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12 Days of Deadpool, #2

Deadpool x Reader, dirty dancing. 

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You meet Wade at Tony Stark’s Christmas Party.

“Holy fuck,” you peered away from Nat, eyes glued to the man who strolled  into the party. “Nat, is that-”

“Wade Wilson,” she muttered under her breath with a low smile.


“Yeah, he’s pretty close to Peter. So Tony begrudgingly invited Wade to his Christmas party,” Nat took a sip of her drink.

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We ain’t nothin’ but a nation of god-damn chicken-shit, horse-shit, tattle tale, pissy-ass, whiny, fat, flabby, outta shape, facebook-lookin’, damned twerk-fest, peekin’ out the windas and slippin’ around, listenin’ in on the cellphones and spyin’ in the peephole and peekin’ the crack of the god-damned door and listen’ in the fuckin’ sheet rock. You know - Mr. Putin, please, show some fuckin’ mercy. I mean, come on, drop a fuckin’ bomb won’t you?
—  National treasure John B. McLemore
How to Enjoy the Berena Story Line

A Visual Guide

Just throw your hands up in the air and GO!

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Anniversary Dinner

Pairing: Cain x Reader
Word count: 735
Warnings: Cussing. Fluff.  
Request: ( @ashley-lost-in-wonderland ) I know you’re a little behind on requests but, imagine calling Cain your honeybee and he calls you his queen and it’s just like a fluff fest.

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Playing House-a Lucaya fic

author: cassie

rating: T

genre: romance, humor

description: Everyone plays house at least once when they’re little. Little girls would fight to be the mom, while little boys would fight to play mom and dad with the girl they liked. It’s all very elementary when you’re young. But what’s it like when you’re not? What about when Lucas and Maya get paired up to take care of a fake baby for home ec. class?

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People are like “You should take this more seriously” and I’m like…”Fuck you”

House of Vans at the Mohawk Returns to the SXSW Music Festival

House of Vans is back at SXSW starting March 17th! Teaming up with pitchfork, Strange Victory Touring, dominorecordingco, The Windish Agency, rhymesayers 20th Anniversary, funfunfunfest , WeDidIt, transmissionevents and fakefourinc, we’ll be bringing you a lineup of genre-defining talent including: 

Make sure to stop by if you’re attending this year! We’ll see you there.  



Aaron Tveit - I’m Alive at Elsie Fest. UM HI HIS ARMS. Hot damn Mr. Tveit.

i love when ppl are like “tumblr a mess right now…damn…”
like can you name a SINGLE period of time in the last 4 years the TS side of tumblr hasn’t been a god damn satanistic trash-fest
a SINGLE time you guys
just ONE
u can’t do it can you