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“If I can dream the same dream as you…I will always be with you
Even if I can not be at your side. That is how I will think”


“I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t have any charms.” - Kim Heechul.


                                    ToG instagram au (collab with alinasoretsev)

spontaneous - ed

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a/n: i started writing this like four days ago and sat down and finished it all tonight after ethan posted that snapchat sooo it’s fine. loosely based off and inspired by there’s nothing holding me back by shawn mendes? kinda? (i have another thing planned based off the same thing but for luke so hey) anyway

word count: 2,124

You pressed your toes into the crisp white sheets, effectively break the seamless sheen as applied by a careful hand and an iron. You cradled your phone in your hand, the screen illuminating a small space around you that the lack of light in the room failed. Yet, you weren’t looking at the mundane application open on the screen but rather past the large glass window of your hotel room.

A city at night never ceased to amaze you, particularly when it was New York City. The city that never sleeps was something you didn’t quite believe until you witnessed it firsthand, and from then you felt that same squeeze in your throat as you gazed out to the scene before your fingertips. Lights always seem to place an element of beauty to things normally not seen as such. Christmas trees are a good example, as you are taking a dull pine tree and turning it into something magical simply by adding a dollar box of twinkling lights to it’s center.

Buildings are no different. For structures that are grimey by day, they become brilliant by night as outlined in thousands of watts of electricity. The lights appear just as those that decorate evergreen all over the world in the winter months, voiding out the greys and blacks and browns into stark silhouettes against brilliant shades of white and yellow. The streets under such lights are just as lit as they are in the day, framing the likes of tourists as they mill among those who live there. Everyone seems to be freer in the night time, without the restriction of a time card to capture in the mornings or a meeting to be present at in the afternoons. Instead, people now smile. They laugh. They take time to breath as they simply become a part of the beautiful city before them rather than a product of it’s identity.

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Imagine badboy!Woozi falling asleep during one of you guys’ study dates so you decide to wake him up by playing with his hair and lightly poking him with your pens. 

BONUS: Instead of waking up, badboy!Woozi decides to just hold on to your hand when it’s in his reach to stop you from continuing to bother him, causing you get flustered because he’s holding your hand and there’s no way for you to pull away.

It’s so hot here it’s melting my face off - thank god it was raining today /praise the gods/

Yesterday while it was so hot my brain somehow produced this image - oh well there u go OTP doing…. something


In december, I found a post on reddit where Dev put the silhouette of the gaming club’s leader. From memories, he mentioned he didn’t added it to the video because “it’s looks like he’s holding something else, but it’s actually a gaming device!” and i thought “Oh!! He’s holding a knife!!” so i redrew the silhouette in the way i was imagining it. TURNS OUT I WAS COMPLETELY WRONG

Also, the “Saikoutendo tank smash” is kinda a… french related joke, since we call the 1srt Nintendo DS a “Nintendo Tank” because this baby was HUGE and HEAVY. and since he’s the leader of the gaming club…eh…Nerd’s glasses vers too.

Can we talk about the fact that there were already hints in ep1 for what happened to Makkachin in this episode?

I mean, this scene where Yuko shows the magazine to Yuri…

if you look closely at the interview…

Interviewer: Makkachin is quite a large dog, isn’t he?

Victor: He’s a standard poodle and I have him for 3 years now. He sleeps a lot, so that’s maybe why he became so large. Another reason (for his size) might be that he often steals and eats food. He’s really good at doing that without being noticed by me.

And apparently Makkachin’s bad habit hasn’t changed after 12 years…

Makkachin, you naughty boy!
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let’s not fall in love

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