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Did you notice that the reaction video to tfp isn't out yet. I think they usually release it Wednesday after the episode?

Yes, I did notice that. Also, there haven’t been any new “episode specific” promo photos that they usually release after each ep that could be spoilery. I don’t recall if they held off for HLV’s, but bleh, my brain is fried.

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Good point, but that raises a different question, do you think Sangwoo is falling for Yoonbum or do you think this is all made to unnerve him. Because I could see Sangwoo switching from "I love you, never leave, I can support you" to "I can't believe you're this worthless even after all I do for you" just to mess with Yoon Bum and making him easier to manipulate and to gauge reactions for his own amusement. Can't you?

I think Sangwoo is falling in love with the idea of someone knowing everything he does and still being “in love” with him. He’s been shown something through Bum that I’m pretty sure he’s never dealt with before. All of the victims that we’ve seen so far have always yelled for him to stay away and to leave them alone, but Bum’s been the first one to actually call to Sangwoo to save him when Sangwoo is the one putting him through these things in the first place. 

I think he’s getting some crazy power trip from this and inflating his already big enough ego. I honest to god think that Sangwoo really believes Bum is really in love with him and that Bum’s always going to love him and I think he’s using that to really manipulate Bum more so than trying to unnerve him. Constantly reminding Bum that he’s worthless without him is probably a twisted way of him saying “You love me for this” and to me that seems much more dangerous than someone who’s aware that Bum is literally trying to do whatever he can to ensure less punishment and pain. 

Sangwoo to me at least seems to be getting more and more unstable the more Bum feeds into his power hungry ego. 

BigBang Reaction: They find out you’re a werewolf


Somehow I could see him be really into it. At first he might be really confused, but after some getting used to he might be a fan. It’s different, and we all know he’s pretty different.

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Oh my god, chances are you tell him after a few glasses of wine. Seeing you transform he’d probably be a little freaked. Chnaces are he will think there was something a little extra in the wine. But once he figures out this was actually you, he’d be pretty accepting.

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Never saw it coming. He might get a feeling there was something that you have been wanting to tell him, but never expected this. He might be very curious and begin to ask you a lot of questions.

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Poor guy is scared of everything. Seeing you transform would just freak him out. He might run out of the room screaming, thinking something terrible happened to you. He’d come back eventually. He’s gonna need to know everything and need a good amount of time to adjust.

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At first, he would believe it’s some elaborate prank. Seeing you transform he’d compliment the special effects. When he finally figures out you’re telling the truth, he might feel like he’s an idiot. And want to know how this happened. But he’d accept it quickly, might even find it cool. 

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My Endless Summer Theory (so far)

Okay so, I, like many of you I think, are following a zodiac or supernatural theory for it. Mine is more heavily rooted in the Zodiac side of that but still. I think the password thing sold it for me. With all of them plausibly fitting into the zodiacs, I could 100% see this happening. (Also has anyone matched them up with the zodiacs yet? Cause I’m interested in doing that and I haven’t seen it, but if it’s overused or something I won’t)

I do have a new point to make though (at least I don’t think it’s been made?)

But Everyone has a secret now. Or at least HAS had a secret.

Jake - His Service Story
Lila - Suspicious actions/reactions : overly attached to job?
Estela - Everything she does
Rourke - The island itself
Aleister - The whole calm reactions and then catching himself and being mean
Craig and Zahra - Their freshman year
Grace - The claw at the beginning (it counts) and the threat level on the papers in Rourke’s office. With the mugshot. ???
Quinn - Her lack of self esteem
Michelle and Sean - Their relationship
Raj - That he’s a genius
Diego - His sudden dislike or awkwardness with MC

I wonder if this means anything? Or if this’ll just make it all the better to see how they wrap it all up?

What do you think?

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Nope don't spoil my headcanon of the LAcon awesomeness :P I believe something did happen there. Speaking of cons there was an instance where Jared described something you could do with Vaseline ;) (Dallas 2014) and Jensen's reaction! G was there too, rich evn reminded Jared that by saying "You're family's here" Then we had all 3 on stage and they looked fine. Jared and Jensen even looked happy.

Hello, lovely anon!

I didn’t mean to ruin your headcanon, I’m sorry! Does it console you that mine only got better? Instead of the regular kind of hanky panky, I’m now visualizing the kind where Jensen backs Jared up into a closet or something and very possessively reminds Jared who his real SO is. And obviously, in my headcanon, Jared loves every minute of it. *coughs*

Yes, I definitely believe something happened there and it was all between our two J’s.

Right. Onwards.

Jensen’s interests perks up right away! Jared can’t even look at him. Oh god, just look at how embarrassed he was by his own comment! How adorable is that? This is definitely one of my favourite dirty jokes they’ve ever made.

Skip to 22:17 on the video to see where G is invited to the stage. I don’t know if Jensen seems really happy right then, but he generally seems to be in a great mood. Unfortunately there are some camera problems going on during her appearance, so it’s a little difficult to take a proper read on his face. He seems happy enough, cracking up at something she says, but at times his smile looks very strained, don’t you think?

Isn’t it funny that Jared breaks out with the Pearl Jam story and a couple of years later the entire story changes? First it’s J/G and J/D at a Pearl Jam gig and Jared is squeezing the blood out of G’s hand, then later it’s J/J at a private Pearl Jam gig and Jared is drunkenly fanboying Eddie Vedder before a very embarrassed Jensen takes him home. I don’t know if these were two different instances to begin with, but the J’s have changed stories over the years so many times that I wouldn’t be surprised if this was one of them.

Thank you for the lovely message, sweet anon! I hope you have a great day.

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why do you deny that you are a furry?

I guess that was more plausible before I spent last year reading nothing but furry comics, yeah

I don’t know - I guess it feels presumptuous?  I mean, sure, I wear what could be described as an abstracted duck mask in all my online stuff, and I have a garishly painted rubber leopard head in my room (for work reasons), but last time I put that on I got a really bad allergic reaction, so I feel like that’s a message

Seriously though, I didn’t really come up in furry circles, don’t hang out online or IRL in furry spaces, and have no particular connection to furry as kink, so it’s not something I think of in terms of an identity - I feel closer to weebs (even as I feel that being an otaku is, like, fundamentally way more questionable, because animals don’t care if you appropriate their culture)

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2P Prussia reaction to coming home to find his s/o cooking wearing a lacy bra and underwear.

Another long day at work. He sighed quietly and pulled up infront of his house. He got out of his car and walked into his house, smiling slightly when he smelled something delicious.

“Honey, I`m home.”

She came out to greet him. He definitely wasn`t expecting seeing them like this. She was wearing only a bra and panties, so he could see every curve of her perfect body.

He blushed heavily when she hugged him. She kissed his cheek and smiled at him brightly.

“I made your favorite, Darling! It`s done in a sec, you go and rest for now! Okay honey pie~”

She skipped back to the kitchen. He went towards his couch and sat down, feeling his pants tighten. He would j´ust have to get rid of that problem later~

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You give alot of advice but explain all the times you hurt somebodys feelings

I’m human.

Just like everyone else, I’ve made mistakes. I’ve said things I shouldn’t have, I’ve acted poorly and I’ve been selfish and inconsiderate of others. I’m sure you could go sniffing around and ask for “receipts” of my poor behavior and there are people who’d be delighted to provide them. 

And some things I have no excuse for. I’ve been petty and bitchy and unkind. But if someone asks for my thoughts or opinions on something, I’m more inclined to give an honest reaction than to consider what might “sound best,” and questions about RP get that honest reaction. 

The things I say come from experience; I know what to do when RP partnerships go badly because I’ve been there, done that, made mistakes and looked back with that 20/20 hindsight to recognize what I did wrong. And I’m basically a Trickster archetype, which means I’ll blatantly laugh about my own fuck ups and hope someone can learn “what not to do” by hearing my stories. 

John’s fear of water

I think we can all agree that Martin Freeman is an acting god, yes? Several times throughout the course of the whole series, he’s given me serious meta / plot bunnies from a TOTALLY SILENT reaction to something that another character is saying.

Just a shift in body language, or a facial expression, that makes you think, “wow…there’s a HUGE story here that we’re not being told in the episode.”

And in The Final Problem, he has done it to me again, bless his bastardy boots.

It’s in the scene where John gets tired of all the hot air in the office, and steps outside for some sea air instead:

Now, this could have just been a reminder shot for the audience: they’re alone; they’re isolated; miles and hours from any help.

But look at John’s face.

That’s a really strong reaction. It’s not just discomfort…it’s verging on terror. He flinches away, tries to control his breathing, and all but runs back inside…it’s almost like he’s having a panic attack.

Why would John Watson be so afraid of water?

At first I thought there must have been some childhood trauma that gave him a phobia of water, and that’s why Euros put him in the well. Which would have been great if we’d ever been given any backstory on John Watson at all thanks Mofftiss. (Ahem. Sorry. Personal sore point there.)

(gif by @constantlyfreemaned)

But that wasn’t it - or at least if it was, we weren’t shown that ‘emotional context’ within the episode. So, what could it be instead?

I think two other scenes give us a clue. First, from later on in the episode:

(gifs by the brilliant @sherlockspeare)

This was such an odd line to me… Maybe it was something John said to his patients in Afghanistan who’d suffered interrogations. Maybe he said it to a fellow soldier when they were captured…or maybe it was something he said to himself, over and over, after he was taken prisoner.

The second clue comes from The Six Thatchers:

Again, that’s a really strong reaction. It’s not just ‘oh shit’ or ‘well that’s it, we’re screwed now’…that’s a nearly full fetal position. It’s a duck-and-cover protect-your-head movement, and very uncharacteristic of Captain John Watson, Fifth Northumberland Fuiliers, BAMF ex-army doctor.

And he did it when AJ mentioned being tortured. For fun.

As an army doctor, I have no idea if John would have been given RTI training. But would he have needed it? Would he have had any privileged military knowledge at all, ie, what troops were stationed where, or what their next moves were?

In other words: would he have had the kind of information that would be tactically useful to the enemy?

I doubt it.

True, he was an officer, but he was a surgeon…probably stationed at a single military hospital, treating patients who came in from all over the map. The military operates on a pretty strict need-to-know basis, and I don’t imagine a surgeon would need to know anything about the combat units’ inner workings.

So if he was captured and tortured, they wouldn’t have gotten much out of him. And I think they probably knew that: they just wanted to torture someone. For fun.

And how was he probably tortured?

My conclusion: John was a POW in Afghanistan, where he was subjected to some sort of water torture - probably waterboarding - by his captors. And since he didn’t have any sensitive military intelligence, they didn’t do it for information…they just did it for fun.

tl;dr - Damn you, Martin “I can do that with a look” Freeman, and your amazing plot-bunny-giving “acting is reacting, lovey” talent.


i still can’t get over the fact that this was the very first time even let himself be vulnerable in front of isak. it was the first time he wasn’t hiding. it was the first time he was facing isak knowing that isak had read all these things he had written in his text. isak knew about the guilt, and the fear, and the pain

so pretending that everything was fine like he had always done wasn’t a possibility

and isak’s reaction in that moment was so so so crucial. but at the same time it was like having to paint a line on a blank canvas, and only having one canvas available. and knowing that if you messed it up, if the line wasn’t straight, that would be the trace you left behind. and even, who stood there, exposed, was that blank canvas. and isak’s reaction was an attempt at a straight line; if isak messed this up, it would not be something that could be erased, or redone. it would’ve had a long lasting effect on even

but isak’s reaction was perfect. he was there. he was gentle and kind and showing him love through his touch and little gestures and through his words. you are not alone

and this was so important because before that moment, even’s mind was full of speculations. full of “if he knows, he’ll leave”, “if i’m not strong, he’ll leave”, “if i’m not doing okay, he’ll leave”. if, if, if

but that right there, isak holding him, that wasn’t speculation. that was proof. and you can contradict speculations, you can refute them all. but this proof was undeniable

Marvel preference: Their reaction to you telling them you love them


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It took him a few minutes to stop grinning and blushing so he could reply


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You have no idea who gave him the cigar


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Rfa reactions to pregnant MC cravings for something that are extremely hard to get! Even in Jumin's position, its still difficult to fulfill their needs..


  • MC p lease…. oh my god please…
  • he’d give MC the world if he could but
  • how
  • how does he, a broke af student,
  • get his hands on Beluga Caviar????
  • that… that’s like… £20,000….
  • MC is moody due to the hormones and they cry when they realize they can’t have the caviar
  • Yoosung also cries because THIS IS NOT GOING WELL
  • he tries to bring other foods to MC in hopes it helps a bit, and eventually MC settles for tacos from the nearby restaurant
  • neither him nor MC have a clue why MC wanted caviar


  • she’s a master of the coffee so when MC wanted coffee, she was like
  • “This is great, MC! I’ll be able to give you the food you want!”
  • hahaha it’s not that easy
  • because MC craves not normal coffee
  • they want KOPI LUWAK
  • those are just, y’know, the most expensive coffee beans in the world
  • when Jaehee finds out the price her soul physically leaves her body
  • she tries to find a way to replicate the taste of the goddamn expensive coffee and kinda succeeds??
  • she’s sweating buckets when MC tries the coffee 
  • MC accepts it because it tastes close enough (and they’re too tired to complain)
  • also she knows that during pregnancy the maximum of coffee a person can have is like, a cup or two per day so she begs MC to try and crave something else…. please…


  • he’s at a loss on what to do
  • MC has cravings- he had expected that much
  • but…. but why
  • what was the chances MC would crave an ice cream you can only get in Australia
  • how the hell does he get his hands on a…
  • on a Golden Gaytime
  • he can’t even say the name without laughing. how is he supposed to ask his friends if they know where to get one
  • he’s seriously dying here he wants to give MC what they want
  • he knows Jumin could probably have it imported- but he doesn’t want that trust fund kid’s grubby hands over MC’s food no no no
  • since nobody can quite ship icecream to another country, leave alone continent, MC just. can’t have their Golden Gaytime
  • he feels forever guilty


  • oh come on, he’s rich, how hard can it be to get whatever MC wants
  • right?
  • right?
  • that’s what both him and MC thought
  • and it seemed easy enough!! MC only wants cinnamon tic-tacs!!
  • that should be easy enough!!
  • just send somebody to the grocery store and get ‘em
  • the thing is cinnamon tic-tacs are no longer made
  • they’re just. disscontinued
  • Jumin Han may be able to buy the entirety of the real-estate business in South Korea but he sure can’t buy a packet of cinnamon tic-tacs smh
  • still, he makes 707 look for them- and surely enough, the hacker finds that you can buy some old cinnamon tic-tacts on ebay
  • jumin is… not sure if he should. it seems sketchy and what if it’s poisoned???
  • so he settles on not buying it after explaining to MC all the dangers of buying food on eBay 
  • (he didn’t know of those dangers. 707 explained them to him before he went crazy and bought all of them)


  • he’s stressed enough with his internal “will I be a good father” monologue so when MC’s cravings come in he kinda
  • A A A A A A A H
  • so it turns out MC wants rainbow grilled cheese
  • he actually has, no idea. where to buy one of those where he and MC live
  • so it should be easy to just cook them right?? the internet is full of recipes how hard can this be??
  • he has so much coinfidence in himself even though he internally knows what’s coming
  • long story short: he almost sets the kitchen on fire because he turned on the stove and put a pan there and… put the heat too high. and sorta forgot while he made the sandwich
  • He would try to cook again but after ruining both the stove and a pan he calls Yoosung
  • “Yoosung I’m begging you please make a rainbow grilled cheese I’m on my knees please it’s MC’s only craving and I almost burnt down the house trying to make one.”
  • Yoosung ends up bringing a decent rainbow grilled cheese and 707 has to promise not to tease him anymore
“It’s been a while.” Frail. Her voice sounded so goddamn frail. She didn’t know how they’d ended up alone together in the barely lit garden when they’d been in a crowded room a heartbeat before, and how he’d gotten so close that she could count the freckles on his nose in the weak lamplight. “Yes. Yes, it’s been a while,” he echoed, so close that she could feel the warmth of his breath on her face. Too close. He smelled of cheap vodka and something sweet - cherry, maybe. The confusion was visible in his brown eyes, the way he didn’t quite know how to act around her, the way he tried to suppress his initial reaction of reaching out to touch her. “Please stay where you are,” she whispered and the hurt that flashed across his face broke her heart all over again. He’d never shared her view on life, had always failed to understand why she was so afraid. She knew that with every time she said hello to him came a goodbye, like thunder unrelentlessly followed lightning. And while he would always choose everything over nothing, accepting the bad times if it meant also getting the good ones, she’d rather stick with nothing at all, too scared of the tears and the heartbreak and the prospect of having to move on if things didn’t work out. Always careful.
“Talk to me, please,” he begged, shivering slightly in the cold, “there are so many things we should talk about.” He was right - they had turned their backs on unfinished business, paused arguments and unsaid words that now squeezed her throat shut. But she couldn’t do it. Couldn’t run back to him simply because the opportunity was there and he was drunk, both on vodka and on her, and because it would be easy to return to what she knew. It would be just as hard to let him go again. “Can’t we try to work things out? Can’t we try to be friends?” But how could they ever be just friends if he had seen every inch of her, if he knew her deepest secrets and how to break her?
“I can’t. I can’t just be your friend.” She saw his face fall and her heart seized. But the knowledge remained: she could never say hello to him because it meant just another goodbye and if she never had to say goodbye again, it’d be too soon. But where did they stand when being friends wasn’t enough but being more than friends was too much?
—  excerpt

Dreaming up Delectable Holiday Traditions with Pastry Chef Dominique Ansel

To see more of Dominique Ansel’s sweet creations, follow @dominiqueansel on Instagram.

A sugar-dusted pinecone with 80 chocolate petals, a marshmallow flower unfolding atop steamy hot chocolate — Dominique Ansel’s (@dominiqueansel) holiday creations sound like something only Willy Wonka could dream up, but his ingredients are traditional favorites. “One uses gingerbread or peppermint. Every holiday it’s the same kind of celebration, the same kind of ingredients — I think there are tons of ways to still use these flavors but make them a little bit more creative,” says the French pastry chef, who opened bakeries in New York, London and Tokyo. “One of my favorite things is to stand behind the pastry case and observe people and to see their reactions. It feels almost like a magician doing a trick,” he says.

Right so many of you are asking me questions and sending messages. I can’t answer most of them but this is about the possibility of a cut scene.


The ending feels like a solid ending. I don’t believe they cut anything from the end. There’s some great cinematography!

BUT there is a scene just before that which you expect to be something…but it kinda isn’t…and I feel like that could have been edited a certain way? Or the dialogue could have been different? Or the reactions were cut?

It’s hard to say. It works as it is…but that scene does strike me as odd…I don’t feel like it was needed? Which makes me wonder if the proper point of that scene has been cut.

My favorite part of the YOI fandom are what I call the ‘kiss non-believers’.

Basically the people who go “Yeah, okay, I don’t care that the scene was framed in a very clear way and that all the reactions pointed to the fact that it was a kiss and that the creator of the anime confirmed that it was a kiss, we didn’t see the frames of their lips touching so I believe it was just a hug, it’s my opinion okay.”

BTS Reactions To Seeing You After Having A Nightmare


Jin could sense that something was wrong the second he got home. The house was eerily quiet. It was unusual, you almost always were there waiting for him, with a hug. Had he upset you maybe? No- that wasn’t it. Something felt…off. 

“Jagiya,” he called and was met with silence. 

He walked around the house until he finally found you lying on the kitchen floor. You were pale and unmoving.

Jin could barely breathe as he walked closer and closer towards your body. His hands continued to shake uncontrollably and the silent tears wouldn’t stop streaming down his face. As he got closer to your limp body, he noticed a small puddle beside you. Blood.

Seokjin woke with a start. His body was covered in a thin layer of sweat. The second he gained consciousness he looked towards the other side of the bed. Instead of feeling relief, he grew anxious. The dream’s vividness had really taken  toll on him.  He gingerly reach a hand out to touch you arm, the coolness of his hand causing you to make a small sound in your sleep. Relief flooded over every inch of his body. Careful not to wake you, he leaned in closer and angled his face over your shoulder to look at you. 

That was when he felt a tear drip down his face. He wiped away, as he admired your serene expression. In that moment, he was sure that nothing frightened him more than losing you. 

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The second Yoongi laid his eyes on you from the other side of the road, he smiled. He remained silent, admiring you from a far for a few moments. Your beauty captivated him, and he felt his heart swell with even more love for you as you looked up at the sky and smiled at the sudden falling of snowflakes. 

“Y/N!” He shouted, to gain your attention.

You immediately looked towards his voice and waved, your smile growing. 

He watched as you looked towards both sides of the street. Seeing no cars you began running towards him. Yoongi held his arms open for you but they soon fell limp as he suddenly heard a horn. That was when he noticed the truck hurtling towards you. His eyes widened and he was frozen in place, he had no choice but to watch as the truck edged closer, and closer, an-

Yoongi let out a cry as you shook him awake. His vision was blurry but they soon focused on your face which peered down at him with concern.

You laid your hand on his cheek, your eyebrows scrunched together, “baby it was just a dream. Are you okay?”

He numbly nodded before he quickly pulled you towards him. He embraced you tightly. After a few seconds you noticed his body begin to shake and that’s when you realized that he was crying. Yoongi’s hold on you didn’t loosen even when you tried to pull back. You were beyond worried.


“I’m okay,” he reassured, his voice weak, “I’m okay. Everything’s okay now that you’re here.”

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One second Namjoon had been admiring your water adorned body, as you called for him to join you in the beach’s water. The next, it was as if your foot had been grabbed and you were being dragged deeper and deeper into the depth of the water. 

Namjoon was quick to react as he wasted no time in jumping in after you. However, no matter how hard he treaded and looked for your body in the water you were nowhere to be found. 

Namjoon soon resurfaced, having run out of breath. That was when he saw your body floating limply on top of the still water no more than a feet away from him. You showed no signs of breathing.

Namjoon let out a gasp as he woke up. He was drenched in sweat and his heart was beating rapidly. 

“Y/N!” He called as he saw that you were missing from your usual spot beside him. 

Feeling a slight panic from the idea that something had happened to you, he got up quickly searched around the house for you. He finally found you in the kitchen. You looked towards him, a guilty expression painting your features. 

“Y/N…?” And that was when he saw the cookie in your hand, “Y/N! I was saving the last one for tomorrow!!!”

“I’m sorry, but they’re just so good” you tried to explain but he just laughed as he shook his head.

“God, I love you.” He felt nothing but relief to see that you were fine and unharmed.

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You had warned him. You had warned him, and yet he still didn’t listen. He wanted to prove to you that he could sit through a scary movie and not end up screaming. Unfortunately, he came to soon regret it. The second he had closed his eyes to sleep, he opened them to an unfamiliar location.

“Where am I?” Hoseok asked himself, as he got up from where he had been lying. However, he soon discovered that he couldn’t move. His eyes widened and turned his head upwards, only to find his hand chained to the floor. Panic began to set in. 

That’s when it came to him. He was inside the movie that the two of you had watched. He had somehow taken the role of one of the serial killer’s victims. He let out a small squeak from fear. 

He let out screams from left to right when he heard the squeaky sound of the stairs, as the killer descended. 

“Why bother screaming?” The killer asked in a monotone and disinterested voice, “No one can hear you.”

The footsteps got closer and closer and Hoseok had to shut his eyes.

Hoseok awoke with a start. He was covered in sweat. His heart continued to beat rapidly. His breaths were shallow. 

He looked towards you and was surprised to find you sleeping so peacefully. How had the movie not affected you at all? 

As he sat up and tried to calm himself down, he came to realize how quiet your house was. No more than a second later, he heard a pitter patter and he couldn’t help but panic, still worked up from the dream. He had no choice to wake you up.

After you let out a good laugh and said your, “I told you so,” you sat watching over him, as you stroked his hair gently which never failed to relax him, until he fell back asleep. 

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It was raining hard outside. The sound of the harsh rain hitting against the roof rung loudly through the house. 

Jimin stood by the largest window of the house admiring outside. He had always loved it when it rained. He loved changing into the warmest sweater he owned. He loved sitting beside the window with a cup of hot chocolate to give him warmth. The only thing that could make this better was if you were here.

He quickly grabbed his phone and sent you a text, asking you to come over. That was his mistake. 

It wasn’t too long after that he got a phone call. He picked up without paying the caller a glance, still too entranced by the rain, “hello?”

“Hello. Are you close to the owner of this phone?”

Jimin’s eyes scrunched up quizzically, “yes, I’m her boyfriend.”

“I’m so sorry to be the one to tell you this, but the owner of this phone has just been in a terrible car accident.”

Jimin felt his heart as well as the world around him stop. 

Jimin’s cheeks were stained with tears as he awoke with a heavy heart. He was angry with his dream self, not understanding why he had ever asked you to come over knowing how bad the weather conditions had been. 

The ring of his phone woke him from his thoughts. His heart started pounding rapidly as he saw that it was you who calling. 

He took a deep breath expecting the worst and answered, “h-hello?”

“Hey Jaigya!” You exclaimed. Jimin’s body slumped with relief. 

“I’m coming over right now,” you said, voice bright. 

Jimin’s head shot to the window. He couldn’t do it. He couldn’t let you come over or drive. He was still shaken up by the nightmare.

“Actually jagiya,” he said, “I think it’s better if I come over to your place.” 

“Are you sure?” You asked.


“Well that’s a relief! I really didn’t feel like driving today,” you laughed. 

“I’ll see you soon,” he smiled, your smiling having cheered him up a bit, “I love you.”

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Taehyung was confused as he looked around and took note of his surroundings, only to find that he was in a cemetery. Instead of feeling fear by the air of eeriness that he would have felt if this were actually happening, he felt nothing.

He had no choice but to wander around. As he glanced at the surrounding tombs stones his eyes landed on one a few meters away. He tilted his head as a certain dread filled him, he wasn’t sure where the feelings were coming from. Curious, he walked closer and closer until he stood only a few inches away from it. He could practically feel his heart stop as he read the name engraved on the stone.

“Y/N,” he breathed.

A few tears had escaped as Taehyung had been dreaming. His heart felt heavy, after having dreamt about your death. He loved you so much he couldn’t bear the though of losing you.

Needing more than ever to hear your voice, he reached for his phone on his bedside.

“Tae? Why are you calling so late? You have a show tomorrow, you should be asleep!” You scolded and Taehyung couldn’t help but laugh.

“Don’t laugh! I’m being serious!”

“I know, I know,” He said happily. His chest didn’t feel as heavy anymore.

“Okay then. Now go to sleep,” you were trying so hard to keep the seriousness in your tone but the truth is you had missed Tae while he had been on tour, and you had just been thinking about him when he called.

“I will. Good night Jaigya,” he said, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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As Jungkook opened his eyes, he was met with the familiarity of the bedroom you two shared. It was still dark outside, he noticed as he peered to his side. He then took notice of your side of the bed which was empty. He figured you’d probably just gone to the washroom. He moved around to get comfortable ready to fall asleep again but that’s when he smelled it.

His nose scrunched from the strong smell of iron. After enduring it a few minutes it became unbearable. He got up and left the room to see where it was coming from. The floor was cold against his feet as he padded towards the bathroom to check up on you and see if that was where you were and if that was where the smell was coming from. 

About three steps in, he stepped on something like liquid. It was warm. He tilted his head curiously and turned on the light in the hallway to see what it was. His eyes widened as he saw what it was. Blood. 

His heart began to beat rapidly as he was overcome with worry for you, he quickly rushed to the bathroom only to find it empty. Panic set in when he saw that the walls were splattered in blood. 

He was quick to grab something he could use as a weapon and rush around the house searching for you. As he ran by a window something caught his eyes. He nearly stopped breathing as he saw a dark figure standing in your backyard.

“Jungkook!” You yelled for what was probably the 20th time as you tried to shake him awake. You felt a sense of relief flood through you as he finally awoke.

 He looked horrible. He was pale, sweaty, and shaking. He had been thrashing not too long ago and you were beyond worried.

“It was just a nightmare,” you informed him, from where you were crouched on the floor beside the couch were he laid.

His eyes flitted around until they finally found your face. He quickly sat up and pulled you onto his lap, hugging you tightly. 

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” he breathed. 

He had been scared to death. That was one of the worst nightmare’s he had ever had. What had made it worse was how vivid it had been. 

“Shhh,” you whispered as you stroked his back comfortingly. His once tensed body slowly loosened under your touch. 

You pulled back and grabbed his cheeks in your hands, “everything’s okay now Jungkook, okay?”

“Thank you jagiya,” he breathed, his heart beat having finally settled.

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I want to apologize to everyone that we’ve been pretty inactive and late with requests! We’ve both been busy but hopefully things will settle down soon. Anyways, I don’t know what happened with the reaction tbh LOL I’m sorry if it’s a bit dark idk what got into me. I still hope you guys like it though<3

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Peaches n’ Cream Pt. 1 // Jimin

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Summary: You’re vampire Jimin’s donor, but he doesn’t feed like other vampires, he needs something first.

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2054

A/N: This is the very first smut I’ve written. Sorry if it’s terrible. Thanks to Admin Mich for being my little editor and helping me out shit tons. Love you~


Jimin was not a normal vampire, you were not a normal ‘donor’, and this was not a normal vampire-donor relationship. If you could even call vampires and their ‘blood donors’ normal.

Jimin had a more intimate way of feeding off you. Ever since you were approached with the offer of becoming the donor of Jimin, you were told that he had particular feeding habits, though they did not tell what it was. And despite the not knowing bothering you, they were able to persuade you with a handsome price that was too good to pass up. You would be able to pay for your schooling and graduate debt free!

See it was rare when a vampire could find someone compatible enough to become a permanent blood bag, someone whose blood could always be what they need, and as a kpop idol, feeding off random strangers would be far too risky. So when Jimin happened across you, your smell so alluring and hypnotic, he knew you would be his.

After you had agreed to the terms they took you over to BigHit where you were asked a few questions and made to sign a contract that stated ‘Y/N will be Jimin’s donor for a minimum of one year, during that time Y/N is not permitted to speak of the goings-on of BTS or BigHit or how Y/N has come to know them nor is she allowed to speak the truth of her relationship with BTS, specifically regarding Jimin. At the end of the year the contract may be renewed if both parties are willing. If, at the end of her one year agreement she wishes to terminate the relationship, she may do so.’ But the one part that got you was it had said you weren’t allowed to have any close physical relationship with anyone outside of Jimin because the relationship between a donor and a vampire is very intense and often times vampires become possessive of their donors. I guess that’s supposed to mean no boyfriend and no sex. But what could you do? The offer was too good to pass up.

So, you signed on dotted line, successfully selling your seoul (I couldn’t resist). It shocked you though when they took your information and told you they would be in contact within the week when it was time for your training. It made you wonder just what this training might entail.


It was a lazy saturday, the afternoon sun was peering into your bedroom, shining in your eyes, it was the only reason you woke up in time to hear your phone ringing. Grumbling something about the stupid sun and the stupid people who decided to call you, you blindly groped for your phone, putting it up to your ear.

“Hello?” You mumbled.

“Yes, hello. Miss. Y/N Y/L/N?” The person on the other end inquired.

“Yeah that’s me. What’s this about?”

“This is Mr. Kim Ji-Hoon from BigHit calling to inform you that your training is to start today promptly at 2:00pm. Will that be a problem?”

Great, they don’t even have the courtesy to give notice a day in advance. “That will be fine.”

Quickly asking for the location and ending the call, you rushed up from your bed to grab a quick shower and get ready. You wanted to look your best, but you didn’t understand why that was. You didn’t dwell upon it though.

The walk to where your training would take place was short, but it was still long enough for your nerves to kick in. So by the time you got there you were freaking out. Walking into the huge, stark white room filled with 10 or so other people, your hands sweating profusely. It wasn’t until they began the training that you actually calmed down.

The training, in fact, wasn’t that scary. It was more of a lesson, really. You sat in desks with Mr. Kim Ji-Hoon, a kind-looking elderly man at the front, telling you all there is to know about vampires and how they feed. You learned that they weren’t killers who couldn’t control their hunger, but for the most part, they were kind. They feed from either your wrist or a small part of your skin near the collarbone, but they do not feed on or near any major veins, they start by biting lightly to puncture exposed your skin and gently sucking. You were even told that it was not a painful process, but extremely pleasurable for both the vampire and the donor. They only take about a pint, the same amount that people donate, so it would not affect you greatly. Mr. Kim warned everyone, however, that vampires are fiercely possessive and territorial, but this you were already told about.

You felt enlightened by the time you left. You had learned a great deal and you no longer felt nervous. Well there was one thing you felt nervous about and that was Jimin’s ‘special’ way of feeding, this not knowing was hard to deal with.

They called you that very same day to ask you to come in the next day for your very first feeding with Jimin. You wanted to say no, but it was too late for that, the contract had already been signed and you were not the type of girl to break your word. Safe to say, walking in BigHit that morning, you were a bit on edge.

Inside, it was a lot less glamorous than expected, but it still gave off an intimidating ambiance. Mr. Kim Ji- Hoon was there once again, he greeted you and from there took you to a small room with a brown leather couch pushed against the wall. He handed you a glass of water and left. You were alone.

Your were lost in thought until you heard the sound of a door creak. Whipping your head up to look, you were stunned when the most handsome man you had ever seen walked in. He smiled, and his whole face seemed to smile with him, then he walked over and plopped next to you, giving you a whiff of his intoxicating and masculine scent.

You were still gaping when he introduced himself. “Hello, I’m Park Jimin.”

“I’m Y-Y/N Y/L/N,” you stuttered.

He laughed, “I know who you are. You’re my donor. Have they told you already about my peculiar feeding habits?”

“They told me you don’t feed like a normal vampire, but they didn’t elaborate.”

“Typical,” he sighed. You two sat in silence for a moment. He seemed to be contemplating something.

Finally he turned to look at you when you said; “aren’t you gonna… uhm…” you gestured to your neck, “feed?” The last part coming out a bit squeaky and you mentally scolded yourself.

Slowly, a grin formed on his face and then he bursted out laughing. “Wow. How excited you sound,” he said when he finally got a hold of himself. “But no. Not just yet. There is something I have to do before I am capable of feeding. Despite how good you smell.”

You blushed a deep red. Then he continued; “You have to trust me, okay?”

You nodded. “First I need to know a few things. Tell me, Y/N, what’s the farthest you’ve ever been with someone?”

You were frozen, unmoving, staring into his dark brown eyes. “I haven’t,” you managed to whisper out.

“You’re a virgin?” He stared at you with wide eyes.

You nodded.

“You’ve never done oral?”

You shook your head no.

“Have you never been kissed?”

Again, you shook your head no. Completely unaware of how this had anything to do with being Jimin’s donor.

As if he read your mind, he told you; “as you know, feeding is an intimate act and well, the way I feed, the way I have to feed, is more intimate than your regular vampire… I need to eat you out.”

Your mouth fell open in shock and you both just sat there, staring at each other, you with your mouth open, and Jimin with a slightly guilty expression on his face.

“I’ll take it slow for now,” he promised.

You didn’t move or say anything, so he slowly leaned forward and pecked your lips. It was brief and chaste, but you felt your blood roaring in your ears. Then he leaned in once more, moving his lips against yours, slowly, methodically. Suddenly you were aware you were on your back and Jimin was hovering over top of you, he gripped your waist tightly causing you to gasp and giving him entrance to slip his tongue inside your mouth, but you didn’t care anymore, you reached your hands up to his neck, fingers playing with the ends of his thick hair. He picked up his speed, the kiss turning heated, he quickly gained dominance as his hot tongue explored your mouth.

His hands slid up your shirt, stroking the skin there for a moment before he moved to your jeans, unbuttoning them. He bit your lip and tugging roughly, then he pressed his hot mouth to your neck, nipping and sucking at the skin there, you moaned at his ministrations and arched your neck to the side to give him better access.

He teasingly kissed down your body, stopping at the waistband of your jeans, he peered up at you through his lashes, eyes black with lust, he smirked, then in one quick motion he roughly ripped your jeans off. Spreading your legs, his face hovered dangerously close to your sex, then he pressed a feather light kiss to your clothed heat causing you to let out a shuddered breath.

Placing his nose to your core, he inhaled your scent deeply. “Fuck. You smell so damn delicious, Y/N,” he growled. At his words, heat flushed through you all the way to your sex, you swallowed hard.

His eyes blazing as he kept them on you and he slowly and seductively peeled your panties off and gave a kitten lick to your evident arousal left on them. Sinking to his knees he pressed his fingers to your core, playing with your wetness, causing you to cry out in frustration. Eventually giving into your desperation, he parted your lips that were slick with arousal, pressing his tongue flat to your core and licking a long stripe towards your clit. He delved his tongue inside you languidly flicking his tongue until you became a limp, shuddering mess. Then he lightly nipped and played with your clit with his tongue as he eased one digit into your wet folds, gently curling his fingers and repeatedly hitting your g-spot. You felt the tight knot within you release as you dissolved into pleasure, moaning; “Fuck, Jimin!

He made a deep noise in the back of his throat, but continued lapping up your juices hungrily as you continued to pulse. He came up from between your legs grinning and lifted your fucked out form onto his lap, his canines elongating slightly and he gently bit on your exposed neck. And then he began to suck.

Jimin,” you rasped out. Your head falling back as you felt a rush of arousal all over again and you found yourself grinding against his hardness frantically. He let out a faint groan in response, his hot breath hitting your shoulder as he fed. Your thighs hugging his waist tightly circled your hips, fingers laced into his hair, pulling roughly. The friction of his clothed core rubbing against your clit and the tantalizing feeling of his feeding felt too good to handle, your breathing began got heavier, your toes curled and Jimin let out a loud moan into your neck. Jimin began to thrust his hips up against you in an attempt to chase the pleasure, rubbing you in just the right spot.


You felt his cock begin to throb and you tighten your thighs around him, your veins burning with desire, craving your second orgasm. Then waves of pleasure came over you, the only thing you were aware of was the twitching of Jimin’s cock as he found his release and his lips detaching from your neck as he finished drinking your sweet blood. You collapsed against him, panting.

“You’re all mine now,” he growled.


Seventeen Reactions ~ One Of The Members Walking In While They’re Having Sex

Request: Can you please do a seventeen reaction to one of the members walking in on them have really rough sex ,I’m sorry 😂.(ps. I love your blog, your amazing 😘)

A/N: I’m back from the dead, I feel dead wow… anyway like sorry this is late @ the requester anyway hope u enjoy


“Why cant anyone in this place learn how to knock, aigoo” *Shoos Jisoo out by throwing something nearby in his direction”


“Could you please politely fuck off Mingyu, thanks.” *Glares at Mingyu until he’s running out, most likely telling the other members what he witnessed.*


“Oh shit, we’ve been discovered…” *Slowly hides you both under the blankets*


*Literally has nothing to say but the other member knows he’s suddenly irritated that they stepped in on very intimate moment*

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“Run along and play with your toys, Chan.” *just continues whether poor mind corrupted Lee Chan is still standing at the door or not*

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“It’s not what it looks like, I’m just teaching y/n how to body roll in bed… now gtfo so I can continue without distractions”

“then why are you both naked?”





“Care to Join, Wonu?” *Resting bitch face* “No? Okay then get fuck out.”


“Oh my god~ Can you not see I am busy.”


“Kim Mingyu I’m giving you 5 seconds to stop staring at my girlfriend and get out of here before I beat your perverted ass.”


“Bitch what the fuck do you need from me…”


“What the fuck, first you take my lines then you take away my sex life… smh” 



~ Admin Kai

BTS when their gf comes home high/drunk after a fight {REQUEST}

Possible trigger warning?

Kim Seokjin/Jin:

Jin would be the most concerned. He’d forget about the fight and do all he could to take care of you. Yes, he’d be annoyed that you handled it immaturely but your well-being would be most important to him.

“*sighs* Why would you do something so immature…never mind that. Come on let’s go into bed. I’ll get you some water,”

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Min Yoongi/Suga:

Yoongi would leave you to your own accord. You decided to get high/drunk? Deal with it yourself. He’d keep an ear out in case something else happened and would check to see if you were asleep before either moving to sleep in the guest bedroom or leaving a note and heading over to the dorm.

“Seriously? This is how you chose to deal with it?”

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Kim Namjoon/Rap Monster:

Namjoon would express his anger. He’d probably snap at you all while making sure you’re alright. He’d take care of you and yell at the same time. Like Hobi he’d definitely further confront you when your sober again.

“You don’t need to fucking do this because of a little-where the fuck are you going? No, you’ve had enough to drink, get the fuck to bed.” 

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Jung Hoseok/J-Hope:

Hobi would be a mix of Jimin and Jungkook. He’d be close to crying when he found you. Yes, found you. Unlike the others, Hoseok went after you and was angry upon finding you high and drunk. He’d take you home and care for you, but would confront you about it in the morning.

“What the hell are you doing?!”

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Park Jimin/Jimin:

Jimin would be lost. He would feel a bunch of different emotions at once. He’d feel angry that this is how you decided to handle it, relieved that you were alright, and sad because if you hand’t of fought with him this wouldn’t have happened.

“Aish Y/N…Why would you do this to yourself?”

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Kim Taehyung/V:

He’d be rather annoyed. He’d find it childish how you decided to get high and drunk to forget about it rather than talk it out. Tae would take care of you but don’t expect to get away with it.

“Really? How mature Y/N.”

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Jeon Jeongguk/Jungkook:

He’d probably start crying. Yes, people probably expect Hobi to cry or Jungkook to just get angrier, but I feel he’d start crying because he felt terrible that you felt the need to do these things after a fight

“I did this…I’m so sorry…”

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