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Could you please give me a better grip of a First Lieutenant character? His commanding officer is a Captain. I would like to know possible routines and/or errands a man in such position would get. Even small things that could get me to understand the character better. I am also aware it's not that high of a ranking, but still..?

First lieutenants will typically either be platoon leaders or company XOs. In either case his commanding officer will be a captain, (because that’s just how the army works) but if you want him working closely with/associating with the captain, you’ll probably want him to be the company XO. You can read a post I did about XOs here, though it is a little small so if you need more info than that you can always ask for more specifics! Without knowing exactly which position he’s in there’s only so much I can actually tell you about lieutenants. 

I guess the easiest thing is the thing you already know: as far as officers go, it’s not that high a rank, so other than the automatic respect they’re guaranteed as officers, we don’t care about them that much. It’s not uncommon for a PFC or a specialist to have been in longer than a first lieutenant and to therefore have more practical/applicable knowledge. In my experience lieutenants are in purely supportive roles and it’s uncommon for them to really act as stand-alone leaders; even as platoon leaders they’re really co-leading with their platoon sergeant, and tbqh the platoon sergeant is doing the bulk of the work imo.

And in our job it was exacerbated because the lieutenants in our section weren’t required to know our jobs, but they had to oversee every aspect of our job, which made them unbelievably annoying when we were trying to work and they were trying to stick their noses into our business and worse yet when they were trying to tell us how to do our jobs and they were just like…so flat out wrong you wanted to face desk every time they spoke.

 So for me, the ideal lieutenant was one who was aware of what their role was, did it competently without either micromanaging or overdelegating, and didn’t feel the need to throw their rank around to feel important. Oh yeah, and it’s not uncommon for us to just call them LT, like the letters L-T. Certain lieutenants might not like that but when we were working in a room with a lot of officers, it was a lot easier than saying “Sir?” and half the room looking up at you.

As always I recommend taking a look at the notes to see if anyone has different experiences with lieutenants you can apply to your character. 

Also I’m being mean: I liked most of my lieutenants. They were usually a lot more chill than the other officers and were self aware and were more willing to listen when we had an issue. Some weren’t, but that’s just how some people are in the army.


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When SH are alone I bet they have real, noisy sex for PR. You know, just in case their apartments are bugged. They know it's gotta happen for real to be convincing. Also, that nosy neighbor in apt 503 is sure to give all the deets on social media, so yay! for free PR. Their agents must be so proud of how dedicated they both are. <3

And they can’t JUST make noise like they’re PRing, they’ve gotta actually do it, cause who knows what could happen otherwise?? It’s just their cross to bear in life when they….

(look at how miserable they are!!! PR wins again)

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We need to let the tumblr andi mack fandom hear about this. Basically, there was supposed to be 13 episodes (terri minsky herself said this i have proof if you want) and there were scenes in the season one trailer that we haven't seen at all, so we know disney didnt release an episode. It's also the episode where buffy ask cyrus if he likes andi, which could lead to a coming out. We believe disney didnt release 13 because cyrus comes out, we started #letcyruscomeout. Please spread the word!

That is probably what happened to the scene yes, but consider this. Perhaps episode 13 was a closure episode in case season 2 was not renewed. And personally, I don’t think we should rush the coming out. We have a whole new season to work with, and hopefully more after that. I enjoyed this season, and don’t forget the massive hint when Cyrus turns around, a.k.a. the reason I love Amber’s quote (literally the only reason she is important to me lol). Not trying to sound nasty about it, but I don’t even know if Cyrus knows yet. Not saying he’s too young, he may already know. I just think we should give Andi Mack time. They’ve gone this far already, dont lose faith, Friendom!


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hi! do you know if it's common for ADHDers to have a hard time with their facial expressions? It's hard for me to express emotions with my face, and I think that's the reason I have a hard time maintaining eye contact, cause I feel like people will misinterpret and think I'm mad or bored or something, even though I'm not. (But it could also be bc of some other mental illness I have). I was just wondering, hope it makes sense.

hmmmmm,, that can be an autistic thing, and adhd is an autistic cousin so i dont see why not? adhd and autism have a lot of overlap so i can see that being the case for you

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Hey this is a random thought/crack theory I had about Magne after you mentioned him in your post from the other day. So his quirk allows him to polarize men north and women south. However he can't magnetize himself. This could just be a case of quirks not affecting their user (like Bakugou) but what if the reason he can't magnetize himself is because he's intersex? That could also explain why Spinner and Himiko have addressed him as "auntie" and such.

I have nothing to add to that because that’s an awesome theory. If I contribute something, I may ruin this beautiful theory you’ve presented.

That’d be a REALLY clever idea. I love it. We probably won’t get confirmation in the manga, but it’d be neat if Magne’s Quirk is affected by his sexual or gender orientation.

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we live in such an english-centric world that latin american players have to apologize for saying the word negro... apologize for speaking their language... I bet v little native spanish speakers know that in an english context is offensive and racist. we call everyone negro ffs even antoine could be anywhere in latin america and be called negro. I've noticed that this is even used to hate on certain players but everyone turned a blind eye when müller did blackface☕ oh, the price of being latinx

Right. I literally found out about that.. two months ago? I get that if you are speaking in english in america maybe dont say it, but if you are speaking spanish, come on…

BUT let me add, it also depends on the context. If you are latina im sure you know it can be used in a racist way. Most cases is not, but still

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I see some CSers say that captain swan are basically inseparable now because they're co workers but isn't it the opposite? Now that he's her deputy doesn't it mean they'd have different shifts? once her shift is done he goes to work and once he's done she goes to work? If this is the case they barely or never see each other unless they're both on a break.

I don’t think they’re working different shifts. If they were, they wouldn’t have driven into the sunset in her Bug with the police light. And I mean, she and David were both sheriff and worked at the same time. I guess they could work different shifts, but idk. We’re also assuming, I think, that David decided to not be sheriff anymore. But maybe he’s still sheriff dos but works opposite shifts as Killian and Emma. Maybe in that end scene of S6 he was taking his son to daycare right after he got home from the night shift.


Bentley and Murray’s morality

Sly sustained his own post, so here’s a brief analysis of the other two.

I think it’s uncontroversial to say that Murray is the most morally pure of the three. He’s violent and relishes destruction in all its forms… but that’s not evil. Actually, in his case, it’s endearingly childlike. He likes watching inanimate objects explode (who doesn’t?) and enjoys violence directed at bad guys. He seems duly concerned with the well-being of innocent people, and is fiercely protective of his friends. He is, in short, a good boy.

Bentley’s the really interesting case. The games make a note of his “devious” nature, with Sly 3 in particular explicitly saying he’s gotten more evil as time went on. But I think it’s also obvious that he has a really strong moral fibre. Bentley could very easily be written as a lot more detached, seeing everything and everyone as chess pieces to be moved, used, even sacrificed. But he’s often vocal in his horror at the villains’ evil schemes. (“Those poor, innocent fish!!”) 

Bentley really exemplifies the Gang’s morality. He may be a dangerous criminal who constantly makes a mockery of international law, but goddammit, this shit ain’t right.


Finally finished!  And yeah, this is as long and polished as the video is gonna get.  I have work to get back to. @v@ There’s some lag in the lipsyncing somewhere in the middle but I’m at peace with that!
You can blame @splickedylit for thinking of this and me for carrying it out.  But honestly, no regrets.  Anyway, here’s some rapping Felix.

Song: Whoa Whoa Whoa by Watsky
Program Used: Toon Boom Studio 4.5

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What do you do if you see police brutality? Like I know stand back and film it if you can but then what? What do you do with the film? Is there anything else you can do?

Alright I’m going to answer this for people who document police brutality against themselves and what someone who observes this violence can do. 

1. DO NOT start telling the officer(s) what you are going to do to them. If you start telling them that you know your rights have been violated and you’re going to sue, they aren’t going to cower in fear. Instead, they’re more likely going to arrest you as a means to cover the violations and work to cover up what they did/build their case to WHY they needed to use violence against you. If you were injured and need medical attention tell them “I am in need of medical assistance,” but don’t mention you are recording and documenting with plans to bring this abuse to light. 

2. To people who are victims of police violence and those who witness it: DOCUMENT EVERYTHING. When cops are exposed for their misconduct one of their defenses will be that the victims cannot clearly remember the details of the event and therefore the narrative is untrustworthy. If you are the victim, try to remember exactly what happened and document it ASAP. Try to remember important details as much as possible and write it down before you forget everything. Try to answer the place where the abuse happened, who witnessed the abuse, what did the cop(s) do, what did the cop(s) say, and try to timeline the events. Even if you don’t know the names of people who might have witnessed it, try to write down any detailed descriptions about the person.  

If you are a bystander try to film and/or document the incident. Again, don’t try to draw attention to the fact you are filming because cops will go into cover up mode. Also make sure to install and app and set up your phone so that the footage is automatically uploaded to your cloud. This is so you for sure have the footage and if any cop does try to stop you or unlawfully confiscates your phone/deletes your video it’s still there. And try to make sure you get the cop’s name and number. 

Tips for recording the police:

  • Keep calm but prepare yourself if you are confronted by a police officer. 
    If a police officer asks if or why you are recording you have the right to remain silent. The police might tell you that you are “interfering” with the scene, they might demand you move back, they might try to lower your camera down or block it. Remember that you ARE allowed to record police officers and as long as you are not being detained you can walk away.

  • As long as you, the recorder, are not suspected of a crime you do not have to show ID or give them any information. They might try to get your device handed to them or get you to show ID but you can ask “What crime am I suspected of,” and “Am I being detained.” If they say “no,” then you don’t have to give over any of this. 

  • If you have a smartphone, consider downloading an app that will stream and store the recordings offsite. For both Android and iOS you can use apps like Bambuser, Fi-Vo Film, Justin.TV, Ustream, and Vimeo. These live streaming apps will capture both audio and video and (as long as you’re able to get an Internet signal) push the content offsite. If you are in a location with no Internet access, many apps will save the streaming data to your phone, and upload once the device has signal.Here’s some other apps that might come in handy in this situation.

  • Understand the laws in your state when it comes to recording an officer. It’s legal in every state to film the police, they might try to tell you it’s not but it is. However, there are some state with restrictions related to the recording of audio. Some states require two-party consent, and some states aren’t explicitly clear on this so if you are in one of these states or the legislation isn’t clear in your state inform the other parties present that you are recording. 

3. Now what do you do with this documentation? Collect yourself, calm down and then organize your case. When you’re still in a state of shock you might miss crucial information or sound confusing. Use all your documents and notes and thoughts to organize a refined summary of events. If you are taking this to a lawyer they want to see that you can sell this case. By the time you give these notes to a lawyer, your information should include a chronological story or what happened, what you saw, and any potential witnesses. Answer those who, what, when, where, why questions. 

Now, don’t just go to any lawyer. They are already hesitant to pick up cases regarding police violence so be prepared for some rejection. Also, try not to find a lawyer that works with cops or does cases for them - find ones in your state that specialize in handling police misconduct. This will require some questions and research. Here’s a small list of some to help you out, but there are many more out there. Even if you weren’t arrested by the police but experienced abuse, it’s recommended that you report the cop(s). 

4. Another option is to file police complaints. Internal police divisions will RARELY find that their officers did anything wrong but there are other ways you can file complaints. After criminal charges and civil actions have been resolved you can start filing police misconduct reports, if you weren’t charged of a crime and you’re not suing then you can file ASAP. Your area will usually have a citizen review board, an office within your local police department that accepts them, or you can find what your options are by Googling “police complaint [name of town/city].“ 

Look at what the various options are and send the complaint to all of the ones you find within your area. Make sure to see what you have to do when filing a complaint, you might need to fill out certain forms or send over the information you have. Pay attention to what’s needed so your complaint isn’t outright rejected. Note, some areas might require you obtain some forms through the police department. Avoid discussing your case and who is involved at all costs, they might try to convince you that your case has no merit, they might intimidate you, and they might warn the officers involved. 

5. You probably won’t get a quick response from the police department or civilian monitoring agency but it DOES create an official record of the incident and it could become relevant in future cases against the same officer. You can also send the complaints and documentation to your local ACLU and other civil rights groups in your area. Some might even deal exclusively with police abuse.

6. Go public. Note, if you have an attorney, this might not be recommended so talk to them about it but if you’ve filed your complaints or don’t want to do that you can just bring the incident to light. There are websites that take your stories, photos, videos, etc. like Cop Block. Cop Block also has local organizations and they might have websites that direct you how to file complaints specifically in your area. (Here’s the list)


Updated tutorial? My advise is – use references! All those hands were drawn from the references, photos and life. There’s also loads of useful tutorials on drawing hands that explain how hands work. It’s your job to understand the anatomy and find a way of constructing hands that’s easy for you. And thank you! :)

“That character can’t be trans, we’ve seen him without a shirt!”
Okay but consider this:
Puberty blockers are a thing
Small titties are a thing
I don’t really care what you think

What Natsu was really going to say...

On a lighter note of our precious baby vanishing in thin air, what did he really want to say?

In reference to this panel in 453: 

So flash forward to 538 when Natsu, Lucy, Happy and Gray are walking back:

What I’d like to point out is while Lucy and Gray are talking, they are oblivious to the interaction of Natsu and Happy, as many readers are as well. The focus in this panel was meant to be on Gray and his relationship with Juvia, but I couldn’t help but notice Natsu’s seemingly embarrassed and anxious face and Happy’s scared (if you could call it that) face. It seems Happy mentioned something to Natsu during the conversation of the relationship Juvia and Gray, something that is possibly related in some way to Gray’s unclear relationship with Juvia who loves him. Maybe something along the lines of him and Lucy? Which causes Natsu to react in a embarrassed and panicked state. I can practically hear Natsu telling Happy to shut up, because the war is finally over and now it’s time to do what he said he was going to do (which he also swore he’d do whatever it was in front of Lucy as well).

Plus, in 520, whatever Natsu wanted to do we can rest assured differed from Zeref and Acnologia, since it was stated above. I doubt Natsu knows that Acnologia has been defeated (for now) so we can rest assured he wasn’t going to talk about fighting or anything like that. Plus, can we please note that he wanted to do/say whatever it was and that took PRIORITY over defeating Zeref and Acnologia. Natsu’s first thought went to whatever he wanted to do and THEN Zeref. Whatever he was going to say is very important to him, even more so then him dying or the impending (and almost over) war. 

And I just wanted to throw this little cap in from 521 as well. Here we see that even as Natsu went into a demon/END mode he was still conscious that he thought that Lucy died. This is still a lingering fear of Natsu’s I believe, that Lucy will somehow leave him by dying. We know that Future Lucy’s death was very emotional for Natsu, and time and time again after the 1 year time skip Natsu is shown to be very protective of Lucy, claiming that “Even if all is left is her head…Lucy will still be Lucy” (477) and protecting her by putting his body first. Even when it comes time for him to face Zeref and Natsu’s first defeat, he thanks Lucy, thinks of her, knowing she is helping him. Why is this important to note? Because in reference to the panel above, whatever Natsu wanted to do/say trumps beating Zeref, and with Lucy gone/dead than he could never accomplish that. Not only is she the closest person to him, and vise versa, but with her dying he is left with unfinished business IE what he wanted to say to her. Hence him going overboard. Just thought this was worthy to note!


Back to the point lol…

This panel in particular shows how teasing Happy is towards Natsu. The second panel he seems to tease Lucy in a way, which makes me believe that whatever Natsu was about to say, whether it be a confession or whatnot, it involves Lucy. Otherwise, I don’t believe Happy would have responded to Lucy with that expression. The bottom panels also show Happy and his teasing, him holding back a laugh with a blush on his cheeks. He’s obviously teasing Natsu about something, something that he knows will embarrass Natsu. He tends to make that expression when it is in regards to Natsu and Lucy and their somewhat unclear relationship:

One can argue that it can be for fanservice, and yes it very well can be, but I don’t see it that way. What Natsu wanted to say involves Lucy in some form so hopefully he comes back so we can find out what ;A;

I believe that Anna and Acnologia coming back (since the last panel there seemed to be this rip in the sky so bitches are coming back) will probably bring a way to save natsu in some form? I don’t believe he is gone for good, but I do believe a sacrifice will be needed in order to bring him back. However, much like these chapters are going, it could also be a troll, and he vanishes somewhere to makes amends with Zeref maybe before coming back to the guild since Zeref and Mavis both defeated the curse? maybe since they defeated it w love they can have like a wish granted, much like Zeref wished he made up with Natsu lol if this is the case I’ll be shook.

  • someone: it's february 14th, you know what that means!
  • me: two weeks until i get to listen to the re-recorded version of juno steel and the case of the murderous mask, the first episode of the penumbra podcast, by sophie kaner and kevin vibert, to whom i owe my life,

Not going to lie, I’m crazy happy to see Pauline in Super Mario Odyssey. I can’t believe she’s appearing in a main Super Mario title as a prominent NPC. That’s very cool! Can’t wait to see how she’s used and if we get any other cool cameos. 

I love that she’s mayor of New Donk City, and red suit is a nice touch. The fact that she’s a singer, and sings the theme song is just awesome and perfect. 

I only have one concern - she’s always been taller than Mario, but previously it appeared she was closer to Peach’s height or at least shorter than characters like Rosalina (although Pauline’s size has always been inconsistent), but this game slightly redesigns her to be less “cartoon-ish/stylised”. Making her somewhat semi-realistic like the other citizens of New Donk City (although her face and appearance are still more stylised than the other NPCs in her area). This worries me because it makes her proportions very different to other Mario franchise characters and I’m scared this means she’ll never appear past this game, in spin-offs or future titles (as Super Mario games rarely repeat locations as well) because she won’t fit stylistically. 

Although, I suppose Nintendo could always re-cartoon her/shrink her down at their own discretion (as lets be honest consistency is not always a big concern to them), to insert her into - oh I don’t know - a kart, a party, or whatever. 

However, even with this concern … I’m thrilled to see her, this is an awesome surprise and MAYBE it will be her last appearance for a long time again (I don’t know, I hope not), but if that’s the case its a pretty fantastic one!

Oh! Also the New Donk City purple currency has an image of the city on one side and a profile of Pauline on the other, which is sweet.


It’s not your ulcer

“I am not a diabetic. Look, this morning my blood sugar was 193 and I hadn’t even eaten anything. That’s not diabetes.”

“Ma’am, that 100% is diabetes.” This conversation quickly became a stalemate between ignorance and my inability to explain her diagnosis in a way she would accept. In fact, every conversation I had with her went this way. She was perhaps the most obstinate and oblivious patient I had ever met. And she was my patient. 

She had come in with the worst foot ulcer I have ever seen. It tracked all the way down to the bone, meaning an amputation was likely in her future. According to her, the ulcer had started a couple days before and she had never had an ulcer before in her life. I used my years of medical training to quickly deduce that a) there was no way that ulcer happened in a few days and b) she most definitely had two very bad looking ulcers on the other foot. When I pointed that out she became upset, telling me they were just split calluses, not ulceration. Every attempt to diagnose and explain the diagnosis was refuted by her “intimate knowledge of her own body.” 

The next several days were some of my most frustrating. I was called to her room for numerous reasons, including refusing insulin (because she wasn’t diabetic), refusing dressing changes (because she was allergic to the dressing), complaining that the hospital food was inedible and rotted, and yelling at nurses about their inadequate care. Each time I walked to the room and took my verbal lashings. I listened. I empathized. I did everything I could to put myself in her place and see the fear she likely felt about losing her foot. 

None of that was enough.

I am not sure if I have ever truly hated a patient. But with her, I came close. Despite my ill-feelings I spent hours coordinating her care between multiple surgical specialties, all of which wanted to pass on taking a non-compliant diabetic, vasculopath to the OR. Podiatry, vascular, and orthopedics all subtly yelled, “not it.” 

Several days into her hospital stay I expressed my frustration to my attending. “They are not your ulcers,” he replied. I looked back, confused, as he continued. “They are not your ulcers. If you care for every patient’s problem as if it were your own, it will destroy you. She got herself into this and she has to bear some responsibility for getting herself out. If she refuses to take our recommendations as to her care, there is nothing we can do. There are times you have to step back and separate yourself from the patient.”  

I have thought about his words a lot since then. In some ways if feels antithetical to my nature to see medicine as a job. But I have also experienced the severe mental fatigue and frustration that comes with trying to help a patient unwilling to help themselves. At the end of the day, how far should we go? How much time should I spend on one uncooperative patient knowing it takes time away from other patients who also need my services? In the end I did step back from the case and allow myself to see my care for her as something closer to a job. I switched off service a few days later and the last I knew she was getting an amputation, though she spent time fighting with surgeons about where they could cut.     

At some point we have to protect ourselves as physicians, despite how mentally strong we believe ourselves to be. This year has taught me a lot of medicine, but it has also challenged me mentally. I am still searching for the coping skills necessary to survive life as a resident and eventually as an independent doctor. Despite the frustration this patient provided, she did allow me some excellent learning in this area. In the end, I have to appreciate her for that.