that cuteness don't quit

Can we talk about the fact that there were already hints in ep1 for what happened to Makkachin in this episode?

I mean, this scene where Yuko shows the magazine to Yuri…

if you look closely at the interview…

Interviewer: Makkachin is quite a large dog, isn’t he?

Victor: He’s a standard poodle and I have him for 3 years now. He sleeps a lot, so that’s maybe why he became so large. Another reason (for his size) might be that he often steals and eats food. He’s really good at doing that without being noticed by me.

And apparently Makkachin’s bad habit hasn’t changed after 12 years…

Makkachin, you naughty boy!


“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have any charms.” - Kim Heechul.


In december, I found a post on reddit where Dev put the silhouette of the gaming club’s leader. From memories, he mentioned he didn’t added it to the video because “it’s looks like he’s holding something else, but it’s actually a gaming device!” and i thought “Oh!! He’s holding a knife!!” so i redrew the silhouette in the way i was imagining it. TURNS OUT I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG

Also, the “Saikoutendo tank smash” is kinda a… french related joke, since we call the 1srt Nintendo DS a “Nintendo Tank” because this baby was HUGE and HEAVY. and since he’s the leader of the gaming club…eh…Nerd’s glasses vers too.

It’s so hot here it’s melting my face off - thank god it was raining today /praise the gods/

Yesterday while it was so hot my brain somehow produced this image - oh well there u go OTP doing…. something

  • Ghostbusters Fandom: YOU get some Holtzbert and YOU get some Holtzbert! EVERYONE gets some Holtzbert!
  • Me: *slinks into a corner, stroking my mini collection of Toltzmann stuff*
  • Me: It's okay my pretties they don't understand your true beauty
  • *Bart's lab*
  • Sherlock: *pacing back and forth, alternating between anxiously glancing at his laptop and checking his watch*
  • John: *drumming his fingers on the bench* Will you stop it? You're driving me mad.
  • Sherlock: *still pacing* I can't help it. She's never late.
  • John: It's only been ten minutes.
  • Sherlock: *rummaging for his phone* I calling Graham.
  • John: *shakes his head* So she went out last night-
  • Sherlock: *fidgeting* Yes, without my knowledge. I hadn't had him checked, he could be anyone. She hasn't updated her blog, any of her social media, called, text. Anything could have happened to her.
  • John: *shrugs* She might have got lucky.
  • Sherlock: *glares at him*
  • John: *rolls his eyes* Or murdered. Who knows?
  • Sherlock: *dialling* He wouldn't dare.
  • Molly: *hurries into the lab; pulling on her lab coat, out of breath*
  • Molly: *notices them and smiles* Oh, hi. Sorry I'm late...traffic, you know. That, and my stupid phone broke...
  • Sherlock: *sweeps her up into a tight hug; murmuring into her hair, relieved* Thank you for not sleeping with the murderer.
  • Molly: *confused; glances at John*
  • John: *mouths* Tough morning.
  • Molly: *awkwardly pats his back* Um, okay...

I really want to thank you for an amazing and school-free (well in the evening) day because it was really refreshing doing nothing just watching series and tv (I told you why I hate it at home with the big feet and socks) but it’s sooo much better at your house c: also I got sooo happy when your brother called me his second sister on whatsapp because that sounds really cute and I really enjoy playing games with him because no one at my home likes it and now I found someone who does :p andd the goodnight kiss definetely took some courage but I’m really glad I did it c: although at the same time I know I’ll miss it every night I’m sleeping alone :p