that cute little nose twitch

A Year To Prove You Wrong CH15

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A Year To Prove You Wrong

Chapter 15

Stefan’s alarm going off woke him up, he reached his arm over to quickly shut it off before it could wake the slumbering Caroline on his chest. He looked down at her beautiful sleeping face, raising his hand to run through her silken strands to end up caressing her cheek. He smiled as she leant into his hand releasing a contented sigh. He had woken up early for a specific reason.

Today was her birthday.

He had the perfect way to wake her up on her special day, so that she would start her day off just right. He gently rolled her onto her back, admiring her lovely features from above her. Her long lashes that kissed her cheeks when closed, her cute little nose that twitched adorably in her sleep, her cheeks that had a hint of rose colouring them which he ached to touch, and finally those pink lips he loved to taste with his own.

She was perfect.

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