that countrygirl

Today I took my middle son to driver’s ed, then headed downtown to hit the Goodwill on a mission to find sweatshirts for my brood (Cause I’m a thrifty bitch like that😉) They had a huge selection of 5 sweaters to choose from, so I left defeated, ran to Walmart…wasn’t much more successful there but damn if I didn’t buy 3 of each cookie and brownie mixes that were on sale! That was my day😑 looks like I’ll be baking tomorrow💙


HAPPY SUMMER WEEKEND!  So a little more about me, pure country girl, country music, horses and yes my ride is a big ass diesel truck!  Summer country concerts and tailgates are one of my favorite things in life.  So why the post?  Tailgating often means beer, burgers, dogs, chips, dip, etc.  You CAN tailgate healthy!  I pack my own treats like carrots, celery, pineapple, watermelon and low calorie adult beverages!  A little planning goes a LONG way!  Enjoy summer!  Enjoy the music!  Enjoy your tailgate/party! 

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