lips.
This royalty talk again.
But he couldn’t blame you. 
It wasn’t everyday that one got to befriend the prince and his special friends.
He ran a hand through his dampened locks, carefully pulled your hand out of the warm pocket of your jacket and held it tightly.
“You’re making this way too difficult. Besides, didn’t you say we were family to you? And a family has dinner together.” Noctis’s voice was firmer than usual; as if he was fully convinced.
It was the same as when someone told you that the stars were visible at night.

You remained silent and let those words sink in.
Yes, you remembered the day you told these dorks that they were family to you.
Glassy [e/c]-tinted orbs stared at the prince’s back which was full of snow.
“Of course. How could I forget?”

Unconsciously, you gave Noct’s hand a squeeze and eventually interlaced your fingers with his.
Furious was the blush blooming on his cheeks, but he wouldn’t pull away.


“Prompto, did you get that?” Gladio peeked over the blonde’s shoulder who had tried to stealthily shoot a picture of his so called “ship”.
“What does it look like, big guy?” Like a soldier showing his medas, Prompto revealed the picture of Noctis holding your hand.

“And for this we hid in a dirty alley?” Ignis was disappointed by his comrades’ stealth skills.

anonymous asked:

could you do a christmas prompt where therese is seducing person carol into taking a few steps back/backing her against the wall and therese is like - ”oh look, how did that mistletoe get right there????" ;) heheh

In which I’m technically depressingly late on this but…it’s technically timely now?

“Goddammit, where’s the damn tinsel?”

Therese didn’t know whether to laugh at Carol or hurt for her. She’d asked the same thing about the damn Christmas star, the damn snowflake ornaments, and the damn stuffed reindeer Therese had picked up two nights ago.

It was Rindy’s first Christmas with them, their first Christmas together, and Carol was determined to make up for what happened last year.

“She deserves a perfect Christmas,” Carol said over and over. “Both my girls do.”

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A hotel used a portuguese flag as a carpet and the special snowflakes are offended. I am assuming these are the same who thought it was outrageous to have a WebSummit dinner at the National Pantheon because there are iMpOrTaNt nAtIoNaL pErSOnaLiTiEs there or whatever. Lol you these damn snowflakes get offended by anything. Back in my day, we wiped our asses on the flag and I dont remember any of you whiney babies caring about Sophia de Mello Breyner when the teacher made you read it. No one complained. But I guess these older peeps really want the country tailored to their needs