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Sterek AU: ‘Munitions and Marriage

While Derek may be squad leader, Stiles will always find an opportunity to challenge his husband.

Voyage of the Damned

I may have made this more shippy then I should have. But I honestly couldn’t help it. I happened to find the perfect secret life pictures of Billie to go along and I just had to make it as shippy as possible. Especially with a fantastic kiss!


Harry Styles & Lily Collins [manips] + selfies


Westallen Hiatus Week: Earth 14
Friends With Benefits

Barry and Iris have been hooking up with no strings attached for weeks, but neither one wants to admit they’re not exactly happy with the arrangement. If only they knew they both want the same thing…

STEREK WEEK 2016: Day 4 - Magic Stiles

Sterek AU: It’s when Stiles’ teacher Master Deaton barges in holding a small boy covered in a dark green hood when he realizes trouble in the kingdom finally boiled over. Deaton confirms it the moment he shoves the little shivering body in Stiles arms and orders him to run. And Stiles would love to stay and ask questions like ‘what’ and ‘why’, but there are voices and screams getting louder with every minute. So he does what he never did before; shuts his mouth and do as he’s told. Not realizing he just became one of the two most wanted people in the realm. 

It’s only much later when he finally stops, breathing too hard to be able to speak when the boy uncovers his tear streaked face revealing who did Stiles just bore into the wilderness. It’s the little prince of house McCall, Scott. And Stiles realizes at that precise second that yes, he is in an indescribable heap of horse sh- erm, trouble. 

So there they are, running from something Stiles is not really sure is about, but knows for sure would end up with both of them in pain, probably dying horribly, if they were to be caught. Not his typical evening to be sure. (His evenings are usually much more boring, mostly filled with unending amount of information he has to memorize, rarely peppered with some actual practice if Master Deaton deems him worthy enough. Which that old ferret never does!)

But Stiles can’t really ponder over their situation too much because the little prince is obviously scared, tired, and hungry and who on earth could ever think Stiles is the man who should be taking care of him?! Unless there was no one else. As an everyone else was dead. Well, that’s a disturbing image and Stiles probably should not have picked at the situation too much, because now he is scared.

It takes him about and half an hour to get some of his energy back and calm himself enough to explain to the young prince what he could, before taking his hand and heading to the North, because at least there was a chance they could hide in the Great Forest.

It would probably not surprise anyone who ever met him, that in all that Stiles forgot about one teeny tiny detail. The Grat Forest was in no way uninhabited. In fact, there was more groups, clans, and overall species in this particular part of the world than anywhere else. And only some of them weren’t deadly the first time you came across them. In the end, Stiles should probably count them as incredibly lucky it was one of the Changelings’ clans they ran into. Even if their leader wasn’t particularly friendly or even civil. But Stiles had some of the knowledge Deaton wished for him to remember and with that, they managed not to be killed right away. 

Derek, as the leader had grudgingly introduced himself after a while, proclaimed he has no love for the kingdom or humans at all, but when Stiles explained they don’t have what one would describe as a nice relationship with the kingdom either, Derek let them stay for the night. Or that was what he had planned, up until his younger sister Cora was brought in with a poisoned wound that would probably cost her her life, if Stiles as a druid didn’t use his powers to heal her. When the morning came around Stiles and Scott were no longer guests. The elders proposed that Derek would hire him as their healer because druids were not often to be found in that part of the world and any clans with one were considered fortunate indeed. 

So Stiles and his young ward Scotty (nobody needed to know about his royal blood) became part of the Hale pack, as was this particular clan known. Not that Derek seemed happy with that development, but he would not go against the elders’ wishes on this one. It should be beneficial for them after all. 

Of course, no one understood yet it was that moment when two major shards of a bigger picture came together and turned the unfavorable situation into something they may yet survive.